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AnimeEverywhere chapter 8 . 11/21
I’ve always only read time traveling stories with Sakura being the one doing the time traveling, but this one is SO well-written, I can’t believe I missed all this. Especially the fact that Sakura isn’t her weak canon-self makes me so giddy. Somehow it feels like Sasuke’s the one doing the time traveling but Sakura seems to be the one who got the “knowledge” or “intuition” from her former/older self. It’s really funny seeing how Sasuke’s so frustrated with his weak, sharinganless self. In some way it’s kind of like retribution for all the stupid stuff he did (or didn’t do, like saving Sakura and Naruto) to make everyone suffer, but then again, he was also manipulated and suffered a lot too. Nevertheless, it’s still funny. Just imagining his face when he finally realizes that yes, he’s still very much sharinganless even after the wave mission, because Sakura steals all the spotlight (and yes, that’s what I imagine is going to happen next).
And yes, I absolutely love Sakura’s pov, even though she’s still the weak-Sakura, you portrayed her just like how I wished she would have been in canon, weak but awesome, until she gets strong and badass. Just the scene where she actually moved to intercept and attack one of the demon brothers made my heart race.
So thank you so much for these awesome chapters so far! I’ll wait patiently for the next epic chapter!
Bye~ Ame
Guest chapter 8 . 11/15
This is pretty interresting, tho the wave arc is trying to get through after all the times I've seen it done. I look forward to seeing what happens after it.
I'm really rooting for Sakura and Naruto get their memories! :D
Kudos on the prose btw. It elevates the fic. :)
skorpina18 chapter 8 . 10/27
This story is a BRILLIANT take to time travel!
I just don't get why sasuke doesn't think ha can change things by doing things differently? Maybe he doesn't think anything will change regardless of what he does? Even if they don't get disbanded at this rate Kashi won't send them to the shop Chunin Exams!
A1B chapter 8 . 9/2
please update
sai ninja chapter 8 . 8/16
Wow, I really love this retelling and was glad to find more chapters to read.

Sasuke really is an ass in this and I have a feeling his Sharingan isn't going to appear. things are going to go differently and Sakura is the one to defeat Haku or something. I just hope he gets a shock and opens up his eyes without the team getting disbanded.

I hope you feel inspired to write more, I definitely want to know how this plays out. Your writing is gorgeous as usual and I love, love, love reading all your fics :)
Guest chapter 8 . 8/5
I've never been so mad at Sasuke. Like this man gets a second chance at life and he is wasting it by continously being mad. I've never wanted to slap the shit out of someone so much before.
TDI-Ryro-Eclares chapter 8 . 7/27
Update again soon please!
SpaceNugget11 chapter 3 . 7/25
Omg Kakashi's line, "'You know, Sakura...when it really mattered, we did. We were three very different kids, who became a real team.'" JFC, that line killed me. I felt that one in the gut.
SpaceNugget11 chapter 2 . 7/21
God, where to begin. I think one of my favorite parts is that little bit of detail you added when comparing young Sakura and older Sakura-the bits about him noticing her noisiness while she walked away and how she used to moved so soundlessly in the future. I absolutely adored that. That one little line does so much heavy-lifting by adding some great character detail and hammering home that things have changed.

Also, Sasuke feels so, so SO angry and bitter here. As a reader, it's kind of jarring, but from a story-telling perspective it's a great set up-I want to know how you're going to sand down all those jagged edges (or is it even possible? I WANT TO KNOW).

From a more meta point: the shocking truth is I never read too much time travel ficts growing when I was a more active reader on the site, so it's so fun to see how other people are handling the time traveling fiasco. Even more fun is that this seems to be a bit of an inverse of my story (sorry to turn it to me for a sec), and it makes me grin ear to ear as a reader watching you work out the FutureSasuke x YoungSakura equation.
primaveras chapter 8 . 7/20
Can't wait to see how you punish him, author! He's being way too dumb and blindsided by rage, does he not realize the timeline could change if HE acts differently lol? I really hope he doesn't awaken the Sharingan and he stays stuck less powerful for some time xD

I'm also loving how Naruto and Sakura are changing! They're so great, especially Sakura. It's like her development is being advanced lol, which I'm glad for. I'm still going to keep my eyes out for any hints Sakura might remember the future - I think that dream she had might've been from FoD? Or am I reading too much into things again lol?

