Reviews for Worse Games to Play
Doggy lover chapter 24 . 4/1
I love this fanfiction soo much so I hope u find the time to finish it
Doggylover chapter 1 . 4/1
When are u going to update it?
Beatriz chapter 1 . 3/30
It was amazing I loved it please write more.
Guest chapter 11 . 2/19
You may not see this because you’re story was posted so long ago, but I am sooooooo in love with this! I think it fits perfectly with the books.
Nobody chapter 11 . 2/18
This made me cry. :)
Emily chapter 24 . 2/17
Hi- it's been nine years, can you update now please? :D
GenericFanFic1 chapter 24 . 2/6
This is still one of the greatest Hunger Games fanfics of all time.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/17
I LOVE this so much, they need to make a movie of it!
hungergameslover chapter 11 . 1/8
omggggg iris asking her mum not to be sad anymore! she has my heart. i love the way you portray her sometimes it's hard to believe you're a fanfic author and not susanne colins
Guest chapter 7 . 12/28/2023
Really good true
Fan chapter 24 . 12/2/2023
Are you ok? Just wanted to check cause its been a while
Leina the fan chapter 5 . 11/29/2023
I've read this before but now that I am studying psych formally I love the depiction in this chapter even more. "Sage is trying to do what's best but she doesnt understand [the trauma as they experience is]" She also said it wasn't her area of expertise. SHe probably hhas her own traumas but that doesn't make their navigable for her, it's an entirely different scale, and physical doctors are poorly equipped in mental health. Overtime that's changing for the better of course, but it's just so real. Sage means well. She knows they have trauma. She does what she can to help with that. But that's just not something her training taught her. Idk if this is just a nonsensical rambling mess im feeling things
estefany22 chapter 24 . 11/22/2023
since we're in a hunger games renaissance, I thought I'd re-read this fanfic because I loved it so much years ago but I had forgotten it wasn't completed! It's still so good but I'm so sad it was never completed! I'm still crossing my fingers that it will be finished one day!
xoheartsaurore chapter 22 . 11/13/2023
Belmoine, hello! You might never see this, and truly I've never been brave enough to leave comments, but I had to come on and say thank you so, so much for this story. You'll never know how much your writing has touched me. Over the last 3 days, I've devoured 22 chapters and right now feel this palpable ache of wanting to read on but also knowing I only have 2 chapters left. This year really hasn't been my year; the past week has been especially hard to live through. 'Worse Games to Play' has made me laugh, squeal, sob, reflect, actually leave my bed for the first time in days... Thank you for your insight and wisdom. It shines through in your writing. Many times I've had to pause my reading to have a little cry. Whether it's sad tears from my own flashbacks or happy tears from vicarious joy, reading this story has changed me forever. Thank you, Belmoine. Even if you never update again, please know that what you decided to start in 2012 still has an effect of people a whole decade later. I wish you peace and light and hope you are well. I hope I have the privilege of reading more from you one day.
Lilly chapter 1 . 7/26/2023
You did a great job on this entire fanfiction, I've read it all! I love the thought you put into Iris's character and her relationship with Haymitch, and I like the choice you made to name Finnick's son Killian. Will you please please please continue it? I want to see more of Glen's personality.
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