Reviews for No 50
amg chapter 1 . 6/22/2012
That was flawless in every sense
Skyfullofstars chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
"...and he took in a slow drag on a cigarette he had just lit, the red tip the only colour in the grey world..."

Good imagery here!


Sebastian woke bound tightly to a chair; he could feel the knots grinding into his wrists and ankles with every movement. He couldn't feel his fingers. Blood pounded heavy in his ears, it felt like someone was slowly tightening a vice around his skull and his vision was clouded red and black.

Blinking once, twice the haze around his head gradually began to clear and was replaced by the blinding yellow of a high-powered spotlight.

Seb sighed; it came out as a growl deep in his throat.

His life was becoming a gangster movie..."

As dire as Seb's predicement is here, he still has a rathe ironic sense of humor. I like that about our Assassin! LOL

"...Three…two…one…Seb felt the final dribble of air leave his lips, his mind screamed at him.

He was pulled roughly back, face dripping, gasping for breath..."

And can Water Boarding be far behind? I winced when I read this scene.

"...He had lived in the past three months more than he had in two years since his return from India..." And this line showed how Jim gives Seb something to live for. Seb cannot live without the adrenalin rush...he's alive in Jim's service. (Hmm...sounds kind of like an ex Army doctor of our acquaintance, doesn't it?)


Sebastian woke in his bed. The alarm clock on his sparse bedside table blinked angrily at him, the digits red as blood. 3:21..."

I really liked the way you had the "3:21" on the clock echo the the torture scene. Very poetic!

"..."And Moran…" there was a pause, an unplanned one Seb was certain; it made him nervous, more nervous than the feeling of a blade against his throat, "….congratulations on making fifty."

Wow! Jim can be such a bastard, can't he? Oh My! If I were James Moriarty, I'd watch my step, eventually.

Good job! Good FIC!