Reviews for A Night for Opera and Everything Else
Girlbender875 chapter 18 . 6/7
Breha! :( :( :( Dang, I didn't expect that, poor Bail... Sarcev's backstory was interesting, but he's definitely climbed up my hatred to list to rival Sate Pestage, ugh!

Man, things are just a disaster now. I'm not quite sure what to say apart from the senate sucks, and so does life. XD I can understand Padmé's depression, sheesh. I hope the Jedi are coming up with countermeasures! And dang it, Obi-Wan, keep Anakin away from Palpatine!

Great chapter, very engaging!
Girlbender875 chapter 17 . 6/7

I was so happy to see Yoda at the beginning of the chapter! I thought, "this is the voice of reason that the council needed right?" And he did seem really reasonable at the beginning, I loved the little chastisement to Windu, but of course Mace couldn't hold back. I like their discussion though; it was interesting to see the different perspectives. And THANK YOU for making Yoda so intelligent and insightful, I feel like he of all people looked the most foolish in a lot of the prequel stuff (like TCW) when Palpatine did something and he didn't detect it. At least he gets to shine now.

I felt really bad for Obi in this chapter; he certainly has a lot to contemplate, and he realizes that Anakin doesn't trust him as much as he thought. And then of course there's the public's reaction to the Jedi! Stupid people... but we can all be easily fooled and swayed so I shouldn't be too surprised. Scratch that, I'm not surprised at all. The Jedi are in such a pickle! And dang it, Mace, you just made it worse!

I was hoping that the Jed would be logical, but I can't really blame them for flipping out, it is quite the realization if you've been blind as a bat the entire war. XP To their credit they did TRY... Obi had such a sound plan and I was really, really excited to see them play a game of wits against Palpatine.



It was strange that Palpatine could make Mace sense his "evilness" without anyone else feeling it, but this is Palps we're talking about, so oh well. I liked that he was surprised they weren't storming in there. BUT-BUT UGH.

Well it'll be interesting to see how they get themselves out of this mess. And Anakin's technically confined to the Temple too now, right? Though I know Palpatine will drag him out of there.

Ahhh this is not good!
Girlbender875 chapter 16 . 5/16
You should know that the only reason I haven't reviewed this chapter and I think the next one sooner is simply because I got so freaking excited from the previous chapter that I read the next ones in a heartbeat before realizing I had to go to bed. Like six months ago. :P So here I am now!

"Anakin, please use the head I know you have." LOLOLOLOL Ah, Palpatine, you just love little jabs at poor Ani's not-so-astute logic XD

Well, I'll give Padme points for at least attempting to persuade Anakin, but really, nothing could persuade him when Palpatine's right in front of him. She needed to find a better way to get him out of there. Then again, Padme has never really held much sway over Anakin, in a sense; I think it was more the idea of her, Anakin's obsession and perception of her, was what really held sway over him. Maybe at one point he'd actually genuinely loved her, but he never really respected her as the war progressed. Kind of messed up. Sheesh. Where's Obi-Wan when you need him?!

Man things are getting messy! Great chapter! :)
Ladylaurel chapter 1 . 3/1
I really hope you're still interested in continuing this.

I... kinda want Palpatine to win. That's very rare. I like well-written and rare, quite a lot.
DerelictTyrant chapter 34 . 1/26
I've read this in 48 hours. What a trip indeed, five days in story and galaxy spanning outcomes.
I enjoyed how you used the Sly Moore as a device. Very good.
You also made me utterly hate Padme Amidala, and Obi-Wan. Congratulations.
One thing for certain, in my head canon, against the power of the Dark Side, there can be no victory.
Anakin's lack of a proper spine was frustrating but understandable. He never grows up, never grasps the victory at hand. Always a boy from Tatooine. I wonder when he will realize that Sidious doesn't needs to be saved, and even if he did, it would be impossible. Or when he will realize that not everyone can be saved.
His betrayal of Sidious hurt too, deeply. You see, I'm a dark side fan, both aesthetically and morally, and I felt real bad for Palpatine.
I look forward to the continuation of this story.

All in all, good job!
Girlbender875 chapter 15 . 1/16


Okay I'm good now. XD

The whole time Anakin and Padmé were discussing the matter I was like, "come on, Padmé, be the voice of reason" and to her credit she did try... but not freaking enough, oh my gosh she's so emotionally stupid (by the way, loved your description of their relationship, it's so true)! Seriously everybody Anakin interacts with is a moron except for Palpatine ugh. BUT OBI-WAN YEEEEEES OBI TO THE RESCUE! When you switched to his POV I got excited and wondered if he'd listened to the conversation all night, but I thought nah, it's been a few hours (also, that stuff about Padmé holding Anakin and feeding him and her motherly instincts kicking in was really sweet). BUT THEN HE TALKED TO HER. And when she tried to refuse I wanted to punch her gorgeous face but then Obi-Wan used freaking logic that she should have used and he won out AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

Okay, I'm not good. XD

THIS WAS AWSOME. I wasn't expecting Obi-Wan to find out so soon, I thought he would be in the dark for so long; his ignorance (both intentional and unintentional) was really what allowed Anakin to slip right into Palpatine's grasp, I can't wait to see him fight for Ani! Goooooooooo Obi-Wan!

