Reviews for Ordinary People
intjsherlocked chapter 12 . 2/28
This honestly deserves so many more favorites. You've captured Sam and Dean's personalities so well but in a younger version, and I admire your writing so much! It's not often that I read an outsider POV but this is incredible!
NoilyPrat chapter 13 . 2/14
I'm not used to a guy writing from a girl's angle. Thank you, BTW, that you said Jesse's female at the start, because it would bug me no end until I figured it out.
I really like the way you laid out what looked to be a jerk, bad boy Dean from Sam's friends perspective, and then turned the idea on it's head when Sam really became hurt and needed his brother. Love the idea how special their relationship is, and how they just didn't want to blab out their personal feelings about their brother. Also loved how Jesse became special in their dynamic - and how she saw Sam as a scary fighter, standing toe to toe when he was fighting wounded. How terrifying Dean was when he came to Sam's rescue. The matter of fact way he explained to Jesse what the issues were - she needed to know, and the sooner she could deal with them the better off everyone was. Yeah, could see the lady try to "help" Sam by keeping Dean away from him, not realizing that the only person Sam needed was Dean. WOW, Dean was terrifying once more in dealing with her pronouncement - how his world just fell apart. How easy Sam dealt with the horrible news of taking him away from Dean - but he'd make sure he would get Dean back.
All those little eye glances, the flicker in Sam's eyes, over things. Made the story that much more impressive to to me. Especially with the "Wesson" last name! (I kept waiting for the ghost to mention "Winchester" and give them up!)
Speaking of ghost - GREAT writing as well there, Alex. The action just flowed, and at first I wasn't quite up to figuring out what was going on, but you spelled things out. the fights, the ghost confrontation. Wondering why Sam fainted though?
Thank you for the epilogue! Great interaction with the boys, and with John.
Ummm.Okay I got nuthin chapter 13 . 1/21/2017
Alright so can I just say that I have read this story so many times that I've lost count. Out of all of your completed fics, this has got to be my favourite one. They are all extremely and equally amazing, even the ones that aren't completed, but there's just something about this one that constantly keeps drawing me to it. I love Jess's slow transition from hating Dean to caring for his as she slowly discovers his bond with Sam, and also her protectiveness for Sam.
Hecate chapter 13 . 1/17/2015
If there has to be an OC character in a story, this is how it should be written. Everything about Jesse was believable. What makes an OC the bane of fan fiction readers is how obnoxiously 'right' and perfect they are in all of their interactions. Jesse made mistakes giving far too much information about Sam and Dean but they were honest mistakes. Mistakes most of us 'normals' would have made being questioned by people in positions of authority.

This was also a different depiction of Sam. It's obvious that he is trying desperately to define himself as his own person. It is so easy to relegate Sam to being Dean's little brother who needs to be protected at all times. Under the circumstances it is entirely reasonable that Sam would be somewhat shy and introverted yet wanting to fit in with his peer group. Sam was also brave and compassionate in his bid to protect someone he considered weaker than him. Of course, being a hunter is supposedly all about protecting people and Sam has certainly internalized that positive aspect of their profession.

Dean is like a force of nature and I imagine his character must be a lot easier to define than Sam's. We all know Dean. He's strong, brave, capable, fiercely protective, quick to anger yet tender and loving. Sam is actually all of those things as well but you get a sense of a deeper element to him, something not easy to define.
Fi Suki Saki chapter 13 . 1/8/2015
This is really Great ! *smiled of joy*
Definitely what I need !

First false judgement, then found out about the Brotherly Love, and then what OC would do/think in that situation. Three plot. Great !

