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Rikachan101 chapter 40 . 3/6/2013
great chapter, once again! thanks for keeping phoenix alive another day, although i really didn't expect these deaths, particulary with rowan and alyss!
The Whispering Panda chapter 39 . 2/22/2013
Love the Shakespeare quoting! And I just figured out that Marius the mentor is Marius PONTMERCY! (Sorry, HUGE Les Mis fan here) I guess I hadn't heard of him yet when the reapings were still going on. *fangirl squeal* I loves him sooo much!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 39 . 2/17/2013
Phoenix's POV was tenser than normal- seeing as the rift in the Careers is starting to show it was a very well written section and definitely a good start to the chapter :)

Man. Liam really developed as a character here. I won't forget him any more. Also very emotional and stuff, nicely done. Psychological effects of the Games are showing now.

eh, goodbye Nobie. Never a fan, and your death was a little rushed although still interesting. This was my least favorite POV in the chapter, we lost some of the intensity.

But it came back in the next part. BECAUSE ELECTRON CAN SHAPESHIFT. AND SHAKESPEARE. Okay yes so far this has been my favorite chapter of the entire story and this was my favorite section :) I actually remembered Giyran so it hit me hard when he died. :( Macbeth was a good choice.
Electron definitely got interesting. He's not just sadistic anymore, although I still dislike his character. This character plotline will be a good one to play out.

And okay yeah Sandy doesn't stand out at all but the events of the POV did so it counts as good. :) A very tense twist, there will be a lot of bloodshed at this feast. So many kids going to such a small area.

and the mentors are getting switched up a bit. I don't really see the point of it all, but it is an interesting dynamic and I hope it'll end up meaning something for the tributes.
Although with pretty boy Pontmercy I don't see it having a big effect :/

With the mentors: where are they in terms of their character storylines when they came to Panem? Like Marius. Before, after the insurrection? The Doctor- which companions has he just left? Remus Lupin- are he and Tonks married yet? Because in some cases it will have an effect on their actions.

Happy writing!
gamings-reminiscence chapter 39 . 2/17/2013
Wow thanks for getting this chapter out so fast! And congrats on getting into a university dude!

Ooh tension in the Careers. I'm seeing an early confrontation within their ranks and I'm interested in seeing what Skyler will do to try and take control. Also, scary Electron is scary O.o

Poor Liam, having to go through that :( You know, when he first started seeing his dad I totally thought he'd die in this chapter since it seems like up until this point everyone who confronted their past died. Glad he made it out alright :3 Also, I'm putting money on H meaning halucinagen/hallucination.

Wow, surprised that Nobie went down like that. I feel like I voted for him a couple of times before so it's sad to see him go. Archie's alliance may go through another shift in power as well in the next few chapters.

Giyran no! I definitely liked his character T-T At least Romeo injured Electron so there's a chance they may be able to avenge him later on. Can I send some healing cream to both Romeo and Liam? I have a feeling Rom might need it soon.

On another note; Sandy's still alive? Whoo county 9!

Told ya I'd try and review more often now! And this extra long review is kind of my way of making up for all of the missed chapters xD Can't wait for the "feast" next chapter!
obsessivegirl73 chapter 39 . 2/17/2013
Sorry for not reviewing the past couple of chapters! :P life hashas XD
This is definitely moving right along. Career drama! :O love it. It makes me giggle at how Seph is turning out, and the unintentional similarities between her and the person I based her on.
Did you know that technically you don't have to disclaim Shakespeare because it's public domain? fun facts. When we did Midsummer at my school last year we didn't pay for the rights haha. But anyways, that passage fit well.
Hmm you were wanting people to send stuff right? Can you send some sort of food item to Prion and Myra? I'm not too worried about the careers yet plus it's fun seeing their squabbles. Lol.
Aw Marius. Putting aside seeing Cosette to see this to the end. Good for you. :)
Love your writing style, as always. Awesome job, looking forward to more! :D
Rikachan101 chapter 39 . 2/17/2013
great chapter, although both deaths were pretty depressing. i found giyran's death especially sad, with the fact that he got killed by electron AND that romeo was reading macbeth to him as he lay dying. excited for the next update!
Violet Temperance chapter 39 . 2/17/2013
Hmm could ya send Sandy a few rolls? Where can I find the polls? I think the mutt mutation is a bit of an over advantage from the other tributes. Can't wait for the next update!
The Whispering Panda chapter 38 . 2/13/2013
38 tributes left... ooh! Great chapter, as always! I love the arena changes!
aly chapter 38 . 2/13/2013
I really like this story, always keepin me on edge, id like to send a gift to romeo :)
Rikachan101 chapter 38 . 2/13/2013
good chapter, although i would have liked to see more details of the battle between felix and sunday (it looks like it would have been cool to watch)
keep it up!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 38 . 2/12/2013
AHH TRACY ISLAND AHH OKAY Thunderbirds, right?

Kalli and the anti-Careers were definitely my favorite part although Felix/Sunday battle was good too. The fight was pretty much emotionless though so Kalli's part stood out more.

Star's not going to go far is she's afraid to kill. Truthfully I'm surprised she's still alive.

Nice seeing Vihn again, I'd actually forgotten entirely about him so... :)

I want Electron and Darius dead. DEAD.

On that lighthearted note, happy writing!
gamings-reminiscence chapter 37 . 2/12/2013
Also forgot to mention how awesome Felix was as a tribute. He single-handedly took down two careers. Crazy respect and I hope his character can RIP
gamings-reminiscence chapter 38 . 2/12/2013
I was so behind on these chapters T-T but I've finally caught up :D Too bad about Gina though :(

From this chapter, Kalli's portion was a mix between hilarious and awesome; the anti-careers. I like the sound of that - let's see how badly they can screw up the Careers momentum. Speaking of Careers, their numbers are slowly but surely dwindling which can only be good news for everyone else. At least with Sunday gone they will be less likely to notice the decrease in supplies anytime soon.

Yay, someone voted for a Vihn PoV! I like how Liam is kind of the defacto leader for their alliance, at least from Vihn's perspective. I wonder how Novin will take that. He wanted to be the leader right? Well considering that their alliance is one of the only one's to not suffer any losses... The next few chapters will be intense for sure. By the way, what do the initials at the end stand for?

Glad to be caught up and I can't wait for the next update!
goldie031 chapter 38 . 2/12/2013
What movie is this from?
Heart of Sunshine chapter 38 . 2/12/2013
Yes! You updated, at last, and the chapter was great! Poor Felix. But please...please...kill Darius! He is despicable...bleaugh!
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