Thanks for this chapter, and for this story! It was really fun and interesting to read, even if Sasuke is such a little prick lmao~
primaveras chapter 7 . 7/19
Sasuke's IS still being the same asshole he's always been, but there's a little change at least lol. And I love Naruto / Sakura bonding, their relationship is always so good! I wonder tho, was that random thought Sakura had about Naruto...really as innocent as it seemed? o.O I'm still rooting for my theory that Sakura will eventually remember the future / past life...

Can't wait to read the next (and last, for now hopefully) chapter! Thanks!
primaveras chapter 6 . 7/19
Omg I'm not sure if I'm right but IS Sakura receiving a nudge from the future? I mean, I know she is very intuitive, but to be that scared just because of the mention of a place she hasn't heard in this lifetime? Idk, I'm still going to hope that's the case.

And yay, I loved that Sakura protected herself! Even if Sasuke left her open like the emo little asshole he's being right now! I really hope he doesn't get the Sharingan, it would serve hin right lmao. Especially since he doesn't care about his teammates, who were the reason he even got in the first place *rolls eyes*

It's also...SO nice to have Sakura be the one they must follow, hehehe.

Thanks for the chapter!
primaveras chapter 5 . 7/19
I'm so excited to read what happens next! That mission is always the best in time-travel fics lol. I wonder why Sakura was so...scared by it tho? She shouldn't know anything about it right? Or did she get a flash of the future? A wild idea but it'd be cool lmao. Especially since...Sasuke is such a stubborn little asshole on his own, it's going to take something or someone external to push him towards the light.

And omg it'd be the funniest thing if Sasuke doesn't get the Sharingan xD He doesn't deserve it in this state.

I'm also really loving Kakashi actually trying to be a good mentor! And that he doesn't dismiss Sakura! That he realized that putting all his attention on Sasuke (and Naruto, on a lesser scale) would make the team unbalanced! It shows how just a simple change in Sasuke's actions can cause such a shift in the original well as Sakura's attitude towards him lol, especially because he's been acting all edgy and full of rage - which would be scary for any normal 12 yr old girl (it'd be funny if it caused her infatuation to fade as well xD)

Thanks for the chapter!
primaveras chapter 4 . 7/19
Sasuke's such a little prick sometimes omg, even if I get his way of thinking, I hate how he dismisses both Naruto and Sakura. Asshole -.-

I really liked Sakura's POV! You made her so much more than the shallow 12 yr old her former self is usually depicted as. Like, sure, she was bratty but she was still a kid - and that doesn't mean Sakura didn't have her own depth even at that age. You don't need some super dark backstory (like a certain little prick) to be an interesting character and I'm so glad you obviously get that with Sakura.

I do feel sad for Sasuke's trouble with his brother. It was never brought up in the manga, as far as I can remember - but what he says is true to a point. Did Itachi /have/ to kill his family? The worst part is that Itachi was only 12/13 yrs old himself at that point ;-; He was also a child, an overpowered child who probably didn't know what else to do but follow the order of the adults in his life and pray for the best. Sigh.

As usual loved this chapter, thank you!
primaveras chapter 3 . 7/19
Sigh. I'm usually very patient with Sasuke but I still want to him a little shake lol. No wonder ppl tend to send Sakura to the past, there's probably even ones with Naruto - Sasuke would be so difficult lmao. I still feel so bad for him, tho ;-;

I also like the way you're writing his interactions w/ Team 7, even if he's being an insufferable jerk. It makes sense, he's sort of acting like... this is all a dream or an illusion he's not a part of. I also loved how his different actions, I'm assuming he wasn't /that/ awful when he was a kid, made Kakashi decide to open up about HIS own teammates and...maybe also made Sakura act differently? Not sure if it's me reading too much into it, bur Sasuke kept noticing how different she was acting o.O

I do hope...that Sasuke can see that Konoha or, well, the people in it aren't to blame. I don't hold it against him for being against going back, but wanting to punish everyone for something that wasn't their fault? Nope!

Thanks for the chapter!
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