Reviews for A Dragon in Shining Armour
datsonyat chapter 8 . 7/8
...I would read about Rhodo directing a RK spa day as well. Just saying. :'D

Even with the humour you included, the tension was palpable among everyone for various reasons. You presented Sleipmon and Examon's sides very well. I can see both perspectives and neither feels particularly wrong, just different. Again, great build-up here for future conversations and paving the way to truly understanding one another. I can sympathize with them, because I've had a friendship similar to this where our views were similar but didn't quite align, and it can cause a sad, tiring friction. (I mean, I know the outcome obviously, but I like commenting in the now.)

Was the "I, Dukemon" a throwback to the way he talks in the Japanese material? x) Either way, you got a chuckle out of me. Oh man, I really feel for him in this chapter, though. He has so much going on between the UDC mission wrap-up, being acting leader, having his leadership rather rudely /questioned/, and his own personal stuff. D: While he's still such a strong character, it makes me appreciate Grani and the way you've written him more. I'm glad he's there for Dukemon. Poor Examon too, with feeling like he's let down two of his closest mentors/friends at the moment. 8( Ergh, I empathize with the poor guy—AND holy crap dude you have me so invested in fictional characters I'm treating them like real people and feeling awkward for having a running commentary on their private lives! xD

Low-key worldbuilding and explanations from the characters without it feeling forced for the sake of the readers. Good stuff.

Magnamon is such a caring friend. Oh Dukemon ;; my poor bro, it's gonna be okay. The way you write such genuine friendship strikes deep. All aboard the feels train; next stop? Why, there is no next stop in this fic.

I have such a bias for Duftmon, but hell has he ever been pushing it this chapter. He gets what he deserves pretty hardcore here, to be frank. To give you an idea of how well-written this was, the first time I read it I was so shocked I'm fairly sure I exclaimed "Ooooh shit!" out loud. You're able to get physical reactions out of me, and this one didn't disappoint. I was cringing and had a hand over my mouth, and just /wow/. All of those snide jabs and rising tensions came to a pretty jarring blow-up. I felt so awkward and bad for everyone involved. It might've carried less weight had that not happened in a public area, but wooow you conveyed how awful that was to happen at all, but especially publicly very well. Reading that again leaves me speechless with some deep-seated discomfort and /poor Dukemon/, my god. That top three of characters I want to see grow? Yeah, Duftmon, you're there. Eesh. Phenomenal writing, though, don't get me wrong!

Ahh, the talk we've all been waiting for. Examon ;; I don't comment on him enough, tbh. His good qualities make him such a fantastic main character. He's just so real and /present/ and it's so obvious in the way he speaks earnestly to Dukemon.

The way Dukemon talks about the Digital Hazard hits really hard. His pain and shame—maybe even horror—are so evident in his words. Reading his confession, of him not knowing whether or not his personality is due to that, oh man, it makes me feel for him so hard. It hurt to read. I hope over the course of this story, if not the next, he can find some degree of peace regarding this. And the way Examon affirms and comforts him? Stop it (except don't), you weren't supposed to make my eyes water yet, least of all on a second read. Possibly sappy and corny as hell, but it makes me so glad someone can write about such deep and honest acceptance and friendship and not judging someone based on a single aspect of themselves. I know these are characters and not real people, but damn if you don't have me caring about them like they are.

The ending of the chapter is perfect. It ties up so nicely and leaves me feeling anticipation and hope. I can't remember if I've said it, but thank you for writing this and continuing to share it with us.
datsonyat chapter 1 . 7/7
Oh man, now you're making me log out to review your new content? :p I'll keep it pretty short: I really like your edits and what you're adding to them. I'm forever a sucker for more vivid description. You could go more purple prose-y if you wanted to and I'd gladly take it in. I think you've given a clearer picture of Alphamon and Omegamon's characters while still maintaining that mysterious aura and allure to keep reading.

