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Wolfone10 chapter 34 . 3/23
I REALLY REALLY hope sasuke catches COMPLETE HELL for this little fiasco! Also it shouldn't be a "sasuke retrieval mission" it should be "sharringan termination squad". It's final user has been found UNFIT, so elimination, transplantation and dissection are now viable options.

Remember that there still is that RACE mission they have to go on before that and AFTER the Tsunade thing (if you do that) PLUS the mission to snow (which IS important because it's where naruto starts forming relations with POWERFUL people - the daiymo), possibly the mission to waterfall, (for the same reason)
Wolfone10 chapter 28 . 3/23
I loved Naruto's little blade dance, it was funny, it was horrifying, it was effective, and it was perfect for THIS Naruto and for Anko! Plus it wasn't a jutsu the "thief eye" could copy! ROFL, ohh I BET THAT PISSED sasuke off, in fact, NOBODY used and powerful jutsu except bloodline limits or stuff that required pre-done conditions to be met!
Wolfone10 chapter 27 . 3/23
I always thought the threat of taking two kunai and covering them in explosive notes then shoving them into his EYES would be a better threat to Negji! Then you could follow it up with "then you would need to WORRY about the cage bird seal, because after a few seconds of pain filled darkness, BOOM no more head attached to the seal!".. see? That's SCARY!
Wolfone10 chapter 20 . 3/23
You know the HOKAGE and the other Jounin are ALSO PARTIALLY responsible for the MESS that is team 7 because they AREN'T DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!
Wolfone10 chapter 19 . 3/23
GAWD IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SOOOOOOOO MUCH cooler if you DID make it so Naruto DIDN'T take the exams! For reasons previously stated, that would show Kakashi that Not only did his "plan backfire on him horribly" but now? It is was irreparable damage, to BOTH sasuke AND NARUTO!
Wolfone10 chapter 18 . 3/23
I personally always HATED the chunin exams, I mean team 7 WASN'T ready for it, NOTHING really happened in it, not to any character that matters (to me, sasuke does not and WILL NEVER matter) and at the end the only one that get's promoted is SHIKAMARU? That makes as much sense as the Nara becoming as energetic as Rock Lee.
Naruto should have made it! WITH PISS POOR TRAINING he beat 2 summons, fought a SANNIN, beat negji, then SINGLE HANDEDLY (Unless you count the boss toad) beat a BIJU! How much more could it POSSIBLY TAKE? I mean do your think Iruka could beat 2 summons? Let ALONE beat a bijuu ALONE?

I'd like to see one fic, JUST ONE, that Naruto gets tired of Kakkashi's shit and REFUSES to join the exams outta fear for sakura and see that suddenly the lazy teacher realizes that YES, even his precious sasuke's advancement and chance to show off to the other villages DOES depend on ALL of them TOGETHER! It will either get the lazy one OFF his ASS OR IT WILL SHATTER THE TEAM COMPLETELY!
Wolfone10 chapter 9 . 3/20
IF you have a fan girl, you DO NOT put her on the same team as her crush, that gets them both VERY DEAD VERY QUICKLY! If you look at canon Naruto sakura didn't even become anything but a liability until sasuke LEFT! the dude is seriously WALKING VENOM! which weakens EVERYONE around him! Itachi SHOULD have done the world a favor and butchered sasuke along with the rest of the family! At least killed him and took his eyes (gaining the EMS)
Wolfone10 chapter 7 . 3/20
Naruto should NEVER be placed with team 7, number 1 it UNBALANCES the teams, 2 they're personalities clash like oil and water, 3 it places too many "last" clan members on the same team, 4 it doesn't give Naruto OR sasuke for that matter the "support system" they ACTUALLY NEED it was a big fucking mess in canon that blew up in everyone's face, and if you gotta brain in your head you can see it was DOOMED from day one. It was a MONUMENTAL mistake on the third's part, but then again all that old man could do was SCREW UP when it came to Naruto. The fourth would have been better served, trusting a handicaped, blind, deaf squirrel with his son! The CREATION of team 7 proves this point! Not only that but the chunin exams further proves it... WHO WOULD PUT A Jinchuriki in those? That's BLATANTLY cheating! The other villages would be ENRAGED!
Wolfone10 chapter 5 . 3/18
No fan of Naruto liked how it ended, NO FAN.
Wolfone10 chapter 4 . 3/18
NO fan of Naruto like how it ended, I mean NO FAN.
Wolfone10 chapter 3 . 3/18
I can absolutist say NO FAN OF NARUTO LIKED.
Guest chapter 34 . 3/15
i rely like wont mor
Dragon Man 180 chapter 34 . 3/15
I'm a little disapointed that since they were sent as back up and still in fighting shape Kiba and Hinata didn't get sent to help Naruto, Shino, and Shikamaru, Asuma could easily take Sakura back on his own and let them keep going.

Taking out Temari and Kankuro was well done, now to see how long Naruto can keep Gaara busy.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 33 . 3/15
Nice bashing of Kakashi and Sasuke. Nobody loves a move stealer... I remember quite a few bosses that copied my moves and almost made me throw my controller through the wall.
lucavento chapter 19 . 3/5
Gooo naruto
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