Reviews for Mass Effect: Human Revolution
Manus Dei chapter 69 . 3/20
I actually don't mind the shorter length. Some of those chapters were getting too long to keep track of everything. Those cliffhangers, however, are evil.
Manus Dei chapter 55 . 3/20
Wow. Pallin was one cunning old fox.
Manus Dei chapter 52 . 3/19
No matter the universe, Vasir is always scum. The asari continue trying to screw everyone over under the table too.
Manus Dei chapter 51 . 3/19
So after all that, JC just got taken down by the electronic old men. What a shame.
Mondrial chapter 41 . 3/19
The Hek. Sweet. I wonder if she have the Scattered Just
BukkakeNoJutsu chapter 69 . 3/15
This is cool but where's Adam lol.
oldspiceweasel chapter 21 . 3/4
Hmm. Nice summer wars nod there with the OZ bit.
Satire Swift chapter 69 . 3/1
Oh boy, hope we get to hear Bailey's story.

Good chapter.
Commissar Critical chapter 11 . 2/27
I'm going back through this text, but damn. The hand of Baphomet? Far to close to the devil for my tastes.
Varigos D. Vastitas chapter 69 . 2/27
I can't decide what is a bigger tease and leaves me wanting more: This story or the actual Deus Ex series.
Mastermind4892 chapter 69 . 2/27
Asari commandoes? I'm glad that we're finally back to the Asari conspiracy, about their influence, their hoarding of Prothean tech and their (re)abduction of Manah.

And the one known as the Old Woman.
skyrumen818 chapter 69 . 2/27
If the reapers manage to get their claws into Adam, the rest are so screwed. Thank you for the update!
Rajo chapter 69 . 2/27
Can't help but give a happy smile whenever I seen an update in this :)
Shit seems to be getting bigger and bigger, jeez. the second team going to learn about reapers now? Heck, will they even believe it if they do? Is Bailey somehow going to move to the 108 for a time or is something else going on with it?
Jensen was captured...shit. With the mention of reapers, I can't help but feel they know about the part of our Promethean friend inside Adam's brain and want to rip it out, like the Black Queen(?) wanted.
Viper5delta chapter 69 . 2/27
Seeing the Assembly of a second team is nice and all...but I need som Adam Jenseny Goodness soon.
Topomouse chapter 69 . 2/27
The idea of Ramsus tucking Jerin to bed is kinda creepy. Though I guess that Ramsus interacting with anyone comes off as kinda creepy.
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