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ROSESWAG chapter 1 . 4/9/2015
amazing And do u write on an app called 'wattpad'?
jiminieeeexoxo chapter 1 . 4/28/2014
I definitely a, going to read this story! I love Katie/Logan!
Spitfire303 chapter 1 . 3/18/2014
it is aloud to be cheesy, (i love cheese) and i reckon something like this was needed in the show :-)
zanganito chapter 1 . 2/14/2014
I’m fandom blind, but I really like the interaction you have between the characters. The dialogue is good too, and I think it really drives the piece. I liked the exchange between Katie and her mom, with Katie trying to get out of doing her homework, and her mom seemed like a ‘typical mom’ with lines like: / "It won't get any easier by glaring at it sweetie." Mrs. Knight yelled from across the room./

I liked Katie and Logan’s interactions and the progression you had from her being disorganized and trying to study everything at once, to really understanding the material. I thought it was neat that he made learning fun for her, and inserted a game into the history, which really helped her to both have fun and remember and understand the material.

Overall, this was a nice, fun read. :)
Faulty L0gic chapter 1 . 2/14/2014
Alright, it was very cute.

Nice level of detail throughout.

The specifics of how Logan helped her did make me smile.

Wait, why is she studying the French Revolution and basic multiplication simultaneously?

I also question 100%, if she was having trouble as stated.

The ending was quite sweet.
MissScorp chapter 1 . 2/13/2014
Okay, just a warning but I am seriously fandom blind so if I don’t get something, please forgive me for my ignorance! The first thing that I pick up is that this is a story from the POV of a character who is in middle school/high school and obviously not in love with algebra. At first glance, your hook sentence (which is the most important line of any and all stories in my mind) doesn’t seem to be a very strong one, but when you get into the rest of the story you start to see how the opening line works to draw you into the point of the conflict. It’s simple but becomes effective: ((“Uuuuuugh I don’t get this!”))*

Katie’s mother, Mrs. Knight has a great ‘Mom-voice’, especially here in this line: ((“I’m not going to let you off of homework duty so you can go illegally scam a bunch of poor residents by selling them bootlagged t-shirts!”)). Just a quick FYI, I do think you mean (bootlegged) here, not (bootlagged). But the line squeaks of Mommy mode and is great to add some humor into the piece. It takes away from the frustration of the teen in the piece. Mrs. Knight is a real sassy character it would seem, a firm but fair mom who is not afraid to tease her daughter, or put her foot down. Again you inject some humor to bust up the tension and frustration over homework when she says to her daughter later in the piece, ((“Doest thou wishith a cookie madam?”)).

Poor Katie. I have test anxiety so I really sympathized with her here in this line: ((Anxiety caught in her throat and her breathing quickened. Frustrated tears began to blur her vision.)). I know how powerful these attacks can be. I’ve literally burst into tears before a big exam so I can imagine what panic this character must be feeling, the dread and sinking feeling of being about to fail.

Just a couple of pointers:

This line here: ((“Uuuuuugh I don’t get this!” she cried…)), you can just go with something like (“Ugh! I don’t get this!” She cried before slamming her pencil down.) to ramp up the line just a bit more. This is only a suggestion, but the she should definitely be capitalized.

This line here: ((….”uses algebra in the real world!” she complained)) the she should be capitalized.

Here, ((…”won’t get any easier by glaring at it sweetie.”)) you should have a comma after (sweetie).

In all this was a nice family piece. Again, because I am fandom blind I cannot comment upon characterization or canon material, but I don’t think that that is all that important. Good job!
starlight.moon.princess chapter 1 . 12/26/2013
Warning: I'm fandom-blind here, so I won't be able to comment very well on canon chracterisations, etc.

I really liked the concept of your story. I think you've portrayed Katie - who I found from the wiki is 9 - very well, and she seems like she's young, which is a good thing.
I think we've all experienced a complete aversion to studying, homework and things of that sort at least once in our lives, and I think you've written her reluctance to work very well here - I could definitely relate to it, even though I'm more than a decade older than her.

The inter-character dialogue was well done, and the back and forth between them was very realistic and definitely easy to imagine. I really liked the interaction between Katie Logan, and the bit with her and Kendall at the end - they were lovely!

