Reviews for Terrorism & Anarchy
Shinigami Merchant chapter 10 . 3/29
Best chapter yet X3 I love how you characterized Sephiroth in this one
Shinigami Merchant chapter 5 . 3/28
I loved this chapter, Zack's character is so much fun
Shinigami Merchant chapter 1 . 3/28
So much fun X3
Guest chapter 22 . 3/24
You know, with Genesis now more sane, he'd probably help Cloud keep his cover just a little longer- though that might involve having Zack think he's kidnapped Cloud to cure the degradation of his clones ...
Guest chapter 22 . 3/24
So close, sephy, so close
SV chapter 20 . 3/23
Hmm, wonder if Someone from deep ground will join the delivery service- my vote is either Argento or Shelke.
Sarekkandarikulover chapter 22 . 3/23
! YOU JUST STOPPED THERE!? That's just heartless, Cloud was opening up to Zack, Sephiroth was figuring things out and then Genesis just comes out of nowhere! Update PLEASE!
kitsunedemon chapter 22 . 3/22
I just completely re-read your story and I fell right back in love.

I hope you continue writing this. I would help give any inspiration I possibly could if it meant you would still keep up with this.

This last chapter is such a massive cliffhanger that I really do want to throw my laptop at the wall in frustration. Cloud finally starts to open up to Zack about everything and Genesis pops up to likely make things worse and confuse the hell out of Zack.

I will anxiously look forward to your next chapter. Thank you so much for writing something so amazing; I am so emotionally invested in your story.
bluesnowflakes21 chapter 22 . 3/18
update please
Insazy chapter 22 . 3/12
This is amazing! I love the story and everyone's reactions. I really hope Cloud doesn't seriously screw up. He is doing so well and, being my favourite character and all, I want him to excell at everything he needs to do.
AnimeHuntress chapter 22 . 3/11
I love this and i'm hoping you'll have time to update soon. good luck please keep up the good work!
White Wolf chapter 22 . 3/9
Love your story. Hope you update soon.
numair2304 chapter 4 . 3/5
Brillant. I love the scrap with Reno. He had no chance of winning but he made them work to take him down for the count.
Cyde chapter 22 . 3/2
One thing for the characters - particularly Sephiroth - in your universe to consider: CS Delivery, by definition, is NOT a terrorist, nor does he lead or participate in a terrorist organization. CS Delivery's M.O. is primarily stealth and the avoidance of excessive violence, if not the complete avoidance of violence of any sort.

What CS Delivery is, in point of fact, is a master thief and saboteur. He hasn't done a single thing to strike fear in the hearts of Shinra's populace.
VFR6 chapter 2 . 3/2
The title of this chapter is so related to its content. First paragraph alone, Sephiroth, THE SEPHIROTH, was actually depicting sitting in his office, a regular office. Which implied that even with glorious long silver hair, leather clothes, katana of fuk Aerith, he still do regular paper works now and then...
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