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michaeldevin12 chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Pless update soon
Finchelroxursox chapter 3 . 5/22/2012
Ahh Maverick, the poor boy is already getting picked on... Nice work!
Jaycee Marie Caniff-Espinosa chapter 3 . 5/22/2012
thanks again for choosing my oc for the story.I hope this story ends up to be really good and I loved the song you chose for my OCs audition song...just one question, do you remember who i put as my love interest?
Guest chapter 2 . 5/21/2012
Hey pretty good story so far I forgot to put how he looks like sorry if it to late it to late Michael has really light blue eyes and has brown spiked up hair
Guest chapter 2 . 4/27/2012
Thank you for picking Michael
Jaycee Marie Caniff-Espinosa chapter 2 . 4/22/2012
:) thanks. im sorry to hear about the reported thing...that also happened to me. I can't believe you drew my name out. That was a miracle. Your idea on how to pick OC's is great and I'll do that next time I need to choose OC's :) thanks alot :)
Fizzy Starburst chapter 2 . 4/14/2012
Thanks so much for accepted June! :)
perfectlyODD chapter 2 . 4/14/2012
Thanks for choosing Jonathan! Can't wait for it to start!
HalfMaskedWholeHeart chapter 2 . 4/13/2012
OMG! Thanks so much for accepting them! You're so awesome!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/13/2012
Hi! When are you going to post the final list of people?
SupervheesygurlSupervheesygurl chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
Ivy McGoldrick

Nickname: veggie (I am a vegetarian so veggie is sorta an abbreviation for vegetable, according to sue this name is very fitting.

Sexuality: straight

Gender: female

Religion: catholic

Bully or bullied: I don't bully anyone, and no one really bothers me that much.

Age/grade/birthday: August 5, same age as all the other glee characters

Appearance: ivy has waist length blonde hair that is wavy, and she had an accident with a permanent marker so she has black streaks too. I have a tan due to the fact that I used to live in California. I have a birthmark on my lower thigh and bright blue eyes.

Celebrity lookalike: Alison Harvard ( when she has blonde hair)

Hight/weight: i am kinda short so I am around 5 3 and because I am so short I have a petit figure so around 110 pounds.

Every day clothes: an off the shoulder white loose shirt with jean shorts, along with that I wear those Indian shoes with the stringy things (I totally forget what they are called) and I have a leather worn out purse that I've had forever.

Prom: .ca/search?hlen&clientsafari&biw320&bih356&tbmisch&sa1&qwhiteandgoldpromdresses&oqwhiteandgold&aq0&aqig5&aql&gs_lmobile-gws-serp.1.0.0l5. .&mvs0#i43

Dressy: .ca/search?hlen&clientsafari&biw320&bih416&tbmisch&sa1&qofftheshoulderdresses&oqoffthesho&aq2&aqig5&aql&gs_lmobile-gws-serp.1.2.0l5. .&mvs0#i7

Family: mom: a sucsessful baker she owns a bakery in Lima that's why we moved here

Dad: a total dead beat, when he found out mom was pregnant he was outta there faster than you could say peanut butter.

No siblings I am an only child

Background: I come from a middle class family, we used to live in New jersey but we moved when mom bought an old building to use as a bakery, as I mentioned before my dads a beadbeat but we do get money from him every month for child support

Likes: criminal minds, marshmallows, bacon, reality tv, flavored lip chap and neon nail polish

Dislikes: makeup, Rachel,commercials, cats, meat, chocolate and drama queens.

Fave song: when you were young by the killers

Favorite color: white and gold

Fave animal: turtles

Audition song: love song by Sarah bareiles

Songs to sing: when you were young, A thousand years, what the hell, back to the start, smile by Avril lavigne

What would my born this way t shirt say: Super klutzy

Relation ships: Kurt- best friend, Finn- really good friend, Rachel- enemy, puck- sorta crush and everyone else is my friend! Especially rory hes so cool

Hobbys: singing, acting, pulling pranks and painting

Clubs: art, glee, drama, and celbecy club

Extra stuff:

Personality: very funny and sarcastic, and super klutzy like, her mom thinks there is something wrong with her.
perfectlyODD chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
Is it too late?