Do you have any kind of ETA and number of chapters you'll be overhauling, so I have an idea of when to continue the review quest? Any preference for me reviewing the old version or would it suit you for me to wait on the new one?
datsonyat chapter 7 . 7/7
Another thing I've noticed is that you have really good chapter openings. They feel like episodes, which I find rather neat in writing.

I was wondering if their armour was a permanent thing or if you'd address it and you didn't disappoint. Now I'm gonna be stuck trying to imagine everyone in casual clothes. x) The tidbits about Dukemon's appearance made me even more curious about your full visions of them. I do really like that he's obviously not quite as humanoid as some fanart portrays him from your description.

I really like Grani's personality and his friendship with Dukemon. Am I sensing a very interesting story behind their first meeting? It feels like it. I hope I get to read about it further in. There's never a chapter where you aren't giving me warm feels. Grani was just introduced and can already incite that. I have to say this story is one of the most emotionally-charged fics I've ever read. I enjoy the balance you strike with the variety and depth of emotions, but especially love that I can smile and laugh at least once a chapter.

...And speaking of, OMG THE RULER LINE. I am choking, I am DYING. Rhodo's way of keeping them in line is genius and just, I am laughing my ass off. Yeah, I shouldn't drink while reading clearly. xD Honestly, I would have been down for a beach day. The shenanigans alone... Also, nice to see Craniamon does have a bit of humour in him.

Into the fire they go! Good to see all the RKs on the same page for this.

Anubismon, despite his moment of regret for dragging his brother into it—erghh nice set-up to break my heart over bad guys D:—has no intention of backing down, even in the face of what some would call overwhelming odds. His plan sounds solid, but we're also hearing it from his perspective. He's not in a place to have doubts, but the end of last chapter really cemented for me that he probably doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Madman or arrogance, indeed.

OH YES, the fight is on! Freaking epic entrance; it really made your skill in well-paced action scenes shine extra bright. The way you streamlined each Knight's addition to the fight was so awesome. I loved how Sleipmon's opponent addressed his aim; it's small but it's such an important detail to give the readers. It speaks volumes that even in fight scenes you're character-building. You will always have two vigorous thumbs up from me.

The imagery in your action scenes becomes more and more vivid as the chapters go on without slowing them down still. Really impressive and enjoyable! I wanna mention the ice explosions, because /ice explosions/ and the way you described them were cool as hell (in hindsight, pun not intended, but whatever, it stays lol).

I will probably mention it frequently that I love how everyone fights with /intelligence/. There's always some kind of strategy in play by both the RKs and the villains and it's /amazing/. The amount of thought and detail you put into your fights is just fantastic. It's clear you put a lot of effort into making everything work and flow smoothly. Grani and Dukemon's maneuvers, Examon's ammo, and BlackMetalGarurumon's tactics plus running with the smokescreen and using it to his (dis)advantage were my favourites in this particular battle.

Yep, and there it is, their inevitable end. It hit me decently hard the first time reading it, however going through the chapters again, I just feel that Anubismon was such a greedy fool and he lead himself to his own destruction. :l It's definitely a disheartening and sad moment, and you did get some genuine sorrow out of my the first go-around because the scene is undoubtedly visceral and painful, but now it's more of a... tired, hollow sad, if you get me. It never needed to happen, but greed and arrogance are powerful and are not bound by logic.

A somber ending to another great chapter.
datsonyat chapter 6 . 7/4
Oh good god, I love how something as mundane as dinner is still rife with hilarity. I'm constantly thinking SHOTS FIRED and then the other party returns it nonchalantly, and I'm left chuckling to myself. What I particularly enjoy is that everything is in jest or good natured and even when it's not—case in point: Duftmon—it doesn't come across as overly malicious or turn me off the character. Dynasmon's candid comebacks were 10/10, especially his final one (me sitting here all "do you need some ice for that burn, boys?" I half wanted Dukemon to come back and high-five him).

