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bella-luna123 chapter 1 . 4/19/2014
Guest chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
it is very good and i see that happening but I always think they were something that make them friends but not that much, that make them the same but always so different, something strange because they never try anything where he seduce the most beautiful women but never try that much with her, the most beautiful girl he know. Like they know they were no turning back if they take this road. they accept their flaws and that make them perfect. she is the sun where he is the moon, both strangely too beautiful and fascinationg for living among other people. him, who can be so cold, calculator, cold blood, dangerous, ambitious, and make people wish they never live if he want at a tender age and who prove to be more tough with the year and her the enchantress who made man drooling over her and captivate every man since she had 12 YEARS, when she enter a room, people cant' help but look, she illuminate a room by her mere presence, she is always optimistic, happy, but she is also dangerous for every man who cross her way, she made them fall in love for life, they betray her , they cheat but in the end they never forget about her and she made her life with other man, she seems broken but in fact she was happy a few day after. both of them are phoenix who raise from the ashes. they are too wild for society, they don't try to fit, they don't care about other , they do what they want, don't pretend to be another person and in fact made the society fit them. dan , blair, nate they are so conventional, they try so much too be perfect, they want to change them. only serena is abble to love even the darkest side of chuck and accept him like he is, only him can accept her with her wildest way, her passion for life who match his. thanks it was good
S.L. Cooper chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
Good story. :)
pauline chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
I never type them as the brother/sister. they have a strange relationship, it seems, they never try to interact too much with each other. they are often together because of blair and nate so they have memory together and after all they were raisen the same way, go to the same pac, school etc... so they are close but not that close. they see each other life from afar. it seems it was life but i always think the way they react to each other was something more. they were a past between the two of them. he was not a womanizer at first and she was always beautiful but also innocent a time ago, something happens between them. something nobody know. they are good at keeping things to them. they are always something mysterious about them. She was the party girl, the girl all men young and old want but she never seems to care about that too much, she was herself and like honey she attract... she didn't try to be the center of party but she was always. She seems to fall in love and was devastated when it was the end but she always raise back more beautiful, she was stronger than people think. She was nice and caring but she can fight dirty if she wanted. she didn't let people dictate her life, in fact she doesn't care about what people were thinking of her. she was herself, passionate, beautiful,a vixen sharing her life to mortal. she brighten a romm just by smiling. and chuck was a womanizer but also a genius with number, buisness effortless. he was strong and selfconfident (and it was something whith a father like bart who always made him feel like dirt but he seems unafected, he had a strange faculty to be immune to critic) and handsome, original. But he was powerfull also, he know everything about people, their dirty little secret and can use it without remorse. He was caring about people near him but is also cruel, hard, cold and don't show feeling easily. he can be dangerous and people who learn never do the same mistake as understimate him a second time. he is ambitious and it's trange because he have everything he want but he want to made something by himself ant it's very uncomon for uppers east side young people . and i think both of them deserve better than blair (who care too much about what people think and doesn't stick around when things got bad) ot nate (who is a weak person). It's like they were afraid to be togheter (serna and chuck) because nothing will be like before, the other having too much inpact in the other life. it will be true love, passionate and unstoppable and it will be the end of their mingless relationship. they will be their againt the world. continue it's good
Eimxx chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
Aw I really liked that :) x
heartofstone42 chapter 1 . 4/16/2012

I don't know if you failed to read the notes before the fic (which you probably did) so let me just put it here: the canon GG-timeline in this fic stops at "Hi, Society", which is before the wet horse thing, therefore 'invalidating' your review.

"S is the most important woman in his life" - frankly, I don't even know if you've even read the summary properly. This is what would have happened if Serena and Chuck were ostracised together in season 1-that would mean Chuck not communicating with Blair or Nathaniel for that matter, leaving him with Serena. Would not it be nonsensical if Blair were the 'most important woman in his life' in this fic even if they weren't talking, etc? It would, therefore invalidating that statement of yours as well.

Thank you for your 'review'; I appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion out (only for some rebuttals and all...) but for the benefit of other authors, I ask that you please do your research and most of all: please read properly. Thank you.

