Reviews for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi
jonthebomb126 chapter 1 . 17h
Though I love this story very much and I enjoy what you have done with it, I personally think that your other story "What a Wide World" is very interesting and well thought out and has even more potential than this one. While I would understand if you decided to continue focusing on this story solely, I also request that you consider continuing it. Thank you.
DarkBlight chapter 33 . 3/14
I liked the way the story was flowing... but as the chapters keep going on, you find ways to make the story veer back to canon. Sure you changed things here and there but the flow and outline of the story is still going the same way as canon. Events that shouldn't happen still happened. Naruto could've interfered with a lot of events... Just like with Grimoire Heart... Seriously? Post Pein's Naruto is already a considerable powerhouse... With his power level, he shouldn't have been dismantled that easily by Hades. Seriously, with Kurama's regeneration alone he could've tanked Hades all day. Pein encased him in a fucking moon! He survived that! I totally call ridiculousness on this. For the sake of plot is a flimsy excuse. Regardless of sentiment, Kurama would never let Naruto die knowing that he himself may and will be killed together as a result. I know that there are a lot of epic moments in canon but the presence of a powerhouse alone would change the flow of the story. Common man, I followed you from the start expecting great things out of the story. I know that authors have creative liberties and all that but common man. I respect your capabilities as a writer but I have noticed that you always nerf Naruto during big confrontations or outright remove him from the situation by sidelining him into doing something else that prevents him from interfering. The canon is cool and all but you really shouldn't rely on it too much. In fact, Naruto is starting to look like a glorified extra under the guise of the main protagonist. I cannot feel his impact to the world at all. For someone as charismatic and powerful as Naruto, canon should've been derailed and this world should've been on its own merry little way without canon holding it back. You wouldn't have been constrained to accommodate any characters and you could've been free to incorporate any plot you want if you simply made your own. Oh well, it is still your story. I do commend your writing skills though. It is quite top notch. Though if you simply exercised you're creative capability even more, this story would've been even better. You are simply THAT talented.
Guest 8 chapter 37 . 3/13
Hi there,

I'm your new reader. I must say that this story is easily one of the best I've read on the whole fanfiction(and I've read plenty ).
Crossovers are generally less famous relative to a single series, so it's a pretty big thing to find such a great story as this one, you don't know what a huge a huge contribution you have made to the world by writing this story. Hehe
Your integration of naruto into the fairy tail world is just perfect, you've looked out everything thoroughly and I'm just so pleased with the theories and concepts !
And naruto paired with mirajane is perfect too ! I just hope to see more of that fluff in every chapter to come. And I hope that naruto gets a little serious about her, she's just so sweet like hinata _
And I hope everything is going well for you and you post an update every 6 months or yearly.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/10
I like it better when he was doing air walking it could have been use to give him more chakra control and who would want to use a cheap ironman imitating propeller. Plus air walking sounds nicer kind of like water and tree walking and could teach it to his people as a chakra control exercise. And you should give him doton: lightened boulder juts so he can fly
itssimplyme chapter 6 . 3/8
I really loved the confrontation between Naruto and Erza about death and killing and all that. I love how you didn't gloss over the killing Naruto faced on a daily basis, and it really does make sense that he would approve of killing the worst of the worst villains, even though he is very peace-loving. Let's hope you develop this well, because I really do want Naruto to reconcile with the gang :P
it's simply me chapter 2 . 3/7
this lengthy descriptions is what's making this story for me. I love the focus and importance given to detail. It makes the whole new-world experience all the more real, and it really gets the reader absorbed.
Andril chapter 37 . 2/23
Normally I scoff at crossovers but this one has been a lot of fun. Edolas is the very worst arc in my opinion so I'm kinda meh about it, I hope you update soon and finish the arc quickly so we can get back to Tenrou Island. I need more Naruto and Ultear.
Tatsuyaguren chapter 37 . 2/18
This story is a very good read man. Keep up the great work. I know life can get you down but there are some good spots
ChunkyFunkyMunky chapter 1 . 2/12
I'm feeling too lazy to read this to find if this story appeals to me. I kinda hope someone tells me what to expect. I hate harems, I dislike constant traveling between worlds (Naruto and Fairy Tail), and I'm tired of pairings involving a girl already paired I'm canon (Erza, Lucy, Levy, etc.), Ultear, and from Alvarez.
UnwantedNox chapter 34 . 1/25
It's good:):)
UnwantedNox chapter 33 . 1/25
It's good:)
UnwantedNox chapter 31 . 1/25
It's good :)
UnwantedNox chapter 30 . 1/25
It's good
KHARAKI TAKAN chapter 37 . 1/15
A couple good little fights.

This L character is an interesting one.

Ooh interesting with the mentioning of other dimensions if you want you could include other worlds to connect to these ones.

Haha hilarious how Naruto outsmarted L. Ah that was hilarious.

Grand chapter.

I hope this story is not dead as well and you update it again. Awesome story.
maulana59 chapter 37 . 1/14
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