Full Name: Jonathan Leroy

Nicknames: (Including names Sue and bullies will call them) Nathan (by friends), Baby Face, Golden Boy, Tigger (due to hyperness) Dork.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-curious.

Religion: None

Bully or Bullied?: Neither. More of a saver, if that makes sense.

Age/Grade/Birthday: 17, sophomore, 12/3

Appearance: Light tan, baby face, dark curls to his jaw, green eyes, nerd glasses (like Cameron Mitchell's), well-built and tall- 6'1.

Actor, Model, Singer etc. they resemble: Justin Timberlake.

. /search?tbmisch&sourcemog&hlen-GB&gluk&clientsafari&tabwi&qjustin%20timberlake&saN&biw320&bih356&sein4Z4T_64BMfl8QO9tMG3DQ#p0

Height/Weight: 6'1 and 11 stone.


Every-Day School Clothes: Lettermen jacket, black converse, grey t-shirt, baggy jeans.

Prom: Just a tux.

Dressy: Blue shirt and dark jeans.

Family: Single mom- Julie- 32- hardly sees her because she works too much.

Sister- Lilia- 6- he lives her to bits and would do anything for her.

Background: He's a straight-A student and never gets into much trouble. He us a jock because he needs a scholarship- he can't get into college any other way because his family is skint.

Likes: Rom-com movies, reading, Harry potter and food.

Dislikes: Snobs, bullies, horror movies and Justin Beiber.

Fav Color/Food/Animal/Singer or Band/Song/: Blue, peanut butter, hamster and The Script.

Audition Song: Breakeven by the script.

Songs for him/her to sing: (At least 5 for me to choose from)

Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday

Cry me a river by Michael Buble

Paradise by Coldplay

Kiss the girl by Disney (to a friend about a girl they like)

Rhythm of love by the plain White tees (to love interest.

What would his/her Born This Way T-shirt say? : Baby face

Relationship: Any OC girl. Perhaps a quiet, shy one that doesn't open up much and gets bullied.

Hobbies: Reading, playing on his guitar, listening to music, studying history.

Clubs: Jock, Glee

Others I may have missed: Nope! I hope I'm not too late!
theawesome123 chapter 1 . 3/22/2012
Full Name:Willow Hannah Sorrow

Nicknames:Worthless, Idiot, Dork, Nerd, Homeless Girl, Lisper, Midget, Ugly, Bookworm(Sue and bullies)

Will(Glee Clubers)



Religion:Christian(don't have her cuss, drink, downgrade God's name, or do you know what)

Bully or Bullied? :Bullied

Age/Grade/Birthday:14, Sophmore, October 31st

Appearance:Blonde Hair, Pale Blue Eyes, Skinny, but not too skinny

Actor, Model, Singer etc. they resemble:AnnaSophia imgres?hlen&biw1280&bih627&tbmisch&tbnidvKXih4NGO1XnMM:& Sleepwalking-Charlize-Theron/dp/B0015OKWK8&docidYNo8Kv9HB3mlzM& /images/G/01/dvd/anchorbay/sleep_ &w700&h466&eikm9rT6WaIMyosAKC9emGBg&zoom1&iacthc&vpx109&vpy329&dur1208&hovh183&hovw275&tx212&ty138&sig110082254000438338946&page2&tbnh132&tbnw176&start18&ndsp24&ved1t:429,r:0,s:18

Height/Weight:4'10, 85


Every-Day School cgi/set?id45824472




Background:When Willow was five years old she saw her parents get killed by a criminal, this forced her to live on the streets, where she still lives now. Only recently has she come to Lima, Ohio, due to her always moving around from that smooth criminal. This time it will be different she is going to stay and not move away. She has just started school and is a sophmore due to her intelligence. All she can afford is, one pair of jeans, two shirts, one dress, three pairs of shoes, one pair of tights, and one pair of regular socks-along with the Jesus necklace and Bible her parents gave her. She will talk to everyone about being a Christian, no matter what the cost. Also she lisps, always has always will, which leads most to mimic it(the lisp).

