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PurpleNightwing chapter 2 . 12/29/2017
I tried searching BunBunFett and can’t find it. I searched under writer
AngelAxexinf chapter 7 . 12/11/2012
What happened on Basrah that they didn't want to talk about? Can you PM me the answer, or was it in another story?
captainrexbest35 chapter 1 . 4/12/2012
Stone is something else
SerendipityAEY chapter 7 . 4/6/2012
Ah, the end is called beginning! :-D Stone's thoughts and feelings toward Kali and so warm and tender, lovely and thoughtful. It's plain to see and easy to like how much he cares about her.

I love how well, and professionally, he and Obi get along at the same time, despite there seeming conflict of interests. I don't think it's in either of their nature's to be 'negative' about the situation and I just love reading your Obi-Wan.

The end was intriguing and executed perfectly :)
sachariah chapter 7 . 4/6/2012
Wow... Fantastic ending.

Like Queen said, the description of space was nothing short of chilling... and that was not meant to be a pun. :P The cold, the blackness, the emptiness and vulnerablity of simply floating through nothing, depending upon a mystical energy he has no real comprehension of for even a few moments of survival... I can't blame Stonewall for not being thrilled. And then the realization that Kalinda (loved how he can only refer to her by name, at least in his head) is freezing to death, without anything he can do for her... shivers.

Wait... I'm not sure if you updated OW on this point (I need to check), but reading this now... it seems that Stone went from devoting his mental energies to the "shield" to Kali herself. Is that at all related to how she survives, or am I reading this in?

Okay... I feel *so* horrible and stupid for not raising this earlier (I'm a terrible beta, I know), but what sort of craft is Obi-Wan flying? For some reason I pictured a larger shuttle that Obi-Wan flew alongside as being the ship that actually picked up Stone and Kali, but now I realize Obi-Wan's craft was the same one that collected them. I'm trying to think of a fighter that matches this description, but it's not coming to me... maybe an ARC-170 (from the opening battle in ROTS)? It certainly couldn't be Kenobi's normal Jedi starfighter, right? Again, I'm so sorry I didn't catch this before - I had a mental image of what was going on that I - apparently - made up. :P

The tension between Stone and Obi-Wan was very realistic througout this chapter, without being specific enough to tell us what Obi-Wan is really thinking (which is good because it's vastly different between timelines). I like that Stone's earlier borderline jealousy or irritation (if it even got that far) is more subdued, since he's essentially in the same boat as the Jedi in wishing the best for Kali and fearing for her safety. Having seen how close she came to dying in his arms, he's just grateful Kali's alive at all, which puts his other feelings into perspective (though it hardly banishes them.

And Rex! Loved his cameo, here, and the way the Captain seems to instinctively recognize Stone is a good man, in his stoic way. The sort of understanding that Rex has here was spot-on, and fits perfectly with the idea of Rex as both an individualistic man, and a resposible leader. He doesn't excuse "bad" behavior, but he's smart enough to see pas the regs and understand why Stone acted as he did. I suspect Rex knows he would have done the same thing if necessary.

Loved the checkup with Kix! He's such a caring guy; Umbara made me love him more. And the bedside scene with Stone and Kali... just perfect. It was a chance for Stone to recall just how far he's come, how far she's brought him, and even though he doesn't have a clue how things will work out, if at all, he has to at least say 'thank you'. And by name, because right now, only 'Kalinda' will do.

This line... so moving: * It would be too much, he knew, to touch her hand, even with his gloves on. He'd gotten to hold her, once. That would be enough to sustain him throughout the rest of his days, however brief they might be.*

Sad, in a way, but so tender and honorable of him.

Already mentioned the Stone/Obi-Wan dynamic, but I loved the touch of Kenobi's humor. :D

And finally, the end. Wow... first, there's something "authentic" about ending a SW story in front of a windo overlooking the stars. ESB, I guess? I don't know, but I love the visual element there.

Honestly I don't know what else to say. The ending scene was perfect, leaving the story open to either timeline, without leaving Stone hanging without resolution. Even though it's clear there's more to come, it "felt" like an ending. And that's quite an accomplishment. ;)

Only now... I think I need to go read AoN again (yes, I'm very partisan on this issue).

Fantastic story! In glad you took the time to write this out, and I look forward to WBY! :D
Queen chapter 7 . 4/6/2012
Such a chilling description of space in the opening lines! And Stone really does have it bad, doesn't he? (Well, of course he does, but it's so fun reading it all over again...!)

Love seeing Rex! And honestly, even though Stone has to be punished for running off like that, it's really obvious Rex understands why it was done - and not hard to believe that he'd do the exact same thing were he in the same situation.

And that last scene! Squee! So sweet! Just love how Kali simply walks into the room, and looks out the window, and Stone is just utterly swept up in it all. So glad to know they do indeed end up together!

Wonderful story, and great job showing things from Stone's point of view!
Admiral Daala chapter 7 . 4/6/2012
Wonderful story-a great beginning to a fantastic adventure )
Jade-Max chapter 7 . 4/6/2012

I love how you managed to make Stone such a soldier but at the same time, he's a man underneath the armor; I'm glad he 'made you' write this. It's a true delight to watch him go from shiny to the man he is at the end of the fic... a man who knows the value of disobeying an order and following his own gut instincts when the stakes are high enough.

