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Storm0Wolf chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
Tribute form:

Name: Novin Platic

Age: 15

Height: 5’10

Eye colour: Amber

Hair colour: black

Build: Lean muscle

Gender: male

Other marks on skin: none, his skin is dark brown though

Personality: He’s blunt and friendly. He can read people easily, and isn’t conserned with what others think about him. He’s passive aggressive as in although he seems friendly he may do something to hurt you secretly.

Family: Older brothers- Tripe, 19. Mother-Savani, 39. And Father-Dolph 41

Friends: Herbit-Male, 14. Spania-Female 15.

County (please give a choice of 3): 10, 11, or 18

Token (if one): A leather bracelet that was died red and the word “Brothers in Blood” written in black

History: He’s had a decent life, but has always been fascinated with martial arts and the military history of Panem. He looks up to his older brother completely and would do anything for him. His two friends were his two partners in school and the younger siblings of his brother’s best friends. His father and mother work hard to provide for the family, but they constantly argue at home. He’s basicly had a pretty average life.

Strengths: Speed, manipulative, intelligent, endurance.

Weaknesses: Can’t swim

Reaped or volunteer: reaped.

Reaction: He didn’t want to seem like a baby in front of his brother so he tried to be calm about it, but a few tears still got out

Reaping outfit: black simple collar shirt and jean pants.

Weapon of choice: Anything he can set traps with and throwing knives.

County alliance preferences: Anyone who he can manipulate but he’d specifficly like people from 4,9, or 16

Strategy for arena: Gather together a group of capable yet stupid tributes that will do as he tells them. Use them to survive and eliminate the others and then poison them off as the Games come to an end.

Trick for the interviews: Be charming and charismatic and hopefully make some of the sponsers fall for his charm.

If your tribute had a painful memory that they wouldn't want to recall, what would it be?: The day his older brother beat him, and called him a “Pathetic fool that isn’t good enough to be my brother,” when he was angry at Novin for stealing and almost getting arrested.
The Whispering Panda chapter 4 . 3/16/2012
You do know that Phoenix Tiell is listed twice, right?
Account Currently on Hiatus chapter 4 . 3/16/2012
Name: Camryn "Camri" Sydney-Snow.

Age: Twelve.

Gender: Female.

District: 3, 6, 10 and 13

History/Background: Camri is Snow's granddaughter, and was brought up as the daughter of an influential business mogul, Sidney Sydney. He was childless and unmarried, and had adopted her as a favor to Snow, who hadn't wanted her to grow up in the bloody environment of Capitol politics. Sidney specialized in custom weaponry, hence her familiarity with such. She was captivated by her surrogate father's craft, but he refused to teach it to her, believing it unsuitable to a young lady of her, albeit unknown, prestige, a decision which may have come about via the orders of her paternal grandfather. They instead reached a compromise, and she began her induction into the world of fashion, and became well-known for her unique gemwork. Due to the perhaps influence of her father, she also pursued her interest in sports, something Sidney reluctantly allowed, after extracting a promise from her that she would equally pursue an education in finances, something brought about by his own interest in such. He may have hoped to pass on the family legacy to her, but we shall never know.

Hobbies: She is an athlete, and swims regularly, also competing in various races. Her pet passion is tennis and gymnastics, along with her newly fostered interest in synchronized swimming. She also dances, but overall, she dislikes team sports, which may have to do with her inability to trust others.

She is a mathematical genius, and skilled in oratory and rhetoric, a talent she has already begun to utilize amongst her peers. She is relatively creative, artistic too, and has modeled for a bit, pushed to do so by Sidney. Through modeling, she learned how best to use the gifts that nature had given her.

Personality: She's is relatively shy and quiet, reserved if you will. Camri is mature for her age, having had to grow up in a matter of days. She never laughed or cried as a baby, and was refined and sophisticated as a mere toddler, speaking in perfect sentences at two. She is an avid reader, and knows how to use the resources around her for what they are. She seeks to please, and hates disappointment, fearing rejection above all else. She doesn't see her talents for what they are, and has a drastically low self esteem. When people compliment her, she just modestly casts her eyes down, and though she doesn't believe it, thanks them politely.

APPEARANCE (this is super fun 'cause you can be as wild as you want, I mean, they are capitol kids)

Hairstyle/Color: She has glossy dark waves that fall in loose curls down to her slender waist. It looks an almost midnight blue under the right lighting.

Eyes: Large, starry purple eyes that look a deep violet, framed by long, thick eyelashes that curl gently upwards in a sweep of dark color. Her eyes change colors to match her mood, and are shadowed with a deep bruise like hue.

Skin: She has clear porcelain skin that looks a creamy ivory, and is remarkably smooth, but that is almost dainty, and bruises easily.

