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Teizan chapter 17 . 8/28/2017
Coming across mentions of Eezo being used as a fuel is fairly irritating. It's not. It's not an energy producer at all, in fact it's an energy consumer.
Draed chapter 67 . 1/31/2016
Just found this gem.- too bad the dust is thick around here.
Is this just on hiatus, or totally abandoned ?
Would be a shame, it's one of the most unique and well developed ME3 stories on here.
*hopes for the best*
magnusvictor chapter 67 . 6/16/2015
1) Keep Hermin
2) Tell the Raloi to bugger off
3) Revive this nearly-dead story.
KasumiKeiko chapter 55 . 4/24/2015
Omg you made me cry... You bosh'tet
Vo0d0o-D0L chapter 67 . 4/16/2015
1. while sending hermin back to the ship would definitely keep the supposed 'non-combatant' safe, he needs experience in ground combat if marshall wants to know that he can fight against the growing resurgent reaper threat.

2. Although the raloi arent the most able of fighters, and that they refused to fight during the reaper war, they should also be given the chance to make up for past mistakes - even if it is only briefly at first. Despite that i think marshall would be doing the resistance a favour in either denying their help, or, if he does accept it, somehow eliminating the reaper influenced leaders
Blade of Iron chapter 29 . 3/30/2015
vas Boom Boom is a quarian version of jessica rabbit?
TheArticunoHunter chapter 67 . 2/17/2015
Well, I can't wait for the next chapter.
bfg10k17 chapter 67 . 12/19/2014
Aaaaaand, I cought up with the latest chapter.
Now comes the waiting game.
As for my opinion on the plot from now on, here's what I think :

1) If Hermin is even half as much a badass as Mordin was, let Marshall atleast give him a trial run. If he proves to be useful, I don't see any reason why not.

2) Now, I go from an assumption of Captain Bresser as a pragmatist, with a little bit of emotional side.
I'd say he would accept, if I know him as well as I think I do.
The pragmatist side of him would appreciate the distraction the Raloi could provide.
The emotional side would want to give then a chance to prove themselves.
So yes, I'd like to see badass three legged ostrich people kisk reaper ass. lol

And then who knows, maybe one survivor of the Raloi squad could even join the Iwo Jima's crew.
That would be interesting.

I have to say, it's really new and interesting for me to have the author of a story involve the readers this much.
I hope this story gets finished properly, because it's one of the best post-reaper war tales on this syte.
Plus one follower. :)
Cya next time.
PoptartProdigy chapter 67 . 12/18/2014
1) Hermin's involvement depends entirely upon his training in infantry combat. He's JAG, and his real combat experience is some years behind him. Beyond that, he was a *pilot*. Reaper husks are the single most dangerous opponent the team has yet faced. If he can't demonstrate - and I mean actually DEMONSTRATE - acceptable firearms proficiency, he's out. That said, he kept his head relatively cool in previous danger situations. A bit panicky, but he kept his wits about him. If he can maintain that against husks, and match it with shooting skill, his superior tech should keep him safe. In short, if he will be an asset rather than a liability, take him along.

2) Raloi support would be dependent on how distracting they actually could be. Could an orbital strike by the Iwo Jima accomplish the same goal? Anti-matter blasts raining from the sky can be a fairly potent distraction...

However, if that would *not* accomplish the goal of distraction, then options drop. Especially if Hermin is on the team, reducing enemy resistance is imperative. Is a covert entry an option? Is there time to arrange some suitably spectacular sabotage? If the Raloi are used, is using the Iwo Jima for danger close fire support a possibility? Also worth considering is that the Raloi as they currently stand are best used as a pre-made intelligence network in a support role to foreign troops rather than as ground forces. Keeping them in place and intact would be a higher priority than cannon fodder, especially when Citadel support comes. If no options to reduce enemy resistance exist, I would advocate the use of Raloi personnel in positions of responsibility non-critical to their intelligence gathering efforts for the distraction. In return, lobby the Citadel to place relief of the resistance at top priority.

