Reviews for What in the Blue Blazes?
Elaine Weasley chapter 26 . 11/6
I'm too lazy to log in...

Huh. I guess I missed this one:-) It's an interesting take on Mephisto.
optimustaud chapter 26 . 10/24
XD-love it!

It is so very much Mephisto- constantly trying to curb his destructive urges by being involved in as many things as he can. The guy is worse than a cat.
optimustaud chapter 25 . 9/7
Haha excellent! Such a great reason for Rin to keep his tail exposed and it is very in character too.

I agree, I think even as difficult as his life got after he was exposed as a half demon he would have experienced some relief now that he could just let it out.
Love Psycho chapter 25 . 9/6 awesome! Gosh that sounds so much like Rin. Yes, yes, Rin is like that. Rin hates lying, he really really hates lying. So of course he will leave his tail out there.

And YET. Oh yeah, that's a key word. Rin's going to be scary strong.

-hands over platter- Magic cupcakes for you!
Guest chapter 14 . 8/14
Wow. Itsuki really believed that Rin was subtly threatening him into doing his homework. I just... wow
optimustaud chapter 24 . 7/6
I had never interpreted the situation like that, but it makes absolute sense. Rin is so sensitive to the emotional needs of his teammates. It is interesting to think that part of his empathy has to do with his demonic nature. And yes, I love that he would use something demonic in a very non-demonic way- it represents his hybrid nature so well.j

I really liked the inclusion of Godaiin in this piece. And the way you describe the sensation as a "pull." It really suits the way Rin interacts with his friends. I especially liked the line "He'd pick fights until Suguro forgot to brood."
AspergianStoryteller chapter 24 . 6/30
Very interesting idea.
Guest chapter 24 . 6/29
So glad to see this idea in fic form! Good going Rin, turning a power like this into a force for good and something completely Un-demonic :)
paracuties chapter 24 . 6/29
I like this! The last sentence is really nice, too. It sums it all up and gives a nice conclusion to the snippet. Keep up the good work!
Love Psycho chapter 24 . 6/29

This also makes sense for many reasons; first, that demons are supposed to sense weakness and Rin having that ability. Second Rin's naturally a nice guy and wants to help. Third; explains why he's gotten SO GOOD at playing the Heart (and that crazy incident in ch65 too) of the team. He's awkward yes, but he's following good instincts in his own human fashion.

I am putting this in my collection of headcanons, it's so good.

-hands over platter- Magic cake for you!
Swift-Star9 chapter 24 . 6/29
That'd be really cool if one of Satan's powers is heart / super-empathy. If this were canon, then Rin's current obliviously happy to the point of obnoxious would also make so much more sense. Especially with his Renzou prank and bothering Suguro, plus how he's really trying to get Yukio to open up without pressuring him. Great one-shot as always!
xXxDisillusionsxXx chapter 23 . 6/17
Oh my god, I loved this chapter, it was so cute! That would be pretty funny if that actually happened! And it would explain a lot. Good chapter!
optimustaud chapter 23 . 6/12
I really can't think of the word to best describe how this little drabble made me feel. It was a little bit happy and a little bit sad. I find myself feeling really bad for the demons who came to Assiah and fell in love with one time period in particular- only to watch it fade away. And I can picture just how that sort of longevity would affect Rin- who is a lot more senstive then people give him credit for. The way he just brushes it off and tries for that silver lining- at least I'm not colorblind- the way he always does. I did laugh at that image- Rin checking out his clothes trying to figure out what was wrong. I really like the direction you went with this- that a demons fashion choice isn't because they are eccentric or out of touch with humanity, but because they are trying to hold on to a piece of their pasts.
paracuties chapter 23 . 6/11
Ha, I like this! xD I'm curious about what happened to Rin now; you should expand on this!
Swift-Star9 chapter 23 . 6/10
Heehee, this is both mildly horrifying and funny. Rin Okumura, perpetual 90's kid. I guess there are worse things? If everyone's dressing like in Back to the Future 2...

I can't believe I didn't review this earlier, but I loved your Samael turning back time oneshot. That's such an awesome interpretation of what the Lord of Time has been up to. It also explains why everything seems to go according to Mephisto's plan.
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