Height: She is petite.

Weight/Build Slim and shapely, but light as a feather. She looks as though she could be blown away by a gust of wind. Small hands and feet, well turned ankles, a swan like neck, and delicate wrists, but with a remarkably deceptive form that is toned and fit, with nary a trace of fat, and a flat, lightly muscled stomach, which probably came from exercise and a near nonexistent appetite.


Mother: Unknown. Her stepmother died before she could meet her.

Father: Unknown. Her stepfather is the aforementioned Sidney.

Siblings: No siblings or step siblings. She was brought up as an only child, with the weight of her family's expectations on her delicate shoulders, and learned to act to please.

Friends: She has a few acquaintances, but never really made friends, since she found them deceptive and hard to trust, and she never had time for them.

Boyfriend or Girlfriend: None.

Other: None.

I'll send you the next portion in a minute, since it was apparently too long, and wouldn't fit in this message.

Feb 05th, 10:52am


Reaping outfit A dress in eggshell white, its soft fabric clinging delicately to her curves, and secured at the waist with a twisted silver cord. Her lustrous hair is done up in a braided crown, and she wears a pair of matte silver flip flops with slightly raised heels.

If volunteered, why?: Volunteered because it was what everyone expected of her. She believes that she will be one of the first to die, and prays that it will be quick and merciful, and that it will not hurt others deeply. She is remarkably empathetic that way. However, she will not seek death in its entirety, and resolves to put her all towards survival. Calm, poised, and emotionless in what will probably be the face of death.

She also wants revenge against another boy, aged eighteen, who had volunteered. The boy had attempted to assassinate Sidney, and she sought vengeance. He would be her only kill, albeit silent. She killed him with an arrow, and no one would find out who it was.

If reaped, reaction: None.

Token: A wreath of glass roses in a soft peachy cream, with crystal dewdrops and winding emerald vines. It is a Snow heirloom, and said to have mystical properties only unlocked by the heir or heiress to the Snow fortune. The circlet chooses its wearer, and has been known to reject the most righteous of people.

Other: None.

IN THE Districts (the Hunger Games now takes place in a different district each year)

Thoughts on other tributes (optional): That they were all with their own talents, and did not deserve to die. She befriended most of them, and some even helped her at the stations.

Chariot outfit: A gown in silvery silk that hugs her rather curvaceous figure, clinging to her like a second skin, and tied with a sash of lavender gauze. Her hair is left in ringlets to fall gently down her back, and is crowned by her token, the rose coronet.

Interview outfit: A similar ice blue dress, the shimmering satin highlighting her curves, pooling at her feet in a pool of liquid silver. Her glossy curls are bound back in an artfully messy bun, secured with a glittering net of pearls, leaving a few waving tendrils to frame her angelic features.

Interview style: What do you mean, could you please PM me for clarification? I'm really sorry for the bother.

Training (What stations do they go to): Spends a little time at each station, to observe the tributes and sharpen her skills.

What do they show the gamemakers: She creates a sort of dance routine, and sets up an obstacle course thing. She nimbly leaps from place to place, her lithe form ducking and slashing, killing all the dummies across the course. She then clambers fluidly up a nearby pillar or tree, and shoots arrows at the remaining targets, hitting them between the eyes. With everything demolished, she creates a miniature fortress out of the wreckage, and even creates a trident to gift to the Gamemakers, proof of her skill in art.

Score (optional): Twelve, which shocked everyone, most of all herself. No one had really noticed her, and just saw her as the kind, likeable girl who was willing to help, and who would probably die early one.


Strategy: To just survive. Join the Careers, and prove her worth, but fade into the background when the fighting starts. Run off when the times get tough, but don't steal anything from them. Supposedly they won't go after her, but they will soon miss her and try to track her down. They find her opposite a raging river, swollen from the rain, and try to call to her and recruit her once more. She shakes her head, but tosses them a pack, filled with weapons that she can't use, and runs off.

Will they join an alliance? : Yes.

Will they join the Careers? : Yes, but doesn't believe herself worthy. Joins for the protection and safety of being in a group, but will still try her best.

Bloodbath? : No.

Strengths: Can make things with her hands like nets and traps. Is a fast runner and apt at survival, and has a high pain tolerance. Very athletic, a natural gymnast, and talented with her bow and arrows. Doesn't need much sleep, and sleeps lightly. Gets lots of sponsors and is a crowd pleaser.

Weaknesses: Can't use heavy weapons like swords, clubs or maces. Will only kill if absolutely necessary, and tries to help even her enemies. Hates the spotlight, but suffers it in the name of survival.

Favored weapon (one or two): Bow and arrow.

Preferred death: With honor, fighting until the end. Taking down as many with her as possible.

