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JigsawUnknown chapter 3 . 9/25
I like how Itachi really tried to connect with Naruto. But still, it's like dude... What you went through doesn't even compare to what Naruto went through. Maybe I'm bias, but I would just be like "Um, no... 'Tachi baby... You haven't a clue. Please take several seats."
AiNeko-chan chapter 6 . 9/19
I was OVERJOYED when I found out you're writing the sequel of my favorite fic of the year! and not to mention its from Itachis perspective. I think I just died a little when Itachi asked of his lifespan... you won't kill him in this fic right? right?I cant say anything other than I absolutely love the relationship between Itachi and Sasuke and Naruto. I kinda shed a tear at the formed family bond between ItaNaru.. and God I literally jaw drop seeing the last word of chapter 4. Please... Madara is dead but Danzo is alive? What the f really... PLEASE DONT LET HIM COME BETWEEN THEIR HAPPINESS JUST- though that's most likely to happen. sob. I hope youre going to continue this fic, despite how late I am to find this. The world should be filled with more talented person like you lol. Thank you for writing such beautiful fic, I'll definitely follow this story!
Vivian chapter 3 . 9/5
The feels that I got from this chapter.
Sabaku No Kaori chapter 6 . 8/26
were you going to every finish this story?
yuganda chapter 4 . 7/2
dun dun duuuun!
yuganda chapter 3 . 7/2
what was the one particular thing danzo used to do to naruto? i want to hear all the gory details!
yuganda chapter 1 . 7/2
i'm so happy for them
NotJustAGirlJustMe chapter 6 . 6/27
I really like this. It doesn't feel as intense as Be My Hero since most of the stuff they're dealing with already happened. Itachi is also really funny now that he's not on edge all the time. I'm glad he and Naruto can help each other. It's cute. Can't say I was expecting that cliffhanger either but I'm looking forward to that being resolved. I hope Naruto fucks Danzo up.
NotJustAGirlJustMe chapter 1 . 6/27
Awwwwwwww, Sasuke saying that Itachi was really his hero melted my cold, frozen heart!
guest chapter 1 . 6/18
So SNS is perfection but SS is abusive? SS was planned from the beginning. Sasuke ONLY loves Sakura. He is NOT gay. Nothing you write can change CANON. Kill yourself, delusional virgin fag.
LSNSs chapter 6 . 5/4
Hey! I just wanted to say that I hope everything is going okay. I hope your job is treating you well, and that you are accomplishing all you want to. Keep working hard and never give up! -

Much love,
D chapter 1 . 1/17
kukuku sorry I just wanted to be the 100th reviewer
M Masaki chapter 5 . 11/9/2015
-which you often compare or even give precedence to over the love between soul mates), then a soul mate should have an even greater degree of composure in the same situation, don’t you think? And if the love in both situations is “equal but different,” as I believe (depending on the situation, since some siblings couldn’t care less about each other), or even if for both lovers, nobody else in the world matters as much as the other, then still Sasuke should have been right there with Itachi supporting Naruto! I don’t know, I just feel like even now, words fail to allow me to express exactly what it is I am feeling. There is so much more—other words, other constructs I want to use to bring what I’m trying to convey to light.. At any rate, I hope you can understand that as a great fan of yours and as an absolute lover of the plot and characters you so beautifully designed in “Be My Hero,” I felt obliged to use whatever inadequate words I could to reveal my perspective. You know that romance aside, I am deeply in awe of your storylines and world building in and of themselves. You know I’m dying to know what happens with Danzo now. Just please, please, if you think I’m at all making any sense, that I’m a genuine critic and devoted fan, please do address my observations. If not through the plot of your story then your own words to me. So many times I have almost wished for something terrible to happen to Sasuke so that he could finally be on equal footing with his mate and then cursed that thought out of my head because how selfish must a person be to wish that? A person doesn’t have to actually go through everything another has to be on equal footing with him, to be as great, I know that…and yet in “Lesser Heroes” (chps. 3 and 4), all the themes from the preceding storyline seem to have morphed and melded into a single banner pronouncing how Sasuke is “different”—but just how alike must he be to his mate, anyway, to be trusted with his all?
