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Iron Dragon Maiden chapter 15 . 11/16
Yeah, Whorelena will have a life while Caroline sacrifices hers. Screw that c#nt, she's ruined enough lives just by existing and passive-aggressively manipulating people into deciding to sacrifice themselves for her.

I mean, back in S6 when Bonnie's life was on the line and Kai made that demand of Damon, I was genuinely scared that once again a bright, capable girl with her whole life full of dreams ahead of her would be sacrificed to the altar of Elena the useless who takes and takes and takes and takes from people. I mean, I knew that Nina Dobreva was leaving the show so SOMETHING was going to take that c#nt away finally (only 3 seasons too late...), and note that while I respect and admire the actress, I have nothing but disdain for the character. I was GLAD that Nina Dobreva left and so FINALLY forced the writers to have a moment where someone goes "you know what? No more! Other people SHOULDN'T have to die for Elena to live." Granted, it makes a lot of the sacrifices of previous seasons for the sake of this broad moot and useless (poor Kol). Seriously, I feel like Faith did in S4 when she got out of her coma only to realize that the guy Buffy was willing to KILL her for is now no longer in the picture but also BUFFY HAD A NEW BOYFRIEND. It's a pure moment of "SCEW YOU WITH A SPIKED POLE!"

... yeah, as you can see, I have very negative feelings about both "leading ladies" (both terms used VERY loosely) of TVD and TO.

Anyway, I kind of like how Klaus is unwilling to negotiate, partly because he's not blind. He can tell that bar Bonnie, the MF gang treat Caroline like their own personal errand girl/courtesan against Klaus (never mind that as a baby vamp, she's stronger than both Damon and Stefan combined, which means that as she grows older, she'll be one of the strongest vamps ever, even more so if she picks up martial arts or something that allows for her to capitalize on her strengths in a fight... which she already does since she kept a HORDE OF OLDER BY CENTURIES VAMPIRES AT BAY WHILE SHE WAS BARELY A MONTH OLD VAMPIRE!), so of course he's not even going to bother with basic courtesies when it comes to those who mistreat his wife so. Heck, he might even be discourteous towards those that are not nonchalantly dismissive of her (i.e. Stefan) since they never bothered to try to really stop the subconscious mistreatment.

Actually, is Damon going to finally die in this fic? Because, let's face it, if Klaus EVER gets wind of what he did to Caroline in S1 (the compulsion, the rape...), that f#cker's a dead man. See, this has always been a problem for me in TVD: Elena has to donate blood for Klaus? WHAT A TRAGEDY, WE MUST KILL HIM! Caroline gets compelled into being Damon's girlfriend (and so compelled to have sex with him... WHICH IS A FORM OF RAPE SINCE SHE DIDN'T CONSENT OF HER OWN FREE WILL SINCE SHE DIDN'T HAVE FREE WILL!) and blood bag for months on end? Stefan nonchalantly fixes it but then Elena (the tiny "moral" dictator of MF) tells her to get over it cause Damon's a good guy. SCREW. YOU. Elena should get raped and then told to get over it "he's a good guy now," see how she likes it.

Like I said, Damon is a horrible man and I hope he dies by way of Klaus. Only, instead of serving his head on the good china, just put it on a paper plate, that's all the dignity his head is worth (sorry paper plate).

If not, I guess I'll just wait with glee as Klaus' prediction of Elena jumping to Damon's bed comes true. If nothing else, it might just spark an argument between the c#nt and Caroline about Damon and the real horrible things he did to her but that Elena swept under the rug 'cause SHE deemed him acceptable (and her word is the only one that counts, amiright?). I would love for Caroline to confront Elena on why she goes all "look what he did to Damon" and respond with "YEAH? Well how about we look at all the cr p DAMON'S put ME through, verbally AND physically. Or are we still pretending that he didn't compel me and rape me and turn me into a blood bag when we were freshmen?" Preferably with Bonnie around (who might be clueless about the whole thing since I don't think anyone even told her that Care was compelled in S1 since she was still a complete novice then).

