Reviews for Mass Effect: Human Revolution
The Handle chapter 32 . 4/16
I was going to give glowing praise to this chapter, but you just *had* to end it like that, didn't you? Well FUCK YOU, Ignus!

How am I going to sleep now?
Sora with an S chapter 28 . 4/12
Selle? So far, I've recognized Final Fantasy, Firefly/Serenity, and Evangelion. I bet I've missed a bunch of other references, haven't I?
Sora with an S chapter 19 . 4/12
So... why don't they check for Biroids by smeering medi-gel on them? Tumor equals fake skin.
Anzer'ke chapter 20 . 4/11
Yeah...this codex entry rather lost me.

So humans committed a multitude of war crimes...and then got an embassy on the citadel and consideration for Spectre entry? That smells of total bullshit to me.

I can buy humanity managing to pull a win with tactics like this, heck it's a lot better than most of the wins they get away with in fanfic, however the Citadel races would've responded by crushing them. No quarter given, this sort of shit would have had STG teams sterilising half the planet.

Well not actually that exact response but that's the kind of stuff they'd have been faced with. Which makes the story so far, in which they've had roughly the same diplomatic standing as in canon, utterly bizarre. It just doesn't make sense.

Which is a pity because your worldbuilding's pretty good (if charitable to humans and their gear, I mean chemical weapons shouldn't even scratch Mass Effect's armour) and it's great to see Deus Ex and Spirits Within and others getting an airing.
cerebralconfinement chapter 46 . 4/7
Man, this is an impressive piece of writing. It's not often I see something that's this long, yet still manages to be efficient with its storytelling. For the most part, your pacing's pretty spot-on; I came into this thinking that Jensen was going to be made a Spectre pretty quickly, with not too much to speak of in the interim, but 550k words proved me wrong there. Pretty much the only weak part I saw with regards to that was the Noveria arc. It got too long for its own good, and I feel that it lost its focus. Ramsus could have used more character development, especially considering that he and his sister were so pivotal in the arc's plot, and from what I remember, the 'Dream Machine' portion seemed to prioritize establishing the setting of Noveria much more than it should have in comparison to the other arcs. I'm probably going to have to reread the whole thing to get a better picture; my memory's a bit spotty most of the time. With that in mind, I'm also going to mention that I don't think the character of Kasumi got as much payoff as the focus on her should have indicated.

Something else that really stands out to me is the way that you're taking elements from so many other IPs and mixing them into the Mass Effect world. I feel like that's one aspect that's done almost flawlessly, though there is a notable exception in the Katzroys. That was too blatant for me, even as a fan of both of those games. I'm also a little iffy about the rebranding of Protheans as Prometheans; that sort of gives the feeling it was done to meet a "crossover quota" by throwing a meaningless Halo shout-out in there. That one, I'm more willing to give a pass on, though, seeing as it was pretty minor and came with the elements pulled from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, which was a pleasant surprise for me. As an aside, the description specifically mentioning Square Enix properties made me wonder whether something from Fullmetal Alchemist might make it in, but I'm not sure that'd be the best fit.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to what's coming up next. I probably couldn't have found a way to make this crossover work as well as you did, and it's always a lot of fun to read the fics that come out of that situation. I do have to say, though, this one's head and shoulders above the others I've seen.
Guest chapter 46 . 4/5
Fantastic chapter. Took me a couple of days to read through it. (had work) Keep up the good work.
B59001 chapter 46 . 4/5
Just amazing. This chapter was detailed and long, but it certainly kept my attention, urging me to read further, quite an incredible piece of writing, as has been this whole story.
God chapter 46 . 4/4
Also, I have to say that this story was starting to feel a bit too "safe" with this arc, but you really subverted that at the end quite nicely with Ramsus.

Made me feel like the rest of the characters might genuinely be in danger, which is excellent.
God chapter 46 . 4/4
You could have shortened the ending fight a bit, but other then that this was awesome.

Don't worry about sparse updates, your word count is still insane, almost 23 000 per month. No one minds bigger updates really.
Woobi2k chapter 1 . 4/4
Brilliant, this is better than a lot of publish book I have read!
AznPuffyHair chapter 46 . 4/4
Awesome acid-fight. It pretty much blew anything I've played out of the water, and i can't honestly come up with a game that has as epic a fight as what you wrote. If someone ever manage to make either a flash or some animation out of it, then do let me know haha.

That aside, I feel like we'll be going on a chase for Annah. While Jensen can obviously just forget her, the way you structured his personality ensures that he will do his very best to go after her, come hail or high water. Of course now you'll have to integrate more conspiracy theory with the Mass Effect story.

Oh, and enough with the elevator speed joke... as much as it grates on people's nerves, there is only so much you can take a shot at it... on second thought, keep going.

Keep up the good work. UDPATE SOON!
A. M. Shawke chapter 46 . 4/2
Well... shit, man. That was deep. And pretty confusing :/. But somehow, you managed to have it all make sense. Props to you for that! Also, I think this was worth the long wait (considering you basically wrote enough to have a standalone fanfic here).
The Officer That Left chapter 46 . 4/2
All for naught...

How bittersweet.
Hunter092 chapter 32 . 4/2
What sort of monster did you unleash?
Diaconsecond chapter 46 . 4/1
Rasmus nooooo! I liked his character. Mmmmm man every time I come back I am amazing, I love everything about this fic. The atmosphere, character the dilemmas, the environments you actually make it more interesting than mass effect itself
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