Reviews for Warrior
CaptainRex12 chapter 1 . 10/5/2014
Nooo did Stonewall really die?! Or was that just a dream? I am so confused! I don't want him to die! Kali and milo and his daughter need him!
Gracesonnet chapter 1 . 8/12/2014
What a sad, touching story! The fakeout with the dream had me going for awhile. As soon as Rex's transmission came through, I was like, "no, no, no!" I'm very glad it was only a dream :-)
impoeia chapter 1 . 2/13/2013
This is an amazing fic that does a wonderful job of outlining that the clones truly are very different people, no matter how similar they might look, or how similar their early years in Kamino may have been. Like all humans, these are people formed by their experiences, with their own dreams and priorities.

What struck me in particular was the reality of the scenario. Of course Rex would be the one to take an active part in the rebellion. He isn't exactly someone who is able to sit back and let a tyrant run wild in the galaxy without trying to take him down in the best way possible. I think we saw that quite nicely in the Umbara arc. And, of course, Rex would fight in the rebellion, because there would be no way Ahsoka would not fight in it. And both of their sense of duty and priority would lead them to teach and train a new generation of fighters.

Stonewall, of course, is no slouch either. He is a fighter in his own right as well, but he does have a family to consider and that is one experience that sets him very much apart from Rex. Sadly, Humans and Togruta can't interbreed, so having to think about biological offspring and their security in the galaxy under the Empire, would not be something that Rex has to take into consideration.

What I love is how you managed to make Stone having a family both his reason to accept Rex's request - in the dream - and to decide ultimately to remain on Mundali. Right now, family would be the most influential thing in his life and it would be warring with his sense of duty as a soldier and his sense of duty as a father and husband. This is a terribly difficult tightrope to walk and as a child of a soldier, I can tell you that you have described Stone's inner turmoil over this decision perfectly. To stay or to go, duty to family or to country, is such a difficult choice to make. The alienation one experiences from the family was also heart-wrenchingly accurate. It's amazing how such assignments can begin to stretch into infinity and all of a sudden, the people you love most have a hard time recognizing you.

And you killed Stone. I can't believe it, even if it was only in a dream. But I suppose it was the perfect end to the rather bittersweet note this fic was taking on. I can't tell you how relieved I was to read that it was all a dream. I was terribly confused there for a while, because I had already finished "Wild Blue Yonder", so I was really wondering what I had missed.

The decision to stay with his family feels very right to me. Stone is such a family man. I love the deep connection he shares with his son, particularly because this is the boy named after Milo. Just lovely, really.
Falkenauge chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Good story and nicely written, I could feel the emotion. The dream came across well. I'm favoriting it.
Jade-Max chapter 1 . 3/10/2012
This was one big "Spoiler" for me since I haven't read the rest of your stuff yet about Stone and Kali, but -damn-!

You killed Stonwall! :O

Even if it was just a nightmare vision.

The contrast but similarities between Stone and Rex at the start of the fic are really well done and I adore the way you played on their similarities before you jumped into just how different they really are.

Then Rex's obvious reluctance to ask what he feels he must and Stonewall, being a true warrior and knowing his brother as well as he does, knowing he wouldn't ask if he had no other choice.

Stone giving him due consideration though, as he must, and then deciding to go along is totally in keeping with the character you've established for him.

I flinched with Stone when he saw his family again after such a long absence and his daughter didn't know him. It tugged at my heart strings. Poor Stone! Only to, I admit it, have a "bad feeling about this" when you let him go, especially with Kali's reaction. I was like... "What? She can't kill Stonewall!"

And then you did and I felt it. It was like a punch to my chest. Kali's reaction to just getting the message; Crest seeing Kali's reaction; Rex's reluctance and sorrow... and then Kali's breakdown.

It was all so poignant, so heart breaking, even though I suspected it was coming.

Then you yanked the rug out from under me when you revealed it was all a Force vision and I was all "Dude! He's not dead!" and I think I was about as relieved as his kids lol!

You write their children spectacularly, I totally felt it when his son came crying to him, pleading with him not to go away because he'd go away forever. I got hit in the chest a second time during that scene; I was all choked up... mostly, I think, because I was relieved you weren't going to kill him *grin*

Fantastic; The characterization of the "Canon" characters is spot on, in my opinion, and recognizable even though they're older and 'wiser' and your own OCs are a natural progression of what I've seen thus far in your writing.

This was a real emotional roller coaster; well done!
sachariah chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Wonderful to see this live, finally. :)

The opening lines of this piece are so poignant, and so perfect. Superficially, the similarities between Stonewall (I always want to say "Jackson" when I use his full name. :P) and Rex seem overwhelming, with the biggest exception being the former's Force sensitivity. But I really think that these are two vastly different types of men, with different priorities and different goals, even though both of them would subscribe to the same ideals.

This line is amazing: *Rex's [lines] seemed to be scattered, as if his own attention had constantly been divided between loyalties.*

That seems to be very much a core component of Rex. Beneath the stoic, calculating (and lethal) exterior lies long and grueling battle between duty and honor, compassion and pragmatism. It's not that Rex is fickle or shallow - rather, he's a dedicated and loyal man, who has had his worldview shattered on more than one occasion, and who still strives to fight for "the good side," whatever it might be.

