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SlythClover chapter 1 . 5/19/2013
Wow, such a nice change !
I am indeed surprised by the format, but while reading the lines aloud, I could feel the music and rythm in your "poetic in prosis".

There's nothing really "odd" in your format. Baudelaire did it too (I wonder if he is even the first one ?)

Thanks for this piece of poetry and good luck with your challenge if not over already
Meggels chapter 2 . 6/3/2012
Always a pleasure to read from you. I don't know why but I really enjoyed the second chapter. Probably appeals to my morbid tasted. I could see Akihiko writing this directly after he finds out about Takahiro and Manami. Forever appreciative Meg
Snow-White-Tigerlilly chapter 1 . 3/22/2012
Ah, don't say such things! These are simply gorgeous. :D You have a wonderful gift. Don't stop writing.
randomnstuff chapter 2 . 3/22/2012
you killed akihiko. i do not believe you. whyhwywhwywhwywhy? quick rant. i love your poems! they are expressed so beautifully and profound. it describes everyone perfectly! dont really like akihiko's epitataph. what happens to misaki? hed be so lonely..T.T but its still beautiful, nevertheless.
Sana Lama Samaha chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
I can't help but smile reading every poem (except Akihiko's epitaph, but that's...). Love the feelings each one express and how they're accurate to the character.

I especially liked Hiroki's poem for the references to name meanings with the words, "autumn, winds, foliage and uproot."
x chapter 1 . 3/13/2012
Absolutely beautiful. The few amounts of words allowed me to delve deeper into the meaning of each word. It appears that the more condensed your strings of words are, the chattier you get me. Disturbing revelation.

This category is also interesting, as you are well known for the most amazing ‘wordiness’. Coming up with such compact and attractive poems, without losing the essence, you are frighteningly brilliant, dear Cerberus

If I may offer you a humble offering to show my sincere gratitude, please accept this...

“Dark of age, age of despair,

Despair sent me, to the gate of hell,

In the gate of hell, I found a flicker of hope,

And hope came not in one nor two, but three.”

Thank you very much and, while I fear of the consequences, I wish you the very best of luck with completing the challenge.

Happy Happy Spring!
x chapter 1 . 3/13/2012
Now it’s Nowaki to Hiroki:

“Though you claim to be cold,”

The “cold” detail...hahahaha...this word means a lot of things to this couple

I love the contradiction of the first word...immediately describes Hiroki’s conflicting nature. The use of “you” from Nowaki..yes, Nowaki would think he is saying all this to his Hiro-san

“claim”...oh my...that is a statement that Nowaki doesn’t believe what Hiroki says about “the cold”

“Your heart is the hearth I sit at.”

Phewww...I love the alliteration..I just learned what this word means so forgive the misuse, if any

The warm implication this line brings is no doubt coming from Nowaki’s warm nature. I love “sit”, a relaxed posture. “hearth” indicates Hiroki as ‘fire’...something I associate with the professor. And look at what my Cambridge shows for the meaning of this word...” LITERARY a home, especially when seen as a place of comfort and love.” Uwaaaaaaaahhhhh...

“heart” heart is beating like crazy...for Nowaki to see the beautiful ‘heart’ despite the thorns... and finds love and comfort so lovely...

“I, who never had a home of my own,”

Ah, a glimpse of Nowaki’s dark past..making the implication even more profound...

I love the pronoun “I’...indicating a sense of individuality.

“Have found shelter in your flesh.”

While I believe there’s another...more delicious interpretation for this...I’d love to think that this line ties the two egoist poems.

Referring back to Nowaki’s association with the ‘shapeless and invisible’ “winds”, for him to be ‘felt’ by the “flesh” proves his existence. He is there.

The word “shelter” implies protection. In here it’s a novel approach to the egoist dynamics, as the concept is usually used in reverse. Hiroki’s reference to this would be “caught”.

I love “Have found” (an active sense) contrast with Hiroki’s “find” (more passive sense, not in the term of the grammar, but in the term of the meaning...the way I see it anyway).

Warmth, love, adoration, intensity, passion...I can feel all those and so much more overflowing from this poem...I would never doubt you in this regard, dear
x chapter 1 . 3/13/2012
Such an utter delight to see the egoist dynamics described in their best literature form, poetry. Most of Hiroki’s inner monologues are poetic by nature, and if you listen carefully into the anime and the CD, you will surely hear Hiroki’s voice recites the lines poetically. Very dramatic. And sexy

I took pleasure in learning that you used the meanings of the egoist’s names for Hiroki’s poem. Beautiful, isn’t it? The quiet association to nature befits the characters involved in the egoist relationship. I am aware that you have used this detail several times, but each always leaves me in awe.