Romance (if any during the games): Yes, a Career who helps her become a bit more confident, but who is also killed by her adoptive father's potential assassin, after which he joins the Careers and he runs away.

Other: None.
Account Currently on Hiatus chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
Name – Madeleine "Maddie" Michel

Age - 12

District - 3, 6, 10 and 13

Token – A hair net of woven gold twisted with strawberry seed pearls, a piece of heirloom Michel jewelry.

Gender - Female

Details (eyes, hair, height, etc.) – Coppery caramel waves streaked with warm honey, tumbling in loose, glossy gold curls down to the small of her back. Large, clear amber eyes that look a warm butterscotch, framed with thick, dark lashes, long and curling modestly downwards. She is slim and petite, with an alluring, albeit slender, figure, toned and lightly tanned, with a flat stomach, shapely legs, and a swan like neck. She has small, elfin ears, a heart shaped face, a delicate nose, and daintily arched brows. She's as light as a feather, with well turned ankles and tiny feet, along with pianist's hands.

Personality – She is quiet and reserved, and is rather refined, sophisticated even. She seems an adult in a child's, or not child's, body, and has had to grow up too fast, hence her maturity. She is likeable, charismatic and charming, she can make you believe what she does. She hates her beauty for what it does. Others assume that she's unbreakable, that her beauty is all she needs to survive in this world, when in fact it brings more troubles than it is worth. Everyone puts her on a metaphorical pedestal, and looks up to her as this almost goddess, the golden girl who can do no wrong, which she hates. She is clever, with a quick mind and ready wit, and is a natural athlete, courtesy of her ambitious father.

Hobbies – She enjoys swimming, dancing, and gymnastics, and has an agile body that moves fluidly, almost as though it were liquid. She has nimble hands, and can make useful objects out of practically anything, and also harbors a fascination with jewelry and weapon making, along with the less encouraged, at least in her district, fashion. She sings and draws, and is a remarkably good actor.

Skills/Weaknesses – She is athletically and mentally talented, and a fast runner. She possesses a strategic mind, but is content to fade into the background, someone necessary but unnoticed, unthreatening. She is a light sleeper, and doesn't eat much. She finds it difficult to handle to heavier, cruder weapons like the axe, mace, or club, and does not enjoy violence. She will get along with her mentors, basically anyone she meets, since she's a very memorable person, and probably gain a lot of sponsors. Befriends Finnick. She finds it hard to believe the worst of someone, and is always ready to forgive. She is not very self confident, and has a rather low self esteem, plus she keeps questioning and doubting herself.

History – She was brought up in the merchant sector of District One, and enjoyed a pretty comfortable life. When she was only four, her mother died. Her mother was assassinated when the two of them were at home, her sick. Her mother first heard a rustling amongst the bushes behind their house, then muffled steps, and yelled at her daughter to duck. She did, but was too slow to save herself, a fact for which she still blames herself to this day. She believes that if she had just gone to school, her mother could have moved in time, and no one would've been harmed that day.

Family/Friends – Her mother is dead, killed 8 years earlier. Her father is darkly handsome, with a devil may care attitude, that is, before the death of his wife. Her death hardened him, and he became obsessed with money and power, and his daughter became an instrument with which to gain such, after which he became a spy for the Capitol, a means by which to gain money, and betray confidences, which he thankfully did not force her into. He forced her to train, and encouraged all pursuits of a more military nature, leaving nary a free moment for her to savor. She hates to disappoint him, so does all she can to obey and please him, which it never does, as he is rarely ever pleased.

Volunteered/Reaped – Volunteered

Why they volunteered or reaped – She didn't want to let her father down, and sought to win him more fame, power, prestige, money, honor, whatever it was that he wanted. She also wanted revenge on the boy from District One, who was distantly related to her mother's killer, and had volunteered before her.

Romance – No.

Interview Quote – Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Allies – Careers, but will stick around with, and eventually befriend and ally with Annie, effectively breaking away from the Careers. At first, they see her a loss to be celebrated, but then find out that they miss her, and track her down, not to kill, but to woo back to their group. Of course, she refuses, but politely, and tosses a pack spearheads at them as a parting gift, then runs off.

Strategy – To stick around the Careers for protection at first, but then leave when the going gets rough, or in effect, bloody. She will impress them with her training score, a 12, which is sure to win sponsors and admirers. She got it through an improvised routine, a set up obstacle course with dummies lined on either side, which she passes, slashing at them with a makeshift trident. With them all killed, she builds a shelter out of the wreckage, high up on a tree out of harm's way, and shoots arrows and darts and the remaining targets, throwing daggers and knives at them to be certain. She gifts her trident to the Gamemakers as a sort of memento, and leaves.

