Reviews for Mass Effect: Human Revolution
Guest chapter 52 . 15h
Hmm? Ah, yes...odd.
Topomouse chapter 83 . 3/20
To be honest I am kinda losing track of the various double identities, secret organizations, who is allied with whom, et cetera. But I guess that is working as intended :).
Badpressure chapter 46 . 3/19
I won't lie, this is definitely one of the better fics I've read. I only have one, tiny, thing to pick at.
Chapter length. I understand that you've crafted one hell of an AU. I know there's a lot of lore and intrigue that you've brought into the story. But I feel like this need to said, the chapters are just...really,really...REALLY long. I want to keep reading. I love the characters, their dialogue, the settings and detail. But I actually am getting tired reading through these gargantuan chapters. I almost feel like I'm reading a digital textbook at times, just because of the chapter length. I think smaller, more manageable chapters, perhaps in the POV changes, or simply dividing the current chapter at "cliffhangerish" parts might be an idea. Your writing quality is very, very good, your settings are well-described and thought-out enough to draw in readers, and your dialogue flows naturally, and feels real. Thing is, there's just SO much stuff happening in each chapter. I really don't mean to complain. Just bringing it up for your consideration. Thanks for writing, and more, thanks for letting us read it. -Badpressure
Guest chapter 42 . 3/19
A fallout 3 nod and a lombax? Me like.
gta manic chapter 83 . 3/19
buddy cop Adam and Garrus, how u missed you guys
Guest chapter 40 . 3/18
You just had to invoke the human centipede, didn't you?
SomeGuyOverHere chapter 82 . 3/12
Ha ha ha ha! Holy shit! That ending was just the greatest thing ever. All of this super high-tech stuff and in the end what saves the day is the supernatural aim of Garrus Vakarian.

I never knew that surgery could be made so exciting. I wonder who put that parasite into Hein. I have to be honest, for a second there I really thought that he was going to die. I'm so used to having Hein be in control of everything that to have him in a vulnerable place made things really tense.

Character growth! Manah is not as timid as she once was I noticed. She had a bit of "bite" to her in this chapter. I think that Ramsus has started to rub off on her.

"Agent Ross", did not see that coming. Nor did I see Aki losing an eye. I kind of hope we get to see what happened on this ships while everyone else was off saving Adam, but I understand that might be a lot of work. I'll just assume that it was incredibly epic.

Excellent writing as always!

Looking forward to the next chapter
Victorules chapter 82 . 3/11
Garrus is such a badass he once stabbed a deadly microbe inside a man, the man thanked him later. Also, wasn't Elsa becoming Nier:Automata with a huge lightshow and something?
JukedSolid chapter 82 . 3/11
Garrus! My man! That was so badass!
BJ Hanssen chapter 82 . 3/11
Heh, that's a *perfect* chapter ending right there
Mastermind4892 chapter 82 . 3/11
DivineImp chapter 82 . 3/10
Well, that was fun chapter :)
Zakeraz chapter 82 . 3/10
Really, what the hell is going on in this story? All these injuries to Hein came out of the blue. Same with the Normandy. When did it get attacked and how did Chakwas and Presley die? Did all of that happen offscreen? Also, who is Aki Ross again? I don’t remember her from any previous chapters. Really, trying to remember what happened between chapters is becoming an increasingly cumbersome chore.
The Boundless Architect chapter 82 . 3/10
That's GUILT from Trauma Center: Under the Knife (or Second Opinion) isn't it.
Touhoufanatic chapter 82 . 3/10
Death by tadpoles would be a horrible way to go
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