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Kitkat's Shadow chapter 11 . 2/9/2013
I went to the East Coast ( NB, NS, PEI ) over the summer and holy crap! They have so many freaking ghost stories out there! Like, it's insane.
FelineFoxFan chapter 26 . 10/29/2012
Dear cousins,

Where I am, it hasn't snowed in years! I'd love seeing snow. Would you believe I've never seen it?

Your cousin,
Jason M. Jones
Southern Florida
wisingstar chapter 26 . 10/29/2012
PEI! I go their every summer for a month, so i'd like to hear a story from him! Now the letter!

Hi guys!

I'll definitely send pictures to you guys (and England too!)
What do you mean your not dressing up? Even if you dress up for stories it'd be fun! Send me a good story if you hear one and tell Uncle Mattie bonjour!
wisingstar chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
YO! Its me, MAssachusetts!
How have you been doing? I can't wait till Halloween! What are you guys going as?
I'm going as a pirate just to piss off Uncle England!

AKA Massie Jones
FelineFoxFan chapter 15 . 10/27/2012
Dear cousins,

Wow, you guys are doing the letters too? That's sweet! Since I'm all the way south, it's been so long... I haven't seen you guys and uncle Mattie in forever! Can I come visit sometime?

Your Southern cousin,
Jason M. Jones
Southern Florida
Guest chapter 23 . 10/17/2012
Mon cher NB I know your nicknamed the pretty province or the picture province how does it feel to have inherited all of my French good look? Are you still fanboying over that Rosbif est-ce que ton Oncle prend bien soins de toi?

Honhonhon grand-pere France
KeepTheCreature chapter 22 . 7/22/2012
Hey there-...well, to all of ya, I guess!
I haven't written a letter in forever it seems like. Well, how're things up north? Hope it ain't too bad. Don't really have much else to say at the moment.
Mary-Belle Jones
North Carolina

A/N: Hey there! I'm not sure if you're still going to continue this, but I thought I'd send in a letter. I'm sorry the letter's so short. I haven't sent in one of these in months!
zxdcfvgbhjklp chapter 20 . 5/6/2012
Dear Canadian peeps,

Well, it's no trouble. What sort of correspondance would I be if it took three years to answer a letter, hm?

Eh, same here... Credit crunch didn't help much, mind you, but stuff's looking up. Probably.

Yup, dangling from his ankles! Of course I have photo's! What kinda sister would I be if I didn't keep them for blackmai- I mean to show him next time he annoys me? Included with this letter!

Um, no this was WW1... From 1914- 1918. Probablies should have made that clearer, heheh...

Yup, that it does!

True, true. Newcastle always get's grumpy in the winter because of the sheer amount of storms that hit him. Eh, it's starting to get cold again now! What the hell is the weather doing?


Durham City (Anne Kirkland)

P.S- It's called sarcasam, and, to be fair, the tooth fairys are nasty little buggers.

Sure, next time we see each other.

[Huh, tell me about it. You try to choose a city where nothing much happened so the relationships would be easy to do, and you wind up choosing somewhere with more history than bloody people living there!]
InsanityAintOptional chapter 19 . 4/29/2012
Dear awesome cousins,

Ok. Thanks for clearing that up! Your welcome.

Hi, Cape Breton. Nice to meet ya. I'd introduce myself, but it's kinda obvious who I am. Yes, I now believe their real because I have four people who aren't completely mentally unhinged telling me so.

She does? Dang, that is a persistent fairy!

Yup! I was joking though. And sorry for scaring you/setting off your paranoia many people like my sense of humor, but it sure is fun to scare the crap out of people!

PEI has a Mini-Belarus, from what he said last letter.


Lea Jones, Wisconsin
france chapter 1 . 4/29/2012
dear my canadian brothers
zxdcfvgbhjklp chapter 18 . 4/22/2012
Dear Canadian Peeps,

Yay, more people who aren't hung up on spelling! Nice to get a reply! Well... Things are so-so. Never been good since the seventies, but it's better than it has been.

You're good huh? Well, that's good too! Nothing much is happening. Well, Oxford's dangling from his ankles in place of the clapper in one of the bells in the Cathedral, but that's a normal occurance. Met? Um, not sure. Mighta done in WW1 in the trenches, but there were other things on my mind at this point. Namely the war.

