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Hi chapter 24 . 4/19
It is great story, you should do it for a living!
TheZeldakid101 chapter 24 . 2/22
You know what, I don't even care that it's almost three years since this fic came out. I'm reviewing it. While crying into my hot chocolate. (Emotional breakdown) ARRRRGH! The ending was so sad and sweet!
Anyways, I read the whole thing in a day. I personally could find nothing wrong with this. Even if I tried, which I won't. Your writing is beautiful and flows so easily. I only wish to be a good writer like you. You made it sad or serious or funny or sweet at just the right times. And now I am going to write a full out review in the entire thing. Enjoy.
Okay, on the first chapter, I thought it kind of funny how Pit is like Link from The Legend if Zelda, even if it wasn't intentional. Sleeping in is apparently a thing for world-saving heroes, angelic or not. Nighthawk is a pretty awesome character too.
The next few chapters were amazing and I laughed in all the right places. I completely burst when Pit saw Kaitlyn the first time. I was all: " PFFFFFFTHAHAHAHAAAA" Or something... Yeah. Mark and the teachers are pretty cool characters too. Somehow you can add character to people you rarely see ever, whereas I can't. Sigh.
From the beginning I could tell Jenny would have a big impact on Pit. I kind of expected her to become his legal guardian. She's an amazing character. I can tell you spent a little time developing her. She's also apparently got a thing for warming up to innocent angels. She's awesome.
I read the part about Pit liking Nutella. Let's just say that after that I found myself back at the computer with a jar of it a while later. Haven't had it in FOREVER and am now eating it by the spoonful. Why, Pit... Just why. Also, the Dark Pit being Prince Kuro thing was a little hard to get used to, but I got it down eventually. I love Kuro's change in personality. It's just lovely.
Also, every scenario where a character cried made me at least sniffle. I am probably going to have dreams about it tonight, ugh. Wake up sweating and crying. ...Anywaysmovingon!
Pit's growing relationship and flexibility with humans at first didn't surprise me - I mean, in game he's always genuinely concerned for them. But like this? I kinda sided with Kuro a little here: PIT U 2 COMFY ROUND HUMANZ! Inner me was all, "Pit! You're an angel! Why could this be happening! You lost part of your angelness!" Which was actually a goodish thing in the end.
Ryan was pretty cool. So was the part in Cali. I live in Utah so I've never been to either place... Oh well. I can picture.
Then Mr. Laurel is an angel. I want to say I laughed and said "What?" Five million times for this, but no. I fell off if the chair in shock. I kid you not! It actually happened! I did say "What" a lot though...
Awwwwwwww Kaitlyn and Pit went to a movie! Kaitlyn and Pit, sitting in a tree, k-I-s ...Ih wait that's later.
Then Kuro falls from the sky (I like imagining that, it's funny) and beats up some Shadow Dudes and the world is okay... Kind of. I mean, seriously, Pit, you just got YOUR BUTT KICKED in a battle vs. Kuro. Though it was a nice change. Pit losttttttyaaaaaaaaysarcasmmmmm. Inner me: "Pit! Man up! He's your doppelgänger! You can DO IT! YEAH!" And the silent cheers were answered.
Oh yeah! Yay Kestrel! Rebellions are auper satisfying even if they cost you. Standing up to something higher than yourself... Yay! Kestrel is amaze! Plus, I am super glad Nighthawk was there to stop Kuro. That would have ended sadly and I probably would have cried. Again.
Kaitlyn's backstory and that chapter in general: (Bawls) WAAAHAHHHHAAHHH ARGH THE WORLD HATES ME! It was ...Touching. I ate half a jar of Nutella to calm myself.
Ok, when Pit said bye to his mortal friends, I cried. A little. But the saying bye to Jenny totally broke my structures. I had to fling myself in bed for an hour with two jars of Nutella for an hour before reading more. Your writing talent is amazing. No one else has ever done that to me. But seriously! So sad and sweet I couldn't help myself! Poor Pit!
The battle/action scenes were awesome! Yay Kuro standing up vs. Medusa! But Pit is a bit of an idiot when it comes to battle strategies... "Yep go fight Medusa there's absolutely no consequence!" Except maybe getting burned. Or shocked. Or anything like.
And now, the final chapter impression. Crap, my eyes are getting shiny just thinking about it. Anyways, here's my reaction pretty much word for word.
"Ok, cool. ...Kaitlyn has awesome wings. ...Okay, and NOW: Kaitlyn and Pit, sitting in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g! ...Nighthawk again! Cool! ...No, don't eat more- great now I need more Nutella too. Thanks Pit. ...His CELL PHONE? AT FIVE BARS? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? ...'Hello? This is Jenny speaking.' (Me:) SOB SOBSOBSOBBBB WHY?! 'Mom?' (Me:) (No hold backs) AUUUUUUGH CRYING... Mom, I'm fine. Get out that last jar of Nutella. I'm gonna need it."
Long story short, the writing is amazing. I don't care if people think I cry easy, because I do sometimes. But rarely is it like this. It may sound weird, but this fanfic has really found its way to the bottom of my heart. I may forget exactly what is was about, but I'm pretty sure Ill always remember this. It is amazing, it has perfect flow, no flaws (ok, some typos), beautiful structure, and perfect emotion. I loved it. Plus, I developed a liking for Nutella again! Yay! I really do mean that though - this fanfic will have its spot at the top in my fanfic top ten (awesomest fics ever) and I absolutely flat out loved it! PM me if you wanna! It was awesome!
