Reviews for A Family of Foxes & Snakes: Rewind!
Umbra.Venator chapter 42 . 4h
Awesome chapters :)
Rictor Yagami chapter 42 . 6h
I didn't get a chance to review this yet after I read it yesterday but I read over it again. Other than a couple of miss spelled words this chapter was really good. The after math to the battle with the Sannin was different without seeing the fight scene since it ended the same way but that's fine.

It looks like Manda is pissed off after learning that Anko now has a snake contract from a different tribe and Anko can now learn what Orochimaru can not which is Senjutsu. It looks like Orochimaru's former student will come back to kick him in the ass.

As for what Tsunade did to Kakashi well can't say I blame her since he was favoring one student over his other two, plus his decision to carry on the mission to Wave Country was stupid since he should have called for backup. Don't get me wrong Kakashi is a strong ninja but he can lazy and he's not good to run a squad. One on one training yeah, but not a squad.

I know he's going to chew out Anko but she will tell him off and I hope you have Kurenai bring up how he broke his own rule like in the original. I can bet Sasuke will be pissed when he hears he gets suspended but sucks to be him. Glad Naruto and Shikamaru made Chunin.

Hope to see the next update soon.

Good Luck Dragon6.
TigrezzTail chapter 42 . 9h
Oh I do like it when Kakashi gets the shaft for being such a poor excuse for a sensei. He really just has problems connecting to people whom aren't exactly like himself. And I love the white snake rivalry thing.
ShadowImageComics chapter 42 . 21h
hmmm, interesting turn of events I have to say. I have a feeling that Kakashi might leave with Sasuke, but then again he might be able to redeem himself of once again Join Danzo's ROOT since he was part of it until the attempt on the third's live. This was a good reada.
raw666 chapter 42 . 7/23
I wonder if Kakashi will go the deep end and betray the village. Well keep up the good work.
D.Mentor chapter 42 . 7/23
Another great chapter, thank you for writing.
Moonacre BunBun chapter 42 . 7/23
I never knew Kakashi bashing would be so great. *applause* Good job.
KaliAnn chapter 42 . 7/23
Funny, crazy, and kicking chapter as usual
ncpfan chapter 42 . 7/23
THANK YOU! I'm glad that someone finally wrote a character who has enough sense to understand just how stupid it is to use excessive gifts and attention to keep someone from becoming a flight risk and a traitor! Props for how you wrote Tsunade in this chapter, and I look forward to seeing how Kakashi reacts to all of this in the future.
Scarease chapter 42 . 7/23
Kakashi you have been Weighed and found wanting .

Happy to see your return and continuation of this story.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 42 . 7/23
Great chapter! At last! An update! I'm so happy.
NarutoKushina chapter 42 . 7/23
Hell yeah Tsunade put Kakashi in he place. He had such a stupid reason for he neglect. He sounds so stupid for he reason to hand everything to Sasuke on a silver platter. The fact that Sasuke needs his ass kissed like that to remain loyal, makes him a liability. It shows he can be bribed quite easily for his loyalty.
Leaf Ranger chapter 42 . 7/23
So Tsunade is back in Konoha, Team 7 is disbanded, Naruto is a Chuunin, and Sakura will be working with Shizune. Overall, well done.

Keep up the awesome work!
zafnak chapter 42 . 7/23
Yay! Another fic where Kakashi gets called to the carpet on being a crappy sensei.

And I have to ask... what therapy *was* Sakura using with Lee? If there wasn't anything...naughty.. about it, then they shouldn't be embarrassed like that.
Kairan1979 chapter 42 . 7/23
Thanks for the update.
Pleased to see Team Trainwreck was disbanded. Tsunade is right; giving the preferrential treatment to the genin with a loyalty problem won;t solve anything.
Looking forward to see what else awaits our heroes.
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