Reviews for Abusing Forgiveness
doyleshuny chapter 14 . 4/23/2012
At least "Dean" is grasping the damage he's doing to "Sammy". About time. It's really hard reading Dean beating the crap out of Sammy. I mean I can't stand it when the two boys fight on the show. To be honest I find out they're getting into a fist fight and I won't watch. Okay I'm pathetic. Excellent Job!
Kirabaros chapter 16 . 4/23/2012
I like this, the side by side comparison of reconciliation. There is still a long ways to go but this is the first step. Thanks for one last chapter. It really works.
angeleyenc chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
loved the ending! :D great story hun! *sniff*
ladykale1985 chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
very good story...
where the wind blows chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
Haha dean always caves in the end. I really liked this chapter you added in the end and I like how you made the alternate reality not just a world Cas made up for dean but a place with its own story. Once again amazing chapter and amazing story, this was a wonderful addition, and I can't wait to read more by you!

bearberry915 chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
*hugs* Best chapter ever! This ending really made me happy. I know you can't see me, but right now I have a huge s*** eating grin on my face and my dad is looking at me like I am crazy. Seriously though, this chapter rocked!

I was wondering if I could unofficially beta this chapter. It's really good but there are a few grammar mistakes. I have an itching feeling that makes me want to fix everything and make it perfect. If I can, just contact me.