Heh, you got snow too? Cool. Didn't get quite as much, but whatever. We didn't get much this year though, which kinda sucks, but oh well.

Really? Well, we've all heard of you around here... It's the weather everywhere at the moment. Utterly insane.

Written back now. Um, sure...


Durham City (Anne Kirkland)

P.S: The tooth fairy, who'd you think? Anyway, he started it! We just don't get on. Well, most of the time, at any rate.

S'okay, like I said, it was Scotland who hoyed the box at me head and told me to send it to you. He'd find that quite hard at the moment, but I'll pass on the message!

(A/N: Hey, it snowed here too! Got a good couple of inches.

Eh, it's just an intresting relationship they have. She'll defend him if anyone else starts on him; she just thinks she's earned the right to dislike him. The opinion'll probably keep on swinging from one side to the next, just like the supporting history did. Would you believe that Durham declared it's self for the Jacobites, despite years of trying to stop Scotland taking it?

We say that around here. Maybe it got brought over or something...

Oh, hoyed means 'threw'. And me can mean me and my. The more letters she writes, the more she'll start slipping into writing her own accent.)
InsanityAintOptional chapter 15 . 4/21/2012
Dear awesome cousins,

Uh, yeah. I don't know what cheers means, but yeah! Oh, that's stupid. Just because you aren't extremely busy, doesn't mean you aren't fun.

Yes, I guess I mean that. Hmm... So they are real. I always thought that England was completely nuts, but, whatever.

She is? Oh, that's gotta be annoying. I wouldn't know, I've never talked to England for more than five minutes.

Anyways, it's alright, PEI. Just no calling me a wench. Ya know that means a prostitute, right? And that must suck.


You have a mini-Belarus!


Lea Jones, Wisconsin
zxdcfvgbhjklp chapter 1 . 4/16/2012
Dear Canadian peeps!

Well, I can't spell... Hopefully you don't mind if I start my letters with that, right? And if you do, well... tough. Still gonna start it like that anyway. Sorry and all.

Damn, introductions, right? Durham City at your service. North East England, since no one out of a fifty mile radius has heard of me. Well, technically you guys have now... man, whatever.

Um... Um... Anything else to write? Yeah! So, how are you lot? How's the weather out there? It's messed up here. It was snowing a few days ago, then sunny as anything, then absolutely hossing it down for two days and now it's kinda cloudy. Mad as a box of rabbits.

Hope you'll reply!


Durham City (Anne Kirkland)

P.s: Oh, almost forgot. The Scottish bastard hi and sends toffee; I've enclosed it in this letter. It's nice, don't worry, it's one of the things he does make well. What? Shut the hell up Oxford, I don't sound a thing like him! Hey, don't insult the way I speak you posh git! Um, sorry, just ignore that last bit. Need to stop writing what I think, heheheh...

(A/N: A note on Scotland- Durham has a sort of Love-hate relationship with him. Historically, Scotland was pretty much constantly trying to batter the doors of the city down. It was the Northernmost point of England for a long time, meaning the border was a bit of an arrow shape. The two populations hated each other. However, nowadays, many people from around here think we'd be better off with Scotland. Henced mixed messages. )
anon chapter 14 . 3/27/2012
Hi guys! Maine again.

You're right Nova if one of your brothers get judge one of my should too! New Hampshire maybe..

No Lassies would ever /want/ to stalk you Ed...

Really Jacob you need to ask why people think Quebec molests you?


Oh Jacob by the way do you like the band Radio Radio?

Bye, hope to hear from you soon!

-Sarah Jones.

(Radio Radio is an Acadian frenglish pop band. I hear they are very popular in NB. Some of their songs are a bit weird though..)
InsanityAintOptinal chapter 11 . 3/24/2012
Dear awesome cousins,

Nah, it's nothing major. Anyway, good! I'd hate to have boring, NORMAL cousins like Oxford. He's a dick.

That's cool about you guys being abled to see ghosts! I still don't believe tea bastard can, though. Cause he claims to see Tinkerbell and shit. I mean, seriously? Tinkerbell? I bet you guys actually see ghosts and not faeries.

PEI, you'd best not finish that sentence. Or some shits gonna go down. And yeah, I was kidding! In my cracked up, psychotic way of humor...

Anyway, bye guys! Have fun with not being a dick like Oxford!

Lea Jones, Wisconsin.
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