I'm honestly kind of in awe at the legitimate life advice and lessons to be found in this fic. I think that also must be what gives the characters that extra dimension of realness. On a less serious note, the scenes of Magnamon slamming his helmet onto his head (this is what happened, you probably can't convince me otherwise) and Ulforce's dramatic shriek will never leave me. Is there ever a chapter where I won't be dying of laughter? ALSO, Examon is making friends. My feels. :')

I can't get over how good Rhodo is. The scene wouldn't be the same without the rose apron detail, LOL. At the beginning, I thought he might be a fairly stereotypical flamboyant, fabulous gay guy, however I find him quite unique. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but I enjoy it all the same.

The Alphamon/OuRyuumon moments were sweet, even if I think these two aren't doing the best job at hiding it, aha. :p Aw man, it strikes me as sad that they feel the need to hide their relationship because I feel like the majority of the RKs wouldn't judge them on it, but I understand why for both of them. There's a lot of reality in that too, and I love how you explore such issues. Makes me sad, but room for character growth and acceptance! I look forward to it!

Nice build up to the reveal of Dukemon's secret (idk if can it be called that?) throughout this chapter. It does make me rethink how judgmental some of the RKs could be. THE LAYERS, THE COMPLEXITY. It's awesome how you make me think on something more than once or twice and still leave me making speculations.

If I had to name a character that gets under my skin, it would be OuRyuumon. I can get where he's coming from, but I don't like the way he's going about it. He's in my top three of characters I'd like to see change and grow as the story progresses. And then you go and melt my heart with the ending to that scene. (Pfft, Alphamon's closing quip tho, that's freaking gold.)

Wow, I thought something else was going on there for a second until I read Anubismon's name. Hahaha, was that your intention or am I just a dirty person? But yeah, back to Anubismon and his brother. Unfortunately for Anubismon his cunning disposition is replaced by desperation and maybe a hint (or more) of madness? He's backed into a corner and it's time for his last stand. Admittedly, it does sound crazy to me, but makes me wonder just how many digimon like him dare to take on the Royal Knights? Maybe his type are less madmen and more blindingly arrogant.

(i told you i would come back :D)
TheUtopianSociety chapter 14 . 6/25
As always, your ability to show your setting is on point. Also, I love how genuine all your characters feel. You haven't done anything that has struck me as weird, you've just really nailed every interaction and situation so far. It's been a blast reading so far and I'm really looking forward to what comes next especially as it relates to Duftmon. After Craniamon from a few chapters ago, I'm excited for what comes next. One last thing, your pacing is fantastic. That's it for now. You have a loyal reader in me.
datsonyat chapter 5 . 6/17
It's small, but the detail of two moons is really nice; it continues to establish a different world, almost subconsciously. I didn't realize how neat it actually was until I reread it.

BlackMetalGarurumon saying "my sensors" as opposed to "I heard" or something of that variety also adds onto the mountain of minor things you have that make this story great. The little distinctions among the digimon and their abilities give so much dimension. The entire introduction of the brothers has a lot of this going on, such as how Anubismon will differentiate himself from another famous Anubismon.

A few different thoughts on Anubismon and his plans: I thought you might follow a villain of the week a la X-Files, but the way his intro ends is ominous and he sounds so confident and intelligent that I could see him as a true threat. BlackMetalGarurumon is funny in his own right and manages to be frightening based on description alone. Trigger-happy psychos, man.

Something else I like but keep forgetting to mention: that your digimon bleed blood and data. No idea why, I just really like this concept.

After looking up Duskmon, I sympathize with Examon. That would indeed be unnerving. All of the budding friendships give me warm feels! I love these guys and their banter so much. Somehow I feel you're gonna get tired of me saying that eventually, haha! Hmm, now I'm trying to picture what they look like underneath their armour. Is there any art or descriptions of their faces somewhere?

...Did I just see a play on Skype? Ahahaha, that's too good! Hell yes to technology in the Digital World, especially in a medieval castle where no one is really expecting it.

