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NatalieBraun chapter 48 . 12h
Salamanders chapter 48 . 21h
Word damn okay alright the updated chapters absolutely slapped like *chefs kiss* and the new Jin chapter was dope af. I've really been following this series for almost a decade and nobody in my life knows about it or takes Sam Champ seriously so thank you for this outlet ️️️
Thesmophoria chapter 47 . 10/24
I was thrilled to see the notification that you updated! Now I have to go and read the reworked chapters! Great chapter, it felt like a good intermission before we start the next arc.
Herembers chapter 48 . 10/23
Okay some of this review was made by taking notes as I read so sorry for the length! (Also for anyone else who happens to see this: SPOILERS BELOW!)

I really enjoyed this deep dive into Jin’s psyche. His rumination over his complicated relationship with Mugen is just SPOT on to how I think he’d be too. The familial aspect towards Fuu too. It brought back so much of the warm feelings I miss getting from the show (which your fic has always done for me) and made me fall in love with the trio all over again. From Jin’s perspective it’s something different though; since he’s the most introspective of the three it feels special. The flashbacks are perfect. As is Jin being his usual stoic self, plunging into freezing water, lamenting the weather that reflects his inner turmoil. I really get the sense of him not feeling quite whole with their absence from his life; it hammers home the connection they made and what a huge impact the journey had on him. They’re a family too as much as Shino and the new life he’s made now with the dojo, which I love love love.

“But if he could hold on to a fraction of that pain, just for one day, just to remember, he would endure it.” Oh Jin this is a beautiful line and relatable sentiment.

Jin involving Shino in the lesson was beyond cute. The domesticity he has built with her is so sweet.

The second he sat down at the river with that damn pole I KNEW they were in for a wait lmao.

I love the mirroring of Torao and Norio to Jin and Yukimaru. In a way him and Mugen too. (Maybe this is an obvious parallel and I’m dumb for just now getting it, but his friendship with Mugen really is paramount to Jin after his history with Yukimaru.)

The argument in the boat had my heart hurting for both of those boys and the scene with killing the fish really stuck with me.

Jin commanding Mugen to take care of Fuu is one of my top faves from the show and this insight into his mind is just AHG MY HEART. This entire chapter is just making me feel so sentimental.

Baby Yukimaru born from the ghost that follows Jin that whole birth scene just…the way he imagines there to be more blood than there is, that Shino is gone. You perfectly captured his anxieties. When he holds his son for the first time ahhhh

I want to dive into so many things I loved about this update, how he comes to terms with his past, how he presses forward with more of that classic Jin-like resolve…so good. Every beat of his character development throughout this chapter was on point. I could go on and on about it tbh but the whole thing was so wonderful and perfect. Your writing, as always, has me feeling so warm and content ️thank you for sharing it.
Rapidash777 chapter 48 . 10/23
Great as always! Not gonna lie, I teared up at the thought of Uncle Mugen and Auntie Fuu lol
UntypicalVero chapter 48 . 10/23
Was so happy to wake up on this chilly autumn morning to read this! It was nice to see what Jim was up to after all this time! Can’t wait to see where Fuu and Mugen are at in the next chapter!
2Adh13 chapter 48 . 10/23
At first I wasn't so sure, if Jin had a bad dream or more an anxiety attack.
That Fuu and Mugen were drawing on Jins face is so typical for these two. As if they were the children and Jin always the strict and annoyed father XD
I can't imagine Jin with a beard, I can't or maybe I can but I don't want to. I don't know.
At first I've got the feeling, that he feels trapped to be at one place or was it the whole change of his life. I'm not sure. Everything changes, but some people can adjust better and faster than others. Maybe Jin needs time for everything. And that brings me to the next thought..I never thought he would miss them so much. I always thought, he would absolutely not forget them, but that he so often revels in the past seems unlikely to me. Or better, I wouldn't connect this behaviour with him. He's more sensitive than he shows.
Jins memories of the two unattractive prostitute's and this market woman. What a funny scene!
The comment about Mugens mother and spicy food was also fricking hilarious.
I understand Mirai's behaviour with the organising of his food. I do this too, but I'm beginning with the not so preferably ingredients and eat what's the best for me at least. So that I have the taste still for a long time l, even the meal is long gone.
I really liked, that Jin want to change his one syllable behaviour because of the children.
I never understood disrespect against woman, ever. That Jin wants to change this, is amazing. And Fuu with her behaviour is probably ahead of their time.
How blind are men or boys, that they get their meal everyday from a woman, but never saw the ability behind it, the use of knifes and other sharp tools. The power they have to bring up, to break bones and other stuff for the meal. Those boys and men are so ungrateful little shits and only stuff their faces. But of course, the boys are the victims of their fathers parenting. They could change, if someone would teach them. Like Jin shows later in this chapter.
Oh, I remembered the scene where Fuu and Mugen snickered together about Jins inability to fish and when he lost it completely in the end and gets bonkers XD
If you didn't already write, that Mirai would be a good monk, I would guessed it. Really, it's so obvious. Of course he always can change, but currently he would be a perfect little monk
I lost it as Jins thought, that Fuu prefers monkeys too because of Mugen
Norio and Torao reminds me highly of Jin and Mugen.
So, Jin does in the end, what he already wanted to tell Mugen after he watched Jin and Fuu at the river. That he should take care of Fuu. He's such a supporter of these two. Maybe the biggest shipper ever!
Oh my goodness, these two woman from market are incredible!
Maybe Jins students should have been there at the moment Shino gave birth. They would never said one negative word ever again about any woman.
Those woman, for real. They gave him tips what Shino and the baby need and then, they bicker about his beard. These dialogues are so witty!
So you know, when I'm reading your new chapters, I always write down my thoughts at the same time for the review, because I feared to forget something.
That Jins students surprised Shino with themselves and their gifts was very impressive. I think, these boys will be great man someday.
What an unlikely propose. I prefer them more, than those simple question. Because with this words, Jin shows that he's more than sure to be with Shino till the end. It's a statement and not some unsure question. Bravo!
Mely88 chapter 48 . 10/23
wow I waited a long time for this update of this great story that this chapter showed how the life of jin and shino has been of how he misses mugen and fuu, I love your way of capturing the scenery and landscapes, thanks for updating, me love samurai champloo and hardly anyone writes about this anime until the next chapter.
Firiare chapter 48 . 10/23
Oh my I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long I almost can’t believe that it is happening! I’ve been dying to read about Jin facial hair for so long and now is here and I can’t even…

