Reviews for 101 Ways to Make Hinata Hyuuga Faint
TheShob chapter 16 . 8/17/2021
TheShob chapter 11 . 8/17/2021
Best naruhina story out there
TheShob chapter 4 . 8/17/2021
egemsuperstar chapter 37 . 8/16/2021
Makes sense. I like it when it when a character turns out to be smarter than they look.
egemsuperstar chapter 27 . 8/13/2021
I liked that. Very original. Logistically it wouldn't work, but I'm choosing to suspend my disbelief for that one. Also Hokage would absolutely keep Naruto's pranks on file for blackmail. I'm sure he'd be ecstatic to find his Jjji had kept them close at hand; like when a parent tapes their kids accomplishments to the fridge.
egemsuperstar chapter 25 . 8/12/2021
Yay, the ship canon now. Also I love it when Naruto gets to be a sensor. Let's be honest it's kind of ridiculous he got so far on such a narrow set of skills when other characters are frequently discouraged from being one trick ponies.
egemsuperstar chapter 20 . 8/11/2021
I loved the lesson on the power of words. Plus the spandex suits wouldn't be so bad if they were in more flattering colors like black, gray, or navy blue, maybe some colored stripes down the sides and had a few more accessories like a flack jacket, bandolier, or a utility belt.
egemsuperstar chapter 16 . 8/11/2021
Aw, yay, it's Anko.
Mastersgtjames chapter 42 . 8/11/2021
a lil bummed Naruto is not using shadow clones.
egemsuperstar chapter 11 . 8/10/2021
This is one of my favorite chapters. Despite Naruto's obliviousness to certain social cues, this chapter demonstrates his emotional and practical intelligence. The way he can tell Neji didn't like Hinata, or how so far he's been able to determine certain personality traits in his peers. How he was able to find blind spots in the Hyuga's defenses through common sense and observation or how kunoichi with long hair represent strength. Well done.
egemsuperstar chapter 42 . 7/27/2021
Ah, the eternal conundrum of preparing children to be adults but never taking them seriously. I'm excited about this mission and I can't wait to see Danzo get his. (I really hate that guy)
egemsuperstar chapter 41 . 7/27/2021
That was intense. In more ways than one but I liked it. The structure was immensely entertaining. Like a comedy/angst/comedy sandwich. The jokes were genius too. Kudos to you. I also really like the group dynamic and giving Mizuki more nuance than simply being the villain of the week.
Guest chapter 42 . 7/26/2021
suryamgangwal63 chapter 42 . 7/24/2021
How often do u update. And any news on the next update?
Guest chapter 33 . 7/17/2021
You know the "hiding like a mole jutsu"? Hinata could use that thing from dozens of metres underground. The Byakugan has to be among the most OP abilities for a ninja, mix it with shadow clones and kawarimi, she could assassinate someone by hiding underground to spy, send one shadow clone to use kawarimi with some random thing in the room and kill the target and disperse, then either remain hidden for a while to keep an eye on pursuers or run away immediately. Her range makes basically impossible for anyone to catch her.
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