However, I did notice several SPaG errors. There was a lot of confusion with you dialogue tags. For further reference ["Unless Logan's doing your homework." Kendall joked] should be ["Unless Logan's doing your homework," Kendall joked] and so on.
[Doest thou wishith a cookie maDam?] should be [Doest thou wish a cookie, madam?]
[Mrs Knight plied and Logan grabbed a cookie] I'm pretty sure you were trying to [piled] instead of [plied] here. Also, you forgot to add what she piled and where - I believe the cookies were already piled onto the plate, so I don't think she'd need to do it again...
[2 times 8] It's always better to write out the numbers, unless in a case of a telephone number or the like. So [two times eight]

One major discrepancy I noticed was in the level of studies - unless I'm just showing my complete cluelessness about American schooling, I believe the bit about Napoleon seems to be a bit too advanced for someone who would effectively be in third grade, while the math is more at her level. Of course, this could just be something about canon that I'm not picking up, so if that's the case, feel free to ignore me.

Anyway, save for the SPaG errors, this was a nice little story - well done! :)
StrawberryDuckFeathers chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
. Reviews Lounge, Too: Review from an Archive Staffer. .Fandom-blind!.

I think the humour in the beginning was a nice touch, with the 'No-one even uses algebra in the real world.' XD I think there's a sense of relatability as well- since a lot of FF members know exactly how annoying it cam be where there's that one impossible/boring bit of homework looming over you, especially when you feel like you're not learning anything from it! I also like how relatable the 'annoying sweet mom' voice is. Very true! I like that the mum is supportive of her daughter as it creates a really nice relationship between them. I also like that the character seem to be all out having fun, like most teenagers do. I like how it shows that the characters appear to be the social, outgoing sort as well, so there's some good characterisation there. I love Logan's lie about starting to begin his homework-something else to relate to. Some H/W excuses are hilarious. : P

I think it's quite cool how it seemed she just needed some company to make the whole task seem less tedious. I personally find that having friends around when you're doing your homework makes it less irritating so I can relate to that. I also like that you chose to make this story about Katie and Logan's friendship, as platonic friendships are rare in fanfic. I personally prefer reading them as they often seem more powerful than romance in my opinion. :) I think that the test part is my favourite section of the story, because the tense atmosphere and the way you describe all the students' anxiousness is very realistic and, once again, very much relatable. I also like how , since it was Logan that made her have fun doing her homework, that she tries to remember his comforting personality and voice during the test. I also like how it's his re-enactment of a scene that makes her remember it as well. The ending was a pretty cool touch as well, the way that Logan's help finally helped her through. The power of friendship is a lovely thing, as is the power of humour to help you remember stuff in exams, haha! Nice one! ;)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here's my critique/suggestions for you, and feel free to ask me to expand on/clarify anything here. :)

. I feel that the sections where Katie and Logan were having fun with their homework were very fluffy and fun, but I personally felt that it was rather like filler material after a while, and there didn't feel like there was much development in those feelings until the examination. I suggest either removing one section of it. :)

. I personally found this story to be rather dialogue heavy and, whilst it isn't always an issue, I found that it felt more like reading a script than a story, in my opinion. The story does not appear to have as much of that inclusive feel that you get in a book, the kind of feel that you're in the story's world or that you're absorbed in the plot. I think that more narrative would flesh the story out very nicely. For example, the examination section (Katie sat anxiously in the quiet classroom with a paper in front of her. The test. Everyone in the class looked anxious and nervous, all hunched over their papers and bouncing their legs up and down... {continued}) was something that made me feel like I was part of the story, because of the description and the atmosphere created. :)

. I personally think that the way that you use dialogue tags on virtually all of the sentences seems to bring down the dialogue a little bit, since it makes it sound quite 'robotic', in a sense, and there's less of a sense of flow in the conversation. I know this is what most schools teach, but it is more effective to switch it up a bit. If there's a line of dialogue that doesn't need any extra description, you can get away with dropping the dialogue tag. Or if a line is said in a quick way, it helps to take off the dialogue tag. For example, the Example 2 here is a lot more effective in showing quickness of speech:
Example 1. ( "But you said-" he said before being cut off.
" Enough! " he replied quickly. )
Example 2: ( "But you said-"

Here is a guide on dialogue. :)

[“This is my dog.”]
If this followed with a dialogue tag, then you’d replace the full stop/period at the end of it with a comma. You don’t need to capitalise the first word of a dialogue tag, unless it starts with a name, or anything else that would normally need capitalising, too. Examples: [“This is my dog,” I said.] [“This is my dog,” he said.] [“This is my dog,” Jim said.] A dialogue tag is something that describes how something is said, such as: said, asked, snapped, shouted, bellowed, yelled, screamed and whispered.
[“This is right.” He said. ] Not this one…
[“This is right,” He said.] Nor this one…
[“This is right.” he said.] Nope…
[“This is right,” he said.] This one is correct. : )

Some words that are better not used as dialogue tags are: Sighed, laughed, giggled, and chuckled. Instead of using these as dialogue tags, try using them in the following ways:
[“That’s silly,” said Chelsea, with a chuckle.] [ “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” Charlie said in between giggles.] Or there’s this way: [ “That’s silly.” Tilly chuckled.] This way is further explained below.

