Reviews for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi
Kyrial Arthian chapter 36 . 5h
Heh, it's funny you say you're too lazy to read the manga, since I'm usually too lazy to watch the anime. I mean, I got into the series because of the anime, and I still look up my favorite moments from the manga in the anime, but the manga only takes like 3-5 minutes to read a chapter, while the anime is ~24 minutes per episode. :P But I can't stand the filler arcs in the anime. Probably that's what was going on that was making you think the plot was shallow and unplanned (I'm guessing; like I said, I don't keep up with the anime much). The Tartarus arc is pretty awesome. I honestly thought the series was going to end at the end of that arc, but now it's in a totally new arc that's looking pretty awesome too. One of my favorite things is that at some point in the Tartarus arc, Lucy started actually fighting and being useful instead of just sorta hanging around as a spectator. I always liked Lucy, but I know a lot of people don't because of how she's never of any use when the action is going down.

This fic is kinda making me want to go back and rewatch the Edolas arc. I only remember a few details about it...
ViodeOfNexus chapter 36 . 7/2
I have just read you're amazing story from beginning to end in four days, I have been reading fanfiction for a long time now, I believe it's the six year mark next month. I was really starting to believe I was scraping the bottom of the barrel lately so to read your story was an absolute treat.

I cannot wait for the next chapter and will be watching my inbox closely.
Markus-Antonius chapter 36 . 7/2
Nice job as always!
Have a Little Feith chapter 36 . 7/1
Was "Tartarous" (You're certain it's not "Tartarus", right?) the Nirvana Arc? If not, it's just justified filler, for the Manga to catch up. Also, reading the manga takes less time than watching the Anime does, except if you're a slow reader, but honestly, it really shouldn't take more than 30 seconds per panel. I don't watch Anime that I've read the manga for, as the anime will almost always has filler that the Manga didn't, with the possible exception being SAO. I have read the light novels, however. They actually got most of the details dead on for SAO, though.
T-manboy chapter 19 . 7/1
It's tropes not troupe!
katsekala chapter 34 . 7/1
Awesome chapter! Many kisses!
docfrodo2 chapter 36 . 6/30
Awesome chapter
Have a Little Feith chapter 12 . 6/30
Isn't rubbing alchohol, like, 120% Alchohol content? Cana's would essentially be a little more concentrated than that. I'm gonna continue rereading this story now.
R-king 93 chapter 36 . 6/30
So magic will instead purge kurama hate interesting. Great chapter update soon
shadowalkz chapter 36 . 6/30
That was awesome! One hell of a chapter. The first half of edolas arc had been grace by naruto. Totally loving the fight scene between our favourite ninja and the bad-ass Nightwalker. The idea adding a legion into the fight is delightful not to mention the previous seniour soldier. His character seems alive and something that people will remember by. I had to ask, will he have a major role? cause the idea of him discovering the truth and having a crisis whether to side with our heroes is intriguing to me.

For me, while Edolas arc in canon is great and all but i don't really enjoy it because it seems kinda drag and is a bit lame in my opinion. I don't hate it though. But i really wish that this arc will be different from canon and from the looks of things.. It seems that you have made me crave for more edolas arc with the twist that is Naruto. *nods*

I can't help but imagine edolas levy with a big ass shotgun when its her her time to make a debut XD.

One thing though, i don't recall that ethernano helps to keep one from being corrupted by vile energy. Also when Naruto activates his 'magical kyubi cloak' he seems to has everything handed over to him. I was expecting that he'll have trouble using that at first and might lose the fight. But oh well *shrug* that was entertaining to read.

That aside, solid chapter. As usual i'll be waiting for more *thumbs up*

Shadowalkz out!
KHARAKI TAKAN chapter 36 . 6/30
Yet he calls himself a ninja, Naruto contradicted himself with that one statement to Erza of Edolas. She now knows he is a Ninja that is if he she takes that serious but still. Could have worded that way better.

Nice fight.

Nice chapter.

Tartaros Arc has been good so far.
Guest chapter 36 . 6/30
can't wait for tenrou arc...

hey ...what if instead of all of them getting frozen in time why don't you make it that it's only naruto getting frozen...
madeyemoody95 chapter 36 . 6/29
Oooh if you don't read manga then your in for quiet a few surprises! Loved the chapter! I love Naruto, him being my favorite character ever! And I love reading these crossovers, I can't wait to read the next chapter!
maxridelover chapter 36 . 6/29
i really like this!
Tellemicus Sundance chapter 36 . 6/29
Heheheheh. Now that was one hellva fight! I loved seeing Naruto vs Knightwalker go at it! I'd almost wager that Knightwalker would have an even stronger motive to kill Naruto than she would to kill Scarlet. Man, I can't wait to see his reaction when he's brought to the guild and meets Lisanna for the first time because I doubt he could miss her having magic inside her.

Great job and I'm eager for more!
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