Reviews for Lead Us Into Temptation
Vangogh92 chapter 15 . 9/10
Where'd you go? I love this story, I love how dark Klaus is, I love the bittersweet hint to their relationship. I know it's been two years since you posted but you said it was almost done, want to post what you have? :/ I would love to see some closure in this story!
hurricanebridgette chapter 15 . 7/18
What an amazing story. I love the reincarnation storyline. I am kicking myself in the tush for not realizing last updated in 2015. I hope you are well and maybe the muse left for a bit but will hope this wonderful story gets updated.
Klarobass chapter 15 . 7/14
I feel sort of bad for Elijah. All he wanted to do was create peace between the originals and the mystic falls gang, and it blew up in his, so I can sense his frustrating. I also find myself getting where Caroline comes from. All she wants is her own freedom and Klaus is determined to call the shots. If he did just meet her half way, I'm sure things did go smoother. I hate how lightly the mystic gang is talking about killing Klaus, it incapitating him, not even caring how it will effect Caroline. They really don't believe they his feelings for be real, but they are and not just because of past Caroline. He's starting to have feelings for present Caroline too. Damon is such a pos to Caroline. Does he only view her ass bait, who he'd wrongly prostitute and sacrafice to keep Elena safe. what a hypocrite. Does he not care about anyone else but his obsession with Elena? I'm not anti-Elena at all, but at some point Caroline ha to put herself first I think of Klaus gave Caroline her own freedom and set Elena free, she'd be more willing to give Klaus a chance. I'm hoping Caroline won't go through with incapitating Klaus. If she does he'll view the as a betrayal and who knows how he may retaliate with his belligerent nature.

I'm going one day you'll return to this story and your other and complete this story. It would make me sad if I didn't see the ending to this wonderful story. you're such a talented writer, along with your other stories too ofc.
Klarobass chapter 14 . 7/12
I like your twist on the consort mark. I'm going Caroline starts to have doubts about removing the mark. Would it sever their connection. I hope not. I wonder what it'll take for Caroline to give Klaus a real chance. I'm thinking for starters it might help if Klaus gives up creating more hybrids using Elena's blood. They are loyal as long as they feel the site connection to Klaus, sever they and their loyalty to Klaus ends. Klaus can fight any threat in his own, along with his family. So in retrospect he won't need hybrids. I think of he wants a real chance with Caroline, that's a good start.

I must admit, a part of me feels bad for Tyler. He went to break his site bond to Klaus, successfully severing the bond, only to find out his girlfriend has been marked by his enemy and that said girlfriend has cheated on him with said enemy. But of course I'm team Klaus and Caroline all the way.

Loved the conversation between Elijah and Caroline. He may be an original, but he's the most humble and Noble out of all the originals. he's the peacekeeper in the family. It's like he was playing relationship counselor. I hope his words will get Caroline something to think about before deciding anything. I loved him trying to explain the sure bond to Caroline. Looking forward to reading your most recent chapter in the beefy day or two.
Klarobass chapter 13 . 7/11
this chapter was an intense one. Though I wish Caroline would not base he decision on Klaus's past and more on his present and his future. That was over five hundred years ago. Yes what Klaus did was awful, but this is a new Caroline and Klaus has feelings for this Caroline, but just past Caroline. Someone's I think she's just looking for a reason not to trust Klaus. I hope in the future she'll give him a real chance. Maybe Klaus can prove his loyalty to her and she'll see. I think in someways, Klaus is the one who truly puts her first, whereas her so cashed friends will always put Elena first, especially the Salvatores. With this new information will Caroline help them plot Klaus's demise? I can see her trying unbind her connection to Klaus.
Klarobass chapter 12 . 7/5
I knew it was going to be too soon for Caroline to embrace her feelings for Klaus WD admit what she feels for him. Right now she feels the best option is to Ron away from everything that has to do with Klaus. it's the safer option, not to mention there's still the Elena part to consider. He hasn't and isn't willing to let go of using Elena's Elena's blood to build his Hybrid Army. Klaus, to him feels like their his Orly companionship. Not to mention, his only protection against the witch. Now it's song up at to why someone would openly target Caroline. Caroline is basically Klaus's strongest weakness and the one thing they could bring Klaus to his knees. But don't think Caroline will even consider giving Klaus a shot until he sets Elena free. And until Klaus compromises on that, I don't think Klaus has a shot of being with her.