I'm debating whether KaiserGreymon has an Australian or English accent. Either way, he's clearly a vivacious, funny digimon, haha. Never trust someone that claims they know how to use a PC... It'll go south quickly the way AncientGarurumon experienced. :'D I'm interested to see if the other big groups will make an appearance! You've done a good job giving the RKs and the WT decisive differences in more than personality.

Ah, the classic "don't worry" and transition into WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT OKAY. Ugh, I feel so bad for the digimon of the UDC. What a conniving fellow Anubismon is. He shines as a cunning, slick villain very clearly here. I love how utterly predatory this section came across as.

LOL, I've always imagined Ulforce being a speed demon in inappropriate places. Thank you for bringing life to my imagination. His casual "Guys," is just the icing on the cake.

The true clashing finally begins. You convey the tension between everyone very well. I wasn't sure what Examon would choose prior to reading the following; I thought his ability to remain collected and see things objectively would keep him from deviating from the mission, but we all have our weaknesses and hindsight is 20/20, no? It always feels weird to say, but it's good to see characters' flaws rear their heads. Adds more realism to a character.

I admit, I was surprised that the RKs weren't one-shotting some of the digimon and taking hits themselves; I'm too used to them being godly beings. This was a nice change of pace and further grounds them in reality—well, as realistic as Digimon gets. I enjoyed seeing the RKs in action in a real fight. They /still/ get mouthy with each other in the heat of battle. x) Never change, guys.

I know what happens to the brothers, so why are you trying to endear me to them, even though they're clearly not so great people? D:

Not so great at commenting on fight scenes because I read them with big eyes and envy, lol. It didn't occur to me the first time that Examon was completely out for blood there, with the "He drove it forward." That's quite a powerful line, and I can see why it began to cause friction with certain RKs with differing views.

"Oh, Fanglongmon, no" I found this pretty intriguing, getting into digimon religious views and what they might use as expressions due to those. The church scene further built on this. I find myself wanting more of this kind of worldbuilding and the possibility of seeing the gods themselves, or perhaps they're just gods in the mythical sense. There is a chapter title with World Tree in it so :0 Time will tell.

Shit-eating grin is basically Ulforce, hahaha. He's sort of coming around. Maybe? A little bit? Like I've said before, you top every line I've previously thought unbeatable.

I feel for Examon here and I don't. I understand why he did it, but that doesn't make it a good decision. At least he can own what he did and try to make up for it. How many more times can I express how relatable your characters are? I could make a joke, but I'll leave it at Alphamon is a boss while remaining professional and understanding.

Well... I can't unsee that. Alphamon /does/ resemble a rabbit, lmao. Thank you for bringing this knowledge into my life, KaiserGreymon. Aside from that, the final section is so sinister and the introduction of a bigger plotline appears.

I'm having a hard time finding anything to legitimately give crit to because nearly all of it is so good. You already know and want to polish your earlier descriptiveness and syntax, so I don't have much to add concrit-wise at the moment.
datsonyat chapter 4 . 6/17
Pfft, I already have to confess my emotions of huge grinning and excitement to get back to reading this. x)

The opening lines for this chapter are good examples of when it's perhaps better to tell than to show. Yeah, you could've fleshed out all of those scenes, but would they have added a lot to the characters or plot or would it have made the chapter overly bulky? I wonder if this is something to consider in your edits. I think the additional scenes would be interesting depending on how they're written.

Alphamon admitting Dukemon's true nature made me chuckle. I prefer your Dukemon to, say, X-Evolution's fairly calm, very honourable, enigmatic version. Hothead!Dukemon is more fun and I find it suits him very well in this story.

"Once you get Duftmon to stop glaring at you all the time" WAIT THIS HAPPENS? THIS IS A THING? I wasn't aware he possessed the ability to stop glaring. :p

Sleipmon is such a nice guy, though. He's level-headed and analytical without being pretentious about it. He has a soft-spoken aura about him. There's nothing I dislike about him, but he's not unbelievable in that aspect (ie, an absolute paragon of light and goodness or something). He feels very real, and again I'll say that's rare.

hghggh It's so cool that Examon is our gateway into the world of the Royal Knights. You don't have to awkwardly explain anything in-fic that's not already being explained to him in an organic way.