I LOVE the Mikaelson family and how they deal with themselves and outsiders. I love the little touches to all of the amalgamated cultures they've lived through spiced around the fic.

I just love this fic and your Regency era and Angels&Demons one. Please update one of those soon.


ARecklessTeenager chapter 15 . 11/13
Omygad im so excited for the next chapter!

cant wait!
Maria chapter 15 . 11/10
I love this fanfiction and everything about it and can't wait for the next chapter and hope you update soon. I love this whole concept, very original and unique.

And tbh I hope we get to see a bit more of Klaus' POV too. We saw more of Klaus' at the start but in the last few chapters there's been close to no insight into his mind and more about Caroline. I know you've already written almost the whole fanfiction and I'll love the fanfiction even if we don't have more Klaus' POV but it'd be nice if there was. Also I hope Caroline can't go through with the daggering and tells Klaus. I also hope Klaus realises he needs to start compromising a bit with Caroline and it won't work if he forces decisions on her or continues to hurt her friends.

Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more. Im just happy that your continuing with this fic and aren't abandoning it.
alexam127 chapter 15 . 10/31
I love everything about this story! Caroline and Klaus are perfect in every way! The story is so well-written and the plot is amazing! I've re-read this story a few times now while waiting for a new chapter and each time, I can't put it down! I love how Klaus is toward Caroline! I love his possessiveness and it makes sense! He's lived a thousand years and the only person he has ever loved, besides his family, is Caroline. He can't live without her because she's everything to him I think. And he knows how much it would hurt to loose her because he already has. I think it would destroy Klaus if he lost Caroline and he can't even be without her because again she's everything to him! So the way he's willing to compromise (like letting her live with her mom for the time being, listening to her opinions, and the moment when he offered to change Elena's blood donations to once a month) sometimes (even if it's only a little), which is extremely hard for him and goes against who he is (but he's willing to do it for Caroline which proves how much he really loves her), and how possessive he is is perfect and I love it! I love how Rebekah cares about Caroline and wants her to be her sister and Elijah is so persistent in making her understand that she's a part of the family now, whether she likes it or not haha! I actually really like Elena in this fanfiction because she tries to put everyone before herself and cares about Caroline's well-being. It's refreshing to have a character that's not all about saving Elena. I mean there's Bonnie too and I love her in this story also, but she doesn't seem to truly understand how much Caroline feels for Klaus (even if she tries to hide it or won't accept it) and how much it would hurt her to betray him! I've always liked Damon in Vampire Diaries where the story is mostly from the perspective of Elena and you want him to protect her and save her so it's really cool to see him from Caroline's view where she's just a pawn and how she has to deal with that! It's weird because you portray Damon so realisticly to his character on the show, but you kinda hate him because your seeing him from Caroline's view and he's kinda terrible! I love the conflict in this story from the witch trying to to kill Caroline for revenge to Damon trying to use her to get rid of Klaus to the consort mark to Caroline's internal struggle with her feelings on everything. It's exciting! I love when a story has a lot of different conflict and shows the characters internal struggle on everything that's going on around them and that's exactly what you do! It makes the story more exciting and more realistic even though it's a story about vampire haha! I love the Caroline being reborn plot line and how well you wrote it and also how you incorporated into the rest of the story and Caroline and Klaus's relationship! I love how you portray each character with having multiple dimensions and also stay true to who they are! I just love everything about this story so I'll stop rambling now! You're writing is amazingly done and sucks you right into the story and I can't stop thinking about your story and what's going to happen next! Please update soon! I can't wait!
Guest chapter 15 . 10/31
Guest chapter 15 . 10/26
This story is AMA. ZING. really hate Damon why can't klaus kill him although throughout the story I felt that you make klaus sound like a mad man a needy person always after Caroline I keep hoping that you write a scenario in which klaus gets hurt by Caroline and leaves her alone for a few days then Caroline starts to miss klaus and realises she loves him! I mean why do you make klaus so persistent I mean even I'm annoyed at klaus in this fic...but that's just my opinion but I really hope you play out this scenario!
Love your story and I really hate Damon Elena in this I mean get a life people and let Caroline live hers!
Update quick!
JuseaPeterson chapter 15 . 10/28
I'm really glad that you updated this story.