- - -


Why thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate it. If only you had an account; I would have given you a cookie or something like that. Hehe. :) But thank you so much for your kind words and for talking to "T"! Me brighten your day? As sweet as that is (I am blushing right now, thank you very much), it is people like you who brighten up MY day... and everyone else's for that matter. Continue being a ball of sunshine for everyone, no?

- - -


No, I haven't, sadly! I've only watched Victor Victrola and Seventeen Candles... and the first part of Hi, Society (yes, the CB parts, lol. Sue me forever hahaha). I suppose I will when I have the guts to! And when I have enough medicine or something like that... I find S1!Chuck the hottest and the sexiest so I might end up fainting the whole time while watching, haha! And I love your review, so we're even. ;)

- - -


Hello, thank you so much for your reviews and for the interesting points you've brought up! I really agree with you as to how amazing a pair Chuck and Serena could be. After all, they are practically the human forms of the spirit of the UES-the It Girl and the Womanizer! Chair, however, dominates and rules my heart - as it does with the whole of the UES. But I like Cherry, too, though! So thank you for your review. :)


All in all: thank you so much for your reviews, guys! I appreciate how you guys took the time to review this; it really brought a huge grin to my face and teared me a little bit, hehe. Thanks a lot!

- N.A. 21
jalna chapter 1 . 4/12/2012
i don't speak very well english so i will use the word of a writer of fanfic that i find so right about chuck and serena"Sometimes we are so blind by things and persons than we are unable to see what has been there since the very beginning. The principal cause of blindness is not the uncertainty but the obviousness; some things are so obvious that we are blinded by them in the same way we are blinded by the sun when he lights directly into our eyes.

Chuck was observing Serena from the corner of a room; it was his party but she was its star. In fact, Chuck had thrown the party for Serena; she was born to shine and she needed to remember it. Chuck knew very well the people like Serena because people like him were usually accompanied by them. He was the darkness itself, the son of the night and the king of the shadows. He knew the darkest secrets of the human soul and he was covered by the scars of that knowledge. He was attractive in the same way night was: mysterious, ambitious, dangerous, secretive, handsome and cold. Serena was the exact opposite, she was the sun itself. She was as beautiful as a summer day, as cheesy as it may sound, she was carefree and happy, magnetic. She had known some pretty dark things too, she was not an innocent and helpless girl at all but she simply did not care. Watching Serena's radiant smile and the crowd that had gathered around her Chuck remembered how things used to be before Blair and Dan, before everything that has turned them into the persons they are at the moment. Blair was the fighter because she had to work for everything while Serena was the centre of the world effortless. She was the sun so the earth, naturally, rotated around her.

He then thought that maybe the impossibility of his love story with Blair was linked to all of that. Blair had always wanted to turn the darkness in her into light; she wanted to be the sun too. She wanted to be happy and carefree, magnetic and radiant. She did not want the magnificence of the night but the shining of the day. He, on the other side, never wanted to be anything else than what he was. Chuck Bass knew he could never be the sun; he was condemned to darkness since his birth. His father did not want a son, he wanted an heir and he raised him as that. He couldn't be carefree; he had an empire to build. He belonged to darkness and he loved it, if Serena was magnetic, he was fascinating. Watching her from a distance he realized something that struck him, Serena VanderWoodsen was one of those people born to be happy and he found it outstanding. They understood each other because they complemented each other: she was the day, he was the night and none of them wanted to change that. Surprisingly enough, the light of the sun had ended up being the only true constant in Chuck's life.

