Reviews for Limerence
Kira chapter 1 . 3/12/2016
Romance isn't always Romance. I wasn't sure if I would like this story because I hate all those pairings and shiftings. But this story is a really sensible one, sweet and wonderful like a good wine. Well done!
the-spellbound-spirit chapter 1 . 6/13/2015
I really love this fic, especially how you wrote how tense HB was on being touched and observed by Lamplighter. It was so in character for her. Really enjoyed reading :)
BelovedAnaktoria chapter 1 . 1/21/2015
Fabulous story and lovely, believable pairing. The effect that Lynne Lamplighter has on Constance is quite visible to me on the screen, so I really enjoyed this well written and rather poignant piece :)

Of course, it has to end up like that - Lynne is successful and belongs to the wide outside world, Constance has her own narrow but deep groove. She can only ever be a shimmering dream for Constance.

Bother. I now have a plot bunny. I have a colony already and I'm running out of rabbit food!

Also, apropos silly-comment-people, I would rather enjoy reading a story about electricity being put in at Cackles. Especially when someone tries to fix a short with a spell and emotional 'electricity' starts thumping around all over the place. (I don't care that it's a derivative of the "love potion gone awry" plot. Like all fiction, there are a limited number of tropes, and this one's always good for a laugh and a sigh :)).

Anyway - LOVE YOUR WORK :)
Princess Sammi chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
Sorry for the delay - playing catch up..again!

Love this!

I prefer HB/Drill to HB/Lamplighter, but there was just something about this that I can't put my finger on.

What a lovely little idea - I would so love to own that painting!

{ 'I've been thinking about it for some time, actually,' Amelia's gaze was fixed upon the middle distance as she spoke. 'It would be good for us to have a sort of break-out point. Somewhere to go when we need to – well, anything, really!'
Something amusing had clearly occurred to Imogen and her face broke into a wide, girlish grin, earning a glare from Constance.}

Raised a giggle. Clearly Imogen and I thought the same thing ;)

{If only she'd known how every sudden touch sent an agonising wave through the witch... But she was just one of those people – one of those tactile types to whom physical contact was easy. And meaningless)

Aww, poor Constance.

Just lovely. And fabulous writing as always. :)

Princess S

Fairly Odd New Yorker chapter 1 . 3/13/2012
I am not a huge fan of Lynne - which ... is odd, because I'm an art major and I love HB. I guess it's because she seems upfront and straightforward, that, given more time, she probably would've admitted at least liking HB, something that would ordinarily take other people a longer time to admit. But because of her upfront-ness, there'd certainly be less unnecessary drama, which makes for an easy fairy tale but often makes it uninteresting to write or read.

Your fic, however, seems to challenge that, and since they don't wind up together in the end nor do they express romantic feelings or whatnot, it makes it very believable. I can easily see this happening in the TV show and passing as merely a friendship scene.

I love femslash, but this, this is written to make what you want of it. And I love those sorts of fics, helps to reach a broader audience and it's difficult to do.

So ... kudos to you! And keep it up! :D

~ R
lemondropseverus chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
I must admit that I usually do not read slash because it doesn't exactly fit my idea of the , I because of a certain notoriety that this fic has recently attained, I decided to read it. That being said, I need to commend you on a beautifully constructed story. You have a wonderful grasp of the characters and your dialogues are beautiful. Bravo.

Before I post this small review, I do need to give some advice to a poor misguided soul who has decided to name himself/herself "ewwwww". Now, I don't know your identity but the style and eloquence of the comment you made does give me a pretty good idea of who you are. If you are indeed BlueVioletta then I must congratulate you for falling even further in my esteem, which, as you might have gathered, wasn't that high to begin with.

Dear "ewwww",

First I must commend you on the inspired choice of signature for the interjection you chose as your screen name was the exact same sound I made when I read your comment. First and foremost, if you want to make such hurtful comments, do be gracious enough to allow the person they are directed towards the opportunity to answer. Of course, I guess I would be sorely disappointed if I truly expected a person who is unable to spell "should" correctly to have the intelligence to show some civility. As such, I will not hold my breath waiting for you to reveal who you are.

Instead, I will tell you that you are not only clearly homophobic and have an atrocious command of English but you are also a coward. A slimy, little coward who hides behind injurious words and does not have the courage to own up to his or her statements. Tell me, did writing that review make you feel powerful? Did it give you a pathetic sense of gratification? Did it make you feel proud at making a statement? For if it did, I suggest counseling.

How dare you talk in those terms about a person who has enriched the Worst Witch community with wonderful stories for years? Have you no shame? How dare you sully such a beautiful piece of writing with your comment when there is no evidence that you have produced anything worthwhile in this community? The latter comment still stands if you are BlueVioletta, for, I hate to break it to you, but your stories aren't exactly best-sellers.

If you wish to make comments on stories please do restrict yourself to actually commenting on the stories and not making unjustified inferences about the author. If you cannot write a well-balanced, fair comment, please do abstain from writing reviews. I know you think that the world wishes to read your vitriol-infused comments. But, I am sorry to spoil your bubble of narcissism, no one wants to read a review like the one you have posted. No one is interested in your repressed homophobic tendencies. No one is interested in comments whose only merit is that they are entertaining in their pointlessness.

