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LEDlorien7 chapter 11 . 6/14/2012
Okay, I have to ask, has Spike read the book Wicked, or seen the musical? Either way, it's hilarious. I love imagining him at a Broadway show... It's such a WIlliam The Bloody thing to like. Also, I've been enjoying this story a lot. I like the way you've been writing Buffy/Faith and Willow/Tara, but especially the friendship relationships various characters have with Oz. This is pretty well done!
RoyoNobus chapter 11 . 5/30/2012
Okay so honestly, I'm kind of torn about these last few chapters. On the one hand the story in itself really is enjoyable, and I'm loving reading it. On the other hand it really is a drastic break from canon in a lot of places. And while there are certain parts of that which I'm totally fine with, I find the things like the Tara/Oz relationship as well as the idea that Willow could have killed Tara make me very uncomfortable. I do not mean to disparage your work in any way, like I said, it's a great story those are just personal things that I have to work through. Good work so far though, really. Hopefully this will have some semblance of a happy ending :)
NANA100 chapter 11 . 5/28/2012
wow love it wish willow didnt use dark magic and she wasnt the one that killed terra but still overall now oz is a pet dog right?
Guest chapter 10 . 5/24/2012
A different take on Tara's death. Different is good! Looking forward to where the story goes
faolan228 chapter 9 . 5/15/2012
Okay, I gotta say I REALLY like Oz and Tara's bro-mance. It realistic as far as friendships between guys and girls are, as opposed to the 'NO ONE IS EVER JUST FRIENDS' trope that is rampant in fandom. An Earth-witch and a werewolf, very nature magic-y. Plus, there's that whole pack mentality thing on the wolf's end.

You seem to have a sort of...error message towords the end of your chapter, btw.

Very glad for the last two, more frequent updates, and I do hope you maintain that.
Ltlconf chapter 8 . 5/13/2012

Don't know how I feel about Buffy rescuing Faith. After all, for Faith pulling off the rescue of Angel and being all in charge of said operation was a huge milestone for her (not that the writers on Buffy ever seemed to see those episodes if the last four on Buffy are anything to go by. "Yo?" being a doormat? What was THAT!). Buffy stealing Faith's thunder and having to pull her butt outa the fire instead of pulling her own out would reinforce how Faith's often felt: second best at all times. As if she can't do ANYTHING successfully on her own. Yeah, it's a tad silly, but when you've been beaten down all your life and seemingly been worth nothing to nobody, it's a very real issue to THEM and they need to accomplish something on their own to learn to deal.

This was Faith's moment.

Personally, seeing as Faith was kickin' Angelus' butt AFTER she injected the orpheus into herself shows she didn't really need it, but thems the breaks. Done though, and now Faith's gotta deal, adapt, and win on her own.

Buffy cheering her on? Oh yeah, Faith would like and appreciate that greatly.

But some things you do have to do on your own if you're ever gonna stand on your own two feet... or be someone's equal and true partner. If you get what I mean.

Don't let Faith be in Buffy's shadow on this! Let Buffy cheer Faith on, give moral support, but let Faith rise to the occasion on her own power. Heck the Slayer Line runs through Faith (no matter how much Joss whistles on by that one. He admits it) that's gotta count for somethin' yeah?

As for gettin' that bitch outa Cordy? OH YEAH! Charisma was never thrilled with the outcome of that story line nor were the fans. By all means use your right as a fanfic writer to correct that abomination!

Hafta admit, a nasty downside to the whole soulmate thing. Took a cliche and made into a creative, nail-biting plot point that's gnawing on the character's patooties! Damned inventive of ya and you deserve a box of Twinkies at the LEAST. Maybe even a box of Ho-Hos! That was, in short (too late) ingenious.

The Cracker!
Ltlconf chapter 6 . 5/13/2012

On one hand, Tara was written as a lesbian, plain and simple. So for her kissin' a guy would as strange and somewhat...icky (best word) it would be for two straight folks to kiss like that. On the other hand, I fully get and appreciate the emotions behind it so I'm sorta "meh" 'bout it all. On a whole, very well handled.

I think if Buffy and Tara had ever kissed like that, I'd buy into it more, but I do 'get it.'

The Cracker.
FourLoco chapter 7 . 5/1/2012
Yes! your back! i was wondering when this story was gonna update! Great chapter! I cant wait to see what you do next! :D
WillowTara chapter 6 . 4/22/2012
Where did you go? I've been so excited waiting for this story to update! ... are you gonna update any time soon? Its a great story I hope you continue!
RoyoNobus chapter 6 . 3/11/2012
I'm enjoying this story quite a lot. I'm not sure how i feel about Oz and Tara's little encounter there though. I'd like to see how that plays itself out because it could go either way. Other than I enjoy what you've done here, you're able to write the characters' personalities very well and that's always what I look for in a good fic. I also like the name change, very clever. I look forward to more updates from you.
faolan228 chapter 6 . 3/11/2012
A T/W reunion fic? Good. A T/W reunion fic that takes place DURING S7? Even better! A T/W reunion fic that takes place during S7 and has Tara getting along fine with Kennedy and Oz? Best fic ever.
1songglory chapter 6 . 3/11/2012
this story is wonderful! i love the way you portrayed the characters and the way you brought tara back. please continue writing doll
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