Reviews for What in the Blue Blazes?
optimustaud chapter 21 . 10h
You have such a great grasp on who these characters are. Your observations on Shiemi are very insightful. She is so easy to overlook, but you are right, she has grown a lot. And she has directed that growth to fill in the gaps her teammates can't fill. I am reminded of the scene in the anime where she gets called a weed and is happy about it. She is stronger than she realizes and every member of her team has come to depend on her.

As for an alternate title- I am not sure I can be much help. How about Horticulture?
OverObsessedFangirl8804 chapter 21 . 5/20
Maybe. Good chapter!
xXxDisillusionsxXx chapter 20 . 3/16
Wow. That's some heavy stuff Mephisto is implying. It sounds really good though, and the way he says it, no flourish, all calmness, makes it absolutely chilling. Update soon!
Elaine Weasley chapter 20 . 3/13
I work love to see this most recent one as a multi chapter fic. It seems like it would be really itself tho, its enough for me to want more!
paracuties chapter 20 . 3/13
WHOA. I REALLY LIKE THIS. I seriously never thought of it before...

Like, wow. Loved it! Keep writing!
optimustaud chapter 20 . 3/10
I really love the idea that Mephisto would do something like this. It fits his manipulative nature perfectly. "Coddle" indeed.
River Jaeger chapter 20 . 3/8
I want this to be canon too! I love the idea of Mephisto rewinding and reliving time. Of him knowing people so well because he's seen them again and again in different situations.
I love the idea of him knowing JUST how hard to push and just where to press because he's done it wrong before. Pushed someone into too much anger, too much grief, has hurt someone just a little too much. His manipulations going wrong wrong wrong because he over or underestimates a trait or temper or strength.
Mephisto has seen ascension and damnation of the same soul, has been bored to tears because no matter what he does this one person reacts the exact same way. Has had the same person as an enemy in one life that is an ally in the next, maybe neither the third time around.
Mephisto laughing so hard at Rin's exclamation in the cemetery because he's heard it again and again, no matter what he does his little brother is just so righteous and so kind. Lucifer had said that Rin's weakness was Love and Mephisto knew it to be true. But he also knew that it was his strength because Rin may bear the Blue Flames but he is half human. He knows Rin has a demon's body and a human's mind, but a child's heart.
...He has let Shiro live, he's let Rin die, let Yuko die, killed both twins at birth, in childhood, let Rin be dragged to Gehenna, let Yukio...oh so many possibilities to play with! Maybe an alternate and older Rin, a Demon King Rin, asking Mephisto to Go Back and Try Again.

"Savior of Assiah, or Demon King of Gehenna!?" Mephisto had exclaimed to the Girgori, unknowing to everyone else that he has seen Both.

...Sorry for the rant. I just really like the idea.
xXxDisillusionsxXx chapter 19 . 3/6
Awww, cute. But it made me a little sad reminding me of Fujimoto. He was an awesome character.
Elaine Weasley chapter 19 . 3/6
Lol:-) I loved it!
Quartic Moose chapter 19 . 3/4
Awesome observation!
optimustaud chapter 19 . 3/2
This was adorable. It has been a long time since I have read anything this cute.

I love how spot on Yukio and Rin are in this; Rin being reckless and oblivious while Yukio is exasperated and analyzing the situation trying to find the best solution to the problem.

"Oh, it couldn't be that easy." I admit, I laughed so hard right here. The line was perfectly placed and right in character for Yukio.

And the headlock, oh the headlock. It was perfect. I can picture this in my head so well and I wish the manga/anime would include a scene like this.
Love Psycho chapter 19 . 2/27
-laughing wildly- Oh gosh YES. That's a good way to handle Rin when he gets too reckless. Lol honestly for a guy with super strength to be brought low with that...only works on Rin who's still kinda SCARED of hurting people. Unintentionally that is.

-hands over platter- Magic cookies for you!
tarballGZ chapter 19 . 2/27
That was cute! Go Yukio, headlock Rin! Brotherly love!
optimustaud chapter 18 . 2/25
I love the idea that shielding Rin turned Yukio into his scapegoat so to speak.

Shiro's progression from joy to confusion to understanding was well played here. I am just imagining the guilt he must be experiencing.

And Yukio-the poor kid-he pretty much had no choice but to become an exorcist.
tarballGZ chapter 18 . 2/21
This is a great idea! Yukio the beacon. Honestly I should have thought of it. I wonder if that's why he made Yukio into an exorcist.
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