Awesome !
Kathryn Merlin chapter 13 . 1/24/2014
I love outside perspective stories, but there aren't very many and most aren't this well written! I'm looking forward to going through the rest of your stories :)
twinklingeyes07 chapter 13 . 11/13/2013
wow..amazing :) really loved it..
you have written it totally in-character, its perfect!
really, really loved the characterization, awesome job :)
Keiou chapter 13 . 10/4/2013
I LOVE your fanfictions!
Especially this one. In fact this is the second time I’ve read it, because the last time I didn’t wrote a review and I felt bad about it. AND because the story is awesome enough to read it twice. (I’m sure someday there will be at least a third time, hehe.)
Jesse is such a nice girl. Most of the time I wondered how old everyone is, ‘cause I don’t know much about the American school system and how old you are when you’re going to highschool or what a senior is. But in the end you mentioned that Dean is 18 and so it became clear. But I already figured that Sam and his friends must be around the age of 14 or 15.
So for her age Jesse is a pretty smart and reflected kid. And still absolute authentic with her teasing and diffidence from time to time (in unusually situations f.e.). I like her a lot. :)
This is maybe the best Outsider POV I’ve ever read. Or maybe it’s hitting my taste just right. Through Jesse’s eyes everything looks more intense ‘cause for her there are other standards of the extreme. In stories told from Sam or Dean’s POV bleeding for example isn’t always a reason to freak out. Especially while fighting. But in real life such a thing as punching someone or getting hurt is not ordinary and I would freak out for sure. But in FFs within a fandom where it’s normal to carry weapons and stuff (not to mention the gosts and demons and DYING) there has to come more to create a freak-out situation. With an 14 years old girl as the story teller such “normally” situations like getting thrown around by a ghost are all of a sudden menacing and stunning. (Like it would be normal...)
And Jesse really pointed out how freaky all of that really is. While watching the show I’m already used to that. But reading about it in your story I really felt scared and thought about how I would react. You created such an great atmosphere there with the “almost sleepover party” and then everything going out of hand. It was great!

Jesse’s descriptions or notes while watching Sam or Dean (or Sam and Dean) were the best. Like pointing out that Sam making some awesome fighting moves was the coolest thing she has ever seen. Or how she reacted sometimes. Thinking about how everything was like in a horror movie and that she couldn’t believe all of that was really happening. Or that maybe she would see someone get murdered the next moments. I guess these would be the things I would think, too. Questioning it all and not really believing that it’s real, but accepting it and dealing with it 'cause you have to do it.
(I can’t describe it any better…)

Every part- or every chapter- of the story was fun! There was no time I didn’t enjoy reading. The moments where Sam was with his friends, listening to Jesses thoughts about how she thought Dean was an asshole and later feeling bad about it, getting amazed about Sam and Dean's relationship, reading about Dean and Jesse talk, watching Dean taking care of Sam and so on and so on…
There are so many different aspects in the story!
I liked how everything in the end was going to get puzzled together and that Jesse had a important role in the end. She wasn’t just a medium to watch the brothers from another angle but head important parts and in the end she was…hm…what’s more important than important? I can’t continue to repeat myself! xD Well! She was VERY important! With the CPS and calling Dean and so on.

By the way…this whole CPS stuff. In the meantime that is really a thing I’ve learned so much about during reading SNP FFs, haha. (As well as concussions, hypothermia or pneumonia. lol)
And Sam and Dean’s relationship? It’s as adorable and lovely as ever. Watching it from Jesse’s POV was an amazing new experience. Like I said…she pointed out so many things that are special and usually are not getting mentioned (anymore).
Sam and Dean are just perfect. Hah, I’m happy… :)

Well, I feel like my sentences are getting creepier the more I write, lol. So I’ll stop right here before it’s getting scary.
Ah, but I have to mention that I would really love to see Jesse meeting the current Sam and Dean again. I like the idea.

