Reviews for Embodiment of the Curse of Hatred and Will of Fire
Reader ZJ chapter 3 . 11/10
Please please please updated soon and continue writing this story
DenizenOfApocrypha chapter 3 . 11/7
I would love to see a continuation of this. its a very good concept. I understand if you have lost the story.
Killjoy3000 chapter 3 . 11/4
good fic
AlphaOmnisphere chapter 3 . 10/10
Kushina was not tactful. What if the wrong people heard that Minato and Tsunade have a child? Anyways, the Kyuubi's appearance by its own will is a new one. Can't wait to see what happens next time.
AlphaOmnisphere chapter 2 . 10/10
Minato and Tsunade Naruto? *Mentally faints on the spot due to massive butterfly effect*.
AlphaOmnisphere chapter 1 . 10/10
Congratulations on nailing your University exams at Ryerson.
Hadrian Romanoff chapter 3 . 10/8
kyuzo3567 chapter 3 . 8/30
I hope Tsunade keeps Naruto and is a good mother in this story, alot of times I see her give birth and just leave him for no good reason. Interesting to see what you do with Kushina in this as well
darkmaelstrom456 chapter 3 . 7/22
great story and it does seem like something Justina would do in this situation. please bring out a new chapter cause this is very interesting
Yagura's Sensei chapter 3 . 7/16
this is an interesting and enjoyable story and im liking the storyline cant wait for the next chapter XD
Blazing Dragon of Apocalypse chapter 3 . 7/9
Will Kushian take care of Naruto along with Tsunade or will she become angry with Naruto.
Natural Light chapter 3 . 7/6
I Hope next bab quickly update.. and Naruto pairing with Kushina...
NxE092015 chapter 3 . 7/3
I liked Aragon's "Hope of The Senju Clan" but I have a feeling that I'm going to love this story. Keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 3 . 7/3
Je ne vois pas comment tu aurais pus continuer l'histoire sans que Minato ne meurent donc ça me gène pas trop mais j'aime beaucoup ce genre d'histoire j'espere que celle çi ce démarquera des autres histoires sinon j'aime beaucoup le début continue comme ça !
RevenantAKG chapter 3 . 7/3
I like this story. I'm intrigued by where it's going. Just want to point out That Kurama, like all bijuu, is a CHAKRA BEAST, not a demon. In fact, that's literally what the word means. It's about as much a demon as any prodigious warrior through history is to the terrified soldiers on the business end of their weapon. Other than that, loving the story. I can't wait for next chapter. I hope it's long, too.
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