...Assuming he doesn't pull the emotionless disregard-Anakin's-reasoning-and-personality-entirely card. Because yes, he needs to take Palpatine down, but if he doesn't go about it right, Anakin will still fall.

THIS IS AMAZING I'm so glad you let Obi find out this soon I can't wait to see how he handles this!


*continues to spazz out until dragged away by Jedi healers*
Girlbender875 chapter 14 . 1/16
Schemers definitely gotta scheme haha. If there's one thing watching The Clone Wars has taught me, it's that the Jedi are clueless, and oh by are they going to get a pummeling now. It was frustrating (in a good way, I just worry about the Jedi haha) watching the senate turn its fangs on them, though bless people like Organa and Mothma for trying to defend them. But did everybody forget about Ventress, or is she dead by now? There were plenty of Force users who weren't Jedi in the war, like Steroid Savage or Zombie Maul. Politicians have such selective memory! Smart move on Amedda's part, even if I don't like his agenda. At least Palpatine was impressed, the vice chair deserves some recognition for being almost as clever as his master in that incident.

It's a pity the Jedi didn't have the common people's backing considering how much the Jedi fought for them. Though I guess their love for Palpatine would be greater. UGH.

And speaking of Palpatine... forget what I said about treating him. The only way I would treat that guy was if he had a head wound that prevented him from accessing the Force... and if he's packaged. Fully. Freaking. Packaged. And sedated, for that matter. The part where he noticed the medics and noted they were young, I immediately related to them, especially since one was female, and then he just took over their minds so easily and I felt violated... *shudders* Stupid Sith! It's so strange reading from his perspective, because I'm used to relating to the person through whom I'm seeing the world but I do not want to relate to that creep AT ALL. But if he's that creepy and repulsive that is definitely a testament to your awesome writing. ;)

Hahahaha psychological treatment for Palpatine, poor psychiatrist would be dead in the first 5 seconds. No Force user in this era would submit to therapy.

Great chapter! Can't wait to see how Anakin and Obi-Wan wade through the muck of this scenario.
Dinogeek chapter 8 . 1/14
...Did you just squash the Dark Lord of the Sith with a chunk of concrete? Because that's an acceptably ignominious end for a guy like that, I gotta say.
gilo chapter 34 . 12/21/2016
Love the story!

Please can you post on here when you post the sequel?

Please please please let Ani hold on. Maybe have him before a true 'balance' of the force by practicing in both the light and the dark side of the force?
isaakfvkampfer chapter 34 . 12/7/2016
The Jedi should test the Children of their IQ, EQ and metal stability and sense of morality before admitting them. And those need to be constantly tested before they graduate.

Personally, I think Palpy in canon swaying The Chosen One to the Dark Side is just a pet project of his. After all, as the perfect Sith, aside from the flaws which follow, he cares only about himself and his power. With or without Anakin, his Empire is bound to rise as long as the Clone War lasts years to wear thin of the Jedi and Order 66 get carried on.

In the industrial confrontation scene, I really thought Palpy was gonna pretend Obi-Wan was killing him to break the delicate newly patched-up relationship between the pair, or our secretly smug Obi was gonna pretend that Palpy is killing him or even plant himself on Palpatine's blade to severe the tie between the Sith and his old padawan.

Looking forward to the next part. This fic is so much fun. Forgive me for the typos and terrible mistakes in grammar.
Girlbender875 chapter 13 . 11/16/2016
(Haha, I'm still alive and reading this, I promise!)

I loved everything about this chapter. The brief notion of how Palpatine cared for Anakin specifically and not the prophecy was so poignant. Obi-Wan's concern for Anakin was very sweet, and I always enjoy scenarios where the reader and character know more than another and that issue is danced around - it's always really entertaining, especially when Obi remarks that Palps isn't a Jedi and Anakin literally laughs out loud. Made me laugh too.

I really enjoy your characterizations of all the Jedi. They're so vibrant, and I laughed so hard at Kit Fisto's remark about Anakin storming out (and at Anakin's panic over having his memories perused lol). Your Mace is brilliant, too - sometimes you're frustrated with his stubborn dogged approach, but he's so three dimensional you can understand it even if you don't agree with it. Terrific job!

And poor, poor Obi, he's always caught in the middle. I always feel so bad for him, he gets the worst deal every freaking time; just say no, Obi, goodness! Don't let the Council be stupid! This is not going to end well...

Wonderful, wonderful chapter. :)
Girlbender875 chapter 12 . 8/17/2016
I love your Obi-Wan, he's so in character it's like reading the ROTS novelization. I love it when he wishes for Yoda's presence and settles for a non-committal answer because he just wants to stay away from the volatile Jedi - it reminds me so strongly of Obi from the book. Spot on.