You write Alphamon as such an excellent leader. His ability to balance his position of leadership and personal feelings is very well-done. Also, OuRyuumon's inclusion! I feel like this is really important if we're going to see Alphamon Ouryuken at some point. And their relationship! Wow, you really left me speechless with that the first go-around! It was a pleasant surprise, I assure you. I wasn't expecting it, because often people write their own sexuality, which I certainly don't fault them for if that's what they're comfortable with. Their relationship feels natural and mature to me, if that makes sense? A couple themes of this fic are inclusion and acceptance, so I really like that this is a pairing and is treated with respect; it doesn't feel like pandering to yaoi fans or a "have to" sort of deal. It was sweet and it made me happy to see. :) Haha, I've been wanting to tell you how much I liked this aspect and the way you wrote it since I started reading.

Duftmon is about as tactful as a wrecking ball swinging at full force. You managed to elicit simultaneous massive cringing and cackling from me. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for his appearance as he is my favourite RK design-wise and out in various canons (Cyber Sleuth Duftmon, anyone?). He does and doesn't disappoint in a way. I think I was expecting a strategist to be more accepting and mature, but his characterization definitely fits him and does work, and also leaves room for a lot of character growth. I'm looking forward to seeing how he develops through this story and Holy War.

The whole pool scene is fun and very dynamic, giving us a taste of RK shenanigans throughout the fic. SAve mE from Ulforce's jokes, oh my god. Ulforce ultimately wins me over here, despite being a jerk about Examon. Dukemon continues to be a stand-up guy, even with his flaws. I feel like I can always cheer for him. Magnamon is never not cute—I'M SORRY MAGNAMON BUT IT'S THE TRUTH—and Craniamon's attitude piques my interest.

Honestly, so many of your lines kill me. They expand on a character and make me laugh at the same time. Rhodo just comes so naturally, it's hilarious. He reads like he writes himself. Dynasmon too; he just rolls with it. Omegamon's reaction to them is several shades of great, "are u guys for srs right now? really?"

The bit of worldbuilding we get with the practice fight answers how they train without decimating the surrounding area and each other. A small detail, yet it's rather important and a cool explanation.

I suck at action scenes, so I bow to your skills in writing them. They're written in such a way that there's enough description without it bloating the scenes or slowing them down. They very much read as quickly as they're supposed to be happening. I have to agree with Examon on how badass Dukemon was using his cape. It's nice that you've written tactics for Examon and Dukemon, because I do see them both as clever characters.

Yay for Examon not getting completely destroyed in a curbstomp! He's still skilled, just not as much as a veteran RK yet. Good choices all around.

This was a strong chapter with a lot of characters having a lot going on and you balanced it well.
Francizuski chapter 42 . 6/13
Since the fic was already finished by the time i found it, i'm just going to leave a general review in the last chapter.

The story is very well written and detailed. One of the things that i like the most is that your villains aren't doing what they're doing just because they want it or because they're psychos. They have actually understandable and noble goals (Well, except for the mercs and Dorbickmon to a lesser extent), as shown in its finest in the Valdurmon battle in the World Tree.

Speaking of the antagonists, i like that even outnumbered, they can fight toe-to-toe with the Royal Knights by exploiting their psychological and emotional sides.

There were some weird things, like how DarkKnightmon wiped the floor with FIVE Royal Knights by himself after falling from a ridiculously big height. Or why Alphamon decided it was a good idea to search only himself and Omegamon to investigate a DarkKnightmon-concerned case, knowing what he's capable of.

Your RKs are well-developed and likable, and they all play a important part of the story, but i missed RhodoKnightmon after his chapter with Sleipmon. I kinda don't like Duftmon, because we only see his antisocial, friendless and condescending side (Among other flaws). He doesn't have any socially good qualities.

