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Lyndis Cealin chapter 23 . 7/24/2016
This story is so great I can't find the words to describe it.
there are so many characters and so much nice storylines
i loved Talas POV! I loved his the most I think because they were the most extraordinary scenes

in the middle there were some things really confusing
i actually don't know why brooklyn and tyson were in prison
but i think i understood most of the story

the end came a bit to fast for me.. in my opinion there should be an additional chapter.. there are too much parts missing, like:
what did tala say to rei? did he say to him that he slept with kai? (or kai with him)
how and when will rei explain to the others that he has his memories back?
(ah! besides.. it was sooo great written when he woke up after the drigger incident. after the first few sentences i knew he gained his memory back :D really nice change in your writing style! this is not something everyone can do!)
how will they react?
will he keep his promise and keep friends with tala?
and wtf? why is max together with tyson and not with raul?
why didn't tyson and max talk to each other the whole story? (or when they were bitching at each other.. or did i miss something?)
what's with raul?
what was this voicemail rei had on his phone?

and the most important one: will rei and kai work things out between them?

i'm so confused about some things

but all this doesn't make this story bad or something
it's an amazing masterpiece!
and perhaps one day when you re read it you decide to write a very last chapter to give us all some answers ;)
but perhaps i'm too stupid to get the hints out of the story... perhaps i re read it some day and everything becomes clearer.. who knows?

