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RedWingNut chapter 7 . 9/28/2012
Oh, what a nice way to start my day! I wake up and here's another chapter!

"We don't make trouble," he said slyly. "We provide much needed stress relief and entertainment for the student body, and we keep the staff agile! Wouldn't want them to get rusty, now would we?"

That's my favorite line in the whole story so far. And I think it sums up the spirit of the Marauders perfectly.

What a great chapter. Their relationship is progressing in what feels like a natural fashion. I like that Lily is coming to understand that James has changed. And while it may unsettle her, his maturity and friendship is something she's coming to rely on.

And I like that James is standing up for himself and others like him. Lily doesn't like to think of herself as prejudiced, but she is a bit. That she realizes it and apologizes for it speaks volumes for her.

Can't wait to see what the Slytherins have planned. It is very interesting to see Severus's descent into darker and darker territory, despite his love for Lily.

I must admit, I could never figure out why Alan Rickman wasn't given an Oscar, or at least an Oscar nod, for his performance as Snape. Considering the complexity of the character and how he nailed it in each and every movie, he should have won something.

Thanks again for a wonderful chapter!
RedWingNut chapter 6 . 9/8/2012
Uh, oh. The Slytherins are definitely up to something. Sounds like it could be very, very bad.

Poor Snape, I don't think he ever really understood how evil Voldie was until it was too late.

I always felt sorriest for Severus and Sirius when I read the books. What depressing lives those guys had.
RedWingNut chapter 5 . 7/21/2012
Dear god, Lily ate a whole handful of beans at once? Now that's courage!

Ah, Lily sees through Remus and Peter.. She knows they care a bit more about Quidditch than Frank's love life.

I see that James is refusing to "date" someone else to make Lily jealous. That's definitely the right (and grown up) thing to do.

I wonder what Snape and Co. are up to? He's already under Voldemort's control?

Poor James, didn't get any type of confirmation that Lily likes him. ;-) But she does; she just won't admit it. Not even to herself. Just like a woman!
RedWingNut chapter 4 . 7/21/2012
Ah, good, James got a hold of himself before he pissed Lily off.

Have I mentioned that I'm still loving Sirius? He got there just in the nick of time! I am sure the Slytherins would've tried something nasty...

I enjoyed the head's room scene and am also sensing a thaw. Lily does seem to be warming up to James a bit. And she is noticing that's he's trying to be more mature. I'm guessing James is going to thoroughly enjoy the 'study sessions' between him and Lily.

Poor Sev, still managing to put his foot in his mouth quite a bit.
RedWingNut chapter 3 . 7/21/2012
Minerva giving points to Gryffindor? Gosh, that's seems so odd. ;-)

I like how Lily cleans the head office Muggle style. Seems like she would prefer manual labor to magic...

Lily's partnered up with Snape for the term? Uh oh. I'm betting he'll use the time to try to get back into Lily's good graces. Let's hope James doesn't let it get to him and tick Lily off in some way.

I'm still laughing over Slughorn silencing James!
RedWingNut chapter 2 . 7/21/2012
Ah, the mudblood comment from Sev. I feel sorry for both Lily and Severus. It hurt him that it slipped out and it hurt her because she felt betrayed.

I have to wonder - if Severus didn't hang around with the people he did, would he have turned out the way he did? Peer pressure can be such an overwhelming influence on some.

I don't think there is a person out there that can't sympathize with Lily regarding the overprotective parents who think of her as a little girl still.
You come home from school and your freedom is curtailed! The curfews, the questions!

Oh, god, I love how Lily pictures James and his friends after Hogwarts!

Still loving your Sirius!

And one normal conversation with James will turn into many, I'm betting...
RedWingNut chapter 1 . 7/21/2012
What a wonderful start to a story!

But to be honest, your writing is always top notch. So maybe I shouldn't be surprised. ;-)

I really enjoyed the little scene between Sirius and Lily and I think you captured Sirius perfectly. He's a sweet, funny ladies man that you can't help but love, no matter what comes out of his mouth.

Poor Lily, having to deal with James all year as a fellow Head! Still, it appears that James is trying to be 'normal' for Lily and show her he's matured. Go James!

