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Katie chapter 26 . 5/19
Ah, sweetheart, I'm so happy that you're back! I'm very sorry that these past couple of years have been hard. I'd reached through my computer to give you a hug if I could. I was so wonderfully surprised to see that your fanfic had been updated and I was squealing like a fangirl at the end of this chapter. I like how you wrote Turkey for this fanfic; he's a character that, depending on how he's written, that I can either like or dislike.

Keep up the awesome work b/c you're awesome! More so then Prussia! Off to let my sister know that you've updated b/c she's faved this story as well!
Here for Spamano chapter 26 . 5/16
I am so glad to see an update for this story. I like how well written it is and I especially like how you've handled the three personalities of Spain. Each one is a distinct with their own unique voice while at the same time being facets of one individual. It is quite fascinating.

As many reviewers have previously stated, I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I feel like you should be a blithering mess with all that you have experienced in a space of two years. While I have no frame of reference for cancer or Alzheimer's, I am quite familiar with depression. I have been medicated for it and have even had a brush with psychosis. However, apathy is probably the worst part of depression, in my opinion. Life seems to become unbearable and sometimes you even wonder if what you're experiencing is real or if you're even alive. It's almost painful in a way.

It has taken me years to surface from the pit that is my depression. It wasn't easy and I still have days where I slide backwards. Embracing little bits of life such as reading, watching crappy horror and sci-fi movies, and designing pieces of my own jewelry have helped me a lot. Reconnecting with your writing seems to be a step in the right direction for you.

I really hope you continue to write this story because it is absolutely enjoyable. Don't give in to the negative feelings. You are stronger than you think. Believe it.
zumiez2002 chapter 26 . 5/17
Omg I loves this so much an I'm glad your back! Keep moving forward in know it been hard but you can do it!
Guest chapter 26 . 5/15
Oh gawd that was so cute! I was so excited when I saw you updated! I just dropped my phone and was like "spnflsbcosckenj what! I thought she was done with it" but I'm super happy that you aren't! And I hope that everything works out for you eventually!
Guest chapter 26 . 5/15
this was a great chapter, and i can't wait for the next. hope you feel better!
Bookslover21 chapter 26 . 5/17
I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw that you had updated with an actual chapter and not an authors note saying you wouldn't be finishing the story. This is probably my favorite Spamano fanfiction that I have ever read.
I'm really sorry about your grandfather, my family is going through something very similar with mine right now, so I can understand how hard that is. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything at all, please don't hesitate to send me a pm.
I really liked this chapter a lot and I can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 26 . 5/15
I think I started reading this around the same time you started writing it, and I'd check my updates every day just waiting for this story to update. XD It's been two years - gosh, really? - but I've not stopped being in love with your plotline at all; it's fantastic.

You have some very legit reasons to have been off for so long; dammit, that's a lot of bad luck for just one person. Just know you've got our support, now and always. Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I'm glad to see you back on again! Lovely chapter, lovely everything, you go, girl. ;D
BakaKurokamiShoujo chapter 26 . 5/16
hey~ This is the first time I've written you a review so, your story are great and I love it! I hope you would update soon. But I'll wait...And stay strong,okay?
Justanobody chapter 26 . 5/14
I'm sorry about your grandfather, and I hope your mom and sister are feeling better as well.

I enjoy reading. Mainly your Fanfiction: The Many Personalities of Spain. It is humorous, dramatic, suspenseful, and a genuine story to read.

After a few months of your sudden cease of updates, I got anxious. Worried that you would discontinue the story. For I had been sucked into your story. Curiosity was killing me.

Thank you for updating and spending the time to explain to us/me (your viewer's and/or reviewers) why you have been unable to update.

Your stories are truly amazing and the time and talent shows in every word you've chosen.
Guest chapter 26 . 5/14
Hey, it's fine. You don't owe nothing to anyone. You are such a strong person, after all this shit to get thrown at you... I salut you for being able to stand strong, you are amazing, just remember that.
Guest chapter 26 . 5/14
I hope you feel well soon and that everything gets better. Depression is bloody awful. Your writing is still amazing. Good Luck.
Guest chapter 26 . 5/14
I'm sorry to hear about all of that! I'm glad you're doing better. And great job on the story!
Guest chapter 26 . 5/14
I can't believe it. Is this real? Did I die and go to heaven? Bless this day.
TheAwesomeMe128 chapter 26 . 5/16
I never expected this to be updated but I'm glad you did! It sounds like you've been through some shit. Welcome back!
I just finished rereading this fic. It's quite a sweet story. I'm happy things are beginning to progress a bit on Antonio's part! It's fun to read about these three with Roma, though Antonio's and Lovino's stubborn obliviousness is making me facepalm
black-misty-sky chapter 26 . 5/15
They're all so cute~!
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