Likes:The color Pink, God, Jesus, Friends(doesn't have any), Singing, Acting, Artie

Dislikes:Bullies(what they do, not them themselves), Drinking, Smoking, Cussing, Murderers, Mocking



Food:Spaghetti(had it before her parents death)

Animal:Panda Awesomeness!

Singer:Taylor Swift


Song:Concrete Angel by Martina McBride

Audition Song:When I'm 64, Beetles

Songs for him/her to sing:

Mean, Taylor Swift

Monster, Skillet

Love Story, Taylor Swift

Set Fire to the Rain, Adelle

Smooth Criminal, Glee Version(Duet with Artie, she does Santana's part, he does Sebastian's)

Rolling in the Deep, Adele

Hero, Skillet

Who Says, Selena Gomez

Don't Laugh at me, Mark Wills

You're Not Sorry, Taylor Swift

Our Song, Taylor Swift

You Belong With Me

If I Die Young, The Band Perry

Our God is Greater, Chris Tomlin

How He Loves, David Crower Band

All of Creation, MercyMe

Hold us Together, Matt Maher

Let the Waters Rise, Mikeschair

What would his/her Born This Way T-shirt say? :Lisps

Relationship:She has a crush on Artie, she doesn't cre about his wheelchair, only what's in his heart.

Hobbies:Writing, Singing, Acting

Clubs:Glee, Drama, Debate

Others I may have missed:Wears glasses all the time, always carries a picture of her family with her
Jaycee Marie Caniff-Espinosa chapter 1 . 3/18/2012
this is for my oc jaycee...Songs for him/her to sing: (At least 5 for me to choose from):

Glad You Came- The Wanted (duet with the Warblers)

Home- Blake Shelton (duet with Rory)

Fly- Rhianna and Nick Minaj

Footloose- Blake Shelton (regionals with The Glee Club

Elevate- Big Time Rush
Guest chapter 1 . 3/18/2012
Full Name: Jaycee Marie Maslow- Pena

Nicknames: jay, cece, shorty (sue and bullies)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight

Religion: christian

Bully or Bullied? : bullied

Age/Grade/Birthday: 16/sophmore/ August 15th

Appearance: long, straight black hair. really skinny but not anorexic. blue eyes. tanned skin. always wears a purple headband.

Actor, Model, Singer etc. they resemble: somewhat resembles Daniella Monet (vicTORious)

Height/Weight: 5 foot 2/ 95 lbs


Every-Day School Clothes: favourite_outfit/set?id45615497 (favorite school outfit) or... . .house/set?id45347829 (multiple outfits she wears)

Prom: cgi/set?id45657530

Dressy: (Like for a fancy dinner etc.)black skirt and purple shirt

Family: Shalynn Copper Evercaster- Maslow (deceased) Josh Marcus Maslow (deceased) twin brother- James David Maslow (16, younger by 1 hour) Carlos Roberto Pena (cousin, 16, also younger but by 1 day)




Fav Color/Food/Animal/Singer or Band/Song/: Purple/salad/penguin/Atticus Mitchell or Big Time Rush/Turn It All Around (Atticus Mitchell)

Audition Song: We So fly 9Atticus Mitchell)

Songs for him/her to sing: (At least 5 for me to choose from)

What would his/her Born This Way T-shirt say? : Shorty

Relationship: Rory Flanagan...she looks up to him as if he were her own brother. she has a HUGE crush on him because she loves his Irish accent and his Irish background. He is also her best friend and they spend all their time together. Ever since he transferred to McKinley High, she has had a huge crush on him. I mean HUGEEEEEEEEEE!

Hobbies:singing, dancing, writing, drawing, painting...basically anything that involves being creative)

Clubs: Glee club

Others I may have missed: nope, you got everything

(I know this is after the deadline but it's by one day,,,,,,,i hope you pick jaycee for your story )
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