This chapter was very melancholic full of good memories, thank you for keep writing and for keeping my ship (fuugen) alive.
AnimeFreak134 chapter 48 . 10/23
I swear your passion for writing holds no bounds. I’m always astounded by not only how MUCH you write but how polished, well written, and researched each chapter is. Astounding! I enjoyed this lovely look into Jin’s peaceful life. I do miss Fuu and Mugen but it seems Jin is missing them just as much

I have no idea how I read this update so fast but this is my only free time I’ll have all day. I was ecstatic to wake up to an update in my email. I do have a flight later today though and I’m super excited because I can go and read those chapters you rewrote! I’m excited for some spooky ghost adventuring. And honestly it’s been a few years since I’ve read those first chapters so even things that haven’t been changed will feel new to me.

As always, and I can’t say this enough, your work is phenomenal. Amazing! I love it! I will always be here reading and eagerly awaiting any and all future updates. Thank you so very much for writing and posting! I hope you have a wonderful and spooky Halloween and also a lovely rest of the year Take care!
Mely88 chapter 47 . 10/7
Por favor estoy ansiosa en la espera de la actualizacion ya no se cuantas veces lo he releído , me encanta esta historia
UntypicalVero chapter 1 . 10/3
I have reread this story so many times. I can’t wait for the next part. Rereading it has allowed me to observe different elements with new perspectives and also I love all the foreshadowing as well. Just wanted to share once again! This feel like canon (and it is in my head!)
claymorecut chapter 9 . 8/29
Rereading this for the nth time and I have to say you, my friend, are a genius! The way you connect this story with not just the entire series but with Watanabe's other works. I literally started squealing the moment I saw Mazo the Saw mention the Red Eye Syndicate in his monologue. I bow down to you, you are such an amazing writer and idk, if it's ever gonna be possible, I'd love to have the printed version of this fanfic in my bookshelf. I love it Destiny, I love you story so much and I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication to this story. And I'm pretty certain my words are not enough to describe how grateful I am to you.
yellowmichaela chapter 47 . 8/21
Where to begin? This masterpiece, is just that, a masterpiece. I mean honestly, the time and the effort that goes into something like this, is truly admirable. I love this story and I can tell that you do to. Not a lot of people take the time and dedication to research and revise a story so much as to keep the consistency with the development of your writing style.
I found Samurai Champloo when it aired on Adult Swim like 6 or 7 years ago, and absolutely fell in love with the story. The ending made me cry in a good way, a good ending for an amazing Anime. I had always loved the idea of Mugen finding love. ( He totally deserves it ). And this is one of the only ones that, in my opinion, really outlines a realistic slow-burn of emotions that are in no way rushed. As it should be. Mugen is a complex character and I LOVE the way you write him! The same can be said about all the characters in your book.
This is something that, even after it ends, I will read over and over again, and never get tired of it. It really is something special. I get so excited when I get the notification of an update, it truly makes my day. The emotions that are expressed are very impactful, and I may or may not have cried a few times.
To wrap this up, I just wanted to show my appreciation for your hard work and this amazing read. Thank you so much I always look forward to more content. Stay healthy and safe!
UntypicalVero chapter 13 . 8/9
The rewrites are so good, I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to read some more of this story.
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