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Fruitcake123 chapter 54 . 7/16
This chapter broke me. The end of times. Alexstaz the lifebinder queen of the dragons alone. On a dead world about to be swallowed up. Thinking about being alone in a situation like this for millions of years after Wrathion suicided. My god thinking about it just screws me up so badly. Well played, I was hoping for a happy ending like Alagon taking Alex with him and my hopes went so drasticly high when we came in... But then he vanished and Alex was alone. My god did that break me. Like the damn in Cata I just fell apart. The feels still with me when I think about the end of the planet alone and thinking of the past. Damn. Well played... Wellllllllll played.
Ihsan997 chapter 54 . 4/2
Thank you...thank you, thank you. You probably know why...I've written enough rambling reviews.

A lot of this makes sense now...why the legion and old gods had to die, so the world would be safe to meet its natural end. Once again, your sciencism shows - I can't remember where, but I once read an explanation of what would happen to earth, for example, a few billion years from now.

This was needed; this was necessary. The whole story. I like this one more than CdW, even though that was also good. The creativity here is top notch; couldn't have been done better and the way you planned the whole thing out before writing definitely paid off.

I wish you and your family all the best. For what it's worth, I'll stick around no matter what fandom you write in; I'll give anything a shot now. You rock.
Ihsan997 chapter 53 . 4/2
She came full circle. :(

She truly is one of the more ethically balanced heroines I've read. She could have lied, like Selra suggested, but she was ready. Samuel, Anna, Jason...she'll hopefully see them now.

That final battle across time was very sci fi, and that end scene really was heavenly. Professional level writing, and now I'm too sad to write more.
Ihsan997 chapter 52 . 4/2
I'm so ferklempt, I'm having a hard time writing a meaningful review when I know what's coming. Unless there's no epilogue to the story, the...incident occurs next. And technically, Amanthe already said goodbye to Selra before entering the caverns of time. This isn't the Selriona of her time. She should have closure. She wanted to see what the next life is like.

But this almost feels like a dead zone. The main conflict is over, and the world is safe. Selra seems to have accepted not flying, there are no old gods or legion, the scourge are contained...really, you set up the world in the best possible way for her. Amanthe knows the world will be a safe place, but she was the last of her bloodline and if she was that attached to Jason, she might not desire startinf over. She's ready.

I feel like I want to cry :(
Ihsan997 chapter 51 . 4/1
Oh my, I remember this so vividly! It's all happening again - Mariel, Droga's arm...but I get the feeling that you rewrote this. I'm on mobile so it's difficult to open both stories and compare, but the words seem different.

But when Elle's past self came at the end I was like oh, poor Amanthe...she's so brave, to willingly accepr the end. Was it bravery, or fatigue from living?
Ihsan997 chapter 50 . 4/1

I understand Amanthe's sentiment. You might have mentioned that before - humans and dragons are fundamentally different. We're not hard wired for immortality. Poor Amanthe is world weary.

Samuel died after they lost touch. Anna, the last of her bloodline, was brainwashed and then died. She had a daughter whom she had to watch die. Jason, who she might have been able to live with, died and left her as a war widow. Aside from Selra and Verthelion, she has nobody at all; her life is a series of loves ones passing away.

And that damn box is still there.

Why did she solve it? Was it really from 300 years of trying, or because the old god died and caused it to become easier or something? Either, things are wrapped up. Every evil faction is gone, the world has a chance for peace if the global temperature could be raised. Everything is fine. Maybe that's part of why Amanthe found it easy to go?
Ihsan997 chapter 49 . 3/31
I'm going to try and be a grown up and not read on until tomorrow...I've already finished another section, it seems.

This is the best possible way to end that arc. By having Amanthe wake up so much later, we actually see the drastic changes a person involved wouldn't have noticed. Selra's weight it a strong indicator, as is the shamanic efforts. I guess they're ahead of Earth in that ability, but magic can't cure famine, thirst or environmental havoc, I guess. But...

...wait...Amanthe is alive. There are five chapters left...I have a feeling this last part is going to hurt.

Seriously, what is up with that goat?
Ihsan997 chapter 48 . 3/31
I don't know how, but I finished this chapter faster than most others its size without skimming. Or, maybe it did take that long and I just couldn't put it down. Either way, that was a wipe for the bad guys. The celestial battle was well done - this isn't the sort of thing that would simply be trading melee hits.

We're very close, though I don't find myself worried just yet - if anything, it seems like Amanthe is just knocked out here. But the world...they can't even see the sun from all the sulfur? Sargeras couldn't accept defeat like a dignified man should, but I'm actually less worried about the ending here and more worried about the climate change. The world could rebuild from the damage to their population and major cities, but as JD points out, of the 10 biggest threats to the real world, like 7 are related to climate change. How different is Azeroth?
Ihsan997 chapter 47 . 3/31
We watched Ian grow up from a whelp into hell of a way to go, but seriously, I get what you mean now when you say that you planned all this out. This even tops Saltio's return. And hats off to Selra, because she did that without flight.