From the most genuine place in my person,
M Masaki (moonshadow13 at outlook)
M Masaki chapter 5 . 11/8/2015
Hello there, my lovely, lovely dmnq8. You do not know me, but I am an avid reader of your work and love a great chunk of it to bits. One of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy spin-off stories ever is “Be My Hero.” I love it so much that every once in a while, I have to go back to reread it despite knowing that it will put me through hell and back emotionally to do so. There is something I need to let you know, though, or else I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. First, I need you to know that this isn’t some spur of the moment reaction by which I’ve allowed myself to be taken over. I’ve read “Lesser Hero” countless times by now already, and each time I’ve felt something painful build up inside me and each time I’ve forcibly stamped it down. I mean, I’ve read soooo many stories over my lifetime, and if I allowed myself to be brokenhearted each time a story seemed to me to slip from its path there’d be no point in reading at all. So what’s different now? Why am I choosing to write to you after all this time despite knowing that nothing may come of it? Because of ALL the stories I’ve ever read in the entire Naruto/Sasuke fanfiction genre, no one has ever come close to building something as real and heartrending and precious as you have. Not once, but several times over. But “Be My Hero” more than anything has taken over my heart as nothing ever has or will. My heart beats in time to that masterfully constructed tale of unspeakable tragedy and yet as more unspeakably beautiful love. It means the world to me. Everything. Everything. Yet more recently, I mean with “Lesser Heroes” (Chps. 3 and 4), I can’t help but feel that something’s not quite right anymore. I have most grudgingly come to acknowledge my awareness of inconsistencies in the way the key relationships have evolved—between Sasuke and his brother and Naruto, especially. Consider just this one example, for instance: In Interlude I, you provide us with this beautiful insight into Itachi and Mo’s relationship: “Only she knew what he was really like. Most of the time his fears didn’t show up this clearly. And if they did, it was only around her. Not even Sasuke was allowed to see the fears, the deep debilitating anxiety her all-capable husband lived with day in and day out. She was the only one he let in. The only one he trusted with this innermost part of himself. This weak part of himself. She was the only one who knew his abnormal intelligence was his shield against those fears. And it was the reason she loved him. …” I must say, I greatly am in awe of Itachi and Mo’s relationship as you have conceived it here. I love them together and hope they’ll never change. By now, though, you must already have guessed that Sasuke and Naruto are the prime purpose behind my delving into alternative conceptions of the plot in the Manga, though of course, that in no way affects my ability to point out possible inconsistencies in any other great piece of writing. I say possible because as I am not the writer, I am in no position to consider myself to be even one-eighth as qualified an authority on your work as you. Yet there is a reason why we readers are given the opportunity to leave our comments. Because maybe as outsiders we might have useful outside perspectives. In any case, useful perspective or not, I am writing to you now despite the voice in my head pleading for me to just let it go, just let it go as I’ve let others go, because over the months as I have read and reread “Lesser Heroes,” it has become harder and harder for me to take a full breath. And I’ve tried to stop rereading, but you are the one I will return to time and again despite the strength of my resolution. I can’t exactly put it to words yet, this anguish I feel, but have realized the source to be a gradual change in the tones and attitudes of the relationships between Sasuke and Naruto and Sasuke and his brother, and even Itachi and Mo. The language you use to describe each of their relationships and to develop them has always been one of the strong points of your writing (you have many), and yet now I find that the language is melding together in places and showing inconsistencies in others. The example I gave above is one of the passages that showcases an important inconsistency. In it, you describe how Itachi’s baring his weakness to Mo, his soul mate, is a strength in their relationship. How he trusts her and only her to know all of him. And that is well and truly how trust is manifested between those in love. Yet the whole idea that brings Naruto to Itachi in Ch. 4 to begin with is his inability to “bear his weakness” to Sasuke, to Sasuke! Despite everything that Sasuke bore for him, despite his strength, his resilience, his utter devotion to Naruto. Was it not Sasuke who drew Naruto from his lonely existence atop the mountain…where would Naruto be now if not for him? And this is another point that I would stop eating ice cream to understand: just because someone has already been through hell and survived (as Naruto and Itachi have) doesn't mean