If you plan to answer this review, could you say how do you picture the knights armorless? Some are easy, like Dynasmon, but others, like Alphamon, not so much. And don't get the wrong idea. Seriously.

I would rate your story 9.0/10. I hope Holy War keeps up!
datsonyat chapter 3 . 6/11
Alright, I keep forgetting to mention your grammar, which is pretty much perfect as far as I can tell. That adds a lot of enjoyment for me and tells me the author will likely craft a great story because they know their basics.

You paint vivid pictures with your attention to details in scenes, especially new settings. As I've said before, your world building is well-done and user-friendly.

The humour we start to see emerge in this chapter is fun, and I really like Examon and Dukemon's dynamic.

While I was excited for the introduction of the other Royal Knights, you do a good job of instilling nervousness and apprehension on Examon's behalf. There is a definite connect regarding his feelings between him and the readers. Erg, do I even make sense in half the things I say? (In case you haven't noticed, I comment as I read down a chapter.)

To be honest, Ulforce's disdain for Examon actually surprised me. I wasn't expecting it at all. Craniamon too, to a degree, probably because of Savers. Ultimately, I've come to love your characterizations surprising me. I think it's a factor in making the characters feel so alive and of their own will.

The hype was REAL when Examon was meeting the other RKs, in a "yesss :DDD" and "oh shiii—" way. I can't say I find a lot of writing really exciting, however, you do it easily. As soon as Rhodo was described, I asked myself, "How long will it take for—oh yep, there it is," and was cracking up. He is a true, fabulous gem.

At first I thought Anubismon and BlackMetalGarurumon would be villain of the week type of characters, but that was before I knew your style. I was wrong, so wrong. To be fair, their introduction is rather villainous. It's awesome how well you plot everything out and build on what could be considered minor characters despite that, knowing how this plays out.

(for real tho, rhodo is love)
TheUtopianSociety chapter 10 . 6/11
I've really been looking forward to reading more of your story and I must say, this chapter did not disappoint. First off, you do an excellent job of showing the scenes rather than talking about them. You really blow me away with the detail and I can't say enough good things about your story in the regard. As for the interactions, you continue to do the Royal Knights justice. Craniamon has one of my favorite designs but you really made me dislike him with his personality up to this point. This chapter turned it around. You stayed true to Craniamon's personality and for that I applaud you. Really fantastic, I can't wait to read more.
datsonyat chapter 2 . 6/11
Yeah, how did I get to ch22/15 part 2 without ever commenting on Examon, the titular character? I love that you characterized him as cool and collected—even in battle—and humble despite his feats and title. There's really nothing canonical to base him off of, besides Cyber Sleuth where he was a raging beast, so :l yeah, definitely pleasantly surprised and happy with the direction you took him in! I often expect hot-headedness and arrogance from draconic characters. No cliches here! I'll admit, I wasn't sure how I felt initially because he's not one of my favourite Royal Knights, but you won me over immediately and I saw pretty quickly why he was a great choice for a main character.

Touching on Dukemon, he presents with a mysterious and heroic aura. I wasn't sure what direction you were taking him in based on this chapter due to what's seen of his character in various canon sources. When I first read it, I was very glad he seemed like he would be an ally to Examon (does anyone really want to read a terrible jerk Dukemon?).

Your writing of the Digimon, your original world, and Examon and Dukemon are all very friendly to new readers that potentially could be just entering the fandom. It doesn't feel like anyone has to know lots of lore for this fic to be enjoyable. I thought that was a neat aspect.

I should add here this is where I was 100% addicted no turning back, haha. I don't agree with the reviewer that said the flow and immersion weren't strong, because I'm picky as hell when it comes to fanfic, no shame. \_(ツ)_/
datsonyat chapter 1 . 6/11
A while ago my writing group discussed what constitutes a good prologue if one is included.

Yours hits all the points: It's succinct, but not so short that it isn't inviting; it's very mysterious and does suck the reader in.