The Scourge...I like it! Demons vs. undead, we had a brief discussion about this. It makes sense that every power on the planet would join forces; they can return to their petty squabbles later. That was one hell of a save. But man, Selra must feel it all so heavy on her shoulders...she knows that it's time.
Ihsan997 chapter 46 . 3/31
The calm before the storm...they'll all need this time to rest up, I bet.

Selra is in such pain; this is even worse than her legs. How will she *not* say anything when the time comes? Are the bronze watching her closely at all times? Amanthe is ready, but it's different when you're just saying that, right?
Ihsan997 chapter 45 . 3/31
Last review of the say...your inbox will be safe for a time!

I'm struck by both consistency and cuteness here.

Consistency because Saltio wasn't just a passing villain; seriously, this was awesome in a way. Additionally, you don't forget that as a human, Amanthe's nature is fundamentally different from Selriona's. To Selra, 300 years is a short amount of time; but Amanthe is world weary. The human mind isn't designed for existing that long. It would make sense, for example, that Selra, or Elle or even the Lifebinder don't bat an eyelash at a millennium but Amanthe is like "meh...I'm ready."

Cuteness because even after Saltio was so awful after being corrupted, Amanthe didn't seem to hate her; she pitied her. She couldn't show mercy of course, but it was nice to see her at least try to have a cordial goodbye, even if Saltio didn't respond in kind.

And that seems to slick. Occam's razor usually tends to fail when magic is involved. But I guess that I'll have to wait until tomorrow!
Ihsan997 chapter 44 . 3/31
Hmm...this is looking so even that it's scary. I'm assuming that Naela is helping to predict where the Legion will strike? Or is Alganon wait, he hasn't been there that long. But he's there, the Watchers are there, the Aspects are there, the whole world is heading there. The demons already killed on Hyjal were permakilled by crystals...right?

But at Ulduar...Amanthe noticed some of them not disintegrating. Why? That's odd...and the Old God is getting to Verthelion. Kiljaeden

Wait a minute, I might be giving spoilers to anybody who reads this. Anyway, very tense and engaging! Seriously, much of section 5 seems to be the final assault and I can't stop reading!
Ihsan997 chapter 43 . 3/30
This is another testament to good action writing; this wasn't even the full battle, and you pulled a full length, well written chapter out of it that wasn't simply a series of actions. This isn't just entertainment; the story is like a writing lesson.

Over a decade ago when I was in college (look at me dating myself), I once asked my astronomy teacher if one way of ending the universe would be black holes...if every star will sink into one, then won't they one day blanket the whole universe, preventing new planets from forming from gas and minerals? It's one potential scenario, isn't it?

Ironically I finished writing a short 5 chap story last night that involves galactic planet birth before I read this chapter...really only the last scene with Algalon here is close but it might have spawned more creative thinking. The part where his mere presence appears to give Amanthe ideas of how Azeroth will realistically end - burned naturally as its star burns out, like all planets eventually - was more awe inspiring than Silver Surfer kind of stuff. Not to detract from the battle, either, but that final scene was ironic for me. Or I read it at an ironic time, to be exact.
Ihsan997 chapter 42 . 3/30
Once again, the depth of the Warcraft universe comes into the spotlight. Blizzard is full of contradictions, but one thing they do handle masterfully is touching on so many genres. The Watchers are so techno and it made me grin despite the seriousness of the situation at hand. I honestly get a bad feeling if the Observer *does* arrive...wouldn't it be as likely to be an antagonist as a protagonist?

Naela is a treasure when her scaly behind isn't procrastinating. With all that time to sit and calculate, one would hope that her predictions about Kiljaeden's fall would be accurate. What worries me more, however, is not Sargeras because I feel that the Watchers can deny him any benefit from Ulduar. I'm personally worried about Ian at Hyjal.

Ok, last review for today. I'm sure that your inbox has been flooded enough.
Ihsan997 chapter 41 . 3/29
Awww Layalith...well, as I said before, if it's someone's time then it's best that they go out with a bang. She lived long and fast, she was a big part of the story, and she healed people in her final days. That little cutscene was like a movie, btw - very masterfully included.

Elven lifespans are frustrating. I might have mentioned that the most detailed discussion I've seen reached the conclusion that Blizzard's canon lore is so inconsistent that no official, single, agreed upon lifespan for either blood elves or post immortality night elves could be agreed upon. You've chosen 400 80human, it seems. Was that based on math?

And the Watchers...they might have hope for some headway yet! Naela is lazy, Selra is emo after seeing her mom, but the fight seems far from over. Can't stop reading!
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