[“This is my dog,” Jim smiled.]
But, one cannot smile words, so this would be incorrect. Dialogue grammar changes for non-dialogue tags. You leave the full stop/period as a full stop/ period when the next part is not a dialogue tag. If it doesn’t describe how something is said, then chances are that it isn’t a dialogue tag. In this case, you capitalise the ‘non-dialogue tag’ somewhat like it were the start of a new sentence. Examples: [“That’s nice.” Jim smiled. ] [“That’s a good idea.” Andy took off his coat.] [“That’s splendid.” He swished his long hair.] -The following examples are incorrect:
[“That’s nice,” he smiled.]
[That’s nice.” he smiled.]
[ “That’s nice,” He smiled.]
The correct form would be: [“That’s nice.” He smiled.]

[“Are you crazy?”] [“That’s amazing!”]
When you use ? or !, you don’t need any extra commas/ full stops/periods. Just remember- is it a dialogue tag after? Don’t capitalise it (unless it starts with a name or something else that needs capitalising.) Is it not? Then, do capitalise it. Examples: [“Are you crazy?” he asked.] [“Are you crazy?” He leapt back.] [“That’s neat!” she exclaimed.] [“That’s neat!” She clapped.]

When there are two different parts of dialogue that are interrupted, this is how you would punctuate it. When:
. The two sections of dialogue are the same sentence: [ “Your dog smells,” said Rosie, “especially after a walk in the rain!”] -The full sentence in the dialogue would be: “Your dog smells, especially after a walk in the rain!”
. The two sections of dialogue are separate sentences: [“You’re joking,” he said. “That’d never happen.”] The two sentences here are: “You’re joking.” “That’d never happen.”
. The two sections of dialogue are the same sentence, interrupted by a non-dialogue tag: [ “I don’t know”- he sighed- “but I’ll see what I can do.”]
The interrupted sentence would be: “I know, but I’ll see what I can do.”

A line of dialogue on its own: You need the full stop/question mark/ exclamation mark etc. at the end of it, inside the last speech mark. [ “Nice.”] [ “Awesome!”] [ “What?”] [ “I see…]
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Nice job! Keep up the good work. ;D
agytrdfhf chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
Okay, I reaaaalllyyyyy love the story, but maybe you should try making the question more complicated, I hate that you're making katie look so darn stupid, she doesn't know 2 times 8? seriously?
ChalkOutline22 chapter 1 . 7/24/2013
This is really good!
darkaccalia520 chapter 1 . 7/13/2013
Okay, completely fandom blind here, but this was a really sweet story. I really love Katie; she seems like a sweet, funny kid. It's too bad she's got homework troubles, but I'm glad Logan was there to help her. I really loved how he made her feel at ease and set her in the proper direction, tackling one subject at a time. And I loved how he helped her with her math and how he helped her relax. That was super smart.

I also loved how, during the test, Katie remembered how Logan had calmed her down and how that helped her to take the test. I'm so glad she got 100 percent on her test, and I'm glad she got a cake for a reward. I also love how, although some of the guys are friends (not sure who the friends are and who the family are exactly) that Katie considers them all family. Really adorable story. Well done. :)


"Not going so well huh?"-"Not going so well, huh?"

Just keep trying Katie, I'm sure you'll get it.-Just keep trying, Katie, I'm sure you'll get it.

"It won't get any easier by glaring at it sweetie." Mrs. Knight yelled from across the room.-"It won't get any easier by glaring at it, sweetie," Mrs. Knight yelled from across the room.

so much better things right now mom!-so much better things right now, Mom!

the French Revolution." She mumbled- the French Revolution," she mumbled

ape in the apartment. " He joked to Mrs. Knight.-ape in the apartment," he joked to Mrs. Knight.