with this: thank you for sharing such a great work with the world!
valen.mesa1 chapter 23 . 7/16/2014
aww I liked it but I couldnt avoid hating Rai sometimes, he was behaving so weird and annoying still this was good
KaiHiwRayKon chapter 23 . 5/19/2013
Hey! With college I just don't have time, but when I saw this was the last chapter I was like "What?! I have to read it!" So I finally did. And I'm glad because it was really good. I'm happy everyone had their happy ending. But I'm sad it's all over, so I take the brownies. It was really great! I'll continue reading your other stories, so see you later. :D
LunaHiw chapter 23 . 12/4/2012
Ah! sorry for not reading for so long '' Thank you for finishing it!. It was a bit weird '' But I really like how you did it so that you got to see what happened to everyone! I could actually consider re-reading it XD
mamika chapter 23 . 11/21/2012
...I'm sorry, but I have no recollection of what's going on with majestics. maybe you forgive me? well, not like you can do anything about it, and not liek I will do naything about it, because let's face the fatcs, I am juts obsessed with Kai, so I am rather juts going to skip what I don't recall/understand.
but enrique is fun! being like a little kid. funny XD
sorry, I threw up. the idea of anyone being with tyson was a bit too bad *shivers* but, still me being twisted masochist, I like the chap so far. things move forward, people are finally living again. good for them. I don't understand max, but it's his life, none of my business.
so, brian and tala are dating too? good for tala, and brian of course, wishing them happy rest of the life, without too much drama. but what teh heck are brooklyn and spencer doing there?
hah, kai is so lovely and stubborn. I like him a lot there, not leaing yet not giving in either. go kai, keep it up, time for rei to have some of it back. aww rei, sorry for all the..nearly all the hard words. I was probably a bit unfair. but so was you. but I hope it works out...backing my words, rei you are being an idiot! an utmost idiot! have you never thougth how Kai is really feeling? and so it was all in your head, since now he is an ex-boyfriend. get real, you can act like that. you don't day everything that's in your headout loud you moron! he is not listenign to mess a floor up, and then get pissed because he is fighting with tala on the phone!? no fair bastard no fair! (okay. emotion rising chap. damn rei.)
qy32482y8! pissing me off? now, when he is finally really trying to say what he feels, you push him away, tell him to leave? what if he leaves and gets hit by a car and ends up in coma for a year? how long could you be in the hospital? coul dyou go there, feeling the guilt of knowing it was all because of you? bastard..
awww, sexy aura! I give it to rei, he migth have as much brains as ameba, thanks to that.
so, how does Kai roll his eyes? still, I bet it has to be awesome...but see, Kai is being so soft there, all open and stuff XD just great. I will skip the fact rei si being dirty, becayse hey, that's reasonable and understandable, and I have been complaining about him for so long it owuld be odd to suddenly like him aagin...
awww, smirk! I like him smirking! great chap!
the best part was when Kai trhew the pillow. I jutsadored taht! and teh sinister laugh! so, I think the ending was perfect.
and I resally have to go now, sorry for teh louse end of teh rev. bye
mamika chapter 22 . 11/21/2012
damn. I can't recall all that's going on, but not like I could afford reading all again now. but please ignore if I am talking something totally incorrect here (not like that doesn't happen like all the time, but let's not go to details). so let's begin:
have I recalled to mention I like your humor? if not, I hope you still have noticed I find stuff very funny. and now I will start for real:
I owuld say something about the mysterious healing power, but it would be a bit (read: a lot) improper in all measures...but rei, it's a bit cruel to kill pain. even if they are painkillers...actually eating painkillers is really cruel...poor pain...don't ask what I am thinking...but you aren't going to kill someone, are you? beside pain I mean...but, at leats rei should not afford to hurt Kai now unless he wants teh karma go and kick his ass again...but maybe he can afford it, because karma kicked him prior he did somehting wrong...sorry, I bet you don't want to see random rambling here when I should be commenting about teh story...remmeber, you can toss this one to bin and ask me to do better one, okay? good, now I will read on..
hey wait, I change my mind, I don't like Kai screaming! XD kidding, pelase don't take that seriously. so nice of Kai to pay the guys to move out. but heck, it also costs him to have the pair living in the mansion, so in the end it doesn't make that big difference. so it's not about he being not nice and wanting to kick them out (although, that could be a part of it too...) but rei, you are totally being unfair! you give Kai no credit? it sounded like a complain that he hugged when you awoke after the surgery. or that he doesn't like tala. it's not his fault, and you definitely can't say that it's okay for tala to hate Kai, but Kai couldn't have the same right. not fair kyo, I am not complaining and I definitely don't mean teh chap would be not good, but rei is juts pissing me off. heck, the first thing he does is whine about Kai. grr...and of course Kai yells at you, you are yelling at him too, and you are possibly going away, so he is scared you see. stupid rei...and double heck, you can't complain about loosing, if you don't care enough to get up. or sit up. or anything. no wonder if he is angry since you are being so not putting an effort. and don't say anything about you forgiving, that being enough. for crying out loud, you are behaving like a brat, and you are being cruel to him. revenge is one thing, but if you really liek him, you shouldn't treat him like that. c'mon, Kai has no idea whether or not you like him, or if you are juts acting like that because you have a brain damage. sure, you have let him kiss you, but since you have been rather handicapped, it could be said you had no other choice. so, he is being insecure, and he can't be sure if his efforts will really pay off. so sure he is angry. for real. *cough* I may have gone a bit far there. but rei just got onto my nerves there...but, isn't it good that you can raise so much emotion in reader? n.n'
!#"#!# rei! I really don't like you now! are you idiot?! Kai meant you would have gone to sponge Max off if he owuldn't pay for your fod and rent and all. since you can't work, need doctors, drugs and all.( I admit, I am not teh author, so there is no way for me knowing for real why Kai is doing what he is doing, and I am merely stating my opinion here...sorry if I am all wrong. but I don't like it when someone thinks badly of Kai...which I guess is obvious after all these outbursts...) you like him? oh, that so makes up for everything...dumb ass...poor Kai, he has horrible partner...but at leaast rei admits himself that he is stupid. damn right for once. and isn't Kai adorable? he has a house and all, and even when rei is that annoying, he wants to live with the kitten. but really, how would the mention of muffin make Kai happier? (seems like this review is a strike against rei...sorry...) but you know, I really like it when Kai is polite. he sounds so cool. and the unknown expression, wonder what Kai is thinking then...but rei is selfish, he gets all into it when things go exactly the way he wants. there is people who has surgeries, have been in crashes and never fully heals, so really unfair of rei to act like that juts because he is in pain. sucker...and Kai has a point (so sorry, I juts can't stop argiuing with rei right now...) it's really unfair and he has rigth to be annoyed when you refuse to let him pay for your apartment, but would still go live under Max's wings. the logic? oh right, you are stupid...damn rei, now you make me sound all childish, petty and stupid. thanks a lot. and for a moment, my heart stopped beating when there was the looked him dead-part. froze there. which was not good idea. since the continueating made it all better. n.n' yeah, I am an idiot too...
hah, max is teh party pooper here. but honeslty, I thought it was good, since right now it was not the best thing for my pov to have Kai kissing somehting like rei. I meant someone, of course, no insult meant there rei!
*smile* I bet teh house is rather huge too! why else would he go around bushes when saying it's smaller than see? why would Kai be happy about teh mentioning of muffin, when the puppy ruins his fun. I would say something about stupid dog, but it's not her fault, she has just been trained unproperly. which I probably shoudl not blame rei since he was in coma...damn...but rei probaqbly mentally orders teh dog to disturb them...although, even rei seemed a bit disappointed...thanks rei, I actually really wanted to know what Kai was doing. but why teh heck you didn't tell sooner that he was topless? meaning you had even less reasons to figth with him. you should see how much teh guy has lost muscles because he has been worried about you you selfish bast""". *cough* sorry again, got a bit carried away when thinking how bad Kai has felt...but isn't it awfully nice of him to try to break the awkward tension? he can be so polite and charming. and nice, you see. but nrealy forgot to say, I don't like max either. c'mon, he was trying to make you feel less like a thrice cursed intruder, and you don't even care to answer his queestion? who cares taht he doesn't care, answering woudl be polite, especially since rei wants to know the answer anyway. *rolls eyes* poor Kai, dealing with all those *cough* I should restarin myself a bit. your fault, making me sucked into the story and living along.
okay, that was rather nice of rei. wantintg to cling to kai. liking to cling to Kai. never considered of really letting him know how much you like it? so he would feel a bit better. but Kai is still so strong and all. good for him.
what is the reason? why does he poke Kai? why Kai is being so blank? and does rei actually like Kai being so cold? is he odd? and how is he actin different? there isn't somehting serioulsy wrong about him, is there? but so nice of himm to keep coming back. so sweet. damn rei, what did you do to Kai? poor fellow, must be hard on him. you are being rude rei. did you ask him what was wrong? don't blame him for silent treatment if you don't do anything to break it. maybe you did something, looked sick, twicthed oddly, made a face or something. and is he aware that you think you are dating, or is it just your head? but thanks. I do like knowing when he has a shirt on. and he is so warm. but see rei? you can't face him. it's your problem too, not juts he havnig issues., Kai is so smart! isn't he great?! he is the most amazing and coolest person ever. and he is fabulous when he is mad. good chances hearing his composed, cold voice. and glares. I know I skipped it earlier, but he looks good when glaring XD
thanks for the chap,it was nice even if my bloodpressure rose thanks to foolish rei. but until next time. Kai was great btw. good chap. bye
Riyu.M chapter 23 . 11/10/2012
*sniff, sniff*
Oh God... is it really over? T-T
Well, since it was a very tough experience for everyone, maybe it'll take a while for them to be in completely good terms.
When you try a relationship again after so many problems, it is quite difficult to make things as before. I think that's what is happening to the boys in the story (and in real life xD), specially to Kai and Rei. They have a lot of work to do to trust each other again.

