Reviews for Lead Us Into Temptation
Sarah chapter 15 . 9/24
I hope you are fine? Your story is amazing and your writing is so great. I hope you finished this story.
Sarah chapter 14 . 9/24
What a great story! I love this story so much.
Sarah chapter 13 . 9/24
Ohhhh nooo ... poor Caroline. My heart hurts for her.
Sarah chapter 12 . 9/24
Beautiful chapter and beautiful story.
Sarah chapter 9 . 9/24
Amazing as always
Sarah chapter 7 . 9/24
That was incredibly hot. You are truly an amazing writer.
Sarah chapter 6 . 9/24
Absolutely wonderful! I loved this flash back.
Sarah chapter 5 . 9/23
Another great chapter!
Sarah chapter 4 . 9/23
Wow wow wow ... the kiss was hot and your writing ... amazing.
Sarah chapter 3 . 9/23
The imagery here is so vivid and beautifully detailed ... a complete pleasure to read. I adore your writing style.
Sarah chapter 2 . 9/23
Awwww ... I love this chapter. Love the way you write Klaus.
Sarah chapter 1 . 9/23
I am speachless ... the story idea is terrific!
funkie chapter 15 . 9/25
I hope you are fine? I just re-read this story and I loved it so much. Thank you for this wonderful story.

Still waiting with bated breath for an update. :)
Elena Masen chapter 15 . 9/12
Oh my god oh my goodness. I was reading old klaroline one shots today because I missed them, even though i am no longer in the fandom. I followed an author's favourites and found this. I am honestly speechless. This is perhaps the best klaroline fic I have ever read. I feel like you capture Caroline perfectly, and you capture Klaus' personality AMAZINGLY. In some fics people tend to forget he IS an original, he is all powerful, and like someone like Elena's life, not saying it isn't important but in his mindset, the what, eighty or so years alive is insignificant to him.

I love the way you have written their relationship. The consort mark makes me feel so many things, and his single minded pursuit of her is... my god. I don't even have words. I hope this can convey though i don't think it possibly could convey the sheer amazement I had whilst reading this, literally my mouth was hanging open and I was in shock. This has everything i love in fics within it, and it reminds me why I fell in love with Klaroline in the first place.

I do not wish you to feel any pressure or anything because that is not my intention at all, but I hope that someday you will return and finish this amazing story, and that you know that you now have another completely loyal reader who will be waiting when you do.

Wow, seriously wow. Thank you so, so, so much. I'm going to go and read from the beginning again. Wow.
Bckc chapter 15 . 7/10
I kind of have a feeling that Caroline won't be able to do it and Damon recklessly pick up what Caroline have left still trying to kill Klaus and Caroline stops him and then stops Klaus from killing Damon. However Damon won't end up well as he's the only real annoying character in this story, seriously. This will also cause a grudge between K&C but good for their relationship I. The long run as it help Caroline to realize how much Klaus meant for her. This also brings my little suggestion to this story: I think you did a wonderful job showing Klaus's love for Caroline, but how about Caroline's love and care towards Klaus? Right now I see nothing she did to bring light to Klaus's darkness(except lust). I can't wait for the day when she accept Klaus for who he is and love him properly.
Did I guess correctly? When can we see the next chapter? I certainly beg for an update! No matter how short it is, just let me know you haven't abandon this story. It's been a long time since I last read such a great piece.
Reader from China. Admiring your work so much:)
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