Reviews for Ira matris
Warfang chapter 1 . 3/21/2016
I am laughing so hard. I just finished disc five of Terra e, so I went looking for some Matsuka/Keith to take my mind off of how Matsuka would willingly serve Keith while being called a monster, and that Keith either dismisses him or undervalues him as a monster. This fic went a long way to soothing that hurt. .

I truly enjoy that Matsuka was absolutely clueless, and I wonder if they ever did hold hands where someone might see. Perhaps they misinterpreted Matsuka being 'handsy' with their Colonel and figured that they must hold hands as well. But poor Matsuka. His mind is only on preventing trouble for Keith.

I'm kinda surprised that Keith went along with seducing a Mu, but I suppose he would do anything to please Mother. But having Matsuka make up a plan to consummate before Saturday, perhaps that's his way of gaining consent? At least, if Matsuka shows up with a plan, that is him agreeing to being courted.

Oh, heavens, how long will they continue as boyfriends? Perhaps until Mother suggests they wed. Or starts hinting that it is statistically time to do so.

But I'm so happy to hear that Matsuka is under the voluntary protection of the Prevention Squad.

All in all, everything about this was hilarious and in character. Now I can't wait to finish the series! .
ri-chan chapter 1 . 12/21/2014
Sweet matsuka
Simoun Sibylla chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
Oh. Oh wow. Imagining Keith saying all those things...well, I think you captured his tone very well!

And this line is a perfect description of their relationship, I'd say: "Intimate. Romantic. Erotic. Sadomasochistic. Civil. Symbiotic. Parasitic." Haha.

Thanks for sharing this.