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Timeskipper chapter 19 . 8/20/2012
Weeeeeee, last chapter!
I'll take a look at the others too to correct Jean's French, when I'll have time, so let's get on with this one! Not much to say, 'cept maybe that "le son de l'année" isn't a French expression. Actually, it goes with the English term: "le sound de l'année". Yup.
Oh, I tried the Extra Stage Vs Dawitsu script. I got my ass handed to me by the UFOs. Yeah, I suck at Touhou.
Timeskipper chapter 11 . 8/20/2012
Ya'nnow, I never noticed how RIDICULOUS some trope names could sound until I actually tried to translate them in Italian. In French, they're twice as hilarious. Well, I would suggest that you tried to paraphrase them instead of simply translating them, but it's up to you. It would sound less... unrealistic.
Anyway, nothing to correct here, and Jean is becoming badass under Marisa-sama's wise guide... hehe.
Timeskipper chapter 9 . 8/20/2012
Jean's dream about Byakuren was really sweet... and Marisa's intromission was friggin' hilarious! No corrections to do in this chapter, except maybe the "j'ai déjà eu votre langue pour petit-déjeuner". More of a style thing, but it's better to make Jean use the "tu" with Marisa, it's more informal. As in: "J'ai déjà eu ta langue pour petit-déjeuner".
Anyway, onward with the corrections! Keep it up, I'm almost done. hehe.
Timeskipper chapter 8 . 8/20/2012
"Légèrement facile"? I think that "Assez facile" is what you meant. Maybe.
"Le livre mentionné quelque chose d'intéressent se produit lorsque je lesai mas ensemble..."... wut? I can only guess what you were trying to say, so what about: "Le livre disait que quelque chose d'intéressant se produit quand je les ... ?" Last part, I didn't really understand what you meant.

"Je suis tellement puissante dés maintenant!"... mmmmaybe it's better to say "Je suis SI PUISSANT maintenant!". It's actually "I'm so powerful now", but I've certainly never heard "I'm so powerful from now on". I mean, it doesn't make much sense... Oh, and "puissantE" is female.
Anyway, nice chapter... Tokage's giving me shivers, though. It might have been better if Dawitsu explained to Tokage what he was doing... it's not that difficult, say that it's a Danmaku fighting simulator based on the tales of Reimu, Tokage's not very smart anyway, hehe. Well, too late for this, eh?
Timeskipper chapter 7 . 8/20/2012
Ooookay, here we go. I'll skip the formalities. How do you prefer to be cursed? Hehehe... anyway, corrections ahoy, brace yourself! Firstly "le youkai existant oú j'avais l'habitude de vivre? Sacrebleau..." Correction: "Les Youkai existaient là où je vivais avant? Sacrebleu..."
"Elle... était un étre humain qui sympathisiant avec le Youkai? Son... décisions conduit á la tragédie..." Correction: "Elle... était un être humain qui sympathisait avec les Youkai? Ses... décisions conduisèrent à la tragédie..."
"Marisa est juste c'est probablement que la luxure...". Nope, "Marisa's right" is "Marisa a raison", while "it's probably nothing but lust" can be translated as "c'est probablement que DE la luxure/du désir" or "probablement c'est seulement luxure/désir".
Until next chapter (read it as: "very soon"), signed: your faithful reviewer (read: "your worst nightmare wannabe")!
Timeskipper chapter 5 . 8/19/2012
"YOUR LIFE IS FORFEIT!"... Ok, this was COMPLETELY INTENTIONAL, wasn't it? Anyway, I laughed for two good minutes... you're more of a reference freak than me!
Anyway, on with what must be done: "Cela aurait pu étre dangereuse...". It could be wrong or it could be right, it depends on what was Jean referring to. Anyway, it's "être", with the circumflex accent.
Then: "Je t'aime, Hakkero, vous étes mon seul espoir!" Well, this is too funny, and almost (almost!) right. But why does Jean switch from "tu" to "vous"? I'd keep the "tu", especially because, well... you normally don't use polite forms when talking to objects, right?
"Ha ha! C'ETAIT LE PLUS DE PLAISIR QUE J'AI EU DANS MA VIE!". Well, a less cringe-inducing phrasing could be "Ha ha! C'ÉTAIT LE PLUS GRAND PLAISIR QUE J'AI ÉPROUVÉ DANS TOUTE MA VIE!".
THE LAST ONE... hm, hm *clears throat*, sorry, the last one "Tu es la fille la plus impressionnante autour de vous!" should actually be "Tu es la fille la plus impressionante entre vous/d'ici" (depends on whether you meant "you're the most impressive among you" or "you are the most impressive around"). Oh, and I have absolutely no idea what you wanted to say, but "La plupart génial" means "The most part genial". If you meant "Totally genial" it should be "Absoluement génial". If that's not what you meant... well, you can always PM me if you need.
Timeskipper chapter 2 . 8/19/2012
Hello! Yes, I'm here too.
Let's get started: "Rainbow" in French it's "Arc-en-ciel". About "Remise déjà", I... didn't quite get what you meant. If you meant "Surrender already", it could be translated as "Allons, rends-toi!", even if I don't really like that "allons". It sounds a little... out of place for a deathly frightened Jean. Plus, it's actually "Come on, surrender", but I didn't find any other way to translate it.
Ah, the last one: "Est-ce mon affaire d'opinion du tout?" it's actually "Mais mon opinion n'a aucune importance?".
Well, that's all. For this chapter anyway. Oh, and that "Kiss and make out" joke in the first chapter was great. I half expected Marisa to follow the suggestion... guess I'm too used to the Blood knight/Lovable sex maniac Marisa from Imperfect Metamorphosis, hehe.
Donny Donster chapter 18 . 5/19/2012
The part where Yutaka and Dawitsu were teaching the students about sex was absolutely hilarious, especially when "Time Of The Season" by The Zombies randomly came up on my radio!
SorrowfulReincarnation chapter 4 . 5/14/2012
Ah, so Mokou makes her return. You know, I've been wondering if the immortal would indeed appear again... Being kind of a tomboy and a loner, one would never know if to encounter her, huh? I was kinda interested why Mokou would want to see Jean again... But I couldn't help but forget about it for a moment when "ReiPot Hakurei" appeared. Now THAT I did not see coming. Dammit Reimu, don't catch me off guard like that...