"Yeah that'll do it."-"Yeah, that'll do it."

"So how's yours going?" She asked-"So how's yours going?" she asked

to start it I swear!-to start it, I swear!

"Well what have you been doing this whole time then?" She asked slightly annoyed, as she raised an eyebrow.-"Well, what have you been doing this whole time then?" she asked, slightly annoyed as she raised an eyebrow.

he's dead!" She yelled to no one in paticular-he's dead!" she yelled to no one in particular

She has a test tomorrow." She explained to Logan.-She has a test tomorrow," she explained to Logan.

"What's the test on?" He inquired,-"What's the test on?" he inquired,

"A little of everything." She said somewhat incredulously.-"A little of everything," she said, somewhat incredulously.

tellin' me." Mrs. Knight replied,- tellin' me," Mrs. Knight replied,

getting any of it." She finished with -getting any of it," she finished with

"Why don't I go talk to her?" He said.-"Why don't I go talk to her?" he said.

calm her down a bit," she suggested,

"I'll try my best." He said- "I'll try my best," he said

"Hey kiddo." he said calmly.- "Hey, kiddo," he said calmly.

here and there." She explained.-here and there," she explained.

"Hmm." He hummed.-You don't really need the 'he hummed' part since it's clear he's humming.

do anything else?" He suggested.-do anything else?" he suggested.

"Ummm," She thought,-"Ummm," she thought,

"Alrighty then." Logan said with a smile.-"Alrighty, then," Logan said with a smile.

down for her she whizzed- down for her, she whizzed

"Huh." Katie said.-"Huh," Katie said.

than Carlos!" She realized with glee.-than Carlos!" she realized with glee.

than him." Katie said defensively.-than he is," Katie said defensively.

"Not anymore!" He said.- "Not anymore!" he said.

"I'm queen of the world!" She exclaimed,-"I'm queen of the world!" she exclaimed,

for as long as I rule!" She declared in an authoritative voice.-for as long as I rule!" she declared in an authoritative voice.

"As you wish." Logan said and bowed lightly.-"As you wish," Logan said and bowed lightly.

one." Katie said, looking down to Logan. "I delcare.-one," Katie said, looking down to Logan. "I declare.

homework!" She screamed. - homework!" she screamed.

"Doest thou wishith a cookie maDam?" She asked.-"Doest thou wishith a cookie, madam?" she asked.

"As you wish." He said simply.-"As you wish," he said simply.

"Yes, thank you my good woman." Katie said as she took a bite of cookie.-"Yes, thank you, my good woman," Katie said as she took a bite of cookie.

Another hour came and gone, -Another hour came and went

"Yep." Logan said. "But it's a lot easier to say CO2 isn't it?" He said with a smile.-"Yep," Logan said. "But it's a lot easier to say CO2 isn't it?" he said with a smile.

"Okay, I guess that makes sense." She said. "But I still think it's silly." She said bitterly.-"Okay, I guess that makes sense," she said. "But I still think it's silly," she said bitterly.

"I'm not a scientist." Logan joked with a cheeky grin.-"I'm not a scientist," Logan joked with a cheeky grin.

"Ha ha very funny. So funny I forgot to laugh." She said sarcastically.-"Ha ha, very funny. So funny I forgot to laugh," she said sarcastically.

"Oh here, let me help you." He said then reached over-"Oh here, let me help you," he said, then reached over

"Do you remember now?" He asked.- "Do you remember now?" he asked.

Two more hours.-I think you're missing the second part of this sentence.

times 8." Logan said.- times 8," Logan said.

"Um. . ." She hummed in uncertainty.-"Um. . ." she hummed in uncertainty.

"Okay Katie." Logan said softy,-"Okay, Katie," Logan said softy,

"Calm." He soothed slowly. -"Calm," he soothed slowly.

"Hold." He said.-"Hold," he said.

through the mouth." Logan instructed-through the mouth," Logan instructed

"Thanks." Katie said.-"Thanks," Katie said.

"Anytime kiddo. Now, think you're ready for another try?" He asked softly.-"Anytime, kiddo. Now, think you're ready for another try?" he asked softly.

"Oh 16!" She exclaimed.- "Oh, 16!" she exclaimed.

"Yes!" He said.-"Yes!" he said.

