Reviews for Mass Effect: Human Revolution
Rajo chapter 60 . 10/7
Shitshitshitshit Elsa don't go following the creepy-and-obviously-not-there children! It's a Blacklight guarded hole with a evil spectre at the door, of course there isn't going to be any kids running around!

Anyway, nice chapter! It's always good to see an update in my favorite fic.
TimothyLim chapter 60 . 10/2
Though I rather see Jensen in the story, the next best thing is seeing your characters (especially the potential LI(s)), good guys, and bad guys alike follow in his wake. Thank you for the chapter!
victore.chez chapter 60 . 10/1
Kay... That got weird fast. Did Elsa lose a child? She's in my top 5 characters here but the story is soooo big.
English speaking chapter 60 . 10/1
Translate the non-English, otherwise we have no idea what you're trying to say
SomeGuyOverHere chapter 60 . 9/30
Oddly enough I'm enjoying having Caim around, his Templar mentality is pretty amusing
Satire Swift chapter 60 . 9/30
Yes Elsa, follow the creepy little girl into the vents. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Good chapter.
Natzi Sumbitch chapter 60 . 9/30
Really? She followed the random little girl that had no damn reason to be there in the first place? and she saw nothing wrong with this situation? the most damned cliche lure ever... *sighs* still I enjoy your writing, the untranslated french parts bug the hell out of me and seems to be the only language in the entire damn galaxy aside from english but aside from that I'm loving it. There are times I wish all these secretive f*ckers would get their sorry asses dragged kicking and screaming into the light, and that Jensen will just get to go god-mode on them but then that wouldn't be much of a story would it? anyways great story i hope to see more soon!
John Vector Foxfire chapter 60 . 9/30
Was that a Bioshock reference at the end?

Cuz that final scene of the chapter looks like a modified version of Bioshock 1's scene where you Have to evade Fontine's drones by escaping through the air vents.

And on that note, good to see you're still updating this story.
Brad W chapter 60 . 9/30
Magic Hallucinatory Children everywhere up in this! Keep up the good work!
Flux Casey chapter 60 . 9/30
Think you meant Chad Dumier instead of Devereaux at the end of the first scene.

Also she's a DuClare by birth, eh? Innnnnnnnnteresting.
HybridmakerV2 chapter 32 . 9/24
Man Hewey, sounds a lot like Wolf from Metalgear Rising Revengeance.
tdychko chapter 9 . 9/18
You're not happy with this chapter? IT WAS AWESOME! THANKS GOD Tali is alright...super stressful to read. This does NOT seem like it will have any romance in it, but who cares. Won't complain if it does, but damn.
Viper5delta chapter 1 . 9/14
If this keeps going at this pace, the fic will break a million words. Not that I'm complaining :P
ww1990ww chapter 55 . 8/24
Oh Bailey is a robot pitty.
ww1990ww chapter 54 . 8/23
Sigil The city of doors... You bastard if we hear that city was ruled by omniuos lady who can literally do whatere she wish to do with anybody and we can go from Sigil to a journey in multiverse... I will be happy.

Canibalistic asari? Ugh. Creapy. Even more then noraml mind rapeing

Uhhu so we will have soon a prison riot and Palin death to solve.
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