Reviews for Catch You Later
Miasmic chapter 65 . 7/20
Oh man I fucking loved this and am so sad it's over :( though I do look forward to a Disney World Sequel! I find it so interesting how you describe/depict what it feels like to be in love in this story - I personally never have been in love, but after reading this I really really want to be and wish I had a relationship like Sasuke and Sakura's (honestly even with all the bickering haha). Literally relationship goals ughhh

Anyways, all you stories are great! Super entertaining, with a great mix of drama, comedy, and complete ridiculousness. Keep it up gurrrl
Miasmic chapter 16 . 7/19
I just started this story yesterday and I am absolutely in looooove with it. All of your stories are fucking great, your are literally one of my favorite authors :) please keep on writing!
nightlock475 chapter 65 . 7/13
Actually the best mother******* I've ever read. Wow. Hot ****. I loved how natural u made all the characters seem. Some stories just make the characters too obvious. Annoyingly so. I also loves ur dynamic between sakura and Karin. R u going to have akatsuki show up? And where itatchi? How come he's never mentioned?
Guest chapter 65 . 7/3
I seldom review on a fiction... I mean only if i like it very much, but i wanna say... I've never read a fiction with 10 chapters... But this was fuckin awesome... Your writing style is very very professional... You really know how to keep the readers, interested...
I was a little disappointed for no mention of itachi and kakashi (best characters in anime)...
I really like it because sasuke was all aloof and broody but still really good at heart and caring, and as compared to him sakura was a little selfish( I mean c'mon girl... He is literally doing everything for you... But you only want him to say the three fuckin words)...
But overall it was really good... I mean really really good...
xFlipJamsx chapter 65 . 6/21
please write the sequel to this story where sasuke and sakura are in disney world, the vacation story :D i really want to read it.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/31
reading this story for the 4th time 3
Cathie-Silva chapter 65 . 5/31
I'm in love with this FIC
Guest chapter 58 . 5/11
I totally agree! This is getting exciting although it has passed fifties chapters already. I love you so much Daisy? Hahaha
Guest chapter 2 . 5/9
Ah, I like the way Sasuke and Sakura treat each other... They are so natural, so cute~
butterfly9070 chapter 65 . 5/7
I know this story was done a few years ago, but I just found it recently and enjoyed it so much. I was laughing to the point of tears at times. This was really well written with never a dull moment. Thank you for a real treat.
Rhiannon chapter 1 . 4/27
I fucking love your story. It is crazy and I love it. Sorta reminds me of my own girlfriends and our guys. Anyways, the whole 'roadtrip' concept was great. You've incorporated the whole naruto crew into the plot perfectly and you haven't rushed anything. At the same time it wasn't painfully slow either. I love the Ino - Sakura friendship. They are both classy biatches and they rock! Hellz yeah! You even added a lot of humour that had me laughing my ass off. Seriously, I don't think you can make shit up like this unless you've had personal experiences or something. I can't thank you enough for not putting Temari with Shika. Ive always hollered for InoShika (mainly cuz I love Ino. But it's a shame that in cannon, Ino ends up having a kid with Sai).
So yeah. You don't really need me (or anyone else) to tell you how awesome you are cuz you probably already know. But whatever. You are freaking awesome. This is just one of 900 something reviews this fic has got. And seeing as how this fic is complete, I wonder if you are ever gonna read this ( I mean you obviously have a life, so... ). But if you do take the time to read this shit I've written, then I'd just like to request you update a few of your other fic and maybe start on a sequel to this ? To much to ask ? Like I said you have a very real life of your own. Medical school, yeah ? Time is probably a bitch, huh? Anyways don't listen to the foolish ramblings of this high school girl. We only ask you cuz we love your works. But whatevs. Once again, great job on the fanfiction. Hellz yeah!
OrangePeels4You chapter 47 . 4/18
Sakura would be amazing for 'Cinema Sins'.
SwaggyStiles chapter 1 . 3/31
Please please please, write the disney world sequel *hopeful/pleading voice*
Hyakira chapter 65 . 3/12
Wonderful. Slowly (not really since i read it from beginning to end nonstop), I have come to totally love this universe, their progress, their characters, their adventure, their summer, their friendship. I love the relationships, the complications in terms of romance (esp Ino's situation).

Great job! Thank you for sharing this!
Hyakira chapter 65 . 3/12
Wonderful. Slowly (not really since i read it from beginning to end nonstop), I have come to totally love this universe, their pr
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