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Cringe chapter 16 . 3/9/2007
Uwah! I love this fic~~! Any chance of the next 2 parts of the series popping up anytime soon :x
Denkoumaru chapter 16 . 2/8/2007
This story is simply amazing! I love it! I want more Im addicted .
amber chapter 16 . 4/19/2006
Yeah, I know that this story hasn't been updated for three years, which most likely means that it will never be completed...but I NEED to know what happens...this is a great story so far and I would love to see what happens.
Kikvws chapter 1 . 1/8/2006
Aww, this is excellent. I hope you're gonna finish this, I'm loving it!
huan yue chapter 16 . 9/6/2005
I have to be honest. I liked the start of this story. The way you initially wrote from Youji's POV was really well done, you captured his personality perfectly. I also liked how the plot moved forward (at least in some respects), with missions, etc, and also how Omi and Ken were still quite involved, even though this fic centers on Aya and Youji.

But that still doesn't save this story. First of all, it was interesting how Schwartz were introduced but they disappeared as quickly as they came. There's no explanation for what exactly happened to Youji, if he'll ever get better (I'm assuming yes but it's still incredibly vague) or if Weiss will ever figure out it was Schwartz who did it. That whole part of the story just disappeared. Then there's the fact that nothing is resolved between Aya and Youji. It's understandable if that was your intention - to leave the story up in the air - but to end it on a dream? It's so unsatisfying for your audience. There wasn't even any drama at the end, just Youji going off to the bathroom? Could Aya really stay so inhuman? Could this story really be so pointless?

Then there are the spelling errors, which I can easily forgive, along with the empty plot developments (I'm often guilty of both) if there was at least a decisive ending. But there wasn't. I'm really disappointed.
poe-chan chapter 16 . 7/24/2005
hm... I thought this to be something entirely different from the summary. But hey, it

s not bad at all. I just wish Aya would give some already- sixteen chapters and he hasn't given in any? Come on! I see you haven't updated in awhile or of you plan to... but please do anyway! Soon!
KuraRose chapter 16 . 6/27/2005
Nani. You are evil. And Youji acts like a sei-teki kami who's powers of senuality have been taken away. Poor Youji. And Aya needs to give into desire take Youji already or something cause its killing me seeing poor Youji like this and Aya to *pouts* But all in all great story and o hope u keep it up. And i like Reflected becuase It seems like Youji is reflecting on inner emotion.
Aubergine chapter 16 . 3/28/2005
I liked Reflected- control is about the personality that wields it, not the toys brought to the bedroom.

Also- your interior monologue rocks! It's so funny.

And...*embarassed roll of eyes*...your use of quotatations around dialogue is fundamentally pretty damn good.

*Nods head* Yep, this story is one I re-read a few times.

Nope, don't mind waiting a 6 month span between postings for the high quality smack.
babymar-mar chapter 9 . 1/2/2005
soo yohji got a power from the chemicals? is it empathy? since he could feel stuff but theres more huh?
Pretty Panda chapter 16 . 10/13/2004
I like this chap...very good
Pretty Panda chapter 13 . 10/13/2004
I luv ur story..._
tygrrlyli chapter 16 . 5/8/2004
I liked Reflected better because it had a more realistic feel to it. It was something that could've happened. Well, yes a gag could easily come into the equation (wouldn't mind if it did) but disappearing suddenly...well somehow I felt that detracted from the rest of the setup. I dunno, I just liked Reflected better. Love the fic, do continue _
tigermink chapter 16 . 3/28/2004
This was an incredable story so well written. I was lucky in that i got to read the whole story at one time. As for reflected or skewed I would have to say skewed for one thing that stood out. When Aya says "mine" .. it goes back to thier converstaion about Youji being "his".. I just thought it fit a little better. But over all a great story.
Maxie chapter 16 . 10/2/2003

It's so depressing, that you and so many other writers put so much effort in writing several wonderful stories and then stop in midway. Gr.

PLEASE finish !
Colle chapter 1 . 9/28/2003
This fic's very good, but when will you finish it?

I hope that this isn't another unfinish fic I read here. I hate when it happens!
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