Poor Elijah. He really wanted things to go smoothly for them; to be able to help move things forward and allow a chance for peace and instead things ended up just getting worse. On one side I can understand Klaus because Caroline had previously already stated that she loved him and she was his and now he has her again and he doesn't want anything to happen to her. However I do think that he's not allowing Caroline enough freedom in a sense. I did like Rebekah's comment about the whole consort thing and getting down on one knee.

It's also frustrating with the Mystic Falls gangs...self righteous hypocritical selves (which always frustrates me). They aren't better. I mean certain ones have ended up hurting others and feeling like it was okay with them. Bonnie helped murder all those vampires and hurt who knows who else. Damon has hurt many people and killed.

I did like Rebekah and Elijah's reactions to welcoming Caroline into their family though I don't blame Caroline for not being thrilled when she didn't ask for any of this. Though it seems at the end she really understood Klaus and why he did what he did. I'm really worried that she will follow through on the plan and my heart broke when I thought about how that would end up going.

I can't wait to read the next chapter and see how things will end up going.
Veronicayoung chapter 15 . 10/26
Glad you updated this! It's wonderful! Want to see if Caroline will stab Klaus or not and the reaction of him. Look forward to the next chapter!
calovestowrite chapter 15 . 10/25
This is amazing!
Guest chapter 15 . 10/20
very emotional chapter
Guest chapter 15 . 10/20
Looking forward for more.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/19
Plot. conflict. Characters. Tension. Anticipation. Every sentence has power to it. I hang on to your every word when I'm reading your fics. This was no different from everything else you deliver. Pure perfection. So good that I love the characters that we are supposed to hate! And I love them because you write them so well, I love to hate Damon. Love to love klaus. Admire Elijah, chuckle at and understand bekah, get annoyed with Elena, Bonnie is Bonnie. And Caroline is everything she should be! Looking forward to the next update, so happy you updated the heart gambles...and waiting patiently for blood rose for the devils...
Guest chapter 15 . 10/19
Anastasia... Thank you for writing these fics for us, reading others reviews I can tell they move them as much as they move me! And for that I want to say "thank you".
Guest chapter 15 . 10/19
Okay so I'm obsessed with your other two stories, that goes without saying:) I'm sure you realize that you have the biggest fan base on karoline fanfiction and probably compared to many others. With that being said I don't know why I never picked this story up until yesterday, and can I say I'm both thrilled and upset at the same time, now I have 3 stories that I will be waiting for updates on;) you are an amazing writer, and this fic is no different. I love these characters! Even the friends and Damon and Elijah, and bekah. You portray them all so well! I hate Damon but that's cause you make him such a bad and annoying Damon:) I love Elijah! You bringing him here this chapter was the best move yet! Other than the mark:) Elijah is so perfect, so respectful and charming but also scary and possessive also. People talk about klaus being possessive, Elijah in this chapter all but nicely told Caroline she was part of the family and always would be if he had anything to do with it, I loved it! Your conflict is so real and understanding, I'm even mad at klaus for always hurting Caroline even when he loves her so much, but even with all the wrongs you find him a way for redemption, his love for her is overwhelming my heart can't even take it. Caroline is mad right now with good reason but we all know who she is madly in love with;)! I can't wait for an update so happy you continued this story, so happy you write these beautiful stories for us...
Guest chapter 15 . 10/19
please update asap this is so interesting
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