Mokou's question did surprise me, though. Who'd thought she'd be worried about others becoming like her? I mean, sure, immortality means, more or less, endless suffering... but that she'd care that much... And the moment got even sadder when Jean told of his suffering wife. Man, it sure is... I don't know... kinda terryfing how a question can cause all this... only a few words, nothing more, can cause somebody else harm... terryfing indeed.

Mokou's second question, though, kinda sounded a little mischievous to me... was she trying to flirt with Jean? Or just mess with his head?

I was fairly surprised, though, that we already see something of the "Bunbunmaru Spirit News"... And here we go, their antics already messed up their work, and Aya's ink-sniffing ended with Hatate having black hair. That Alice and Byakuren actually are dating, though, made the scene even better. Hilarious and yet kinda romantic...

It seems that Jean will be staying at Marisa's house now, I believe? It's good to know that he is already learning about spellcards and danmaku... and even more, using his first danmaku, even though he practically copies Marisa's until now. I wonder how his spellcards will look like? I found it pretty hilarious, though, that Marisa remembered that Dawitsu is practically cheating, since he is able to use other peoples spellcards.

Speaking of Dawitsu, it sure seems he has a hard time. The kids sure seem to prefer Yutaka... poor Dawitsu. I am shocked to read that he apparently wants to give up on the whole teacher thing...

I sure hope he does not! I personally enjoy Dawitsu's teaching, and the Grimoire of Dawitsu is more proof than enough to see that Dawitsu has a lot of knowledge and is very observant. Dawitsu, don't give up!

The plot thickens, I guess, and after this chapter, I am only more interested in how things will continue from this...

So long, then!
SorrowfulReincarnation chapter 3 . 5/9/2012
Okay, Ran really has to get a hold on that whole video game addiction she got... The again, Mother 3 is pretty addicting, I've gotta say... Oh well.

Dawitsu "trying" to comfort Reimu was actually quite an interesting scene, and shows that he cares... however, it seemed that this whole comforting thing didn't turn out the way he wanted to. It had the effect he wanted it to have, but I guess he didn't want to get beaten up...