Allycattiny chapter 1 . 10/31/2014
The whole 'cloud barrier' thing is completely copied out of the legend of zelda skyward sword I remember link and zelda having the exact same convosation (obviouly in a dialoge box and obviously one sided (you know cus link doesnt talk)). Oh and palutena isnt a queen she's a goddess so it woud be lady Palutena not queen Great story though! Sorry i was nitpicking I don't mean to just stating the obvious, obviously (I said that too many times in this comment).
SkYeLiMiT chapter 24 . 9/25/2014
That ending was truly an icing to the cake. It's like finishing a great song where it crescendo's at the end and just leaves you happy and satisfied. Amazing job!
Isodrink chapter 1 . 9/18/2014
I'm going to stop it here (ch.10) because I can't agree with your character-interpretations and other content-relevant things. I'm not going to write the whole thing out here because I doubt that I can remain on the lines of contructive criticism if I don't take my time and at the moment I'm not sure if I want to do that. If you want a further explanation what I mean you can ask, otherwise I'd like to remain at the statement that I didn't like the way you set up your setting, your character-interpretations and several plot points so far.

Your writing style by itself was fine though, you can nicely bring out settings and body language in your texts, that's something quite remarkable actually, especially for your first fic.
Skye Eagle chapter 24 . 8/14/2014
Oh. My. Gods. This is so effing beautiful. It is a true piece of art. You have done a WONDERFUL job on this story.
Messenger chapter 24 . 8/10/2014
I kinda have to agree. I love this story but I think Kaitlyn ruins the whole story. She is a lot like other OC's in other stories I have read on fanfiction. Your an amazing writer but I think the story would have been more enjoyable if Kaitlyn was less mary - sue , but it's your story and you have a right to make any character the way you want. This was just my opinion. Love the story. Keep up the good work.
Meronpan turtle chapter 9 . 7/29/2014
I like this story- but I hate Kaitlyn. She's a bitchy angsty mary sue. :I
Cyan Quartz chapter 24 . 5/27/2014
O remember reading this year's ago... nice to see it finished. You did good.
dario.flaman chapter 24 . 4/16/2014!I LOOVVED THIS STORY!IT'S ALL PERFECT!Man now i wanna read it again!The ending was PERFECT!And hey,i don't want to bother you,but are you planning on a sequel?It's perfect either way!I just hope for a bonus chapter or something,that Palutena and Jenny meet!And talk about their sons XD.
Soulkeeper chapter 24 . 4/5/2014
This fanfic is amazing!
Pitta chapter 24 . 2/26/2014
First one thing I would like to say: καλύτερη ΦανΦιxτιον ποτέ!
Everything is just...perfect. The way how Pit reacts on earth, that he plays violin (woaaaa me 2), all the other characters, I can imagine them (Nighthawk looks like Porter Jackson from Wingin' it...) and Kestrel...OMG she is φοβερό! She reminds me of one of the Quidditch-players from HP. I'm a great bird lover, so the naming after birds is super! And that all for a first FanFic? Respect!

Guest chapter 24 . 2/14/2014
i have truly loved this story the way pit and kuro reacted on the human world, how pit reacted to the trashed angel land, and the ending, it all got to me. though i must ask; When will the seqel be?
LizzibeeSkoler chapter 24 . 2/10/2014
Aah! Aah! Aah! I LOVED IT! (Guess who? ;D) I promise I haven't been lurking. Because, you know... this has been out for forever, from my perspective. And HOW could I find time to review each chapter when I could read MORE?! OUO So anyways. On to my review (as you can see, I'm not an enthusiastic fanfic reader at ALL). First, I loved the premise-mostly. But that isn't your fault, it's the gamemakers' faults. I loved how you portrayed Pit's transformation from smaller wings to larger wings-however, it seems like wings would grow in more gradually. But you know, nitpicking is nitpicking. Hmm... I adore your characters-especially Mark, Kuro, and Kaitlyn. C: I'm so glad I get to draw her! This gave me TONS of ideas-remind me to run them past you so that your commission is still commissiony and not so much fanarty. Speaking of Kaitlyn, I loved the ending! The romance was perfect (if a bit cheesy) and I loved the bit with Pit teasing Kuro about Palutena :) I laughed so hard XD Umm I think I'm done with the things I liked. The things I didn't like: spelling mistakes/Greek mistakes. Also, as I mentioned above, don't angel wings grow more gradually? And you made a big deal with Jenny and Palutena having the same color eyes, but you never go anywhere with it. Will it be in the next story, or did you just... leave me hanging? Are they, like, secretly sisters? Or maybe Palutena is more of a true goddess than is implied, and Jenny is Palutena's daughter? Or is it just the color of wise, kind eyes? Et cetera. Hmm... Other than those, nothing comes to mind that I really didn't like about the story. Thanks so much for posting! (wow this review is long XD) Have a lovely day :) And post the sequel soon-you can be sure I'll be asking after it.
SisterOfScarletDevil chapter 24 . 1/6/2014
Oh my god this was so good! Holy crap I read it all today! XD Just so fabulous! Dude, that ending though. Really adorable
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