About the grammar and stuff, I understood it perfectly well :D It didn't confuse me at all.
And I'm so sad because it's over T0T
Congratulations! Because you managed to finish this fic with success. It was a really good story, with so much drama, humor, romance... all of it combined so nicely
If you hadn't realized it, I'm your fan :B
And congratulations to me, too! 'Cause I left a review in every chapter! Woohoo! *gives Kyo a can of soda* Cheers! u *hugs*
... Do you have a tissue?
gizmo5225 chapter 23 . 11/10/2012
I liked the ending. Kai and Rei are finally friends I think! And threats of cold showers hang in the balance. So nicely done from the start. I still remember when this started, when Rei got pissed at a Christmas party and got hit by a car... It's come a long way, Kyo. Well done!
KedakaiOkami chapter 23 . 11/8/2012
you've got past and present tense in there all jumbled up together making it really confusing to read.
NorthernShinigami chapter 22 . 10/14/2012
next chapter! next CHAPTER!
Riyu.M chapter 22 . 10/13/2012
Wha..? Nooo! Does it really have to end? T.T
Uff. Kai knows. And he's mad. What's going to happen now?! D:
Yeah, um, about getting a user... I've never considered it seriously because probably there won't be absolutely nothing in it.
I have tried writing like three times in my whole life. The most I've done is four pages in Word. Yeah, that's pretty lame u_u

Maybe someday. That way you can spam my inbox whenever you want... and I can spam yours telling you to update your stories :D
gizmo5225 chapter 22 . 10/10/2012
Wha? Next be last? No! God dangit... I loved this story. Nice job, despite the shortness, and despite the long time between chapters. Nice cliffie, you left me wondering if that was Tala or Kai or Max, though I doubt 2.;) nicely done! In excited for next!
Megusiq chapter 22 . 10/10/2012
Ooo, what an ending. Next chapter please
Riyu.M chapter 21 . 10/6/2012
That last comment written by "Guest" is mine u_u''
How stupid am I? I forgot to put my name on it (Well, it's obviously not my real name, but you get the point)! xD
Guest chapter 21 . 10/6/2012
"First you put the legs in, then you make the sound of a dying whale because that will help you oh-so-very-much" I always do that in the morning when I have to get ready for school XDD
The thing is I put my clothes beside my bed and start getting dressed half-asleep :P

Oh boy, Rei! I think you gave the wrong answer to that last question! D: Or maybe it's just my perception?
I mean, if I were pretending I don't remember anything, I would've said "I have no freakin' idea wich breed she is" or something like that S

Pfft, I don't know what I'm talking about, I'll just shut it and read the next ch-... oh wait, there's no next chapter! D:

Oww, please continue soon! :3
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