"Haha take that math!" She yelled at her paper.-"Haha, take that math!" she yelled at her paper.

another blow!" He announced. -another blow!" he announced.

down for the count!" He said-down for the count!" he said

"She's not breathing!" He said -"She's not breathing!" he said

"Breathe woman!" He yelled-"Breathe, woman!" he yelled

"Breathe!" He screamed-"Breathe!" he screamed

"Come on breathe!" He said-"Come on, breathe!" he said

"Clear!" He yelled- "Clear!" he yelled

I'll save you!" He screamed- I'll save you!" he screamed

I'm alive!" She screamed-I'm alive!" she screamed

furiously whiped at her-furiously wiped at her

"Eeew!" She laughed.-"Eeew!" she laughed.

"She's alive!" He exclaimed.-"She's alive!" he exclaimed.

you alive!" She said-you alive!" she said

a monster!" He yelled-a monster!" he yelled

"100%!" She screamed-"100%!" she screamed

big cake to celebrate?" She asked-big cake to celebrate?" she asked

"I'm proud of you kiddo." Logan said-"I'm proud of you, kiddo," Logan said

"Thanks." She said-"Thanks," she said

"Anytime Katie." He said with a smile. - "Anytime, Katie," he said with a smile.

"Mmmm." Carlos hummed.-"Mmmm," Carlos hummed.

on her test today!" She announced with pride.-on her test today!" she announced with pride.

"Oh, way to go Katie!"-"Oh, way to go, Katie!"

doing your homework." Kendall joked-doing your homework," Kendall joked

"We all do." James said-"We all do," James said

did you Katie?"-did you, Katie?"

"Nope." Logan answered brightly. -"Nope," Logan answered brightly.

peace and quiet!" He joked,- peace and quiet!" he joked,

I would help you." He said.-I would help you," he said.

"Thanks Logan." She said, -"Thanks, Logan," she said,

"Don't worry Kendall, you're still the best big brother too." Katie said-"Don't worry, Kendall, you're still the best big brother too," Katie said

four best big brothers." She said simply -four best big brothers," she said simply
Green Phantom Queen chapter 1 . 7/8/2013
This is such a sweet fic. Normally, we never see Katie as a normal girl struggling with school-we see her as this amazing snarky kid who can get through some crazy things like winning poker from the hotel staff, convincing Griffith to use enviromentally friendly cups by using puppy eyes, and so much more. Then again, she's the snarky counterpart of Ned.

Logan is a great teacher and if he doesn't become a doctor, being a teacher wouldn't be so bad. He clearly knows how to interact with Katie and helps break down the subjects so she understands it much better. Plus he's so relaxed and understanding, unlike the times where he's the butt of everyone's jokes.

"Now they were onto the worst thing of them all. The very embodiment of evil. The thing the devil himself uses to torture the hell-goers. The bane of her entire existence; Math." I loved it. It's so serious, to her, yet funy to me since I like math a lot. But then again, if there's one subject that a student doesn't understand, they treat it like the bane of existence themselves. I had that problem with science back in the day.

So all in all, lovely sweet fic that's just a breather from romance and comedy. Just two people getting along. Thank you for writing.
Great Angemon chapter 1 . 7/7/2013
This story was so adorable. I really loved reading it.

I did notice, prevalent through the whole thing, that you mad the mistake of saying something like putting a period at the end of someones dialogue and then say how they said it. One example is, ""Not that I don't want any!" He said quickly."

Some grammar errors(can't think of any off the top of my head) but nothing to grueling to detract from the story.

Again, I really loved this story, and I really, really enjoyed reading it.
Edhla chapter 1 . 7/5/2013
Hi :) I'm not familiar with this fandom, but I enjoyed reading this. I really like how you open with dialogue and the gestures and dialogue all seems realistic and flows naturally.

"Not going so well huh?" I'd put a comma after "well." I did notice reading later that there were quite a few missing commas, particularly from your dialogue.

"To no-one in particular." Ha! :D

"Logan let out..." I'd end that with a period rather than a comma.

"Napoleon wasn't all that short..." nope, he was the same height as Tom Cruise ;) Minor SPaG: "Huh," Katie said.

She's too cute, though :)

The ending IS a bit cheesy, but last I checked that wasn't a crime :) As someone who's worked as an English tutor and had to get past "but I CAN'T understand Shakespeare!" or "But it's BOOOOOOORING!" I totally appreciated the point here: there's always a way to explain something so that it clicks with a person, and the easiest way to retain information is to make it fun.

Lovely work x
tori2001 chapter 1 . 6/19/2013
Tuat was so sweet and adorible
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