Reviews for an empire thou couldst crush, command, rebuild
PeaceHeather chapter 170 . 5/31
So sparse, yet you convey so much. I really like that about your writing style.
PeaceHeather chapter 167 . 4/25
Interesting collection! And valuable exercises. I should try them.
fierynightangel chapter 167 . 4/25
Awesome chapter.
fierynightangel chapter 166 . 4/24
PeaceHeather chapter 166 . 4/24
I find myself wondering what would have happened if Loki and this Steve had ever teamed up. Lots of burning, I suspect.
fierynightangel chapter 165 . 4/23
mabpagan chapter 165 . 4/23
But we LOVE vengeful, dark, protective!Steve Rogers!

Actually, anything you write is wonderful-but this is special.
fierynightangel chapter 164 . 4/22
Very cool.
fierynightangel chapter 163 . 4/21
PeaceHeather chapter 163 . 4/21
Your AUs are always interesting, and this one is no exception.
PeaceHeather chapter 162 . 4/20
EEEEEEeeeeee! The three of them together could get up to all kinds of trouble. (Also I love that Loki is making an appearance in your fic again, but I promise I won't push for more.) I love that he calls them his "favorite" mortals, implying that actually he doesn't just automatically hate humans. After all, he relied on them to stop the Chitauri for him, yes?
PeaceHeather chapter 161 . 4/19
I love seeing Steve facing the Image! that has been shoved onto him by others. Some stories, it grinds him down; other stories he says, "you know what? fuck it" and shoves it back in their faces and it's glorious.
fierynightangel chapter 161 . 4/19
Very freaking awesome, and very well put.
fierynightangel chapter 160 . 4/17
Lmao! Awesome!
PeaceHeather chapter 160 . 4/17
I'm cackling at the image of Bucky buying up some seriously overwrought gushing biography just so he can troll Steve with it constantly.
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