I'm with Caroline in not wanting to be confronted by Damon and Stefan. I think they'll have difficulty understanding her past and connection to Klaus. Plus, they'll still try and pressure her to use the whiteoak stake against Klaus, especially Damon, not understanding v what it'll do to her and how it'll effect her I'm looking first to the conversation that will take place between Carrying and Bonnie and what answers she may or may not find. It seems right now Bonnie is the link between the witch and her past with Klaus
Klarobass chapter 11 . 7/2
I loved this chapter. Caroline finally knows about her past with Klaus and how it fits into his current feelings for her. it's more than just an infatuation or fleeing obsession. They are genuine feelings. I am curious as to how Caroline will cope with these new memories now that she knows the truth behind them and they they're more than just a fantasy. they sex scene was beyond hot and the timing of it was perfect too. Though I do have to wonder what will happen in the morning after? Will she regret it? It's not going to be done for her, when she knows Damon will expect her to kill him with the whiteoak stake. But will this follow Canon where if you kill an original their entire bloodline dies with him? It will be a difficult choice for her to make. She's finally starting to acknowledge her past and feelings for Klaus, but she also knows what he's done and the danger he poses to her friends. It's a war waging between her head and her heart.
Klarobass chapter 10 . 6/29
I love how you pay portrayal Caroline's beliggerent mind between her heart and her mind. l. She's at war with her own thoughts between wanting to run into Klaus's arms and keep him at arm's length and Damon ha to Ron everything. I think he may need to be very careful with using the white oak stake against Klaus or sending Caroline to do it. If this will suck the the storyline in Canon, then they means the whole bloodline is linked to Klaus, including Damon, Stefan, Caroline and Tyler. He's going in without the prior research of what consequences for come out of it What in earth was up with Bonnie. I don't think she'd ever purposefully attack Caroline, unless she was possessed. But by whom? Void it have been the witch who placed the course upon Klaus? Using Bobbie as a vessel to deliver the message?

I love how Klaus can be so charming when he's near Caroline. For someone who claims that love makes him weak, he certainly does embrace the idea of love near Caroline. She's the one person he'd never hurt and as such a weakness of his. It must have come as quite the shock when Caroline was spotted at Orion with Klaus. I know they mean well, but they act like she can't make decisions for herself, not to mention Damon is putting her in an increasingly difficult position with Klaus, asking her to betray him. It looks like she's getting closer to learning about her past life with Klaus
Klarobass chapter 9 . 6/28
I love how at times Klaus can be so dark and twisted, but other times, near Caroline he can be so charming and endearing. Typical Klaus presenting himself as Caroline's boyfriend, and Caroline not being able to deny it as that would mean she'd have to explain what was really going on. And Klaus song like a good boyfriend. I love that Liz chose to trust Caroline's judgement with Klaus, choosing to trust her daughter knows what she's doing. and Klaus actually following the rules. Loved Caroline's reaction to his drawings. Caroline has become his biggest inspiration. Tyler is not going to be happy I'm sure when he returns.

So is Caroline starting he get her memories return from her past life with Klaus? But she thinks it's Klaus entering her dreams. I wonder how she's going to react once she learns the truth of Klaus'' "dreams" will she put Klaus at an arms distance or finally accept the truth.
Klarobass chapter 8 . 6/23
I love how you focused on other relationships other than just klaroline in this chapter. I always wished they had explored a Rebekoline friendship in the series. The bickering was so on point. I love her commitment and determination to protect Caroline, not just on Klaus's behalf, but because she offered to, to help her brother protect Caroline. Out of all the sibling original relationships, Klaus and Rebekah was my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I also love Klaus and Kol and Klaus and Elijah, but I found Klaus and Rebekah's to be the most interesting. Knowing Rebekah would do anything to help him, but also wouldn't be commanded by him. She had a mind of her own. I found her interactions with Caroline to be interesting. I love how they found something in common. Both having the desire to have the human life they lost back. I think Rebekah and Caroline have more in common than they realize. I love that Klaus trusted Rebekah enough to tell her the truth about his history with Caroline.

