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Crimsonblade chapter 50 . 5/21
Excellent last battle sort of chapter. Loved how Takuma used his Magun for the first time. He surely acted like Kaze did bringing out the Magun and firing Atamos, but the differences between the two is exactly night and day. Takuma can only fire it ONCE, while Kaze was able to use it mulitple times so long as Ai and Yue were allowing him too. Another thing is their character, Kaze used it constantly and at times didn't care for others around him...He was still seen as a hero, but Takuma is an Equestrian whom doesn't like killing and will only use the Magun when he's absolutely sure he needs to...Like as it's his last and only option left. I did love the ending with him and Fluttershy hugging and being a couple. Good work and I hope the Epilogue draws a good conclusion.
Digifan 101 chapter 50 . 5/21
This was a very great last chapter! Loved how Sailor Sun managed to turn Fluttershy back to normal and enjoyed her tackling Takuma gently of course and kissing him. Loved his wish as well.
Sora1590 chapter 50 . 5/18
I really really liked how the chapter went and I can't wait for the next chapter to be really.
Kingdom Infinity chapter 50 . 5/18
It kinda feels weird how it was so easily defeated. It feels like it isn't really gone, also there's the fact of Jeri still.
DragonKnight15 chapter 50 . 5/18
The final chapter... here we go.

Even in a bad situation, this actually makes sense that there's this moment that the princesses ask Takuma to become the guardian. Of course Takuma isn't sure as others say he'll do it right and yes, he's the only one who has gone through the journey he had to be qualified of such a position. I also liked Silver-Quill's moments.

So here Takuma, your one-shot weapon as the symbol of his duty... and the badge too. WAIT. The wish now? That was... pretty fast. And yes, bullets of negative emotions purified by the goodness of Equestrian magic. Makes sense honestly.

Alright, after checking up on Earth, the final battle begins as even the Sun Goddess and the others in the Digital World arrived to help the Tamers. Oh good, Digi-Chrome Magun... I didn't thought about it like that.

The Acid Rocket Bombardment, that's what it should be called for how devastating that attack can be up-close. So even with everyone helping, it wasn't enough as the D-Reaper will regenerate over and over again. Just one solution and Takuma knew it had to be done; Magun time.

I told you it was worth it. Even if his acid as MetalScorpionmon could have done it, the D-Reaper will only continue to regrow over and over making it impossible to stop it. The Magun and Atamos did the job, sucking the vile thing and since it was connected to the other D-Reapers, all three cease to exist. It amazes me the acid didn't destroy half the town but the Summon did? Makes sense and ironic.

It's over, D-Reaper defeated and finally Fluttershy can now be a Pegasus Pony again. Great! A good ending to such an impossible foe.

I don't think people understand that the Magun in this case, as Redwall has learned many things won't be "I'M USING THIS EVERY TIME" type of solution. Takuma knows how dangerous the weapon is now so it's his last resort if all things failed.

Just one thing... couldn't Celestia or someone or pony be able to I don't know, change the Magun so it's not always attached on Takuma's arm? Just curious... because... when he and Fluttershy... do the thing... you know?

Epilogue... this has been a long time. Looking forward to that.
Crimsonblade chapter 49 . 5/17
You never seem to disappoint me. This was an excellent Chapter. Well written especially Takuma acting like his mother Twilight. And to make things even better, next chapter we'll see the Magun from Final Fantasy Unlimited! Wonder what Summon could destroy the D-Reaper. We'll see what you have planned, keep up the good work!
Digifan 101 chapter 49 . 5/17
What a great chapter this was! The Tamers were able to Biomerge outside the Digital World. I too loved the part when all of them seperated to confront the D-Reaper on four fronts! Good work!
Guest chapter 49 . 5/16
Will MetalScorpiomon gain a Mode Change thanks to the Magnum?
Sora1590 chapter 49 . 5/12
I like how you use the elements of harmony and calumon powers to be able to biomerge.
I have a one track mine so that is why I always put the same thing over and over again.
I really really liked how the last 2 chapters went and I can't wait for the next chapter to be really.
DragonKnight15 chapter 49 . 5/11
This should be a very good chapter for sure.