Okay, that’s it! Thank you for this lovely story! Now I’m feeling not as bad anymore for not reviewing right after reading it the first time. I’m so sorry about that :(

Have a nice weekend! Greetz, Teiou
Guest chapter 13 . 7/25/2013
Jesse is typically a guys name, where as Jessie is a girls. Might wanna clear that up a bit before the last chapter, throws off the entire story finding out one of the main guys was a girl the whole time... Just saying...
lillelouis chapter 13 . 5/12/2013
I get the stuff about the OC's and I'm ashamed to say I fall into that slightly biased category. I really liked Jesse and then I figured out (woke up?) she was a girl and I had to kinda take stock and ask myself if that changed how she felt to me. Werd, but sadly enough true.
Well done with this. Sudden ending, but we don't really need more than this, so yeah...well done.
lillelouis chapter 10 . 5/12/2013
Holy shit!

I've either been engrossed in the story, too deep to notice, or I'm just really dense: BUT JESSE IS A GIRL!
madinalakesavedmylife chapter 2 . 5/6/2013
The irony? I'm eating Pringles for lunch right now. Too lazy to get myself proper food, plus I cannot stop reading this. I'll leave a proper review at the end, but I honestly cannot stop reading this right now it's so good! XD
birdella chapter 13 . 4/10/2013
This story was all in all great, but the one thing that stood out were the characters. They were wonderfully written; Sam and Dean were spot on. But more than that, your OCs were believable. They had their little quirks and flaws, and it made it easy to enjoy. Let me tell you, its tough to create an entire character without making them Mary Sue-esque. But you did it, and that, added to the good writing, added to the plotline, equals a wonderful story indeed. Great job.
criminalxxxmindsxxxfreak chapter 13 . 8/18/2012
Okay, I need to take moment to collect myself...


Alright. Now.

This story was just... amazing. I have to say, normally, as a general rule I do NOT read stories in first person and I also don't read very many stories with OCs in them. I've only broken this rule a couple of times for fanfiction. But this story was fantastic. I absolutely adored this.

The whole "outsider POV" has always fascinated me - it's actually where I come up with a lot of ideas for my own stories, I think, how would THIS look to someone who didn't know the characters? (Though, I personally have never written an outsider POV fic) and the whole concept with Supernatural is just really wonderful to consider.

I LOVE Jesse's character, or at least, her thoughts and the way she put things together wrong at first and that was a very nice touch because, of course, from the outside looking in things aren't going to look the same as they really are.

You also managed (amazingly) to get everyone very in-character and I loved the way you wrote Dean and his reputation as a "bad boy" and how Jesse came to realize how very wrong a lot of the rumors were and how amazing Dean is wth Sam and I also loved how you wrote Sam - very much how I think of him in high school. Quiet and guarded, but generally sweet unless someone's bullying someone else and I absolutely loved that.

The fight scene at the end was spectacular. I really enjoyed it and thought it played very realistically and I couldn't help but feel a bit of a vidictive sense "Ha! Finally!" when Dean layed into the bastard. Serves him right. Then I got all worried because Sam was hurt and then they were in the hospital and ... Gah. The emotions.

I also really loved the "Would you rather...?" scene that came before the fight. It just really sticks out in my mind for some reason. The way Sam answered the question just seemed so.. SAM and it was absolutely perfect.

And the last chapter wrapped everything up so nicely, I really loved how you wrote John - I mean, he wasn't really featured a lot, but you managed to really capture who he was in that short little bit. Worried, angry, upset, but still trying his best and doing what he thinks is best.

I also really loved the ending scene about the family therapist :) Dean just made me grin and that was so Sam & Dean. You really did a great job capturing their relationship and the way they are with each other. Just fantastic work, really.

So, in short, this story is wonderful and brilliant and I loved it! Just spectacularly written and so captivating that I sat here and read it all in one sitting. I didn't want to stop, honestly, and I also didn't really want it to end, but of course it had to.

Anyway, loved it, it was amazing! D Brilliant job!

aka, Rachael
The Dancing Bard chapter 13 . 5/10/2012
Thank you so much for this. I love Outsider POV stories and this was exceptionally well done. I especially liked to slow reveal of info about their family and relationships. The thing with the ghost midway really caught me by surprise. Usually the supernatural element is the big climatic reveal moment. This was much more about the characters and their mysteriousness than the creature of the week. Kudos and cookies
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