It introduces the original setting and some key players, that while we may know them, we certainly don't know /your/ versions (you establish this well), and I find that kind of thing important. It's relevant and a hook for the story.

Most importantly, you set the tone and the theme for the story with Alphamon saying the other RKs will be uncomfortable with his choice and the line about Sleipmon (disclaimer: my first reaction was OMG WHY because he's one of my favourite RKs). That line did intrigue me quite a bit while cluing me in on some of what was going to be explored in the story.

A very solid prologue, which is rare in the fandoms and genres I generally read. I think I may have read this on AO3 some time ago? I remember it not having many chapters uploaded so I ended up sadfacing out because I couldn't handle getting attached to such a great Royal Knights fic that I believed to be unfinished. Really glad I ended up finding it here!
datsonyat chapter 21 . 6/11
Oh, I like how this origin story is going! The DarkKnightmon of this era seems more like a "road to hell is paved with good intentions" kind of guy. He's not outright evil, perhaps more militant and grey. Honestly, I can see both his and Alphamon's point of views. It makes DarkKnightmon more human to me—yes, it feels really weird to say that because Digimon, but I enjoy the relatability as opposed to something completely alien (an interesting concept; maybe not so great in practice if an author is trying to endear us to the characters).

I far prefer this to the sort of "mwahaha!" obviously sinister villain we see in a lot of origin stories across various media. I'm actually sad knowing he's going to betray them, because your current portrayal of him isn't that bad of a fellow. :( I guess I'll see how my opinion changes in the following chapters as more is unveiled.
datsonyat chapter 19 . 6/9
Every time I think you've written the best line of the chapter, you manage to trump yourself and write something even greater. I find myself constantly grinning or laughing as I read your work, and this may sound odd, but it feels warm and welcoming. Your humour is so good and your characterization and character building, well, honestly I'd call it perfect. Your plot and action sequences have already hooked me, so I find the characters shining extra bright. The world building is also great.

All in all, I think I'm trying to say you're an incredibly talented, skilled, and super awesome author.

I absolutely adore your writing style; you're capable of capturing so much emotion and making the Royal Knights feel /truly/ alive. Their words and actions aren't just black and white words on a screen, they have so much life and feeling and I can picture and hear everything happening. Everyone has a voice. I'm deeply invested and attached to all of them. If you were to ask me to choose a favourite, I'm not sure I could. I'm so impressed because it's not an easy feat to juggle so many at once and have them all written so expertly.

You've got me riding on an emotional roller-coaster and I'm loving every minute of it. I've barely stopped reading all day. The only thing I've yet to do is break down in tears, but I suspect this will happen at some point.

I'm probably rambling nonsensically at this point, however I'm trying to hard to get across how much you've been able to make me feel and how you've given such life to everything and everyone in this fic. I feel like that's pretty rare. It's amazing and I love it. I deeply respect you as an author and can only thank you so much for sharing this with us.

(i went from :D to D8 by the end of the chapter, and will prob be chuckling for the rest of my days from the scene of dukemon raging at a carnival game)
datsonyat chapter 10 . 6/9
I figured it would be better to drop a review than a PM about how much I adore your fic. :)

Your story absolutely deserves the fav (and way more, plus reviews in my opinion; seriously, this needs more attention)! I haven't had so much fun and been so immersed in a fic in a very long time.

I love how you juggle the world and characters. It's very impressive and very original. I'm glad all of the Royal Knights each have a distinctive personality and that you treat them fairly equally in terms of screen time. I love how you've built all of their characters and relationships with each other. The balance between action and character-driven is great. Definitely the best Royal Knights fanfic I've read, hands down.

I'm still fairly early in, but you have me totally hooked and I'm so excited to continue reading the rest of your story! I can see a definite improvement in terms of details and how vividly the world is described the more I read.

Thank you for writing such an engaging story featuring one of my favourite group of characters! I can't wait to finish this and head over to your sequel.
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