I loved seeing Klaus help Caroline with her homework. Klaus being so old as a vampire, you forget just what historic events he lived through at times. Klaus has a vigorous historic mind, having been there to live through it and tell the story. It was interesting to see him bond with Caroline over knowing Issac Newton and the French monarch. It's interesting to see it from the perspective of someone who was there when it happened, rather than what history books tell us. The electricity between them just keeps sizzling, though Caroline will probably deny it, there is a magnetism between them they didn't look too be evaporating. I think Klaus is right and even after they defeat whoever tried to Kill her, is not as simple as going back to the east things were, as hard as she may try. There's a magnetic pull that just won't go away as much as she may try to ignore it. The feeling won't go away so easily.
Klarobass chapter 7 . 6/21
I'm speechless with this chapter. Nothing I could say could do justice to his amazing this chapter was. I love how you contrast Klaus's intentions for past Caroline and what he actually does. he is in conduct with himself. No matter how much he tries to attempt to rid her from his thoughts, he just finds himself more drawn to her and can't bring himself to kill her. They have this undeniable magnetic pull they jerks gravitating them towards each other. no matter how much they want to deny it, they electricity between them is always going to be there. also loved your paralells between Klaus and Caroling and Hades as Persephone. I could definitely see the similarities, based off what I've heard of the myth. I love how you have a Caroline discovering her past with Klaus via dream. I'm sure it'll only confuse her further, but I enjoy her finding out about her history with Klaus. and of course, they smut was super hot. The way you write them, their chemistry is off the charts. I look forward to reading hope she'll process her dreams and then the realization, their not dreams, but memories. looking forward to reading more.
Klarobass chapter 6 . 6/20
I thought their first date would be hard to top, but this one did just exactly that. The Vampire survivor find, that is just so Caroline. I can picture Caroline coaxing Klaus into being charitable like she did in class this chapter. I love how she and Klaus showed their vulnerabilities in this chapter with the other. I loved Klaus trusting Caroline enough to die her how to scope through his mind to enter his memories. vI love how he shows he how to embrace her immortality more. and was that a memory she saw of her and Klaus from the Victorian age when she served under the queen? A memory where he showed his vulnerable side with past Caroline. I wonder who'd target Caroline from Klaus's inner circle and if they were targeting her to get to Klaus. maybe they see Caroline as Klaus's weakness and were determined to use that to their advantage They better watch out, because once Klaus discovers who they are they are their done for. Klaus will rip then to shreds. I love how Klaus showed his protective streaks when it comes to Caroline. I love that he stayed with her until her mother showed up, just to ensure she'd be safe.
Klarobass chapter 5 . 6/19
I loved this. I find it interesting to read Caroline being configured configured Scott her growing feelings for Klaus and her loyalty to her friends and thus betting betraying him. it's kind her head and her heart are at war with one another. It should be interesting to see how she will approach this. find a weapon other than a white oak stake to Kol him will be hard, but I think Caroline might have a difficult time following through with it as well. Damon is putting Caroline in a difficult position.

So Rebekah knows about the other woman in his past? Has she put two and two together they their risky the same person, just in different time periods. I love how perceptive of Klaus Rebekah is. She just risky gets what makes him tick. What exactly is Klaus upto in Caroline's prom night and why does he want Tyler distracted. I'm sure he's planning something and I look forward to seeing how that will play out. I also love that Klaus can be such a gentlemen being in Caroline's proximity, like buying get a dress thousands of dollars in value. looking forward to reading more.
Klarobass chapter 4 . 6/17
I love the way you write Caroline's inner struggle of giving into Klaus and putting more distance between them. She has this attraction with Klaus that she's trying so hard to fight because he's the Vian villian who has hurt her friends, but then he shows he can be romantic and sweet with her. he treats her like a queen, but to everyone else they're just an obstacle to his grand plans. Caroline ha become his world. and that kiss was so hot. looking foreard to more.
Klarobass chapter 3 . 6/16
I enjoy your portrayal of Klaus. I don't think even his feelings for Caroline would turn him sappy and overly romantic. At the end of the day, he's a vampire and loves his vampirism and embraces it with open arms. Klaus is monstrous, dark and twisted, but somehow Carrying brings out this honey to him. and I love how your Klaus has to fight himself for letting the best out of showing his humanity. Does thiss men the witch has took Caroline through tone into the present day? if so, I wonder what will trigger he memory as it seems Klaus now remembers or has he all this tone had the memories? this story is wickedly compelling and interesting. I'm loving the direction this story is going.
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