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Guest chapter 83 . 8/1
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work. I'm an avid reader and I burn through stories way too quickly. However, with a story as intricate and involved as this one, it kept me busy for quite a while. Keep up the good work for us!

dragonlover9 chapter 1 . 5/13
fae.west chapter 63 . 3/29
Childish Hook is my favorite tbh. I half expect him to start pouting
fae.west chapter 19 . 3/25
I've been thinking about the 'pay no attention to your creepy husband lurking behind the curtain' line since I first read this. It's made me laugh every single time, too.
drucifer000 chapter 80 . 11/5/2016
This is the longest story I've read on here in quite a while and it's kept me going so far, well done.
Lucyole chapter 83 . 10/6/2016
Wow your Story was or is just amazing, an really amazing hell of an emotional Rollercoaster ride it hat everything good things and Bad, Drama, love, friendship, Action, Romance, lots of Humor to I laughed more than anything and each time I read a new Chapter or End one, it Made My Day Brighter and sweeter too I'm always sad and melancholic when I come to the end of an great Story and I really need almost more than a Week to read this. I Mostly read it to and from work and inbetween break I had at least very good entertaimend These past weeks so thank you for bringing this Story alive I enyoid everyone Minute reading it. *Lots of your favourite candy and cookies*
To be honest to See that Story coming alive on screen would be really great I would so watch it and buy the dvd _
The Dark One Rising chapter 83 . 6/11/2016
My, my. What to say? Well, first off, that was long. Good, but long. Even so, I didn't ever really feel like I was dragging through the story. I eagerly devoured each chapter. A bit too eagerly, perhaps. I spent the entire day reading this and may have neglected some other things. Well, I don't regret it.

So, maybe I should tell you that I read all Golden Swan stories on AO3. Out of fics there, i moved over to here. The sorting system makes pairings a bit difficult to find, since not everyone uses the brackets. I did manage to locate this. though. This is the first FFN-only Golden Swan fic I've read. I have to, I was impressed with it. You chose to tackle some of the more difficult canon aspects of a Golden Swan fic. You did it well, in my opinion.

I think your handling of Belle and related issues deserves its own paragraph. I may not have mentioned this until later on in my reading, but I really like your Belle. I could go on about that, but I truly do mean it. The Nealfire issue is one I admittedly didn't see many take on over at AO3. The one I can recall that did had something of an unhappy ending, as far as one-shot collections go. There is still some amount of squick there that I can't quite ignore, but I did appreciate someone trying to take up the mantle of writing in the canon relationships and having it go well.

Well, I could go on, but I've already written quite a bit. Thank you for writing. It was a pleasure reading.
The Dark One Rising chapter 82 . 6/11/2016
My question is, how long will it take for the rest of the family to show up? Family and friends, really. Other than that, how did Emma not realize she had two children in her womb? Isn't that something you would normally notice?

So it was twins. I had noticed an absence of details about the twins, in comparison to Morraine. Now, I finally have my answers. A while back, Emma made a quip to Hook, I think, about carrying twins. Was that an accidental slip on your part, about your plans for those children? Or was it just that, a quip?
The Dark One Rising chapter 81 . 6/11/2016
Oh, it's almost over. Each time some character or another was brought up, I was mentally ticking off a point on my "wrapped up loose ends" list. Pongo and Goldie, Red and Archie, Bae and Ariel (semi-complete), etc. One of the ones I am curious about is Regina and Hook. I can't remember from canon. Does the Infinite Forest have the ability to keep its inhabitants alive forever, thus making the duration of their suffering last an eternity or are they going to die, eventually? I guess it will be addressed, eventually. Eh, maybe not. It seemed wrapped up enough to me.

So many weddings...Even for the dogs! I guess the EF will be experiencing a baby boom. I really did like Emma and Rumple's, though. Those vows were so heartfelt that even Regina would have to feel something. I especially liked the addition of Belle and her gift to Emma. That was the icing on the cake, for me, even beyond the vows.
The Dark One Rising chapter 80 . 6/11/2016
I think everyone is going to panic now that indoor plumbing is gone, after having lived with it for nearly three decades. I guess everyone will be running to the magic users. This time, Rumplestiltskin won't be among them.