Those are my opinions. Make of them what you will. :-P

Also: I love this story. I appreciate seeing somebody trying to salvage something from the endings. Sure, they sucked, but they exist, so we have to work with them. I enjoy your cast of characters, old and new. They are, respectively, faithful to their canon interpretations even when bringing new life to them, and fascinating in the same way that the characters of the original Mass Effect were. I applaud your efforts, and thank you for posting. I look forward to the next one with great anticipation!
bfg10k17 chapter 51 . 12/18/2014
My fave class for Shepard ?
Adept all the way.
Even if biotics don't make a smidgen of sense, it's still awesome to ragdoll your enemies around, like some insane wizard.
Space magic for the win !
As for how Garrus died in your story; I approve.
It's definietly something he would have done.
Janizary chapter 67 . 8/11/2014
Between 'Nope, nope, nope' (and the image of the badger falling off the cliff that is associated with it) and the comment about Reaper 'hide-and-seek' this chapter had my ribs aching. Just imagine 'Marco Polo' in Sovereign's voice over. Hah!

1. Yes. Give him the chance to become something more. Or Jenkins him.
2. Yes. While taking their support could mean casualties, refusing it is even more likely to damage future relations with them. Alternately, accept, but find some way to maneuver them into a role less likely to get them pounded into pate, thereby pulling a Shepard paragon interrupt and both keeping and eating your cake. ;)
Lanilen chapter 67 . 8/6/2014
Why do I get the feeling Marshall and Co. are going back to the ship with a raloi in tow? :D
CommanderFrank9 chapter 40 . 8/5/2014
I really do love all the stuff happening in this chapter, it's so funny.
stormcrowley chapter 67 . 8/4/2014
Ah - another chapter at long last, and another "Vote the Adventure" question. Then, I shall do my best to answer, and give my reasoning for my answers.

1. Hermin is volunteering to do more than the job for which he joined the ship, which was to be more or less a political officer. It's understandable that the Council requested one join the ship, given the propensity for said ship to effectively engage in first contact scenarios, but the one they assigned could have been more overbearing, less aware, and much more irritating to deal with. Hermin is an example of not just a lawyer you can tolerate, despite his bookishness and literalism, but one that enjoys the challenge of what he does at the end of the day, though I think it's safe to say he d't expect to be wading through scorpions for this job.

He's not just asking to get more involved - whether he knows it or not, what he's asking would make him more directly involved with any mission he's an advisor for, which also has the potential to affect his judgement in terms of Captain Brasser and his crew. I suspect he knows this and has been wrestling with it already, and given how he's been shown to think so far, this is actually one of the reasons he's asking. At this point, he knows the crew well enough to feel that he can judge their character, and he's accepted that none of the crew are potential issues - otherwise he wouldn't be asking to come along on active missions, thus positioning himself as a member of the crew more than a lawyer.

So, I say yes - let him. He's displaying a strong sign of trust by asking, and reciprocating that can only make things better.

2. This is a short-term versus long-term decision. In the short term, the raloi would be a drain on the galactic economy if they joined, taking resources, personnel (in the form of doctors, advisors, and the like), and not really giving much back to the galaxy at large until they're on their feet. They don't have much at all to offer the galaxy at present other than themselves (at least, not that they've shown), and it would take integration into the galaxy at large for potentially decades before some degree of parity can be reached.

In the longer term view though, any additional intelligent species to the Citadel peoples would be a long-term boon. Most species didn't have anything awesome except themselves and their ideas when they joined the Citadel federation, and all have added something unique since then. Now especially, when the rest of the galaxy is slowly rebuilding and re-exploring anyway, is the perfect time to invest in the raloi as a people. The raloi's ascent into the galaxy at large could be said to mirror the rebuilding and expansion of Citadel space and quality of life, giving them a little ego boost despite having to play catch-up. On the other hand, it would also give them the not-so-subtle directive to prove themselves to the rest of the galaxy at large, and especially with what's been shown of their character so far, their results should prove to be very interesting.

So yes, I'd say accept raloi support. It would be a bridge toward longer-term cooperation. Even if this underground movement is technically a rebellion, the probable Reaper presence almost makes supporting them mandatory. Both sides would get information, supplies, and support, and groundwork would be laid for future cooperative efforts as well.
Wraith224 chapter 67 . 8/4/2014
Keep Hermin, but don't let the poor man die!

Also, raloi support could be useful.
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