Furthermore, if you do wish to write reviews, please do prove that you are more intelligent than a monkey with keyboard and learn how to spell. Also, if you go in any bookshop (the place where they sell books) or in a library (the place where you can borrow books from) you will find a wonderful book called : Dictionary. In it, you will find a most amazing thing: The English language isn't only composed of words that are profanities. Furthermore, you will also find that acronyms like "u" "r" are not officially part of English. Please, if you do wish to make a statement at least spare us, the innocent readers of your ineptitude, the pain of having to witness your complete destruction of the English language. This is, after all, an website dedicated to writing.



PS: HBF, once again a wonderful job on the story. I especially liked the interaction between HB and Lamplighter when she is painting the portrait.

PPS: Passerby, very good and poignant comment!
HB's Favourite chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
Hi BlueVioletta, I've been waiting with great anticipation for your review, so thanks for taking the time to critique my fic in the subjective and expert way that only you can. (And we know it's you, some of your trademark bile gave you away ;).)

However, what I am about to say is intended to help you, as you seem to be making the same mistake time and time again. When it is alluded to in the summary that a story is an HB/Drill or HB/Lamplighter story and is categorised under "romance", it generally means the content of the story will consist of material which you have previously complained does not appeal to you. Therefore, you would do well not to read it. It can't be much fun for you, reading things you know are going to offend your delicate tastes. And at the moment you are coming across as though you read such fics with the sole intention of complaining about them (which is both highly immature and a little unkind, isn't it?) For example, I'm not interested in reading fics about (taking a topic completely at random) electricity being installed at Cackle's (neither is anyone else, it would seem) so I don't read it. Perhaps if I were as spiteful and insecure as some, I would read it and give the author a jolly good flaming if for no other reason than to pass a bit of otherwise unoccupied time; but happily for me I'm in a much better place in life and don't feel the need to post what you yourself referred to as cowardly, unsigned reviews.

Now, if you intend to continue in your current vein, you'll find there are a great deal of femslash stories on here, so if you wish to be consistent and insult all of them then you have your reading work cut out for you. (Then again, you seem to spend a lot of time already reading the fics which are allegedly so abhorrent to your sensitivities, that I'm beginning to wonder if you get a certain thrill from them... but that's a conversation for another day.) Please do feel free to check out some of my others - I would love to know what you think (however your vitriolic outbursts will not detract from any of the kind reviews I or anyone else have thus far received).

As an aside, you may recall that I extended you the courtesy of messaging you when you were new here, to say I did not think the reviews you received to your "letter from HB" were wholly justified (I'm not easily offended so I saw your "story" slightly differently from others). However, since then you have sunk to your current lows of spreading venom about the place, including leaving nasty reviews on friends' stories, completely ruining your own credibility in the process. The best way to deal with attacks is to respond with reason and kindness, not to "give as good as you get". Be the bigger person. I think you have a lot to learn about life and the treatment of other human beings, so perhaps now would be an opportune time to go away and have a think about how you wish others to perceive you, because at the moment it's not very favourably, and in the end YOU are the only one who has to live with yourself.

I sense that all is not harmonious in your life, and that is a great (if common) shame; but it is not an excuse to pour scorn on those around you, however safely tucked away behind your little computer screen you may be. As I am the forgiving type, please feel free to redeem yourself by letting me know if there is any way I can help you out of your present state of malevolence, and I will gladly offer support. And don't be afraid: straight girls write femslah too, y'know. Not because we're "sick", but because we're not narrow-minded and homophobic. And homophobia is an ugly thing.

Cheerio for now,

Yours with continuing anticipation,


PS: I fully expect a childish response which will demonstrate that you have not taken any of the above points on board, but as I have invested time and effort in this message and it IS inetnded to direct you to a more savoury path, I hope you will give my words due consideration.
Passerby chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
To the rude comment below. If you are going to be immature 1: don't read the story if it's going to offend you 2: leave a constructive comment if you do read it or 3: jog on and read stories that don't state they have a fem slash. Plus to assume that someone is gay is insulting too, you don't have to be gay to appreciate the way someone has written a story from a different perspective. But then again, you type like an idiot and therefore probably are one.
eeeewwwwwww chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
sick, lesbo filth. just cu lesbo doesn't mean u shud pretend that every fucking female is. there is no indication what so ever that miss hardbroom is a lesbo. she liked icey stevens, she's old fashioned, she dresses respectfully and u just dissed her reputation as a perverted lesbo. there is nuth perverted about her and what u said in this fic is a disgusting insult against her. u r sick
GloriaNewt chapter 1 . 3/10/2012
Aww, what a beautiful idea- I'd love to have a portrait of HB :) Nice to see more Lamplighter/HB on here! The story was nicely described, and I could really feel the torment that Constance was going through in trying to hide her attraction to Lynn.

"My dear girl, Constance thought, if only you knew..." Aww, bless her!

"Constance stared urgently into the animated eyes, longing to detect tenderness in the words; but she was met with the appraising scrutiny of a professional."

Loved this line, just summed up the situation perfectly, and gave us the perfect insight into the problem that Constance is faced with :)
typicalRAinbow chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Limerence. Hehe I really enjoy reading your fics, I always a learn new word or two. :D Great work as always, especially this bit- "Constance stared urgently into the animated eyes, longing to detect tenderness in the words; but she was met with the appraising scrutiny of a professional. " It pretty much sums up the story. I liked the artist links too :)
DissectingPomegranates chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Nice to see a HB/Lamplighter fic here!

Loved the idea of Constance having to pose for a portrait. Just a one shot?

Sweet interaction and the fact Lynne was oblivious to the effect she had on HB...or did she? :P