Reimu seems to have gotten a wrong idea of the outside world and how it works... I mean, if she really thinks that there are only men.. Also, I think she went a little overboard with all the "Jean betrayed me"... When Dawitsu suddenly had his outburst of fury, he actually did surprise me, and for a moment I was all like "wow, how awesome is that, him standing up to Reimu like that?"... but then, he got beaten up by Reimu, and I actually had to laugh at him. Sorry, Dawitsu, nothing personal. But I guess he was right... I kinda thought as well that Reimu needs a reality check.

When Jean went to apologize to Reimu, I actually feared the worst... only for it to turn out exactly the other way... and he even got a kiss from Reimu, that lucky bastard! But as usual, whenever a scene is really touching or something like that, at least one tengu has to ruin it... I guess that's the unspoken rule of tengu, to always ruin glorious moments. And, just as they have to ruin those moments, Marisa has to be bold as ever. Oh well.

Hatate and Aya teaming up actually did surprise me, though... It's the first time I've ever heard of them teaming up... and let me tell you, I like the idea. Even though it will cause chaos... Bunbunmaru Spirit News, do your best, work hard, and I wish you the best!

There is a question I have, though... did Dawitsu actually faceplant a WHOLE night? Man, being a Youkai must be awesome~.

But then again, if apples indicate success... well, if that's the case, Dawitsu apparently failed.

Thanks for this awesome chapter, and I'll definetly continue reading the rest.

So long~
The Kindly Hater chapter 19 . 5/9/2012
Well, I've been out of action for a while eh? Sorry for taking forever-and-a-half to review. Banjo-Kazooie, I used to play that with my dad. I remember one time, I spammed a ton of cheat codes and Grunty threatened to erase my save. Naturally, I ignored her, and then my save was erased.

I can't relate to Third degree burns, but I have been burned plenty of times in my life(both physically and verbally). Medicine died... I Really like that girl, she's one of my favored Dolls on Touhoumon Emerald. So does this mean Alice will use medicine as a combat doll? So many things...

I really wasn't expecting Remi to comfort Flandre like that. It puts her in the "Kind older sister" light that she is rarely put under. Soup made of Mushrooms and Earthworms. I might have tried it if I didn't hate Mushrooms with a burning passion, as well as have the ability to pick out any type of mushroom in a dish served to me.

Don't worry Ran, you'll find someone! And so will Dawitsu!... But you're the author, so when and if that happens is up to you. One thing that kept me from reading is my purchase of a couple games. My parting words shall be a clue for you as to the series.

Would you kindly let me know when you're gong to destroy me so I can spend my last moments with the Pettankos?
MUS3 chapter 19 . 5/1/2012
Wow I take a week and a half off from this story for finals and you've updated five times already?

It was really cute seeing Remilia read the ending to Flan. I'm glad that Remilia finally realized that Flan deserves freedom from the mansion.

I feel like Dawitsu should at least try and find another girlfriend seeing as he'll never get Yutaka. Poor Ran. I was hoping he would return at least some of her feelings..

And wow the Medicine back story was odd to say the least. But it was really well written and the conclusion of Medicine was well done. Though I wasn't expecting her sudden death from happiness.
Patcheresu chapter 8 . 4/29/2012

What is the whole point on the lizard? Is she an insult to a fanfic author? She doesn't seem to add much at all to the story but she's fun for a quick gag. And if Dawitsu can use Omnislash I'd love it if he could use another Limit Break level move like Chaotic Flame (Dormammu, Marvel Vs Capcom 3)

Because Dormammu is a cosmic being and as a cosmic being creates funky remixes. (/watch?vScIu5qrMaxQ#t80s)-YouTube

A lot of things came up in school but I finally got back to your fanfic, yay.
Metroid Life chapter 19 . 4/29/2012
Ah, endings are such sweet sorrow... Medicine has her happy ending, Jeans a playable character, and Dawitsu and Ran are... something. Ah, the end is here, and it was truly a amazing story, as they tend to be... I'm sorry to see it go, but it certainly was fun to read... It was great, marvelous, and I have nothing to say. Until next review...
Hideki Hirameshi chapter 19 . 4/29/2012
RIP Medicine Melancholy. You will be missed, gone to a better place. :(

The Hebiko-Tokage rivalry continues... hehe...

And I am as oblivious to the signs as Dawitsu is. Who knew the person Ran was referring to was no other than him. Rereading the part at least thrice made me realize that, derp.

Finally, Sanae makes her appearance!

Regarding the ending, nah, I think it's enough. This chapter is LONG already. Besides, where's the fun in not creating theories about the "incident", right?
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