So the Tamers are stump, trying to figure out how to Biomerge outside the Digital World and time wasn't on their side. Beelzemon can only handle this as far as he can. I already knew finding a book on Biomerge would be impossible. Ha, how to become a better friend. Good trivia.

So thank god that Fluttershy has Calumon in her care as our group have found a possible way to Biomerge using his power and with the Elements of Harmony. It's a far shot but hell, it's the best idea.

Elsewhere... the truth behind the strange object and possibly the key to finally putting down the D-Reaper AT THREE DIFFERENT PLACES once and for all. And yes, Celestia has to modified the Demon's Gun if Takuma can wield it's dangerous power and use it to save everyone and everypony.

MegaGargomon is huge... so... the tree house is destroyed huh since he Biomerge inside of it? Feels like it. Just saying.

ANYWAY, the plan work and the Tamers and their Digimon have become one once again. And I loved how each of the Tamers now Biomerge were protecting a certain part in Ponyville to prevent the D-Reaper from spreading.

And then the ending with the question that the princesses ask Takuma to become the Guardian of Equestria. That was honestly better than what you had in mind plus the whole "saving this important weapon for another day". No, showcase the Magun, use that toy to destroy the blob of digital evil. That way it should be fun to see it.

It was a good chapter! That idea was good Redwall... because now they won't need to use that DAMN BLUE CARD that after the battle, the Tamers would lose their Digimon. NO. I hated that stupid concept and ending. NO. Plus if anything, Calumon's good nature mix with the Elements of Harmony basically MADE A MIRACLE. Get it? Next time... D-Reaper Deleted... well the one in Equestrian.

Also next time... for the next chapter, you should mention where the Magun came from as in Anime and you don't own it... you know the one.
Kingdom Infinity chapter 49 . 5/11
I have no words. Like really. I have none.

...this is more of a Final Fantasy/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic story now.
Crimsonblade chapter 48 . 5/5
Tamers vs D-Reaper hugh? It was great and it truly followed how it went in the anime at least with Takato, Henry and Rika when they arrived...Man Takuma must not've like taking all those blows...Now next chapter shall have MEtalScorpionmon giving the D-Reaper Payback!
Digfan 101 chapter 48 . 5/5
This was an excellent chapter. Fanfiction must be down because I'm surprised not many others reviewed this chapter. It was great chapter as a whole. Loved the parts where Twilight Sparkle was concerned for her son. That was perfect!
DragonKnight15 chapter 48 . 5/4
Okay, here comes the final battle? I guess a step towards it.

Well Takuma's efforts to fight the D-Reaper's blob form alone didn't end well especially since he will feel every blow SamuraiScorpionmon will take. I forgot if that was the D-Reaper's ability or the connection that a Tamer has with their Digimon due to them formerly using Biomerge. Just wondering.

So Takuma lost... badly, even SamuraiScorpionmon lost his katanas and he wasn't doing well. The other ponies WOULD BE killed off as pointed. So the other Tamers, thanks to DATS allowing them, return back to help their friend and fight beside him... and losing the same way.

Yea, last seen with Amber the Cheetah, the Elements of Harmony aren't going to be enough especially since the D-Reaper will reform and recover. But hey, Twilight and the others had to try and Beelzemon appears to assist them to make things right after all the sins he has committed.

I AM... curious of one thing, you do remember the D-Reaper can make different forms of itself... and the Jeri part? You forgot, didn't you?

Anyway, Firebrand try to do anything but it wasn't enough with Silver-Quill... hehe, being the humor in a nightmarish situation and Dr. Wolf being the voice of reason.

SO even Princess Celesita joins the fight and it was badass. I always wonder if her magic could bring down the sun or use its power for devastating attacks or even give her more energy, like Superman. Regardless, she also lost even when the Tamers helped her.

They only escaped thanks to Beelzemon and through him they need to regroup and find out another way to win.

It was a good chapter and a good start to this final battle. As long as it's not the Digi-Card that will force the Tamers' Digimon to return back to the Digital World, I'll be fine.
Kingdom Infinity chapter 47 . 4/28
Silverquil getting knocked out cold by Firebrand makes me wonder if Firebrand isn't evil like Kurata.
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