Reviews for Afterthoughts
kleannhouse chapter 11 . 3/9
that was a great way to conclude this one but it would be fun to see where you could taker their relationship after this.. it was a great turning point for them. KY
kleannhouse chapter 10 . 3/9
damn, they finally come to some terms and someone is after them/her again.. KY
kleannhouse chapter 9 . 3/9
so Eric is going to make her say the things she is most scared of about their relationship... he wants more and she thinks he wants out... KY
kleannhouse chapter 8 . 3/9
damn, Bill is up to no good he never backs down this for the Viking ,can't wait to hear their talk. KY
kleannhouse chapter 7 . 3/9
gotta love Pam... at least she figured things out and has a better understanding of what happened but for Eric to leave her , i agree he was paying her the same comeuppance as she did him. KY
kleannhouse chapter 6 . 3/9
damn, she is so screwed... KY
kleannhouse chapter 5 . 3/9
i like how you changed it up but i would love to know what Antonia/Sookie did to stop everything KY
kleannhouse chapter 4 . 3/9
hearing what she ws thinking about during this time was a good thing but she seemed so desperate. I guess desparate times leads to desparate measures. KY
kleannhouse chapter 3 . 3/9
hmmm has she figured out things to late, i say not, but she needs to tread carefully and stealthy enough for Bill not to know she has figured out his little game. KY
kleannhouse chapter 2 . 3/9
poor Sookie finding out that Bill is a totaly schmuck and thinks he owns her every thought... KY
kleannhouse chapter 1 . 3/9
great chapter, damn he is a conniving ahole... Busted... KY
RedJane12 chapter 11 . 2/2
So much better than the Season 4 final eps & definitely the finale! I like how you had Sookie reconciling amnesiac Eric and Sheriff Eric... And good job at exposing douche-Bill... I hope he knows about the Sookie-nookie on / near his tombstone... OK childish perhaps but Bill deserves it all...
georgiasuzy chapter 11 . 1/22
Loved your story! This is just how things should've gone on TB to make me happy. Plus it would've made more sense. Hope to read more from you!
Guest chapter 11 . 9/21/2013
write more please :D I love it
Chipndalegal chapter 11 . 9/5/2013
That was wonderful the way you had his bullet taking and her bullet sucking come full circle. This time they both fully understood how the other felt about them and it was a beautiful thing. It is easy to assume from this point that they started to go through life together as a couple, but I think it would be great if you someday came back to this and let us know how they are doing.
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