Ah, poor Emma. Henry is probably going to take to the EF like a fish to water. Emma, maybe not so much. While she is used to landing or her feet and adapting, this change of environment is a bit more drastic than her other ones. In time, she might begin to treat the EF like home. Until then, I expect nostalgia, seeing as SB was her first real home. Well, they say that home is where the heart is. I suppose, as long as she has her loved ones, she'll be fine.

Good to know that Emma and Rumple can still provide traumatic childhood memories, even after Nealfire has grown up. Well, if anyone can feel his pain, it would be Emma. At least they weren't actively doing anything, It would be bad enough for a canon-compliant scenario of Nealfire catching Rumbelle in the act. With Golden Swan, he has to try and bleach his mind of the image of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child with his own father.
The Dark One Rising chapter 79 . 6/11/2016
Interesting. If the show ever gets back to the EF permanently, I think it won't be until the end. Even then, I don't know if they'll stay. After that year following the SB self-destruct, they got to see just how their homeland turned out. I think at least some people will want to stay in the LWM. As is, apparently no land is ever truly without magic. \

The TLK worked? Hmm...Well, it's not impossible. My question is, was it because Emma is the Savior, Belle never really was Rumple's True Love and Emma is, or are/were they both his True Loves? Some combination thereof? Graham started waking up merely by kissing Emma, although I don't think many would argue they were True Love. Canon Emma and Henry share a familial mother-son True Love, proved by the season one TLK. Henry also has that with Regina, proved by the season three TLK between him and Regina, breaking the second curse. So, it's possible to have more than one True Love in the same category. All of those who say Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan are True Love, with some proof and assertions but no actual TLK, may mean it's possible for a person to have romantic and familial True Love. Show canon is hard to follow and full of plot holes and convolutions, though. I'm overthinking this.
The Dark One Rising chapter 78 . 6/11/2016
Ah, damn. Wasn't expecting that. I suppose I should stop expecting canonish things. Well, at least I know Rumple won't die. Regina needs him for dirty work. She doesn't want the immortality, so she won't kill him afterward. Why, she would rather let him suffer for eternity. Have those orders about killing Emma already been issued or do they only apply after Regina leaves. I believe it's the latter. I hope so, at least. Otherwise, things might be a bit difficult.
The Dark One Rising chapter 77 . 6/11/2016
I don't recall ever writing this, so I will do so, now. Your Belle is so goddamn likable. I don't think I could hate her if I tried. Thanks for that. Canon Belle has her off days, sometimes. With fanfic, sometimes people write her too nice and innocent. Some people also tend to emphasize her more unsavory traits. I like how you wrote her. Likable and nice, but not so superfluously perfect, like the Charmings seemed to be, for a while.
The Dark One Rising chapter 76 . 6/11/2016
Now, in canon, Regina tried Henry abduction early in season two. However, she realized forcing him to love her wasn't right. Then, Cora came into the picture and undid whatever progress she had been making. She still wanted Henry, but canon Regina realized that forcing him just wouldn't work.

I don't know how she intends to get back to the Enchanted Forest. At least we know she won't be activating the self-destruct button. Well, I'd hope not...Actually, I suppose she might. She'll need something to ensure that she can avoid it's affects and take Henry with her, though. As far as I know, the beans weren't growing in this continuity, because Anton wasn't bought over by Cora and Hook.
The Dark One Rising chapter 75 . 6/11/2016
Questions, questions. I wonder, now. Are you planning to redeem Regina? It doesn't look it, but I could go wrong. Stories that are AU from season one sometimes sing a different tune about Regina than canon. While those that diverge season three onward almost always keep her an anti-hero, and most from season two onward, season one is a different matter. At least that aren't Swan Queen with a season one divergence tend to make Regina the big bad.

I see the parallels. Instead of Snow making that choice over the dagger about a person she actually cared for, Emma made the choice over Henry for a person that no one really gave two shits about. I can understand why Snow chose how she did, even if I dislike it. Emma's can be rationalized the same why. It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to think of it, though.
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