Reviews for Red, the Kid of Adventure
DaDog chapter 2 . 9/8
So, just somewhat curious, are you gonna have the story continue into Fossil Fighters Frontier? Maybe Red could be getting a job so that he isn't mobbed by fan girls every day and ends up doing all the stuff Jura did in the FFF game and yada yada yada.
Guest chapter 93 . 9/3
Yay! Magma is sortta back!
BloodLily16 chapter 93 . 9/5
I'm glad to see you're back, and I can't wait to see what comes next~!
DaDog chapter 93 . 9/4
Great to see that you are indeed not dead.
Crazytraveler4 chapter 93 . 9/3
OH MY GOD after all this time you have returned sort of
you can take as much time as you want with your stories we are very patient with hiatuses mostly with the Gravity Falls Fandom
I just so excited that your back!
Greywing44 chapter 93 . 9/3
Dude! I totally get collage and stuff! I got your back if you ever need help!
Spinax Areos and Teffla user chapter 93 . 9/3
Wow... ok...
DaDog chapter 1 . 8/14
Ya... Please forgive all of my previous nonsensical comments. I had just eaten a lot of ice cream and was on a multi-day sugar rush where I randomly saw Nyan cats.
DaDog chapter 92 . 8/8
Ah man! Why did the chapter have to end? UPDATE THIS STORY ASAP! I don't wanna see the story end like this!
DaDog chapter 88 . 8/8
I knew it! But frozen vivosaurs. There are normal vivosaurs, skeletal ones, zombies, three giant giant alien brains, two legendary ones, five chickens, a skeletal-zombie hybrid, shape shifting aliens, robots, a skeletal-salad hybrid, and super evolvers, which are basically dinosaurs on steroids. I think I'm gonna call them Snowysaurs.
DaDog chapter 87 . 8/8
Frozen wasteland. Yep. They found a way to bring back Frigisaurus and are going to create a habitat for it.
DaDog chapter 85 . 8/8
Yes! The irony! And finally! A battle scene! It was short, but it was a battle scene nonetheless. And what are the BB Bandits up to this time? Why am I asking questions? Will the questions ever end?
DaDog chapter 84 . 8/8
Oh dearie. Too mush mushiness! The mushiness! It burns! It... Actually, it was nice seeing everyone together again. But still, I need some explosions up in here!
DaDog chapter 81 . 8/8
Cassidy? More like Stalker McGee. I am probably gonna have nightmares now. Thanks a lot for that. Now can we get back to a fossil park and have some more battling? Because I really wanna see more battling. And maybe just some random explosions cause, hey, why not?
DaDog chapter 80 . 8/8
I am starting to get sad now. No absurd impossible world destroying forces, no vivosaur battles, and, most importantly, no cupcakes! Why am I commenting so much? BECAUSE I CAN!
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