Love this! :D
3DBABE1999 chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
Awww! SO glad you also see Sam & Dean's side of things I keep telling people I believe the angels are the ones at fault (well kinda) for the seals thing & that it had ALWAYS been planned to go down that way even before Sam & Dean were even born "things" have been trying to get them on opposite sides of the board from each other. Examples: They wouldn't even EXIST if the angels hadn't meddled & self fufilled prophecies by MAKING John & Mary fall in love, Azazel & the demon blood was no coincidence & neither was their mom's death & their father's becoming a hunter and raising them to be as well, Sam's psychic powers manifesting (and I believe they never really went away(something bent that spoon),John telling Dean if he couldn't save Sam he'd have to kill him, Dean getting scared his dad may be right, Sam dying (served it's purpose made Dean sell his soul & got Ruby in the picture (it wasn't by coincidence that John got out of hell & that Ruby suddenly shows up to "guide" Sam) nor was it coincidence that Dean went to hell & stayed just long enough to break the first seal (it had to be him just like it had to be Sam), then Dean comes back & angels tell him his brother has to be stopped (another wedge) (the angels knew what was happening & could've killed Ruby anytime (but she had her purpose even for their side)but instead they threaten Sam's life & make Dean responsible for stopping him, not a coincidence that Sam tells Chuck/GOD that he wished he could quit the Demon blood thing then RIGHT after he gets locked in the panic room to detox, but then the angels go all self fufilling prophecy on everyone's a**es & let Sam out at the height of his jonesing when he can't make a sound rational choice which leads to Dean calling him a monster (say ouch for poor Sammy cause we KNOW that hurt but it served it's purpose & drove him away right into doing EXACTLY what the angels & demons BOTH wanted(really who could stand to fight against something like that when that destiny's already been "supposedly" written)(again self fufilled prophecy) then Dean winding up able to get to Sam just in time to see his brother turn away from him & ignore him to kill Lilith & break the final seal & then Sam says he's sorry & Dean KNOWS it's not REALLY his fault but he's still hurt & tells Sam he thinks he can't trust him (ouch again) RIGHT after that Cas shows up & is all like oh I need your necklace (the one piece of Sam and Sam's love that Dean would never part with but he's just been hurt & Cas says he needs it so he gives it over then Sam & Dean go through a temporary split only for Dean to see a future where Lucifer's riding his brother ( Luci even says that future's inevitable) then the brother's get back together but are still on shaky ground as they watch their friends(Ellen and Jo) needlessly die because The Colt doesn't kill Lucifer & The Colt disappears (Cas was one of the last ones seen close to where it fell hmm...) Death was released (even that had it's purpose (ring was part of the cage & only Death could get Sammy's soul back again hmm.. will come back to that later)The bros get sent back in time & Dean hears Michael say free will is an illusion & that the Winchesters' destinies will play themselves out NO MATTER WHAT (again hmm..)(will come back to that one to)then Sam & Dean are shot (serves it's purpose oddly enough) the brothers die & go to heaven, now bear in mind Sam was dead an extra 5min & I honestly believe that in that time his version of heaven was tampered with & that even he caught on when he & Dean popped into the night he went to Stanford Ash saves them & practically tells them they're soulmates(not in eww Wincest way but in the way a good loving parent & child would want to be in heaven together)(and Dean was both Sam's mom & dad and all of Sam's good memories would have been of Dean (hence flashback in Swan Song) Dean IS Sam's heaven but the angels couldn't let Dean know that (yet another wedge)and RIGHT after Dean is so hurt by what he thinks Sam's version of heaven is (you think he would've caught on to but he was blinded by saddness or he would have remembered that Zach made him COMPLETELY forget Sam once & with the whole mommy issues Zach presented in heaven was PROOF he could in fact tamper with what they saw in heaven) Cas gives back Dean's necklace & says it's worthless & Dean, KNOWING that Sam is watching doesn't even look back (I bet he did have tears in his eyes though) & drops it into the trash like it & Sam's love didn't mean anything (yet another ouch to Sam cause you can tell by just the look on his face that it broke his heart)then the angels play around some more Sam goes to hell comes back souless (again another wedge & serves it's purpose)(will come back to that as well) Death gets Sam soul back & gives Dean a vague warning & if you look back to Season 4 (episode 15) you see this isn't the first time Dean's been warned Tess (the reaper chick) says "Stop lying to yourself Dean the angels have something good in store for you, a second chance, REALLY, cause I'm pretty sure deep down you know something nasty's coming down the road.", "Trust your instincts Dean." hmm... again)(how come we assume it's the immediate future she's insinuating at (yeah something bad does happen but it also gets so much worse later) Chuck/GOD could've written like 500 books between the opening he's reading at the beginning of Swan Song & THE END he concludes with (he is GOD after all so why do we assume that it's the end of Swan Song he's actually reading instead of something that'll come back at the REAL end of the series after EVERYTHING has played out hmm..) now think back to last episode of Season 3 Dean had Ruby in a devil's trap & he had just practically hit the nail on the head when he said that Ruby was trying to manipulate Sam into her own little Anti-Christ superstar HE could have killed her RIGHT then & yet he didn't big go back to season 1 episodes 11, 12, 20, & 21 first 11 Sam & "Meg" are sitting at the bus stop and there's a guy in the background he's future Sam's height and build with future Sam's hairstyle and wearing the kind of clothes that Sam would (we never really get a good look at his face(Time traveling Sammy? But how could he? Cas.. and am I the only one that thinks it's weird all the sudden that now it doesn't seem like a coincidence that "Meg" seems to know him even when it's "supposedly" their first time meeting in Season 5 episode 10?") I believe Sam "somehow" went back in time after finding out they didn't REALLY derail the apocalypse and that he's still destine to be evil & Sam doesn't want that at this point he may still believe Cas is REALLY on their side and not one of the angels playing him & Dean (boy do I think they're wrong)(yes I've seen all of the new episodes & believe Castiel's sacrifice will just be yet another wedge to drive between Sam and Dean later on) Sam goes back in time tells their dad that if Dean can't save me he's going to have to kill me & convinces John it's true(otherwise he'd never say that to Dean), episode 12 Dean "almost" dies but the faith healer gets him & says GOD chose him (I think Cas may have played a small part in the fact Dean was picked)(yes I know reaper on a leash & all but gotta admit served it's purpose well) episode 20 John just shot the vamp with The Colt (miraculous that it "somehow" wound up in his possession after all this time for this moment hmm..) hear a whispering does it sound to you like a voice saying "You shouldn't have done that."?(Cas was confused when he revealed himself to Dean because Dean could not perceive his true visage yet he was the son of someone who could)notice how long it take the vamp to drop? EVEN after a head shot? LUCIFER fell flat within seconds after being shot(no he didn't die but it still phased him) remember how Luci said there was 5 "things" (species: archangels etc..) The Colt wouldn't kill? (horsemen except Death (who can't REALLY die so he doesn't count) could be killed by The Colt cause the boys cut off War's finger with Ruby's knife and it's not like they couldn't be replaced when I think all they are is angels with a higher pay grade except Death who is what he is)(even both John and Dean said there was only ONE (human) way to kill a vamp (cut off it's head) now notice how as the vamps all standing there it looks like something is behind him & something is "pulled" out of him (kind of looks like what Cas did to Lenore & if you look close you can see want looks like the flap of wings as "whatever" is pulled from the vamp, vamp falls whispering stops hmm..), episode 21 Sam & Dean are staking out the house Azazel is about to be in when the radio acts up (yes demon activity I know BUT) if you listen it sounds like for just a blip of a second that Castiel's monotone voice comes over the staticy air & says "Stay where you are." which to me implies our angel friend (or foe or their gardian who has his own tests to undergo & to administer, however you $ others want 2 view it) has been around longer than previously thought (there's been plenty of times when it appears the boy's decisions were "guided" to right where the wind up before Cas shows himself(again hmm..) now what I believe & if you watch throughout season 4 & 5 you'll hear the angels insinuate over & over that once Sam & Dean have played THEIR parts they'll have an eternity in heaven together as their reward which I think will go like this Sam & Dean REALLY die (for good) after EVERYTHING they've managed to knit back the bond they used 2 have (I think bringing back Dean's necklace will have something 2 do with it) anyway they die & they are welcomed in heaven as heroes by their friends & loved ones (Mary, John, Adam, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Jessica, Maddison, Ash, Pamela etc. be there) those loved ones will tell the boys that this is where "THEIR" "ROAD" was always going 2 lead meaning that they went through was always going 2 lead them here
BloodyRosie chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
love it


laughed at the last part

jo1966 chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
What a beautiful chapter. Great story really enjoyed it, certainly different but you made it work. Thanks.
samgirl19 chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
awww what a good ending
em1701inactive chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
al stewart chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
Really good story and your English is much better now, but just one thing. It's "committed suicide" or "killed himself", not "suicided".

Sorry, I am kinda OCD when it comes to language, but I understand, English isn't my first language either and I had to work real hard to master it.

Story was awesome actually, and I like the additional chapter, the story feels more complete now.
reddgemini chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
WOW. This chapter was awesome. It made me cry. YOu did such a wonderful job with this story
kamitis20 chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
The story was awsome
itscalledkarma chapter 16 . 4/22/2012
Awwwwwww...that was so beautiful. I loved that I'm choking back tears again. Can you please stop making me get so emotion, my brother thinks I'm pmsing! Lol
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