Reviews for A God Among Insects
Carolle Royale chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
I read this, just like I promised :) AND I'm reviewing as well! Aren't I just a magnificent friend? ;)

Okay, so I've never watched this movie and I didn't even bother reading the wiki page. Well I tried but after reading the first paragraph I sort of stopped.. I guess it's because I read that they have to eat disgusting things and immediately cockroaches and that STUPID human centipede thing popped into my mind. Urghhh, thinking about that makes me want to barf.

On to different note. I like the title of this story, it's cool. And I know where you got it from ;)

HA. I thought you said that you weren't ever going to use those female OC's again! Hahahhaahaa you’re such a fail at sticking to your decisions T :P But I got to admit, this wasn’t your normal OC girl. I mean, first of all she’s not the daughter of the villain, am I right? Well I think I am because I highly doubt that Castle is this girl’s father. If he is her father...then the end of the conversation is just too queer and very disturbing. You know how I feel about incest :P

To tell you the truth, I had no idea what they were talking about in the middle paragraphs (because like I said, I haven’t watched the movie lol) BUT the conversation seemed pretty cool and Castle seems like a cool guy :D Hehe even though I’m guessing he’s evil? Well I’ve always had a thing for bad boys so...(lol jk now I’m all cute boy crazy 1D!lol)

I like his attitude I mean, it’s sort of laid back but at the same time it’s kind of serious. You know what I mean?

I noticed that this girl has no name.

You sly dog.

Hahaha good job on that! You’ve made her the perfect mystery woman :D

‘His guest poured themselves some coke and sat down beside him, grabbing a few potato crisps.’ - Over here I think you meant ‘herself’ instead of ‘themselves’ right? Because he only has one guest, if I’m not mistaken.

I couldn’t spot any other errors so good job on that!

I have to go do Chem now. Eeeekk we only have 2 exams left and then we are freeeeeeeeee!


-Carolle Royale