Reviews for All He Wanted Was A Drink
Guest chapter 26 . 6/8/2017
Better late then never thank u for coming back to finish it out. It was one of my favorite stories. I hope u continue to write I enjoy your writing
Guest chapter 25 . 6/5/2017
Ppppplllllllsssssss update! I'm begging u plllllllssssss! I'm gonna cry if u don't!
Guest chapter 25 . 11/25/2016
please write a final chapter!11
Guest chapter 25 . 11/24/2016
Please update this story! You left us off at such an awful(really amazing, but super awful) cliffhanger! Your story is pretty great, besides you saying brang instead of brought lol. But please please please please please update!
Dauntlessly Different chapter 1 . 11/5/2016
I just got to red this story and I must say that I love it! I hope you can update soon!
Purplediamond2016 chapter 25 . 9/6/2016
will you do more
EvreHavva chapter 25 . 7/24/2016
por favor, un capitulo final
misswitlock16 chapter 25 . 10/31/2015
i hope you add more its good
sivu001 chapter 25 . 8/21/2015
Plz write the finale chapter
beaconhills97 chapter 1 . 6/14/2015
Getting good
HisSecretLover18 chapter 25 . 2/23/2015
What's going to happen next? I hope you update soon please. I love this story so far.
Keaundra allen chapter 25 . 11/8/2014
Please write again?!
Guest chapter 4 . 10/22/2014
The whole rebekah line is out of place in this concept
divya chapter 25 . 9/29/2014
its awesome at least dimitri sucks here u showed right way after what he did to rose
terri-jeanBVB chapter 25 . 9/24/2014
Could you please update this story
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