Serena was surrounded by lot of people; some have been nice to her and some awful but, as always, she did not care. She was not one to hold grudges against people; she gave what she had to give, took what there was to be taken and left. That was life, she thought: things happen, you get hurt, you go on. Each day the night ends coming but each day the Sun shines again in the morning. People usually thought the day and the night were in a constant battle but she knew better, they had come to accept they needed each other to exist. They let the other be to be able to be them. People did not get that because everybody has expectations. "I love you as you are", my ass she thought! Yes, you love someone as he is for the first few months then you want more; you want different, you want to him to become your phantasm. Look at Dan, as much as he likes to claim it, he never accepted her as she was. She was too shiny, too posh, too rich, too carefree, and too happy. Deep down, Blair was easier to be with for him because she has more problems than her. She needed a man by her side to make her confident, she needed a daddy. Serena did not want to be educated; she just wanted to be loved for who she was. chuck always looked as if he had a big and powerful secret, as if he knew the key to the human existence. He was not even twenty-five but he looked as a forty confident man. He was a magnet to people and to serena also, always has been. He was as solid as she was aerial. He was his rock and she was his sunshine. continue you story it's good
jalna chapter 1 . 4/10/2012
i t was good,i like your fanfic even if you make them ahave a brother sister relationship. you don't want to make a fanfic with serena andc chuck dating. i don't understand why people like them together. i m not sure realy but i always think they are better together, a force to be reckonned, they are like phoenix, they always rise from the ashes. he is handsome, perverse, a debauche, a play boy. but he is also a boy who became a man very early, who didn't was just a schoolboy or the son of a billonaire, he was so much more. yes he have fun, enjoy having money drugs woman but he was so much more. he was ambitious, he didn't care about what people think about him, he want to built an empire by himself, he is cold , calculated, hard, rough, dangerous but he was in love with blair, hs only one weakness with serena. because if you look at their relationship, he never let her go even when she hated him, even for blair. she is like the sun, people like her, beautiful, free, she do what she want, she doest care about people expectation for her. she is more strong than blair in the has many break up, many people hurting her, but she always survive. and remeber in highschool she was the queen and she choose to live and when she return, she show at blair who work so hard to be queen than she can do it effortless if she want but she didn't want that. she can be cruel and devious if she want to. she was left by people whe love, by ex but they never seem to forgot her , once her lover, always in love with has the faculty to make people love her even with her flaw and contrary to blair she love chuck like he is , she understand him like he understand her. blair always try to change him, to make him be a better person, to always leave him in the end. chuck is not a good person , only with people he love and they are few. as for serena, boy were afraid of her, she was too free, too wild to be tamed, they did want to change her, like dan who was so unprepared for a girl like her, so spontaneous, so free so they try to caged her , to change her, only one person let her be what she is, like the free and wild woman and it is 's why i think in the end serena and cguck were made for each other.
S chapter 1 . 4/2/2012
YOU HAVENT WATCHED SEASON 1! You NEED to go watch it - its like my favorite season (: && I love this story .. you should do one for every season (:

xoxo, S
PaintaPicture chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
It was amazingly cute but a bit OOC
hannah chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
Ok, I seriously do not know what 'T' is talking about. ('B's happy to get a piece of Chuck'? Like, when did you say that? And when exactly was Serena being a bitch to her? Um, she was just telling her the truth in the bathroom - I loved that speech! The whole Chuck calling Blair a horse also happened post 1x13. Ie not at any point in your fic. Duh. This person is clearly a Chuck/Chair hater so ignore them. Tell them to go read some Dair fics if they want to see a 'man' hug Blair and make her self-esteem so much better by saving her from her own worst instincts). This was a brilliant fic, I loved it! I adore C/S bonding, and you captured it so well. Loved their banter. Loved the Humphrey mocking heh, but actually one of my favourite bits was Nate's song to Serena. It made me laugh so hard. Loved them helping each other get together too, NJBC rule so hard! I also really liked Blair realising her role in Chuck and Serena's lives - there's the B we know and love. This really, really brightened up my day, so thank you :)
T chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
I get that everyone lives CS now and hates Blair, but..really? Serena being a b to Blair after sleeping with her boyfriend? Wow. Blair and Serena both flanking Chuck in the end like Blair should just be happy to even get a piece of him and S is the most important woman in his life?

Chuck called her a wet horse in S1 and she had to throw herself at him and play second fiddle to S again. What about her self-esteem?
BiteMeBass chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
This was really cute I liked it. I miss C/S sibling bonding, we dont see it much. And of course season 1 C/B is my weakness. I totally agree Chuck is Lily's fav p
sallysally chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
Omg, I totally love this. It's pure NJBC heaven. The length & it being a one-shot are amazing! First off, Chuck & Serena have become my most fav since the disaster of season 5. That's how I ended up reading a CS story, hehe. Don't know why you said that you wrote them OOC but I thought that they were totally in character. And I love that Chuck & Serena didn't let romantic love come into their relationship because that would have been disastrous. But you're a genius for developing their step-sibling relationship. The GG writers should never have put love into the Dair equation. Their friendship was beautiful but now, it's tainted. Anyhow, I love your story & well done. Go, Chuck & Serena! :)