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hi-mit-su chapter 2 . 6/24/2007
Sorry to intrude, but this fic will be better if you did some 'editing'. I'm not saying that it's not good, in fact, the opposite. Good job. XD
Strawberryjubilee chapter 22 . 1/9/2007
*so curious* Maddy-chan, are you going to update this fic? please update soon..
Strawberryjubilee chapter 21 . 1/9/2007
cute... *running to the next chappie*
reviewer chapter 22 . 6/7/2005
aww this story is so cute. fuuma gets mad a lot doesn't he. anyway i think you've done a wonderful job on this fic. i hope you update soon.
tsukikage chapter 22 . 2/25/2005
Kya! LOVE! ::hearts:: Ya...I'd put a heart but the last time I did that, everything that I wrote after it kind of...died...(translation: did not show) Anyways! LOVE! AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI! Kamui and Fuuma are just meant to be together! It's so obvious! Probably the only more obvious thing in the manga/anime/video game/many more /'s, is that Kamui is absolutely UTSUKUSHI(BEAUTIFUL)! ::fangirlness:: Anyways! Back to talking about you're story! Tis vedy, vedy good! I LOVE the plot, and the pairing(I'm pretty sure I've made that clear, but I had to repeat it), and the way you made the characters! Continue writing and write more Kamui/Fuuma stories! I'll keep reading them! .
Jude chapter 22 . 1/4/2005
Not bad. Keep it up and update soon.
RuByMoOn17 chapter 22 . 1/4/2005
update soon!
loveistimesfool chapter 21 . 10/14/2003
Well, that was cute. And happy. Good chapter.
Dark Energy chapter 2 . 10/12/2003
Dark Energy Rateing: 10

WOW! Awesome! The Dark Energy fanfiction reviwers are holding a contest, we would love if you submited.
Strawberryjubilee chapter 20 . 8/12/2003
Ah... Sugoi, Maddy-chan! Sei-chan and Subby-chan are back. I missed them so much *drools* What's next? what's next? What will Fuuma talk about? Did Subaru tell him about Aiden and Sorata? *curious* Update soon, Maddy-chan!
loveistimesfool chapter 20 . 8/10/2003
Good chapter. Fuuma is going to talk? ::looks nervous::
Strawberryjubilee chapter 19 . 8/5/2003
Oh, that would be nice Well, if it's okay with you. Oh, the 'Subaru' on ICQ, was it you? if it was I'm sorry, but my stupid ICQ got some errors and I just reinstalled it. You're so stupid, Fuuma, you should've not done that to him. You should've listened to what he was going to say. Poor Kamui. btw okay, but I still don't understand Kamui's relation with Aiden.. a bit fishy.. hehehe.. were they kind of like lovers in d past?
Kamikakushi chapter 19 . 8/4/2003
_ This fic never makes much sense to me...I don't know why. The most unpredictable thing always happens. But it's still interesting to read it. Anyways, update soon...
loveistimesfool chapter 19 . 8/3/2003
Good chapter. Subaru's back! _
Rei Kobayashi chapter 1 . 7/22/2003
Sorry to rain on your parade, but it's 'Monou' not 'Monuh'.
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