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Impatient Reader chapter 22 . 2/25
Please update soon. Please.

We have to know what happens next. How much trouble are they in for? Is Cloud's cover finally blown? And what does he have planned next?
125b chapter 22 . 2/18
Great story
tigerslady08 chapter 22 . 2/15
Omg this is awesome! Please don't leave me hanging for to long.
sharkpedofromverpets chapter 22 . 2/9
What horrible timing. Everyone just messed themselves up there in the end. Can't believe you've just left it on that though. Cruelty!

In all honestly, this seems to be a pretty cool story. You've balanced the humour while not making it too outrageous and kept plot going with the right tones. Very rare to have someone do that so skilfully. Usually it's one way or another and I love this for it. Thank you for writing this.
P.T. Tucker chapter 22 . 2/5
Oh man, I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore this fic! I absolutely LOVE how different it is, for one. I love that Cloud decides immediately to remove himself from ShinRa (and give a very good reason for it too - people WILL notice he's super different now). And I love that he not only embarks on his own (with Nanaki and Vincent, of course) but does it so INTELLIGENTLY! Seriously, I am VERY impressed with not only your inclusion of many different elements of the games & movie (Deepground, Minerva, the healing water, different swords and spells, Gelinka, Huge Materia...the list goes on) but also HOW you use them. You're writing really feels like you put a lot of thought into it and either have played the games numerous times or did a lot of careful research and it just comes out as an amazing fanfic. One thing in particular that struck me is how you described the differences in materia in the games - tiered vs focused - and even had Zack "talk" a little about why he preferred one over the other. Seriously, I've been wondering how to even mention that strangeness in fics and you came up with a really cool explanation that made perfect sense AND made Zack sound like an actual intelligent SOLDIER with proper opinions on fighting while doing it!

Which, btw, Zack! I seriously love EVERYONE in your fic, really I do, but I ADORE how you managed to make Zack silly and so honest and pure while STILL keeping up with the fact that he is a First Class by this time and is INTELLIGENT. I love how Zack almost immediately figures out something went wonky with Cloud and even had several bits of carefully constructed supporting evidence as well. I know personally that Zack can be very difficult to write since you don't want him too serious but you don't want him too "puppy" either and so I am really impressed that you managed to get the perfect balance for him.

As for the others, I love how Sephiroth is so confused about the world and it breaks my heart how you wrote that he USED to have people who'd take the time to carefully explain things (even if Genesis' explanations sounded a little...Genesis, lol) and now he's all along. Ugh, you mixed in a little bit of angst so well!

And with the angst, there were some moments that legit had me gasping for breath from laughing so hard. I'm one hundred percent not exaggerating that. I'd love to have pulled some direct lines that really made me want to die from laughter, but unfortunately FFN's anti-copy policy made that more trouble than it was worth. But just know that I think you mix in action, comedy & even angst so well in this fic! It's perfectly balanced!

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, I was very impressed with how you included Yuffie without making it super unbelievable. Cloud wanting to build the Gold Saucer in Wutai was a true stroke of genius, I'm not even kidding, and how it led to him traveling the world with the Treasure Princess was awesome. Especially since you included Yuffie's "babysitter" in the mix - makes it much more believable that Lord Godo would allow her to go off with a stranger when she has someone with her, especially since Yuffie makes a convincing (and fully canon-supported) argument that she'll just go anyway. How that little brat gets to half the places she does in Crisis Core without dying in the process is one of the game's greatest mysteries.

The inclusion of the water in Cloud's blood was super unique, and I love how you didn't push Aerith to the side because of it. She might have been having trouble with it herself, but she still knew enough about it to help Cloud use it. And I love how Aerith wasn't immediately forgotten after the beginning of the game. I love that they keep coming back to her and I love that Zack figured out he could talk to Cloud through her.

And I love how Sephiroth is coming to the truth with what happened, but that Zack also managed to hit the nail on the head. Really, I just love that you make your characters believably smart (especially considering the canon ranks they hold in the game) without making them too ridiculously genius. Tseng immediately catching on that Cloud was blocking Aerith's name was so great and Reeve casually just barging in because he's been monitoring the entire company was epic.

I can't wait to see where you take this story! Hopefully you'll get some more inspiration to write or plot and we'll be able to see an update one day. Until then, I'll probably just re-read this over and over because it's awesome.
zubhanwc3 chapter 22 . 2/2
aww, i now regret reading this fic, since i don't know when the next update will come, if at all, and the anticipation will probably hurt me, a lot T_T
Dixie C Jones chapter 22 . 1/25
They are so close to finding out! Are they going to keep thinking cloud has a spilt personality? Because I would find that interesting. Either way, I just need to know how it ends!
Plunny.Empress chapter 22 . 1/22
Aw! Poor Cloudy baby. :( I really, really hope that he gets to keep Zack's friendship. :( And Genesis has some seriously bad timing. . And I love how Sephiroth is so outside the box that he hits the nail on the head when he actually tries to understand. XDDD Fantastically written as always. :) I'm just sorry that it took me this long to catch up. . Thank you for writing, posting, and updating this. :) I love it very much. :D
ErinSkyeLi2.7 chapter 22 . 1/18
AHHH THAT CLIFFHANGER! Please update soon :) I really quite enjoy this concept, and how Cloud acts. A really nice change from the usual angsty teen time traveler I've read. Please pick this up again! Like WTF is going to happen now that Genesis woke up, and in front of Zack no less. Omfg of course Genesis fuckin blows Cloud's cover.
BorderlineInsanity chapter 22 . 1/17
Although unfortunate that it went over s year, life does tend to rear it's head now and again. That being said, this is one of my favorite fics as of yet and I've probably read hundreds. (Yes I have a life, I just read too dang fast) I've favorited this wonderful work and look forward to when your muse strikes.
ebbuu chapter 5 . 1/9
Liked and put in favorites all for that one line "Who the hell says 'mosey' before raiding a mako reactor?"
Claciro chapter 22 . 12/26/2016
Why aren't there any fanarts for this fic?
I want to see what CS Delivery looks like; his clothing, especially the goggles; his golden skin and white hair, or are those just temporary? And his weapons, too.

I hope you find time and inspiration. :)
thedragondemigod123 chapter 22 . 12/26/2016
Great story!
Claciro chapter 11 . 12/26/2016
Awww. LOL.
This Sephiroth's shampoo and conditioner again. :3
Claciro chapter 10 . 12/26/2016
Especially enjoyable, having Cait Sith spying on Cloud with almost everyone big in Shinra watching. :)
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