I love how you had Rex dish out Cody's punishment; Cody knowing Stone would get what the toothbrush was about *laughs* but Rex's comments to Stone indicate Rex's own experience in this field. He's pulled his own Jedi commanders out of the fire enough to not be too harsh on the Lieutenant.

Stone going to see Kali... awww... *sighs* Poor guy; at least her sleeping peacefully, and Obi-Wan's confidence in her recovery, reassure him she'll be okay somewhat.

However, just like any guy who worries about the woman he's fixated on and who's become important to him, it's not until he sees her up and about that things are really 'okay' again.

I adore Stone; I'm so glad you wrote this. Keeping it ambiguous enough to fit into both timelines couldn't have been easy, but you handled it masterfully!

Excellently done!
Queen chapter 6 . 4/3/2012
Love seeing Kali and Stone come together here. Though they've been working together throughout the story and getting to be friends, the trust in that new relationship is showcased here - Stone having to just trust that Kali's going to be able to do what she says, with the shield, and to escape Ventress.

And just love that he literally sweeps her off her feet! So sweet and romantic, even in such a dire situation.

Looking forward towards reading the conclusion from Stone's point of view!
SerendipityAEY chapter 6 . 4/3/2012
Very nice! I love the way they work together so smoothly. The thoughts he had on names and how clones get them was very interesting. The way he trusts her, will do anything for her and the strength she brings him show beautifully that he really loves her and its so nice when he literally sweeps her off her feet. Your details as always astound me - such a complicated escape plan is really a challenge to write well but you do it :-)
sachariah chapter 6 . 4/2/2012
Wondeful chapter!

Really, I so enjoyed this one. It seemed a bit of a faster pace, and there was plenty of sci-fi details to keep this me happy. :) Plus it felt so good to see Stone finally get a chance to let loose on Ventress - I really wish that scene was animated (or live acted :P).

Speaking of Ventress - your portrayal is simply top notch. I could easily hear her voice both during the banter with Skywalker, and the more menacing showdown with Kali. And even though at this point in TCW her fate is uncertain, the nature of Kali and Assaj's discussion really fits well with the "grayish" turn her character seems to be taking now.

Stone was brilliant, here. So many awesome lines, and the scene before their escape out the airlock was so... I want to say "intimate" but I don't mean it the way I think you think I do. :P Seriously, there was something cinematic about that scene at the end, right up to the details of Stone slipping on his helmet before answering Kali's question, the air escaping the cracked hull, or the red lights from the alarms. So visual and engaging.

And I loved the protectiveness in Stonewall, towards Kali (even his brief moment of distress when Obi-Wan is mentioned!). Touching her hand, holding her, his silent promise - really a wonderful moment for him, and another reminder why I never could stomach the *other* timeline in your continuity. :P

Again, time presses me, but this is really an amazing chapter. And only one more left? Seriously... I'm not sure how you can fit it all in one chapter! This has been such a ride! :)
LongLiveTheClones chapter 6 . 4/2/2012
(sigh) Just love the part where he sweeps her into his arms, and says: "You're safe with me." Then, she pushes herself closer against his chest as if cold. You are quite the romantic, aren't you?

Like the touch of Stone offering her his suit, (I assume he was willing to sacrifice himself, or did he think the shield would protect him without it?) Also enjoyed her comments: "Don't think it would look as good on me." Just some great quotable lines in this one.
Admiral Daala chapter 6 . 4/2/2012
Very exciting! Great job and I am looking forward to more. ) Love Stone's devotion to Kali (always have lol)
Jade-Max chapter 6 . 4/2/2012
A couple of things really stood out about this update for me - one, that Stonewall is starting to think of himself and call himself "Stone" in his own mind and two tat Kali really is as crazy as I thought she was.

The additional details, how she has to convince him - and Stonewall swearing in his helmet to release his tension without letting her know [that made me LOL!] before answering so calmly. I suspected he'd done it, but I loved having that confirmed :D

Stone's initial irritation with Anakin was hilarious. He's in for a surprise if the two ever spend any time together; only Kali and Ahsoka are as reckless ;p

I like how he tried to give her his armor and she refused... and then how he scooped her into his arms as much for her as for himself. *grin*

Heck, I just like this whole update!
Jade-Max chapter 5 . 3/31/2012
Ah Stone...

As we never actually see the battle with Ventress and Stone and Kali in the other fic, this was a delight to read. The tension, the desperation, all of it come through so accurately and cleanly with Stonewall.

I love how he follows her and watches, but it's his thought processes that amuse me the most and make me feel for him. He's such a gonner. The regret that he feels when he thinks she dead was just... it made my throat close. He was so desperate to save her and then to think he'd failed... and then be told he's not allowed to save her... man oh man, he really didn't like her orders from the beginning, did he? *laugh*

Excellent and lots of fun - the tension, even though we know they escape - is well written and vamped up appropriately with this being frm a soldier's POV - well done!
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