Weapon of Choice – A bow and arrow like Katniss' District 13 one. And less often, throwing daggers or a dart gun with poisoned darts, which she receives in a pack from the Cornucopia, along with other useful items like medicine and iodine, plus the Capitol designed food pills.

Will they Kill? – Yes, but they will do so only when necessary. They will make it quick and painless, and won't do so for the sake of it.

Bloodbath Character? – No.

Outfits for reaping, parade, and interview. (Optional) – In order. She manages to live with the costumes, though she finds them a bit ostentatious, and hates the way the put her on display, as something to be admired.

A cream gown, the soft cloth clinging to her curves. Her hair is in an intricately braided crown, held back with her token net.

A gown of pale yellow, the shimmering fabric reflecting the sunlight, and fitting her like a second skin, pooling like liquid gold at her feet. Her hair is left loose in doll like ringlets, crowned by a wreath of pale pink roses entwined with twisting vines.

An ivory satin dress overlaid with golden gauze that highlights her willowy form. Her hair is twisted into an artlessly messy bun that looks as though it would fall out any minute, though of course it won't, a few gently waving tendrils left to frame her angelic face. She wears a coronet of twisted gold also set with pearls, but larger, and matching drop earrings.
SingingGal chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
Name: Antoinette Aquamarine

Age: 14

Height: Slightly taller than average, but not a "giant"

Eye Color: She wears purple contacts to follow that Capitol style, but her natural eye color is dark green.

Hair Color: Her hair is naturally brunette, but she wears different wigs all the time, so it really just depends on her mood.

Build: Her build is rather slim, because she wants to keep that slender frame that her stylists want her to have so that she can fit into narrow dresses.

Gender: Female

Other Marks on Skin: She has silver metallic swirl tattoos that curl around her arms and legs, and she has aquamarine gems inlaid on her temples to bring out her eyes.

Personality: She loves to gossip, shop, and be pampered, just like all of the Capitol's upper class. She is used to everything being handed to her, and she likes it that way.

Family: Her grandfather is Plutarch Heavensbee, who did all he could to keep her out of the games, but she ended up in the arena anyway. However, Plutarch is making sure that she has only the same chance as any other tribute.

Friends: She doesn't really have "friends", she only has people that she uses to get whatever she desires. Sure, she would like someone who understands her, but who needs that when there are people willing to give you the world just to be called her friend? She plans to use this in the arena ;)

County: It really doesn't matter to me, wherever is open would be fine... but 14 would be nice...

Token: A silver necklace with a tear-shaped aquamaribe gemstone

History: She lived a life of luxury up until the rebellion. Then, all of her favorite things came in short supply. She was mortified. Now that the rebellion ended, she expected her life to go back to normal... suuure, THAT happened...

Strengths: She is a master manipulator. She can trick people into traps, and avoid them herself.

Weaknesses: She isn't the strongest competitor by a long shot

Reaped or Volunteer: Reaped

Reaction: She refused to come onstage and demanded a recount... then they explained that it wasn't a vote and she burst into hysterics.

Reaping outfit: A long, flowing blue gown with a tight-fitting bodice imbedded with gemstones. She painted herself silver and had her hair in an intricate updo.

Weapon of Choice: A sword. She took fencing lessons as a hobby, so she knows how to use one fairly well.

County Alliance Preferences: The county doesn't matter, she will ally with anyone she thinks she can use to her advantage.

Arena Strategy: Find people that she can use, then steal their supplies/weapons and leave them.

Interveiw Angle: She is playing it up the sweet, innocent angle. She is one good actress!

Painful Memory: When the only man she truly ever loved was killed during the rebellion, and she never got the chance to tell him how she truly felt. She never told him because he was of the lower class, and she would be shunned for associating with him.


Super excited for the story! :)
sea hunny chapter 1 . 3/15/2012
Wait, are they from the Capitol? I was just a little confused there, if you could PM me the answer, I could start with my tributes! :)
obsessivegirl73 chapter 2 . 3/13/2012
Wow you are really going to need a loooooooot of tributes. Im gonna work on the last one for me later today after school. :)
obsessivegirl73 chapter 1 . 3/7/2012
I'll give you three tributes, a career, bloodbath, and other. :) and I'm reviewing to put it on alert and I'll start PMing you shortly... chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Non story entries aren't allowed on this site. Delete this until you actually have something relevent written. (Like, you know, a STORY.) That little blurb at the beginning isn't enough to count.

Interactive stories also aren't allowed on this site. If you repost it, say that you'll only accept tributes via PM.

~Member of Critics United
goldie031 chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Are these like Capitol tributes? Please let me know as soon as I can so I can PM you the tributes!
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