And speaking of spot on, I love, love, love your Mace POV. His shatterpoint vision and his frustration at how he can see everything occurring but not know its meaning - that was so great! You should write more of Mace, you write him so freaking well. I loved it when Palpatine stumbled while talking to Obi, that was awesome. XD Poor Obi, you're supposed to be sharper than that; it's amazing how clueless the Jedi are in the face of obvious animosity - they really were arrogant if they thought Palpatine wasn't more than just a pawn and didn't recognize him as the obvious threat that he was. And poor Anakin, all fritzed out... if only he'd freaking tell Obi, but he just doesn't trust him enough, doesn't want his best friend's approval of him to come crashing down. Dang it, insecure!Anakin is the cause of all this strife lol! XD (indecisive Chosen One for sure, lol; that poor overworked overstressed moron thought he could handle all of it...)

I love all the plotting going on in the last POV. And Amedda's opinion of Pestage pretty much sums up my opinion of the slimeball too, lol. I laughed when Amedda offered a nod to the Jedi and they just ignored him and he got miffed, hahaha; he jumps to conclusions more than I do! I'd probably just figure they've got a lot on their minds or they didn't see me nod, lol - I've had plenty of those situations before. But I think what made me laugh the most were the poor medics, surrounding the chancellor and hearing him whisper evilly to his minions. They were probably thinking, "Good grief this guy's one screwed up... meh, never mind, he's just like any other politician. What a freak." Though that one medic once they got on the transport! Was that a poor little trainee or something? You don't leave the patient alone, hahaha. XD

Here's what would really happen... As soon as Palps leaves no room for argument and the medic finishes his duties, he would sit there and do paperwork whilst keeping an eye on Palpatine's vitals. Which means he would hear every word of their crazy plotting lolol, and heaven forbid the chancellor try to tell the medic to scram cause man would that guy eat him alive. "You may be chancellor of the Republic, but this ambulance is MY territory. You're my patient. I'm in charge. End of story. If you can't calm down, I'm sedating you." XD

Anyway, wonderful writing, this chapter was a blast to read!
Cringey Claire chapter 32 . 8/16/2016
What?! End of PART ONE?! Ahhhhh this is so long - which is a good thing, and a bad thing aghhhhhhh
Girlbender875 chapter 11 . 8/4/2016
Wow, awesome chapter! I loved the little parts where the serum took over and Palpatine's just groaning and thinking, '*fine* I'll work with it.' I really liked the interplay between Palpatine and Anakin - fantastic job showing Anakin's uncertainty and Palpatine's reasoning behind each word, even the ones that spill out inadvertently. There must have been a lot of SARs for Anakin to be nervous! Then again, he's got a dislocated shoulder and a head injury, so it probably wouldn't take much to knock him down. His shoulder's probably killing him now after grabbing Palpatine so many times and tossing him around haha. That was surprisingly satisfying seeing the Sith Master get thrown like a rag doll.

I was particularly taken by the moment where Palpatine had his two big options in either having Anakin killed or saving him. It was great to see his reasoning in it, and interesting that he'd take the gamble instead of playing it safe. All that power can make you greedy, Palps... be careful; you're playing with some serious fire now!

So what's the backstory to Palpatine's code name?

Sate is so baffling! He seems like a cruel jerk, but he also seems to genuinely care about Palpatine. Oh well, I shouldn't presume that just because he's despicable he can't care for someone. And it'll be interesting seeing the interaction between Palpatine and the Jedi! Hehe, hope that serum wears off before he opens his mouth!
Girlbender875 chapter 10 . 7/24/2016
Dang, Ani sure has skill to be able to do so much with a turned shoulder. ;P I joke, I joke, haha.

Haha, Palpatine's panic as he started spilling the beans was hilarious. I really can hear the frantic tone of his thoughts as he fumbled to stop himself, great writing there!

I always thought it strange that many authors use the eye color alone as the indicator of whether someone's "dark" or "light" but I guess there really wouldn't be any other explanation as to why Palpatine's irises are yellow. But oh boy did things go crazy! Ani finds out about Palps' true identity a little early, lol. I figured Palpatine would already realize that Anakin genuinely cares for him (hence get angry with Sly's assassination attempt), but I suppose since the Sith doesn't really understand love he wouldn't recognize it in others until it becomes fairly obvious...? And yay, Palpatine admits that he's a little too emotionally invested in Anakin! Saying that took a blow to his pride, didn't it? :P

That's so sad that the basis of any relationship in a Sith's eyes is hatred. :( But I guess that's what makes a Sith a Sith, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Speaking of Sithliness, maybe Padme can somehow still die in this story? :D Lol, sorry, I'm particularly worn out with romance right now, so I wouldn't mind seeing her get knocked off. XD Of course that would probably tip Ani unless Obi is there to save the day (which he'd better be!). So many possibilities with what's happened!

Great writing! :)
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