Reviews for Lessons In Parenting
Unknown Loner chapter 1 . 2/13
Hahaha suck it up, sucking his thumb! You joker!
BYoshi1993 chapter 10 . 12/6/2016
Oh man. This was quite a chapter. I almost cried for Harvey! I couldn't imagine living life for two years then have it all ripped away. That would be.. something else.

As for Narnia Syndrome, I think it is real as I found a thread on Reddit where someone mentioned that they lived years in their head after being knocked out for a few minutes from getting hit on the head with a baseball bat.
Wolfsprinzessin chapter 1 . 9/2/2016
so APTX4869 still doesnt simply vanish from the organism XD. i am so excited about the other chapters
Marie chapter 25 . 8/3/2016
Love love love it its gonna be one of the fix I come back to
Guest chapter 25 . 7/8/2016
Amo esta serie no me canso de leerla ojala siguiera con mas avanturas mini mike eso seria super
Honor Reid chapter 25 . 7/4/2016
This was a great series! I loved kid!Mike and Harvey being a Dad. It was all so well written.

Guest chapter 25 . 5/17/2016
This may be the best story I've ever read. Please please please continue this series!
Heiligenschein chapter 25 . 3/23/2016
I loved both fics, I read them within ~3 days.
It took me a while to get into it, because deaged Mike usually either weirds me out or makes me sad. And this was actually my fourth attempt at reading this :D, but I have to say it was worth it. You found a way to make it feel natural, when Mike crawled into Harvey's bed or cried for his daddy. Very adorable.
It was nice to see Harvey and Mike interact at different ages/ points in their lives. I think I enjoyed teenager!Mike the most.
Kudos to you!

I just noticed that you posted this chapter exactly 3 years ago :) Funny coincidence.
Hannah1412 chapter 25 . 1/30/2016
Loved both stories
Nondescript chapter 21 . 1/18/2016
I know you've stated that chapter 21 is one of your least favourite, but honestly the ending is actually one of my fave scenes in the whole story!
RageAgainstTheDyingOfLight chapter 25 . 10/27/2015
Such a precious story! Your imagination and writting is just pure gold!
HerDrakness chapter 25 . 8/26/2015
Hi, I just spent a very happy few days reading my way through your mini-Mike fics and I just had to write and say how much I've enjoyed them. I was a teeny bit dispondent when I got to the end of Crayons and Mike was a grown-up again, and then I saw the link to this follow-up fic and got a massive smile on my face - it was brilliant! I'm now going to go read everything else you've ever written, lol! :-)
RBecca chapter 25 . 8/1/2015
What a story! This was seriously soooo great and fun to read. At first I thought the idea of a deaged mike would be weird but you totally changed my mind about that! I especially loved teenage Mike. It would cool if you did a series of one shots of when Mike was a teenager with him ages 12-19. I look forward to reading more of you fan fictions in the future. :)
nondescript chapter 1 . 7/26/2015
Pretty sure this will be lost amongst the sea of comments from your admirers but it is only fair that I add to the list.

Came across this gem three days ago and I fell in love! I've read it and re-read it. I was initially apprehensive (the whole deaged Mike thing) but I'm so glad I took the chance! I absolutely LOVED it! My favourite chapters include the marine trip bus crash, the sparkler burn and the last paragraph of the Narnia syndrome chapter.

I also have to mention how much I've begun to love Nicholas. I would love to see more Unca Nick work ;-)

Thank you for turning me nocturnal for two nights in a row! It was worth every lost wink!

Best wishes for all future work :-)
Guest chapter 25 . 7/23/2015
I'm so glad you wrote this story. I think I've read it at least 10 times (lol) are an amazing writer! Have you ever thought about doing a 3rd part to this series? It could be like the untold stories of Harvey and mike with new oneshots we haven't read yet...haha! Anyways, thanks again for writing something so incredible! You rock!
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