Please excuse my sole focus on the egoist for most obvious reasons

Hiroki’s poem...

The first line, “For years I left my heart's foliage,”

I love the association of ‘heart’ and ‘foliage’. Leaves are a clear indication of a tree’s condition, and they are prone to climate/weather changes. And they are fragile.

“At the frosty feet of autumn;”

“Frosty feet” apt in describing Hiroki was at Akihiko’s mercy...”for years”. Autumn is not supposed to be “frosty”, yet this particular “autumn” is. It also relates to Akihiko’s ‘cold’ temperature.

“Until, the winds of your love,”

“winds”...Nowaki’s element...interesting that at first, Hiroki associated Nowaki with ‘a stray cat”..coming and going as he pleased...then later on Hiroki associated Nowaki’s name to describe Nowaki swirling to his life/’s as if Hiroki realized that the big kid lives up to his name..and so acknowledged Nowaki from a a, “until” “the cat” turns to “the winds” carrying “love”...I love the chosen words.

Of course there’s another interpretation for this, but well..that one goes without saying

“Caught me.”

Goodness...wind is intangible.. shapeless, invisible...but a typhoon..fearsome in shape, and clearly visible...rendering it able to “catch” the falling “leaves”...very very smart.

“And now…”

I love the present tense. This couple is all about present...and future.

“I find myself,”

I love this ‘experiential’ reference...consistent with Hiroki’s confusion and realization.

”happily uprooted.” reverted back to the real meaning of Hiroki’s name...the big tree...for it to be “uprooted”...”happily”...sigh...trees are a source of life...even in their death, they give way to new life. I can see a huge tree trunk lying on the ground, barren of leaves and its roots all out in the open...and yet some small leaves are peeking here and leaning on it while reading your wonderful stories...

With so few words, I can see so much. Vivid never disappoint, dear
teabags chapter 1 . 3/10/2012
Very beautiful,

I actually read this the other day but I had no internet yesterday so hence no review.

My favourite is probably Miyagi to Shinobu and Nowaki to Hiroki they're so full of thought and just pretty.

I love them !

Fabulous as always DP/CR
Kristin xx chapter 2 . 3/10/2012
An...epitaph? *gulp*...So our lovely Akihiko wrote his own's quite common for artists..It's morbid becuse death itself is morbid,so the aura is totally befitting *shivers* (a crazy the Italian language "morbido" means "soft"... O_O). Anyway, I loved it *_*, the asphyxia of remembrances, Akihiko's words devoid of heart, emotions, sensations (controlled by a bitter awareness, when people write about death they always feel like it's getting closer...just thinking about this darkness...something falsely abstract becomes more concrete)...everything that was important to gone, eaten by the "decay's touch" that will reach his mind, leaving him "in only ivory dressed "...the first part in particular... I must quote it back to you:

When autumn wraps in amber shroud,

And death's knell rings for me,

Just leave my weary bones to rest,

Upon the cold and frost-nipped ground,

UNTIL IN ONLY IVORY I AM DRESSED...this was an outstanding poetical soliloquy, beautiful in its coldness *bows* thank you for writing, you amazing, amazing,amazing,amazing hound *_*

Ps: you know, I think there's something missing in my interpretation, the understand a soul in all its shades is always a mammoth I apologize in advance
midortenchi90 chapter 2 . 3/9/2012
I love how you have written these poems, though my favorites are the egoist. They made my heart melt

Btw that one uname comment thanking for the edit is me, i totally forgot to write my name lol XD
has left chapter 2 . 3/9/2012
This kinda confuses me, but then, poetry's not my thing. D: I don't see why Akihiko would write something like this...
ohmyotps chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Who unlocks who, indeed.

Lovely poetry! Thank you for the refreshing ideas.
puppyfacetwo chapter 2 . 3/9/2012
I am getting that sense of morbidity from this, but despite that, it's still a joy to have read. :3

I apologize for this being short, but I am again, short on time so, I'll see you in the next story. ;)
The Black Flamingo101 chapter 2 . 3/9/2012 was so awesome. Dearest what a freaking awesome picture of morbid meloncholy! 8D What deathly grace for my darling Akihiko. I love it _

Dearest have you read Kaori Yuki's Cain Saga? If you like this morbid you should read it. Yuki is the queen of the brutal Victorian death/occult/scandals/hot secretly gay men.

Anyways, brilliant Cerberus. What lovely darkness to bask in.

In awe once more,

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