I can't help but feel for Rex, here. I don't think he made this decision with any less misgivings than those he professes to Stone. I even got the sense that seeing Stone's family pained him even more, and one so many levels. Certainly Rex does harbor familial desires - he essentially admitted as much to Cut Lawquane - and I'm sure the thought of taking Milo's father, Kali's husband, off to fight an uncertain battle must be terrible one for the good Captain.

I think Stone recognizes this too. Which makes Rex's request all the more chilling - after all, they *are* at war. People are dying, the Empire is growing ever more oppressive, and Rex and his fledgling rebellion isn't ready to take it on. How could any "warrior" - as Stone certainly is - not answer the call?

It's an awfully tough question you've forced Stone to face, here. It's easy to reason why Stone *should* go, why he should return to the fight and help Rex and others as he can. And considering that Rex and Stone were both bred for the single purpose of warfare, I imagine the conditioned belief that he *belonged* on a battlefield, that what he did best was to aim and fire a blaster or lead troops on the frontlines, must be burning a hole in Stone's gut when Rex asks for his help.

*If there was trouble, he knew that he could reach his son within a few strides. If either of his children needed him, he would be there in an instant. Always.*

You touch on the above point later, but this is my absolute favorite aspect about this piece. In many ways, Stone's position is more like that of Cut, than Rex. Yes, Stone and Cut are soldiers, yes, they understand duty and sacrifice for the greater good. But there's something different for these men, something that Rex doesn't have and maybe doesn't fully understand just yet. Stone, like Cut, is a father. He has children who love him, adore him, need him. And when it comes to choices, I think Stone can only side with Cut on this one. "Yes, I have a duty. But it's to my family."

The entire sequence of this story is amazing; the "dream" (it felt all too real to me...) was chilling and poignant - the most heartbreaking moment for me was Kam's unfamiliarity and suspicion of her own father - but this concept was really what made this such a powerful piece. It's easy for a TCW fan (actually this applies to any number of fandoms) to get caught up in the action and adventure, and forget the behind-the-scenes role of the family; ironically, family is actually one of the major themes of the saga, though Stone is a much better role model for a father than Darth Vader. :P

I think I'm rambling too much - surprise! - but I really do love the way to posit this problem, and I certainly applaud Stone's final decision. The (adorable) scenes with Milo and Kam were wonderful, but this whole scene felt very much like a "Deserter" type story - some action and fluff(?) sprinkled over a very potent and thought-provoking premise.

Speaking of which... have you considered writing Rex's POV of this story, specifically after Stone turns him down? I imagine there'd be dissappointment, maybe a little resentment even, but I think it would be fascinating if Rex was able to draw the connection between Stone and Cut. Even if Rex is convinced that he and Ahsoka are doing the right thing by remaining in the line of fire, it would be good to see him come to some acceptance, some realization that his job is to fight for people like Stone and Cut, while recognizing that if he (Rex) can't stop every threat, brothers like Stone are going to be the ones standing in the gap...

...or something like that. I'm rambling again, sorry. Told you this was a thought-provoking piece. :P

Wonderful work!
Jadedsnowtiger chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Will there be more to this?
Admiral Daala chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Wonderful little fic!

The conversation between Rex and Stone was very heart clenching. Rex seeing the family that Stone had built up, the love the other captain had for his son and the weary want Rex has for his own future family.

I could only imagine the torn Stone felt when Rex asked him to join Ahsoka and the building Rebellion, the need as a soldier but his love and responsiblity as a father and husband pulling him in two directions. I am SOOOO glad and happy he would always chose his family over war. ;)

I have to say I would be devestated if Stone or Kali died! I am glad it was only a dream lol.

Fantastic job and looking forward to more!
LongLiveTheClones chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
OK, I need to write this quick because my battery is dying. But, you had me bawling over my morning coffee! Wow! What a ficlet! And, darn it all, the doorbell rang right in the middle of the story, when Stone "died!" Curse that doorbell! I wanted to shove the person right back out the door! Ugggh! What a cliffhanger of a story! Anyway, just a breathtaking story!
Queen chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Ah, you posted this!

Love the touches at the beginning, comparing Rex and Stonewall; their faces are the same, but they're lined differently from different sets of experiences and worries. Lovely touch. And little Milo - of course we met him before, but it's good seeing him here, and already exhibiting Force capabilities.

And the dream...knew it was coming this time around (nice foreshadowing with Milo's 'taking after Stone' with the precognitive dreams) but it's still so startling, because you let us fall into the dream - which seems so real - so easily. And the fact that Milo's dream mirrored Stone's - so precognitive, and a 'what if?'...

I can understand Stone's draw towards going with Rex and Ahsoka and helping them in their quest, but at some point...he has to let go, as well. All of them, even Rex and Ahsoka, have done so much already. They all deserve a rest, and a HEA, and Stone seems to have that here at the end. It's such a comfortable ending as well, all four of them curled up together as a family.

Wonderful job.