Reviews for volcanic winter
Miss Horror Geek chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Any fic that begins with "Bastard" is worth reading. :-)

Weellll, every MorMor fic is worth reading. Glad that I found this one.

Whooooooooo... That was haunting. Like, honestly. That one is sticking with me.

I envy your talent here; you display remarkable skill in portraying both emotional and technical plots. Sebastian Moran isn't exactly an ordinary man, and to write believably from his perspective takes practice. And you also utilized the Sherlock-John/Moriarty-Moran parallel admirably. Exceptional writing, really.

My least favorite thing about this was probably Seb's little speeches to Jim, and I know that one-sided sort of dialogue (if you can call it dialogue with one speaker) is no picnic to write, but it just felt like the choice of words wasn't ideal. (Ok, whenever I do concrit I feel like a terrible person. I'm sorry! Gah! :-()

But really, that doesn't detract from the story at all. You ought to be proud. ;-)

Keep writing!