Reviews for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi
GeneralFang2010 chapter 38 . 1h
Congrats on the wedding, I wish you and your new wife a long and happy marriage. I myself am going on 8 years of marriage and I can say that it's a crazy trip the whole way through. only getting more wild once kids get involved. best of luck with that!
so this story you've got here. it is pretty damn amazing. I'm not even concerned about the few and far between grammatical errors because your writing is just so captivating. I have to agree with a few of the others who left comments about this being one of, if not the, best Naruto x Fairy Tail fanfics on this site. I really hope that through the next crazy adventures your life takes you on you'll be able to squeak in some more writing. Not for our sake, but for your own. I have a feeling that you enjoy writing and leaving anything unfinished will probably just keep this little voice in the back of your head nagging at you. Ignore that voice, enjoy your time with your new family. You've got a ton of fans that will be patiently waiting for more of this story and we're more than happy to wait. Take your time brother, and have a good one.
chunnin33 chapter 37 . 11/12
Is the name L from a certain game based on aa planet named Mira?
The Snake Pirate chapter 38 . 11/10
Man ... I'm so disappointed
Do not get me wrong, I wish you a long and happy married life.
What I want to say is that this story is the best crossover of Naruto x Fairy Tail, you are one of the few writers who can perfectly portray the personality of the characters
I'm a big fan of Naruto x Mirajane, but I'm also delighted with the kind of harem that you made, but man Naruto and Ultear's relationship that you wrote is perfect, absolutely perfect. I really need to continue reading this relationship.
Leaving aside the romance, the other aspects of the story are great, combats very well narrated, pleasant plot to read and interesting development of characters.
There are many things that I still want to see, like Levy resolving her fear towards Naruto (Kyubi), when Naruto will return to his world, Uzumaki's first encounter with Acnologia, Naruto in the Grand Magic Games, too many things to see.
But I really need more of that Naruto x Ultear.
I do not know how long it takes to update, but I'll be waiting for the coming chapters of this story, if they arrive.
Again, I hope you have a happy marriage, and see you later.
Karma09 chapter 38 . 11/5
Sad to hear that but ultimately understand after all marriage is way more important. Anyway I heard that the reason Mashima did those things was because of the Japanese readers wishes. They hate character deaths. So we shouldn't really hate on Mashima(not that you specifically were).
Shion Lee chapter 38 . 11/2
Omg congratulations! I hope you can lead a long and happy life together with your wife:)

Take your time, we’ll be waiting!
Paradoxity chapter 38 . 10/22
I can respect the fuck out of that. It can take you a decade to finish it(I hope not though :p), the fact that you keep your word and finish it, means a lot.
Till next time
Chrome Cheetah chapter 38 . 10/18
Hope your wedding goes extremely well man!
ZhaWarudo chapter 38 . 10/16
Just binged the whole thing so I don't know of previus "reviews" (these are clearly comments). Honestly I expected more from the most favourited FT crossover, I mean it's not bad, but not great either. The story is jumping around too fast, it started great with Mirajane but then you did a fake harem and kinda forgot about her. It is also a bit awkward placing Naruto in these non stop FT canon fights. I'm not sure about raiton rasengan in Naruto, but even if he did it, it's not regular, however rasengan absorbing AOE attacks is not possible, how would Naruto even manipulate fast destructive all over the place energies not of his element to go in a nice n steady stream to the ball without harming him? He couldn't... I'll lose interest by waiting for the next chap, so bye and good luck.
Guest chapter 38 . 10/14
Congratulations on the marriage. It's always bittersweet to see the ending of a long project, whether it be completed or not. Watching your story grow to become the one of the largest of its cross-fandom has been a pleasure. I wish you the best of luck in your new chapter of your life and hope you will still indulge in a bit of fanfiction from time to time.
Forget us not. c:
Evilbadger chapter 18 . 10/14
It took 18 chapters but I'm finally quitting reading this story. I really was liking this story, but it seems to be becoming a harem fic and I hate those so... Later.
Guest chapter 8 . 10/14
I'm fine with Ezra coming to a decision hopefully you just make her unsure still but willing to compromise and the pain disscusion doesn't really count a good portion of that was nagato and naruto having their little tug of war with their souls he most likely wouldn't have convinced him at all without it ignoring bullshit manga stuff that is actually in my opinion one of the best ways a manga has done that sudden turn really at least for long shonen "just connect their souls and have them experience the life of the other recipe for a really good base for understanding the reasons why each Is doing what so they can come to a acord" it exlains pains willingness to die rising his actions to after deciding to put his faith in naruto if he was there all he would do in the end would get in narutos way they would but heads over a lot and nagato most likely thought himself to far gone not to mention if naruto was to bring peace it'd help to have a village of people instead of corpses no matter what way he decided to go about achieving it. Also from what I can tell lullaby is bigger than each individual half of kurama but not the entire thing those mountains seem really small and comparing their teeth I think the only reason lulabys bigger is he is bipedal not that size advantage would keep from being murders horribly by kurama also I hope you remember what most seem to forget naruto didn't beat his half of the kyuubi he held it off got help and even without that still did what amounted to cheating he can't do most of the stuff he did in the real world the jutsu yes the way he used them no remeber he had what amounted to infinite save chakra and even then didn't actually do from what we saw any real damage to kurama at all the bottom line being he performed at a far higher level then he could in real life outside of the speed and strength displayed really I dont know why people don't consider these things matter on yes naruto Is probably as strong as kurama but the kyuubi for most of the series even at half power(if that) does a lot of the heavy lifting and naruto was the weaker if the two by quite a lot
NekoElder chapter 7 . 10/12
Is lullaby really as large as kyubi? At HALF size, his eyes were as big as Naruto
doraemax chapter 38 . 10/11
First of all, congratulation on your marriage. Woohoo!

Secondly, yeah life goes on... but you are a writer, and i've heard that a writer can never truly stop from writing. Anyway, don't sweat it out too much. When the time comes, i really do hope you continue to write and share with us your story. It may seemed that you don't have the time now, and that you may have to give up writing... but i'd assure you, i've known an author with a more crazy timetable than a newlyweds (he is a CEO of a company, not to mention married and still need to take care of his 5 kids) and he has still managed to find the time to squeeze in some writings, everyday. So yeah, don't sweat it. Go with the flow, man...and when you feel like writing, just write.
A raging Ghost chapter 38 . 10/11
You know I'm honestly not shocked at all, Not sure if this is true but I heard be got tired of writing the series around the tournament arc, I got tired of it after the second time skip.
IncinX chapter 38 . 10/9
Glad to hear that you are still planning on working on the story. Love your writing. I hope life gets a little calmer after the wedding and such. One way I find to get through my procrastination is to just start. Whatever it is, just starting will typically reinvigorate my passion while I am doing it.
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