that nobody else will ever be capable of withstanding the same if their own loved ones were at stake (nor hopefully, should they ever have to do so). If Sasuke never has the strength to withstand such horror for any other cause, at least I do believe that he would sacrifice anything for Naruto. I know he is strong, I know he is in every way as stubborn as Naruto or Itachi—I know that neither of them could ever talk him out of suffering in either of their places if ever he were in a position to do so. So though I completely agree with Sasuke that those who have undergone horrors are stronger, I do not believe that that may be used as grounds for judging the potential strength of everybody else. Thus far I have found that of all four of your main characters, Sasuke is the only one to whom it seems nobody has deigned to bare his or her “weak side.” Mo bared her secrets to Itachi. Itachi bared his weakness to Mo and now to Naruto apparently. Naruto bared all to Itachi… But I cannot believe that Sasuke not having undergone what Naruto or Itachi did (to a lesser degree) is grounds for excluding him from his soul mate’s past. He who understands him as no one else does. And I suppose this is the main reason why Naruto and Itachi’s newfound “brotherhood” makes no sense to me. Its premise is flawed. Half of it is based entirely on Sasuke’s inadequacy to be there for his mate. If as his soul mate, he just couldn’t put Naruto through such an ordeal himself, that is perhaps understandable, but he should still have been there to witness Naruto’s weakness, because there is no shame between soul mates—only complete trust, and Naruto has no reason not to trust Sasuke. There is a reason why Itachi is not Naruto’s mate and never could be—and it is not simply because Itachi is straight. But that aside, it is still unrealistic for Itachi and Naruto to ever truly be “brothers” in the same exact sense as Itachi and Sasuke. For one, there simply is too much history between Sasuke and Itachi. Whose call would Itachi instinctively respond to if both Sasuke and his mate called at once? Besides, it makes for a very absurd triangle, if ever Sasuke and Naruto were at odds with each other, with whom would Itachi side? If after over 20 years of devotion to his blood brother, Itachi sided with Naruto, the world would seem upside down. I have raised a sibling from birth myself, and I know no matter what no bond however blood-like I made with someone else could come in between the one I have with the one who grew up to be my best friend (as siblings often do). Imagine losing your sibling to your mate in an argument that means a lot to you… Pain, pain, pain… Or vice versa…how painful that would be! I would really love to know your views on this last bit, how such situations could be navigated without damaging anybody, and I say this because I do believe there is beauty to be found in that relationship (after all, you wrote it!). In particular, that part in which Itachi told the story of nearly killing Sasuke as a baby made my blood run cold: then again, Itachi could have confided that to Mo, and is it really the best idea for Naruto to know that? (Actually, I’m surprised it didn’t upset him at all.) This is not to say that both those guys don’t need a tight friend (bro) or that it can’t be the other for each! All this aside, it is the first concern I expressed early on that has robbed me of my current health and sanity. I…really can’t believe I’ve actually come this far, but that’s it. The main inconsistency I have seen that leads to one or two others is how Sasuke has been singled out by his own mate (Itachi singling him out would be understandable) as someone incapable of handling the ugly side of reality—of him at his weakest—and how that has been used to cement a familial bond between Itachi and Naruto. At one point in Ch. 4, you described how Naruto felt emotion for Itachi in a place where Sasuke would never be able to touch, a place reserved for blood, for family. And yet in the scene with Sasuke in the same chapter, Naruto swept Sasuke along with Itachi under the relieving thought, “My family thinks I’m fine.” Also, you make a point of emphasizing how Naruto feels for Itachi in a place where Sasuke “would never be able to touch,” since it’s reserved for family, and yet that same spot in Itachi has definitely been touched before—by Sasuke—since Itachi does have another sibling, so that “place” is definitely not something as special to Itachi as Naruto is making it out to be by separating Sasuke from it. Seriously, Naruto swearing to protect Itachi’s family with his life is romantic enough that their whole brotherhood could have been based on it without Itachi having to be alone with him underground, no? I mean, my whole point here is, if a sibling can see you at your weakest and still not go insane or think less of you (despite having an unparalleled degree of love for you which you
matteiwachan chapter 6 . 9/14/2015
Ahh! This latest chapter was like Christmas! Even if it was more of a recap than new material, it was still nice to see and read all the same. 3 Thanks for updating girly!
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