Reviews for Symbiosis
sortofbored chapter 39 . 11/19
I love this story. Seriously, like everything about it.
T51b Moridin chapter 6 . 11/17
Heh. His sheer lack of understanding people is definitely hilarious.
T51b Moridin chapter 5 . 11/17
Ahahah. Lightning bolt. The first pikachu to control the weather. Badass is badass man. Loved pikachu's sarcasm at the end. Ash is now in for a surprise.
T51b Moridin chapter 4 . 11/17
Dat facepalm.
T51b Moridin chapter 3 . 11/17
That weedle was veery happy about that last thing. Im honestly going to be surprised if he doesnt go into some form of pokemon research as well.
T51b Moridin chapter 2 . 11/17
Oh so adorable. If he doesnt learn to dpeak pokemon i dont know what he will do haha.
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 11/17
Poison lance the lvl 100 weedle. Scary.
jouis chapter 13 . 11/15
Brock the badass has been confirmed
jouis chapter 10 . 11/15
poor ash if only he was older
biob1 chapter 1 . 11/14
WOW ok this has almost nothing to do with pokemon canon and I'm not really sure WHY anyone would want to kill the ketchum's specifically and in all honesty the whole thing seems a bit contrived. That is not even going in to how tired this whole "darker edge" to pokemon thing is it seems like everyone and their FREAKING PET DOG has done something like this but I can't really judge this any other way because it wasn't really interesting the first time I saw it so I just ignore them the problem only actually arose because your summary was kind of misleading I still don't understand how ash viewing pokemon in a new and unique way translates to this.
Silver Magma chapter 39 . 11/5
Excellent, fantastic, mind blowing, addictive,fabulous... are just a fraction of what I would like to say about this story. I stumbled upon it just yesterday and OMG! I'm blown away by the detail and the description of each and every character that you describe. Your idea of war, times after war, and the way this world, that you have created, emerged is just... WOW. I seriously don't have words to describe it. I'll admit it- I tried to find faults- after all, who wouldn't benefit from constructive criticism?And yet, everything from the language, to the grammar, to the story, the plots, characters, its a perfect blend .I didn't find a single flaw except for an occasional typo, like in one case the 'd' was missing from the 'and'(chapter 36, I guess) and other petty things like that (To err is human). You have created a masterpiece, the likes of which I have seen in only two other fanfics - The sun soul by 50caliberchaos and Sinnoh revamped by Analon - both excellent in their own ways. But other stories apart, I REALLY love the way you portray pikachu . And his addiction to ketchup was hilarious. I assume, ash understanding Pokemon, and him being Ash Ketchum is the catch of this story? I mean , the real suspense. And what about aura? Are you planning on ash developing his aura abilities? Because the only (major) time it surfaced was in his fight with Krieg . And after that there is no mention of it. He(Ash) doesn't even mull over it . It's like, he has totally forgotten about it. And if Ash is not participating in the Kanto league, what will happen to events of Mewtwo? This also leads me to wonder on the involvement of Legendary Pokemon in your story - case in point, Ash not noticing Ho Oh in the beginning chapters. I know I'm asking a LOT(that's an understatement) of questions, but I can't help it. I'm just too curious. And if you feel that these are a part of your plot, then your welcome to deny these answers.
Phew! That's a long review. Waiting eagerly for your next update..
Silver Magma
KDTBpantherwulf chapter 15 . 11/1
I love your Jessie and James SO frickin much. Honestly.
Vriska chapter 39 . 10/30
This fanfic is beautiful and you're beautiful too
It makes me smile whenever I think about because it's so good
The Richmaster chapter 39 . 10/24
This was a good chapter, I particularly liked Pikachu's first taste of ketchup and the fact that Ash/Aaron almost succeeded in in a peaceful resolution (though it isn't much of a surprise that it failed).
Having them miss the indigo plateau was an interesting choice; I look forward to seeing what they do in the mean time
TheNonDePlume chapter 37 . 10/20
Love the story, though I am so sad about muk:( I was really hoping that he would join ash and overcome the accidental murders (as a pokemon they should have the right mindset to overcome it), anyway, love the story
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