It seems to me that someone just might have a little crush on James? Lily is noticing how handsome he is? Objectively, of course. LOL!
wrappedinharry chapter 5 . 5/10/2012
James, James-she got so snappish because the other girls were too close to the truth and Lily herself is in denial! But poor JAmes, so forlorn under his cloak.

And just what are the budding DEs up to, I wonder.

Sirius was very cute and true to form in this.

Enjoying this immensely.

wrappedinharry chapter 4 . 5/10/2012
Oooh, things are hotting up. Thank God for Remus and his streak of caution and common sense; without him I am sure the other MArauders would not have gotten all the way through school.

The 'I am trying to make things better for you and your kind' comment is a bit strange. Surely Snape can't be deluded enough to think that the DL will not presecute Muggles and Muggleborns, or are you intimating that Severus is already a spy? Very uncanon.

Loved the interaction between JAmes and Lily in the office and loved Sirius' so cool stance when he entered the room where Nott and Avery had dragged Lily.

Loving the whole thing in fact.

wrappedinharry chapter 3 . 5/10/2012
Most enjoyable. Loved the letter from last year's head boy and his description of Lily wonderful. Also the head's iffice and the mess it was lwft in and Lily racing around cleaning it up. I am sure she is as jealous as sin that James found his letter so easily.

Doratea sounds like a cross between Hermione and Luna Lovegood; she sounds brainy as well as a little out there. She must be out there I think if she was happy to leave the office in such disaray. The boys wouldn't care but most femals are a little more fastidious than that.

The potions class was interesting and the fact of who you paired with whom. Wonder why Severus looked calculating. I think he may be planning on trying to show James that Lily will never look at him with an eye to romance. It can't be because he wants to convert Lily to the cause because she is Muggleborn and Volde, I am sure would not accept her. When it is all said and done, I am surprised that Severus was allowed into the hallowed sanctum. Of course, Volde is a half-blood himself, though I am sure he has kept that little detail to himself.

James seems to be winning the little war of one-upmanship at the moment because I am sure that Lily doesn't even realise she is slowly being drawn into his web and that is why she is perhaps not wuite up to par. Loved the jellylegs jinx and I also love the glimpses of Remus we have had so far. Love Remus.

wrappedinharry chapter 2 . 5/10/2012
Lovely chapter. Lily's slowly burgeoning feelings for James and her confusion over same are portrayed very nicely...her feelings for him are definitely changing, though she is not aware of that yet.

I enjoyed the scene of early moring pandemonium in the dormitory; I could just imagine the scene. LOL

And the glimpse of the Evan's household was very sad. Petunia seems to have turned into the total bitch we know her to be without much influence from Vernon. Does he know at this stage of their relationship, that Lily is a witch. Lily's parents must be heartbroken at the terrible distance that has grown between their two daughters.

I cannot understand why you haven't gotten more reviews for this excellent story. Perhaps the Marauders' era works are not as popular as other genres. I admit, I rarely read them myself, but this was recommended to me and as their seems to be a dearth of decent fanfiction around ather than a few WIP that I still follow, I thought I would give it a try. Glad I did!


wrappedinharry chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
Well, considering this is your first foray into HP fanfiction, you have done a lovely job. Obviously you are au fait with canon, so I wonder why you have not wandered into this playground before. Seemingly you enjoy Edward and Bella more than you do Harry and co.

Anyway, if this is an example of what you can do, then you're most welcome.

Lovely interaction between James and Lily. Lily is still biased towards Severus obviously because she blamed him for the altercation without considering the fact that their were two Slytherins in that compartment. And just why was Sirius moving in the opposite direction? That has me intrigued. Sirius too was nicely portrayed: an irrascible scamp. Sad to think what his future is. Sad to think of all their futures actually unless you are going down a different path.


iloveveronicamars chapter 3 . 4/9/2012
Hi i've read all your others stories on twilight and i'm a big fan of james and lily so i'm glad you're writing on them. I really appreciate the fact that there arent't the typical "i hate you so much bla bla blab"? There're more deep, i think
Fudgy Buddy chapter 3 . 4/7/2012
Loved the last part! I'm excited for when Snape comes in. chapter 3 . 4/6/2012
Prickly Lily, my favorite Lily! Haha. Update soon, don't keep us waiting!
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