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Kai19 chapter 13 . 2/15
Wow, The Potter's are just getting destroyed in the news! Pretty soon, Hadrian isn't even going to want the name Potter. It would actually be an insult to offer it to him! Not to mention, all of this being revealed will likely end up also costing all of them who are involved in the massive prank, and especially James Potter, in finding a spouse in the future. Who is going to want to marry a person like that! Also, glad to see that Sirius is finally coming around!
Kai19 chapter 12 . 2/14
Wow, James' acting was so terrible it was actually painful. A blind man could've seen through that. I wonder how many students are reporting home about Dumbledore's and the Potters' behavior. I can almost feel Dumbledore's group of supporters getting smaller and smaller... Also, forgot to mention, love the twist about his being colorblind! Muahaha...
Kai19 chapter 11 . 2/14
This is definitely new! Mostly in such stories, where the Weasley family is being torn apart, it's usually Molly that's seen as the guilty party. I really like that this went in the different direction! I also like the identity of the father of the five eldest brothers. And find the identity of the father of the youngest two hilarious. Peter really is a pervert, isn't he? At age 11, he was hoping to land himself in the bed of an eleven-year-old boy, and a 10 year old girl? Yeah, he's definitely messed up. Can't wait to see what happens to him eventually! Not that Ron or Ginny are really much better.
Kai19 chapter 10 . 2/14
Well, it seems that with every chapter, more and more people dislike Albus Dumbledore! That and, I wonder if now that Hadrian has gained 50% of everything, and the lawyer is now able to talk to him, if he'll be at the pass on the messages of blackmail, as well as the truth about Caleb Potter's death? One small thing though, when talking about the exceptions made for Gryffindor through the families it mentions, "Parvati Patil's family is primarily Ravenclaw, but the first time a Parvati is a Gryffindor", I think you meant "Patil" there. Just giving you a heads up!
Kai19 chapter 9 . 2/14
While it wasn't an action-filled chapter, we did learn a lot! We learned about Dame Grenadine, Sherlock, and especially about the cloak and the ring! It was really interesting! And now I know that Fletcher is Marvolo's elf. Sorry for being confused! I hope Hadrian figures out the secret behind the items!
Kai19 chapter 7 . 2/14
I love everyone's reaction in this chapter! I'm surprised Molly's dinner went from roast beef cheese and sausages. Did mr. Patil ever show? Is Padma going to be offered in her sister's place? And at least Lavender learned her lesson. I wonder if Albus's actions could end up in the newspaper? After all, he made it very obvious that he was sympathizing with the rapist. Moody might want to share that bit of information, or at least encourage a background check... Hmm...
Kai19 chapter 6 . 2/13
I loved the idea of Dame Grenadine, not to mention her paramour, Sherlock Holmes! Makes my wonder if there's a portrait of Mycroft out there somewhere, too. So, when Marvolo finds Hadrian, he seems to know that Hadrian knows about the consort thing. Hopefully no revenge against Neville for telling Hadrian what was Marvolo's right/responsibility/honor to tell him. And the bitten tongue scene was funny, kept that scene from being too serious/intense. Though the scene after was definitely interesting!
Kai19 chapter 5 . 2/13
Wow, Sirius really is a bit delusional, isn't he? Just the whole, "I can say what I want about them, do what I want to them, betray them, but damn it, my family should be trying to gain my favor and provide for me!" In actually surprised he's not already been replaced by Regulus as the heir. I'm guessing his butt hurting was McGonagall's doing? At first I just thought he'd gotten rimmed a little too harshly (as he'd expressed an obvious interest in that), but now I'm guessing it's revenge? And really, it's also partially Remus' fault, too, because Hadrian is right, he had the power to stop his friends, and didn't. I wonder if any of them have realized yet, that it's basically going to be impossible for them to find a job after school now. After all, that's going to be something that follows them for the rest of their lives. Who's going to want to hire a person who wrote something like that? Oh yeah, and Sirius just revealed that all of them are animagi. Isn't that a required Azkaban sentence? So, there's that too. And I really like Hadrian's way of working out the secret! And I definitely approved of the punishment for Rabastan! Oh, one small note! Parseltongue is the language, parselmouth is the person. You had Sirius wonder if Hadrian was a Parseltongue.
thehelpinghand chapter 18 . 2/13
I have read this story at least four times. Each time I ready it, I got a little bit further. The first time I couldn't make it past chapter two. But how well the first chapter had been written drew me back, time and time again. Before this latest attempted, I believe I had made it to chapter four. This is the first time I have made to the current last chapter, and I am so glade that your story stuck in my head as it did. It is unique to any other story I have read, is well written and amusing. I also like the way you have slipped, Sherlock, Merlin and various other shows in throughout your writing. i can't wait to see the fall out from the board meeting and Delohov's reveal.
Kai19 chapter 4 . 2/13
I really love Neville in this chapter! I'm still wondering what Minerva might have in store for Sirius though. Not to mention I'm curious, who is Fletcher? The first time I read this, I thought it might be Mundungus Fletcher, but that was from the Order under Albus, so I doubted it. I especially loved that both Molly and Charlie were able to make it up there to see Ron. Oh I wish I could have seen that session! Come to think of it, is he still alive after this chapter? And did the Slytherins ever throw a party? After all, she did go above and beyond.
Kai19 chapter 3 . 2/13
So that was a very good reason as to why Hadrian didn't want to be a Slytherin. And sad. Not pathetic sad, but just sad. Still just wanting live and acceptance. Well, now he gets both! And that room sounds super impressive... I'm actually a little jealous. I wonder if there will still be a party in the Slytherin common room?
Ket'Anna chapter 18 . 2/13
I really hope that you will update soon! I love this story. The whole idea of Hadrian and the way he acts and reacts to different occasions is simply splendid! In the bio it was said that the next chapter was ready and I for one can't wait until we will be able to read it!
Kai19 chapter 2 . 2/12
I love that Marvolo has an actual physical reaction just from Hadrian's cunning display. Maybe it's part of being a Slytherin, they always did value such things, hence why it's important to have it in their house. I wonder, did Parvati's father ever show up? Was she removed from school? Too bad Marvolo can't put a fidelius charm on his name, so only he can tell people his first name is Thomas, and everyone else either forgets or simply can't say or write it...
Kai19 chapter 1 . 2/12
This is my fifth time to read this story, and my first time to review it. To be fair, I did just start reading it a couple of days ago. I just haven't been able to stop. As soon as I finish I immediately go back to the beginning and start all over again. I felt I should at least review in thanks for this absolutely brilliant story. I love Hadrian's way of handling the attempt to prank him. To be honest, when the topic of James' story was revealed, I actually said, "oh, fuck," which was quickly followed by, "well, that explains why he had that exact same reaction!" I do wonder what his detention with Marvolo ended up being like?
paz chapter 18 . 2/10
Spectacular and perfectly brilliant
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